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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2011 6:31pm-7:01pm EDT

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colonel stays with large numbers of citizens staying put. and i see as i see is trifle statehood at the united nations people living in hebron are desperate to hold on to their homes so don't miss our special report from the west bank. now the shore dust free zone we're just walking on. used to be the main part of the hebron market try to imagine in your heads on oriental markets of a city of one hundred fifty thousand people since ninety four is closed down at the beginning of a second intifada destroyed us three it was announced at a sterilized three to be an interesting is because even for preventive even to walk here not only drive not only open the shops even to walk.
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the palestinians have many arab states the new territories if they want a palestinian muslim government they can have that in saudi arabia in syria in the rack in the ground in morocco all those places where the palace the with the arabs live in egypt in jordan we believe in the god in their lives divine promised to this country to the jewish people people who would like to live as. as guests here they're invaded but to think that they can run the country that that's not possible. in the. mood. oh. oh. oh
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oh there's enough states to the arabs there's not post nation there is not they was not a nation before of we came here and they are not today they came from many many. lands and states they were big big. that's what they was there was not arabs here before we came here it was only some mosque. hundreds hundreds or hundred thousands this is not what we're talking today and we have to look at the ice and everyone in the world and say death's not there when. you said to us in have all and people like them have a clear carte solution for the conflict that is ethnic cleansing pure and simple
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all the arabs all the parties to have to leave by the state in the able to. eighty three are they crippled arabs and truly. in open fire with an automatic rifle entered the market in army uniform and opened fire or opened fire in a crowded mall in the west bank town of hebron at least forty palestinians were killed or more wounded minute the people that been praying celebrating the arab their grama dam they will definitely gunned down by an israeli settler it is one of the most militant settlements in the west bank and he was among the most militant members i must remind you that stand not only kills so many palestinians he is there regularly responsible through all this wave of suicide bombers who started only after his missing. will be a palestinian i can tell you when you see a foreigner and you see what's happening to them you can only come to one
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conclusion the palestinians one of the most tolerant people in the woods even i would say one of the less violent people in the woods because any people would explode if people would have done what they're doing. as treat us as less than human and not only that they're going to take our land deprive us of all of our rights nobody nobody something. we're going out to visit one of our friends. lives it's are all made up for sure the main and the right way to go to terror made it would be probably up the hill in the junction take a less but there are settlement and the palestinians can't walk there in front of the settlements their only way in and now douse is through the way they will go down. so.
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you see this is the path of this is will make you. go away to get rich as a subject on. does this as you see it was a lot of give all of the out of this is there not a big bucket out of all of this out of this is what this is this is. this is not by the side this is the visit. was around. for you know what i'm. doing. my memoir are a lot of i'm going to. take i was probably.
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going to centenary just teach the children to hate to be fully stocked wilkins what he could highlight up being a bully bring them up with the say train today that is it in the first words basically killed blas well what's. that. even if it is clear that they're tagged in and to prove it and so would bring along photos and videos saying what to show that they attacked us and came into our own land to me and i live in the end it's always all fault them with iran and we had only iran's arrested. the guys down the stairs out throwing stones still there. and you see this is it the god of the pulling is always loving cup and was certainly see this it loads this it goes it guys go into cells like. this through their heads.
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we can say this is a crazy group and we have nothing to do is we or carrier sponsibility to what is happening of one. and there for so many times i feel deeply ashamed to be israeli when i see those scenes because it's from my be one of those people out there under my government under my states and i'm proud to feed us is released to feel an issue for sister is up to. be. insulting is one of selfless practices of their daily life on daily basis and that's again reflected in a number of attacks that took place against internationals who will come in and
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then i'll try to play the way that these settlers are behaving and they try to reduce to the least number of incidents of beatings against the palestinians and they are seen by the settlers as mr presenting history and it's a given fact that we are the chosen people and us international supposed to be actually siding by us against arabs and paul since because this is what god has. as a. company and i just want to be honest it's. you know if they would tell you to come to see united with us by phone call but our way we never we didn't have i was. in two point we've had this to leave. before that. but we couldn't one would that i've been.
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by. the. stands for. i know i'm about an option. maybe ten people. in the program with the citrus. i don't think it was just you. know you. just it. got to have the right to protect arabs i'm like you. know i think. we should come up time i don't look yes. of course for you we oppose this group's been here for them to come from where they're coming from that would be if i walked into
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a hospital and walked into an operating room and said i want here i'm here let me help you know the doctors got the patient open and you got five doctors working in the anesthesiologist and the nurses and here i am you know all said give me a knife they look at me and say you know but you don't know anything you know you're going to kill him. and the kids know this is where as we do so i don't know greek we don't want any leave you want you need you need to come in here this is a bit is a different oh your house we don't want the money. i would like to see the national community supports us and give us backing in this activity and to understand that there are homes i'm now in danger you see this islamic terrorism attacks the whole world now and if we do
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not put and put the wall against these terror all europe is in danger all the western society. this is not your land he belongs to his family he's not going to kill you want to know. that if i don't. find out mine and god gave it to me most of these ladies have not slightest idea what's going on including the media hardly shows them nobody wants them to know and we became a society we kill only about itself and even this less and less and it's all the rest we have this wonderful excuse of security if this doesn't of the work we can or is the break up of the holocaust. so i think they laid going to me he will say that after the whole cause the jews have the right to do whatever they want and that's their way of thinking and human rights is really something for
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europeans so long but not for our reality. only was our fate i kind of fit hot to understand how they can. get. and a crazy assed with nazis and what they are doing with the heart of course seems to me a quite extraordinary reading of what's going on in the last sixty has now i was a child in britain during. the second part of war when the entire effort since to her nation diverted to defeating them nazis and. said. where we where come to cheer darkness a young woman the foundation of the state of israel seemed. in the face faced with the full refund of discovery of the extent of fortune harming the heart of course
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that the jewish people would have landed there it seemed. so entire day right and of course i didn't understand that this was going to be at the expense of the existing court and have. just slid to practicing you know much of the shiites if you like the shows that you think you use the ira just let me add. oh. there was an imminent corruption process more corruption process that is part of occupation when he takes an eighteen year old man you just in this uniform you give him a gun and the power to control people just like a massacre what is. one plus one institute assumes of using palestinian the stronger property looting shooting against orders or where stores
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and hurting innocent people. it's something that you can avoid when you're there. the real story is the political power of the settlers it's the power to influence the commanders to brigade officers is the sheer separate control there is east news is all one feels it and every brigade commander of every know most of the senate if you will confront the centers of finishes army career. when i came or two thousand and one this building was still full this building right around three four palestinian families is to still live here they were the only one who were allowed to walk in just rolled in through the gates. today you can see this building is totally empty just building as late three or four family
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left inside. this building is very actual story this building you could see oh it's block you know. the south was invaded here in the beginning of february and according to israeli law someone is ates to a property that doesn't hurt it if you don't take him out at the first thirty days the only way to take it out is through a very long legal procedure and during all the all history of this place every time when they invaded there were never taking out in the first thirty days. this time it was the first incident in the whole this story of the settlement there and overall that law was in force early and signed. on the one hand you have massive investments to set up communities there i mean what looked like permanent towns and villages of jews living in the occupied
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territories but the west bank has not been annexed military law continues to apply so it's it's quite ambivalent in that sense what is the future of those territories i mean in some cases israel maybe is operating contrary to its long term interests that areas that now the government is talking about pulling out of i mean if we have invested a lot of money there it will now take a lot of money to uproot those people. i've ever. known. that the. jews how did you still to be damned to be a good jew to be faithful to justice and to. not to a political regime can be a king it can be a prime minister another month and this is what i would like to see. all the more
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appropriate to well good don't obey to cinemas and and corrupted regimes that are being told that by the arabs or over there this is the israeli side aren't you should be addicting the arabs the sacred children you know can you be jewish if you turn against fellow jews how can you do that nation ishaan up let's take a shot at me. she said laughing that's one i don't want to for one hour from israel i'm not talking to you or you because you know i don't know you but you wouldn't you wanted people else i would lie sometimes you feel that i'm telling people i said i thought you had to meet up coffee interest ok. you're crazy i. can make you go persecuting the holy children learn to be arabs over there go after the arab.
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my my fear today my problem that i have today isn't with have or own my problem today is with the continued existence of the jewish people here in the state of israel because we're committing suicide we're virtually committing suicide and this is what we have to stop could it happen could an israeli government decide to pick us up and throw us out of our homes in our own yeah it could. and and it could happen anywhere today however if that happens i think that we're dealing with say an existential threat to the state of israel and it has to be stopped. i. would like. look at this ruling rocks watch out with delta returning to the whole worse thing that would be just peace there would not be at rest and there would not be peace. and
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you know time is running carlton. was two of the fifty souls and said listen the worst thing it's becoming almost too late maybe too late already because it's really not be very few easy to have very few of them but without this. yes we would move the goal just from one rule to the. old rule and. get them out of there. from the international laws perspective all settlements are illegal israeli citizens should not be living in hebron it is occupied territory you cannot have the occupiers people living in that territory but when you compound that with the reality of hebron i mean you have a few hundred settlers tens of thousands of palestinians and the palestinians are
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paying a very severe price in restrictions on movement in being subjected to violence in all of this harassment and suffering as the result of a very small settler population so if we are calling for all the settlements to be dismantled it's clear that hebron has to be first as far as we're concerned it's the police if they want to push us to leave they attack us. they want to make us something in the life all say destroy i was kind of extinguishing them i thought about those every minute of not only that i didn't go down but on the most overlooked man the few honest enough to see over there. was. no more come to my home if you know something that i don't raise if i don't think you're under don't want to argue this is our land here christmas my god then you know this is my ground i don't let go for me was not. popular. can now see the shadow on. this saturday. let me ask you no q.
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yes i. don't write people and i. was because i was i want to know here debate about this and if he. really know i did hear what's happening he does not know he does not want to know we see here is something we have known in the doctor's day of all history never did. off that finish ever i didn't know i would know what i did not know i didn't know i didn't know of course if it. did not want to know my main complain my main scream my me. is how would the government who in eight minutes all of this because you see crazy extremist fundamentalists you have in every society the
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problem is how much power to behave and how much freedom do they have to implement the crazy ideas that violently viciously. here to make up the elec spikey religious all itself. here on the all they can take them take them all but actually don't touch me why do you want me to stop what do you want me to stop that this is not respect you call this respect these terrorists from my terrorists turned all the human being in history a lot of disastrous human beings that much worse things than desolation even unhappy. but still very few people did it a bit more people benefit. but a majority of human beings in the world were cited sources and this is the problem
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people must understand that in just a situation you have only two can it's easy you for it or against being cited as being for it now that one has to be you know the later life of religion of resistance but everyone is obligated to stop being silence. i. think. thanks. thanks.
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thanks thanks. thanks thanks. thanks i
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culture is that so much given to each musician on the market what is the distance between the arab spring and the arab democracy some people of the arab middle east have demonstrated they can rid themselves of. even the rocks of their skin should land the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic which. crossroads of two religious. faith is strong and spirit is hard. for. a
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very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls streets they have to. leave the sentence a good chance to choose instead to get good for example the status of the human experiment is exploding with. we pursue a business rap music or was it goes to the movies allegedly trying to make sense of global economy and its arcane things as financial templates each of the research scrambling to maintain our confidence in markets and thinking on the primitive points to be easing trade imbalances rhesus cheapie missions close to collapsing in some time alone foreclosed homes people. to fail so we play banks again feel a little like think is a us crisis sentiment smashed feeling. like all the classes in athens three the i.m.f. the construction the unjust programs increasing the total economy. these
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top stories and waging a long war ten days after the invasion of afghanistan the nato coalition commander sternly mcchrystal says america's only whomp way to reaching its goals in the country of fighting and simplistic lack of understanding in part for the thank you . interim government forces and leave their launch their biggest the time has from colonel gadhafi his last remaining stronghold son to stick resistance from find his loyal to the altitude leader but despite many residents fleeing there's still a high risk of civilian casualties with large numbers of citizens staying put. and go over the rule of the tanks is gaining momentum in the u.i. says demonstration spread to more than a dozen cities that responses have time to ponder politicians with the new york mayor michael bloomberg braving bad trying to destroy the jobs of people working in buying some of that city.


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