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currently witnessing the sewage infrastructure construction. region special economic zone promise is exceptional but she did seize the debility fuel business in russia will come to the small region for more information log on to the existence of. eight thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines the afghan war marathon runs into its second decade with an escalating insurgency and spiraling civilian casualties leaving the coalition struggling for a winning strategy. the occupy wall street movement builds nationwide and despite being dismissed as an artist they're proving to be organized and in it for the long haul. a dozen leading british lenders see their credit
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score dropped after the u.k. government says don't bank on us if you get into trouble again. next the best of european fine art through the ages as we take you through moscow's pushkin museum is your guy. great. soldiers with the.
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hello i welcome to the must go out show on this week's program i'm exploring the famous christian museum case of life in the heart of the russian capital that opened in one thousand and twelve election will celebrate his one hundredth anniversary so join the most numbers as we take a look at the stunning collection of all office representing centuries of creativity the strength and culture. the coolie on which you see here is a reproduction of these he thought of passing by jell-o. in florence to spin the blockade has incredible examples of german medieval art and
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italian medicinals of the fifteenth century highlights the michelangelo streams stated sculpture the museum was founded by the professor in france for tires the main building was constructed from eighty ninety eight by a tax for my client recently named after him probably something to stand that it was late to change that much in thirty's in honor of the russian college if use of the museum and breathtaking just like thousands of exhibits on display located close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city to cedric the complex of building this is also known as museum village and the hundred nine months to has turned the whole area because tim's time at church is with thriving cultural person . when bill's losing was the first of its kind in russia it is officially open this past the centennial celebration as the polish defeat puts on the drive second self its hands through the revolution to serbia time to the break of a few. us a song and you see what stood the tumultuous times of the last century during world
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war two for example the greater positive using resources were evacuated to novosibirsk and silicon armstrong was major events and celebrations planned for the one hundredth anniversary next year museum can i look forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become an educational institute for local students many of the exhibits on display inside the museum are exact copies of original masterpieces from all around the world and were commissions and created specifically for the postal museum in this room for example you can see replicas of some of the most famous greek statues a sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries they say. in the form of a shoe grease here you can see various boss religious models uncle vanya cookies all designed to introduce students and this has to them a stages in the history of lost dozens of teams had passed the cost of on display
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in the room featuring heads of several great philosophers a friend a pretty easy sight to see creativity thousands of years ago. because of ancient greece is why even presented in the museum and the feeling titles to greet young is one of its highlights and showcases examples of occupation from the station for centuries b.c. when the arts and culture in new york at the time flourished. a series whose account exhibits need a full day to make around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist arts or egyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but museum also holds many originals to jeezy and has a substantial collection of original vases the tree issue great culture a from the sixth to taste. centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to keep various images created to showcase
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ancient rituals connected with feasts all funeral ceremonies. i think while a little shabby to push a museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art than many of the heights in hex the big race in the west. i really enjoy the city and i wanted to spend my day in a push can you see i'm. really impressed about what this this year has to offer because there are so many different artists and it's just beautiful i enjoy it this is nice to me it's wonderful really next door that. you have. touch and the whole thing and just beautiful. other valuable objects from asia greece and display are regional items that were found by the german enthusiastic are actually women in the nineteenth century the armature of geologist famously helped excavate the city of troy. during the museum
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there are over two hundred fifty items those third century b.c. mainly during. the collision of asha is easier to appreciate seeing is the largest of its kind in russia it features pieces apart and also objects used by the egyptians in the every day large spending thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetic spill as it's called faces from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from all every it features a naked girl swimming in the sacred lotus flower for the most splendid examples of egyptian decorative ought to go today's egypt or is it pictured as animals or features of an animal like birds heads for example egyptians view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with a. some of the most interesting
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paintings in the museum represent the flemish halls of the seventeenth century created many to decorate lavish interiors of palaces i can see jewels the features paintings arm religious themes portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens dyke and rembrandt are all features in a collection. students from now as he's come to study museums varies on pieces many programs elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly old allies as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's aussie and one day you'll see lines of people killed up outside every day so why is the museum so popular the cost of arts and forests. focused on in love with the museum jock itch it's like a look back to the days of old the place is a temple to the office a regular race from everyday life from the worries of a big city that this museum is my favorite because it gives a great fear on our history depending on the major interest you can explore various
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ages of schools the past is a school in russia without going to moscow to be in moscow without going for the first get especially the impressionists parks that are so beautiful the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited well so that you can see the whole thing on snow blair. museum is constantly altering its splay which gives the public a chance to see more syllabus collection. there are also temporary exhibitions which often include collection is from abroad twenty five salvador dali canvases are currently on the spot here until the middle of november says only dolly's graphic works been demonstrated in moscow before this exhibition off is a unique opportunity to see his paintings the items on display a courtesy of the dalai feta museum in space putting together such exhibitions crys great vision and passion with tools new collections in consumer division the team at the museum coup. slieve looked at ways to increase distance experience and she
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discussed the history present and future of the museum to meet this week's sketch well it's lovely to meet you nice to meet you thank you for your time as homey why is the place for museum of fine arts so popular well you know it's a tradition firstly we have such a nice collection firstly museum was initiated as the museum plus tis mainly for educational purposes but developed into a stamp picture gallery with. and number of very must masjid pieces off the. i'm next year is a very large year for the museum as it's the one hundredth anniversary yes indeed it is very remarkable because it has a liberating alison and that is it is a nice time to look back. to the whole age there which was not just shows so. calm in the rush i would say yes it was really dramatic in some periods and
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not to for bad to that museum was established just at the post to all the boredom and by the way no one there to be asked so much a cost i'm kidding submissions in our rooms there but it was never planned to temporal it's the bishop i miss not just the odd about installing a breathtaking here museum but indeed the actual building and hall residence here it is one of the most remarkable bull buildings in moscow i would say look and we have much in depth kids would kill. to have to claim the hole was the one also leading most put out it can't sell fifty of it thank you very much feels her burial welcomes i know all the best here at the music. league with the largest building houses steam your shipment of impressionist precious and. many experts agree that museums gracious. trisha's must be found in its collection of paintings
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. the was from this place here we saw just to screw over your pea and all. the loose contains fascinating works by discipline go to class so when you walk in the museum a second was by me tease all of them not on display looking through such beauty is quite overwhelming especially amongst women on pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions why the assuming these emerging powers london or new york visit is something you will never forgets. wow absolutely breathtaking the original on canvas white more families painted by mike in eighty and ninety no i will go forty thousand is how we have on this beach party must see you again i will same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew of a stay put in use in a fine arts by now.
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monitoring. this time a cold. friendly. dynamic. to do friends but a. month ago. the close of gina's good to the spitzbergen archipelago. for the world's northernmost joshua glenn presides over a ghost. town archie goes to pains on a group of village volunteers rebuild the palace from the ruins. particularly as you can break through this same place. where people are forced to stay.
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close up on the marquee. wealthy british sign on the sign. right. market. i know what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we go to the future of coverage.
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yeah afghan war marathon runs into its second decade with an escalating insurgency and spiraling civilian casualties leaving the coalition struggling for a winning strategy. wall street movement builds nationwide and despite being dismissed as ad artists they're proving to be organized and it for the long haul. and it doesn't leading british lenders see their credit score dropped after the u.k. government says i don't bank on us if you get into trouble again. crosses banks with the meter and stay with us here on r.t. .
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hello there welcome to sports two things joining us this hour and the headline. almost russia play in my heart for to way win at slovakia hoping not to have any problems i gave up on tuesday. continues to talk american style true national boscobel translation. process in sabers the russian fencing team begin their quest for world championship gold in a city. so russia almost starts an off talking their qualifying group and with its qualifying automatically for the euro trying to swell championships in poland and ukraine after heart forty one nil victory against slovakia for more his third who was at the game in. rush hour in touching distance of a euro two thousand and twelve finals after
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a very hard for win over slovakia here in chile known all on and the all important goal just twenty minutes from time and that means that russia could get a point against andorra a worse ranked team in the world building making it all the way to poland ukraine two thousand and twelve. it was a very important game for us almost decisive but it's not a level yet we still have to glendora next tuesday and if we demonstrate a serious attitude in pleasure i think there will be no problems in going through with russia had a strong travelling support of a game of around two thousand making the trip or the weather had been pleasant with rain falling all day in july which did make the playing conditions easy three decide the russians to start again a great. first thirty minutes or so and test them so i speak for your move on a number of occasions but under a sharp and roman pavlyuchenko going most tries me why they were unable to break down the spark ians defense islands go if he had been a manas for the first forty five minutes but he was much improved in the second
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half and just twenty minutes from time. with a fantastic strike from the twenty five yards which won the game for russians and took up a cat was full of praise for the twenty one year old able. to. because he was. wrong balls but after scoring two goals he became more. changes of foundations were laid for russia for an excellent defensive performance about four solid throughout swore you got a nice have had one of his best games for russia under a child and can see his revival as well as he was a constant menace to strike in defense but most importantly the russians they were able to keep a kind of sick so i can play a major clive right again i think our team have almost all of russia's best players at its disposal right now and this helps us to perform strongly in defense there's a point in both for survival. he started his seriously thousand and twelve qualification campaign so well without betraying moscow but over the last few games
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they haven't really been able to. form a show in the qualifying campaign i'm going to start stalled was lost to say why they haven't been competitive recently from beginning to the pressure but then after twenty minutes we misstating didn't win the game with different well i think . then we had it about the future as his. last four three three games we can score goals so if we go. to the russia. they deserve to win for jubilation for the russians who are now top of the group on twenty points two points clear of any challenges republic of ireland and up next pick up outside is going. to join worst ranked team in the world and anything imports at peet's will be enough to see the current accounts fly through security files control finals in poland and ukraine. so i can. england have nailed down their sport to the european finals that stuff to all draw away it's more than
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a growth of those men needed a single point from their game and they claimed it germany have a perfect record in group is the n r three one away winners against belgium in wa thresher the start for one and whose hitting spent in the table jeopardizing their chances of qualifying for the european championships a group c. game with serve there which meant nothing for the italians is that reading through to the finals finished one of. the sole remaining russian tennis player in beijing has been ousted michelle usually downed by one in the quarter finals of the china open that era of limited remaining composed despite trailing five three in the first set approach rarely to take in a tie break after using ten inches long return to no avail the twenty nine year old russian regaining his thoughts being in the second taking him by the same seven six call i got as liberations didn't last long as we've achieved once again for the key to dominating in moscow right in the first set of the creation seven one up in had
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meetings with the russian for the first seven six six seven six two victory. to possible now the russian championships just started where fans are getting the benefit of seeing some top american stars in action due to the continued dispute in the u.s. in the n.b.a. miming no games there two players from the senate on a spur surprising american court and in moscow raging were him a face cross taken you can set it up with all the details. many queers have been flocking to europe to plea in keeping cheap in case the season doesn't end its lockout which has brought the sport there to hold. some good how will i cross the atlantic offering basketball finance the president a chance to witness the current big mean u.s. players in action on russian hard courts there was the keys and. pinkies opener against car sneakily with former san antonio teammates doing battle on opposing
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sides. and now where is the short of the team from some are welcome his queen has decided to spend the next twelve months in the moscow region maybe last year this time we won it but that's the way it is and he's a great player great competitor and you know it's fun to play against someone like that the first match for him can you luke and when you had squad turned out to be a real challenge boasting the likes of posting day from detroit pistons and then their modesty much he must go if it was expected the yellow and blues what he's really beat the visitors however the game was a surprisingly tied to fresh air and a narrow two point lead ahead of the big intermission was only the host could manage in the third quarter him to increase their lead to six points sixty fifty four but in the final quarter the guestbook and moscow region team won the intense pressure getting within just two points only minutes and a half before the final buzzer in a nerve racking finish the more experienced home side dug deep and found enough in
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reserve to hold their ground and asia head to it eighty five seventy nine victory queen was key to him to success with an impressive twenty one point tally just happy to get a win head team we had great fan support. for our first person game and we're just very excited to david to get a winning over the years maybe more this season ruben i have a lot of time here. i was gone i was actually serve each other some of. those it was a game in the day before the game so i got a little adjusted for the good job to do for the match turned out to be a real cricket proving that one of the most interesting season some russian basketball with new blood from across the atlantic has just started to think about that of our team. and finally the russian fencing team begin their quest for world championship gold in italy some of the sport's nice decorated and not so any to
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further their standing in the tonya that are also pointing towards and i live for tickets for michael eisner. russia's already strong saber pacing team received a boost the year and a half ago when french specialist christian ballard to charge of both the men's and women's teams it's his fourth nationals one after he coached france and one of the big medals with italy and china over his relative the short tenure in russia he stands there is one almost old major national events including the twenty ten world championship in france so it's. very strong i think it's. great. i don't have a good experience with all the conference friends from here. but you know i feel for a fact it's really. bright bauer's arrival in russia i think she already had two world cups on his record as well as
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a bronze olympic medal considered a team leader you can then go continues to protect his skills under the new coach when all of my tournaments he's taken part in since power to george because. big changes have taken place with the arrival of a new head coach from friends and very interesting to work with him he manages to constantly offer a something new in training. russia's women's team is a notch higher than their male counterparts when it comes to producing silverware for their country sufi ivy league probably didn't most experienced dancer having already won two world championships the london olympics will be her second attempt for the most prestigious prize in sport after she finished fourth at the beijing games to start the world championship is the second most important event have to go in packs and i'm very glad it sounds so i get to test my abilities every year we won the previous event and hope to improve our individual results this time around . the upcoming world championship in italy will carry ninety six ranking points for
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the winners who will most likely qualify direct at the london summer games in case of a slow. but the athletes will have a chance to catch up with the remaining world cup stages where only thirty two points are awarded to the winner russia's management hope it won't come to that turning point for the computer because it's a good thing you have a pretty good from the petition can be finished and you have one year for put on. the stays must fight once in my presence but i could feel finished now and so we have that still but. the world championship in cuts italy will be held from the eighth until the sixteenth of october room on cost artie region ok that's all the sports news for the moment but there is next.
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mine. would be soon which brighten if you knew about song from finest impressionists. who for instance on t.v. dot com. the longest big game hunting history. he was trying to stall that day to. what sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have the the surge walks around the area. always from the always missing. one shot trying to take. care of the global drug industry godfather became the most want to trophy of the
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worlds gotti hunters. pablo escobar the great holmes and archie.
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