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great. old thing. you're. so good but the police. moscow. the afghan of war mounted on one into a second decade with an escalating insurgency and spiraling civilian casualties leaving the coalition struggling for a winning strategy. and she will protesters gather in central london calling for the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan ten years after the operation began. and other news the occupy wall street movements billed nationwide and despite being dismissed as honored guests there proving to be organized and in it for the long haul.
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it's three pm in moscow this is aren't you coming to you by now with our top story this saturday the afghan war is now in into its second decade but its original aims to crush al qaeda and bring the taliban to its knees are no closer to completion amid an escalating nationwide insurgency this year is already shaping up to be the deadliest in the conflict not only for cold us and troops but for afghan civilians as well as jason motluk reports now from afghanistan. another day on afghanistan so the battle for more casualties despite official claims that the war's be won two thousand and eleven is leading up to be the deadliest year for u.s. forces fighting to tape a decade long taliban insurgency and things to improve medical capabilities casualties who would have perished in previous conflicts are surviving these two soldiers one patrolling the. bickel one road side bomb exploded beneath him and so
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close that half an hour for a medevac crew to pick them up by helicopter and deliver them to the trauma ward of kandahar airfield one of the country's busiest their injuries are bad but not extreme i mean we will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as it continues or flown to germany for treatment all right you guys without this facility was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the worst crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old wally was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines go into a firefight with the telephone his village in helmand province the board shattered part of his skull and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery and six months doctor many parts says he's treated more than a fair share of afghan bystanders mostly gunshot blessed with them in this follow up operation he and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with
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a titanium mesh that will restore his appearance so i started to work. at it but i think it's one i. also gratified to make a difference especially this. held at that very likely not for serious regards to. additional. in the recovery ward well his father at home says that while he's sure it was a u.s. marine well that his son is grateful for the first class treatment yes miss him but shudder what i'm just happy to he's ok this shooting was a mistake so he's forgiven accident or not the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of good will can compensate for civilian casualties that continue to climb each month in a war that grinds on chase and workload again or against them for ten. and as the war drags on with fewer results it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify america's huge investment in the conflict that's the view of a mom and
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a muslim chaplain at north carolina university it is really horrible and depressing but. it was in a painful to witness the bleeding wound up on society as a result of one war and destruction as there another and it is it is really unfortunate after all these efforts and all this money and all these struggles and the holiday to little international community and local afghan government has achieved afghanistan today after ten years of us being there i think in many ways it is worse off not better off. well it's a war activists celebrities and politicians are gathering in london in protest of the war in afghanistan are to cyber bet it is there for us in the british capital and now it's i saw slight ivor there have been protests since the war began is this decade milestone making a difference what are the numbers looking like today. the few hundred people
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gathered is so for the big hundred thousand they're expecting just yet but the event is really just cake so people certainly are beginning to right now the people here so various different antiwar groups who go they campaign for nuclear disarmament here. on the most recent protest group to set up a kind of prison cell with people wearing orange jumpsuits boss so you can only play a camera or things like that over this is part of the stop the war coalition now the numbers of the last decade in terms of the protests against this in the sensing voices certainly is decreased somewhat as the war dragged on and the seemingly endless war drags on sorry but the numbers big since two thousand and three where the so-called coalition managed to amass one and a half million people so much in central london since then. but one of those issues of this if first choice over the last decade has been jeremy cool with an m.p. with the latest policy and he joins me now jeremy thank you very much for speaking
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to us the home i know you want to the u.n. to deal those easy handful is it get a gauge of education in the military actually in afghanistan i was essentially changed during that last eight months i was little my colleagues didn't they didn't join me in budgets we're not going to start fixing these sauces and losing all the laws of the british soldiers that the americans in terms of the size of government and the corruption in afghanistan and the whole issue of the country there are many who just feel they did the wrong thing ten years ago. he says rampant corruption millions of potential this campaign is extreme poverty and you're saying it is an age crisis and how can this in any way of picturing the stuff we always thought of a great soul whenever i've raised this question in parliament how would they define a big trick in afghanistan they say well it would be no withdrawal not an orderly way by the west but senator if they can't control i want to start moving incented they can win this war and. it's just
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a matter of time because they're all withdrawn and there has to be development of a political process in afghanistan which has actually been suppressed by the western intervention and they said that withdrawal date military committed. by twenty fifteen is not really secure thing or is that just because they realize they just have to get out of the victory or not those two things i think they realize they have to get out and as long as smoke and mirrors here because the large numbers of security companies that in reality a mercenary else are there protecting installations and also busy promoting the signing of mineral extraction agreements exploitation and resources something i've got to say it's very interesting that the imperial russian government's nine hundred ninety two sponsor devolves into the final result is one drama started and saw as a bad example of this war is in songs about minerals controlling the troops and seventy one percent of the british public in a recent poll last week said he did a little things since he was on winnable is used and you agree with that and that's
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absolutely i'm wondering and i know it's hard when i will when you have these reality television programs in the reading of the storm going up the lives of british sell him kind of stuff and you realize and also conditionally around the hated but how well equipped they are i think her time how well they are generally compare the rights of the slices on the other cheek how i know here she counted the taliban can grow social policy decisively in afghanistan the first day concerned the west are talking if i can believe that you shouldn't be a general of my somebody is right. you can see just the same flight into the religious holiday the five votes against the russians all here tonight has set a high note with the company actually the alex economy saying to russia the largest any version is all just the crunch this war is a little she said she is now against the movie she was for me when i got around to say with bunch of people decisive via television it was really trying to trying to show they said to come up with this point and we can this so badly so i sit here in
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two thousand and nine chemical time high technology against terrorism or his kind of stuff. happening down you know kind of sunset the reality is that if you've got a population that delivers a chill slice it yeah how would you like me in theory if you thought that was i believe they should really have been a pianist and the lady just recalled with thanks very much always got to be the reason the votes on for this hour but you know we coming back late. in the often enough protests continue snooping or staging household yes it's cover this event back to you and we'll i'm a live in london covering these and i've got a war protest thanks. for the. well i want to know what you think on ten years of occupation in afghanistan and what it has led to here's how our votes are looking today at our blog. more than half of you believe that it's left america bloodied and critically short on cast almost a third say it's turned afghanistan into the heroin top of the of the world
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somewhat less sixteen percent say it's a crime to america to retire al qaeda and taliban targets on pakistani territory just three percent say it's been for the best it has made the world a safer place of the line of your voice go and vote at our own. children america. it's harder. to. defeat the u.s. . mission to bring peace and stability to the world the book ten years old saddam enough to. in other news there is heavy police presence on patrol in new york as the occupy wall street movement against bank greek enters its fourth week and gets a deeper foothold across the u.s.
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the sentiment has already spread to the country's other major cities including boston chicago los angeles and washington new york's mayor has strongly criticized the swelling on rest against the power of wall street saying that if the banks fail more people who've lose their jobs while the protests have already cost the city about two million dollars and while most rosoff the demonstrators as anarchists parties and associates work and i have discovered it's far more organized it's a far more organized set up these are. people you know. accused of being anarchist and disorganized the occupy wall street encampment is far from chaotic it is set up like a small village broken up into themed sections way better organized than i thought it would be. they really have it set up so that there isn't a clear leader in the organization the way that it's being done but at the same guy . every part seems to be handled by someone in the medical area staffed by
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volunteers provides on the spot assistance a comfort area supply sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while they don't need it sleeping bags pile up as the number of protesters grows bigger we just are pejoratives our butts are here from richmond virginia. the kitchen providing a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant fruits are used to filter water here we have breakfast at seven thirty in the morning people go in with breakfast foods bread cereals we have lunch around but we would have snacks considering can you really throughout the day is your dinner at seven thirty the media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks the. eales film during clashes with police are posted online from these laptops you got people company running in here i mean panicky you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got footage you know processing footage getting it online and
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simultaneously having people tweet you know on facebook when our social media using social media and to get it out get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible wife feeds of the protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s. and the world for the viewership really goes up as you keep a steady constant you know provision of information is also spread in more traditional ways the state is what helps protesters keep up to date with the occupation developments is to try to find a box by wall street zero chance of rain the number of arrests to date over eight hundred and thirty four. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves with literature thinking most tastes fiction nonfiction magazines without a kid section we got c.d.'s we had d.v.d.'s a guy drug documentaries all people are all street prides itself in being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups if there's
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a if there is to be some decision that's going to supposedly speak on bart on behalf of everyone here but now we need to happen at the general assembly and we need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in this kitchen are here to cook up one thing a revolution of change in america. r.t. new york well it's more than just a citizen stand off against the big banks some of the wall street campaigners accuse news outlets they're peddling a view of u.s. that bears no resemblance to the reality they have millions of americans. people are standing up against corporations that actually run the media i mean it just goes to show we don't live in a democracy i mean the fact is if you have no freedom of press you know i mean there is no democracy there and i was i was so you know the bring you know but he told me to leave me a defined fascism is a collaboration a corporation a government welcome to america guys the difference is is you know do the allow
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people to acquire material possessions therefore they don't believe that they're slaves to a system that you give regard to what's going on right now i mean people and good people who can hold the mortgage crisis whatever you want to call it it's all just corruption it's just you know a big immediately perpetuating this whole political corruption there are about corruption like economic travesty or letter but the fact is it's about greed it goes no further than that and people need to just kind of see enough is enough. well our correspondents in new york are keeping across the ongoing protests on lower manhattan they're certain what they see through their twitter streams are just mostly confidant has been there from day one it's reached about protesters now concerns their cause is being hijacked by big political groups trying to boost themselves on the actions taken off by some time in our t.v. you tube channel where we've got fresh footage from wall street. and also coming up this hour. i mean thirty countries that are well the down by one percent of the
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population and if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to do that while they have the voices of discontent growing louder on false tea party tries to get to the bottom of the movement is actually fighting for. but first libyan interim government forces claim they've taken control of most of their one of the last strongholds of the supposed colonel gadhafi and after renewed assault on the town with heavy tank and rocket fire there's still heavy resistance on the streets from those loyal to the ousted leader start reports claimed thousands of people have left many. still remain high risk counsel to use in an audio message supposedly from exactly and so there was a call for libyans to rise and resist the interim leaders british based activists and journalists who conned chandan says we shouldn't expect western powers to leave libya and the time soon. on the part of the global south africa in particular this has been an absolute disaster and civilians are clearly targeted
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and i think when china in this last few days china and russia have vetoed the u.n. resolution which is a similar program by nato which they cannot for libya that they want to conduct now in syria i think china and russia have admitted that they will fold over the resolution one thousand seventy three on one libya i'm not going to before the game there's no sign whatsoever that makes i was going to leave nato i will intervene even. if the factional amongst the rebels continues to this is the relationship continues to worsen and it's very clear that for the west and for main so then man on the ground is people like a job real. so the battle is far from over. the clock's ticking for a decision on palestine's paid for you had membership and president abbas is using its rally whatever support he can and is currently evolving international groups in france now back home times already running out for palestinians who are being
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squeezed out of their own cities i jewish settlers as r.t. reports for you at two pm g.m.t. . it's. here. we hear it because our country alex that's. trying to stem this the land belongs to us. will if they are still going to be thinking. god chose a people where we must believe that god is used to asia look at the statistics for you guys and this guy says as. you know this is over and this is my little.
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bit. it's coming up to nineteen minutes past the hour let's check on some world news for you as boss and have collided in china leaving at least thirty five people dead and injured most of the victims are thought to be cold and students were turning out for national holidays many were thrown from the vehicles as it flipped over after the crash it's one of three major road accidents in china which claimed fifty six lives on the last day of a week long holiday. hundreds of radical muslims have protested across pakistan against a death sentence being given to the killer of a governor one of the officials on guard shot him dead earlier this year because of his remarks on the stand blasphemy well it's nonsense lawyers are telling their sentence emphasising my death penalty as i've rarely been carried out in pakistan in recent years. and thousands have marched and thousands of students i should say have marched through italy's capital protesting against at the education costs they
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threw paint and flares at banks and tried to block railway lines but were eventually dispersed by police demonstrators say the event marks a new wave of what's been called hot although it's last year saw several thousand people clashed with police italy recently signed off forty five billion euros of cuts to tackle its debt. it seems there are few contraries escaping public anger at the prospect of more pain to pay for national debts let's return to new york to find out whether the occupy wall street campaigners think they'll win their fight against bankers power. i'm here. this week let's talk about that i think really protesting is you know the failure of the system to respond to you know a kind of higher calling for you know our country you know we can be subjected to. you know one percent of the one percent who is the real bad guys you know who make
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over five million dollars a year for doing that well i do feel that the country is in a very serious serious situation but it just the united states or is it a global issue it's a global issue but the united states says at the center of all of the most important issues right now that we're going to. be the spain we have people for life i just don't want to he's a great. little of a dozen or. i mean thirty five race that by while they down by one percent of the population if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy it's only fair do you think that's going to happen through movements like this you know who now is bad these were out here trying during the sixty's there were riots in newark and l.a. because of poverty inequality racism etc so i mean people riot and burn their old
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cities down as soon as that happened within a year there were all kinds of government programs to help people out because they got people really afraid i was going to spread all over the country we're trying to make sure that doesn't happen by having a peaceful revolution some justice and some some enforcement of the regulations we already had on the books that would be a good start going to happen. i have to believe so yeah i have to be i believe so how is this going to achieve that. this is just like the genesis of a bigger movements it's been going on for a couple weeks and every day gets larger and larger so. i think eventually it'll bring results but i think i think there's a large amount of discontent with what's going on in this country and i think that this is it's make it so people can identify me like oh other people are feeling this way as well so i mean it and the sense of a rallying point i think that this is this is going to draw attention also going to draw people in whether or not you agree with their methods but the bottom line is these people are getting the word at
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a. time to delve deeper into the world's biggest country and then more close up. we're in cannes are around six hundred kilometers southeast of moscow it's a relatively small region punches above its weight culturally that mark is stamped on the area with grandall states that have inspired some of russia's greatest writers including. but as have explained some places which have roused writers passions in the past have a shaky future. a tale of two states that how many a modest country say that and saurus times survived on farming and small scale manufacturing it happened to be the childhood home one of britain's most legendary
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figures mikhail element of a child prodigy a firey complete soldier womanizer and finally a great romantic poet a novelist he died in a jewel age of twenty seven while little of his work was composed here they're meant of as varied in the family mausoleum. the government has recognized the historical significance of this place where just so lucky for the past few years we have been allowed to flourish what you. know two hundred people look after an estate as in a nineteenth century family has become the main employer or adjacent billet is. direct descendants of the serfs who work here dress up and ounces for the job. some get laid arest across for the benefit of tourists as the numbers are growing there is no need for this they turn a profit. family and as good
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a state as one the part of himself was living. in the area which is just as important architecturally are not getting the. funding. one of russia's ground palaces well not anymore in its heyday in the nineteenth century crack and it was the self-sufficient cultural center for the benefit of the diamond prince alexander cracking and soviet times it served as a warehouse and a home for dimensions sufferers before falling into disrepair needed a government nor any private investors who put in the millions of dollars needed to rebuild it. now on the one hand you can't turn all of these the states into museums and the lifestyle they supported has gone on the other if the situation continues as it is they will simply disappear and that is a fact i think you know yet the villages of cracking are decided to fiber never to
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ball going from house to house to collect donations and rely entirely on volunteers they have vowed to restore the state building by building starting with a cemetery chapel you mean you were not professional restorers we have little money for materials we only do what we can but who do not want to be thought of savages who do not understand where we live we want to honor our ancestors. they face a daunting task but if they don't for a builder no one else will. either of no fault see the region. and the future of russia's modern literature will be scrutinized in a few minutes in spotlight first though a start right and i'll be back with the habits. of.
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the. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening
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a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption and winches from. san antonio in front. of the crowd you can invoke in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations the cable outlet can you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on archie. even the rock stuff this should land the sacred. project is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist press. or a shamanistic which. crossroads of two hundred agents. faithful strong and spirits is hot.
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line. to be soon which bryson if you knew no bounds sung from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. in some pieces big ots available in greenwich know you're a grand hotel emerald marco polo blues a club small circles photo olympic gold circus or tell us really a ski corinthian a ski kunitz reticent s.a.'s royal can fin scheme with the twins and say look you will close come punch in the sky now so to.


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