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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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mine. too much bryson if you only bounce from funds to freshen. stunts on t.v. don't come. a war dragging on for a decade the us led invasion of iran as time passes the ten year mark with the taliban defeating nowhere in sight and human cost of rising faster than ever. we're all in the u.k. enough is enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal i gather in london to mark the afghan wars temper anniversary. anti-corporate sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. the occupy wall street movement is criticized for lacking organization or proof that far from chaotic it is in it for the long haul. and argues closer team
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travels to a land of ground the state's once the homes of prominent russian poets and princes and meets the people who struggle to preserve what remains about bygone splendor. life from our studios in central moscow you're watching argue with me and you say now it's four pm here in the russian capital our top story the u.s. led war in afghanistan has now passed the ten year mark it's been widely dob a decade of failure with nato troops no closer to victory over the taliban the human cost though keeps on rising both among the soldiers and afghan civilians to demand an end to the endless war and violence that brings down on them jason model out reports. another day on afghanistan's southern battlefront more casualties
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despite official claims that the war is being won two thousand and eleven is lining up to be the deadliest yet for u.s. forces fighting to tame the decade long taliban insurgency but thanks to improved medical clique were billeted these casualties and would have perished in previous conflicts survive these two soldiers one patrol in a vehicle when a roadside bomb exploded beneath him it took less than half an hour for a medivac crew to pick him up by helicopter and deliver them to the trauma ward of kandahar airfield one of the country's busiest their injuries are bad but not extreme nummi will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as the detainee's are flown to germany for treatment right you guys with . and this is still it was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the war's crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old wally was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines going to a firefight with the taliban his village in helmand province the bullet shattered
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part of his skull and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery and six months document part says he's treated more than a fair share of afghan bystanders mostly gunshot well blast victims in this follow up operation and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with a titanium mesh that will restore his appearance so i started work. at a place. that was going on. also gratified to make a difference that this is. all that very likely not even more serious regard strays additional. in the recovery ward well his father at home and says that while he's sure it was a u.s. marine will admit his son he's grateful for the first class treatment yes ricin but china what's out there i'm just happy that he's ok this shooting. as we speak so he's given accident or not the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of
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goodwill can compensate for civilian casualties that continue clue each month in the work of growing zone she said workload can endure for r.t. . but afghan drug production has increased dramatically since the foreign intervention began and the country remains the world's largest source of opium the former chief of staff to the u.s. secretary of state says american forces are turning a blind eye to the problem because they fear more resistance who benefits from this is who benefits from it in mexico and colombia and other places it's people who are heavily invested in the drug trade and i don't necessarily mean those who are taking it there is a connection the net connection is very simple it is that the troops don't want to attack those people who are raising drugs not in any blatant overwhelming comprehensive way because that just adds to the enemy list that they have to fight they are fighting all manner of taliban now different groups of taliban they're fighting people who are just pashtun and want them out of the country who may have
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been a fison taliban they don't want to add to that enemies list all the people who are raising drugs in afghanistan and making a profit from that. we are always eager to know your opinion on the stories we're covering and today we're asking you what legacy ten years of american troops has left on afghan soil and around the world let's take a look at what people think just over half of you are sort of the war has brought the us nothing but one shot and bankruptcy or third think those years have just made afghanistan the world's biggest heroin just under a fifth of the year believe the occupation has cleared the way for an american invasion on pakistan and only three percent think the war has made the world a safer place. drop us a line and have your say. the u.k. has the second largest number of troops deployed in afghanistan anti-war activists celebrities and politicians are gathering in london protesting over
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a decade of war bennett is there for us and joins us live for their video time since the war began over the past ten years it is a decade milestone making a difference to the numbers this time around. the decade of these help from ups and more. support. this is the launch. to do a number of years here in london the same as people who lost their houses would lose some what is mingling the public is really under the tree we're in a seemingly endless war and this is not going to end soon certainly no you know pretty way today on this anniversary of realized this is the full cost of the new it's really sunk in out of the u.s. and the u.k. taking spent almost five hundred lives on the war two and a half thousand important troops have died and there's still this even though you know going to go with the behind me the protests here in central london it's in full swing we go now only one to two thousand has gathered. speeches
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going on we've done all this h one n one was just recently given by. afghan war veteran from the british army whose house actually leave prison. as a city out there when i was a kid so i saw no i want to stop the war coalition. being in jail is a good one of the. should always be don't have to be the leaders if you haven't come join boy you know it's all for how they live sometimes people is the speaker. let's make some. sharing. the house really good. outcome. of the. thing is how their brains. by all the.
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intelligence business are foldable thank you very bright hall for the future of the american psyche accounts they told me that he was calling. on the body is just it's going to take place i. ran into the french. writer was come see us at times oh i'm sorry the education is. going to join you there is no one has been she wanted me to leave this was that i mean you know you can you just go find it was an hour away now from the bigger than it was a decade ago. examiner how did your dad and i predict is mostly. just make you heard that many people predicted these things is a poem staple volunteerism pretty much my life was that you will see how you can get married all improve. anywhere in the flowers
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about this is. not something that was alone and the thing is never wrong it's in the right eyes topic. on the way home help me out here now which is the government house saying this week they'll be deleted troops out of a combat role that doesn't mean you think they're going to come to tell them why the minority threw him down so the reason i put to get home is make money at your place a moment which i think frankly i don't think in some way down to the our taxpayers' money but now that it's time for the raise it's how this is responsive business is a business. in this town and the state takes time i think very low i.q. and they were all americans want to leave are all supposed to love nothing else and most of the end of the. american government is on the campaign for. going alone on this mr. palmer. i hear you say other
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people for example agreements responding to calls now what's next we don't reward coalition. understandable some yourselves the war scene afghanistan iran leader as you've always known from she was how they don't want to learn the lessons from all the things they're not government it's time for a decision by about just the problem wolf that the cost of all of the way out come in. we can buy my kids living here we carry my. guns on a very broad could be one hundred if you do something. that's not going to happen i think of that the way until we are simply saying everything germany coalitional thank you very much for those who are saying. so they're saying a lot of things are in full swing here more gold prices are already are saying about one thousand two hundred thousand they are expecting more arrivals carry on until three pm here still because they bring you the updates as the off the presses
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how do you trust the proud owner of an outline from london covering protests as the world marks the tenth anniversary of the war in afghanistan. under a touch america lashed out of the charges the mistook the mission the food the food the few let's move shook up the mission to bring peace and stability to the room but ten years on as a dumb enough to move change the subject. in other news the occupy wall street movement has spread to dozens of american cities including the capital washington d.c. that's a corporate protest in new york and for their fourth week well the city's mayor has recently washed out at demonstrators saying their actions are hurting the economy the protesters however insists it's the greed of just one percent of the u.s.
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population that's touring the country into financial chaos in the first place and despite being branded as anarchist by many those camping out in lower manhattan are well organized and have a clear agenda heartsease as the future can discover. these are. people with you know. accused of being anarchists and disorganized the occupy wall street encounter and it's far from chaotic it is sort of like a small village broken up into the in sections way better organized than i thought it would be. they really have it set up so that there isn't a clear leader in the organization and the way that it's being done but at the same five. every part seems to be handled by someone a medical area staffed by volunteers provides on the spike assistance a comfort area supply sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while they don't need it sleeping bags pile up as the number
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of protesters grows bigger we just heard that your examples of your from richard richard. the kitchen providing a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant foods are used to filter water here we are seven thirty in the morning people going to breakfast foods great cereals we have lunch around but we have snacks into the community really throughout the day richard dinner at seven thirty a media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks videos film during clashes with police are posted online from. laptops you've got people company running in here i mean you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got put it you know process includes getting it on line and simultaneously having people tweet you know in facebook when i social media using social media and to get it out get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible my feeds of the
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protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s. and the world the viewership really goes out and it is always you keep a steady content you know provision information is also spread in more traditional ways the status board helps protesters keep up to keep the occupation developments is to try to run a body by wall street zero chance of rain the number of arrests to date at over eight hundred and thirty four. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves about literature reading most tastes fiction nonfiction magazines you got a kid section we got c.d.'s we had d.v.d.'s the guy dropped out what struck you memories ok well wall street prides itself in being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups if there's a if there is to be some decision that's going to supposedly speak on bart on behalf of everyone here and now we need to happen at the general assembly it need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in the kitchen of here to
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cook up one thing the revolution of change in america and say see church you know archie. well our correspondents are also reporting on the latest developments from the occupy wall street protest on twitter arts is this economy off has been after a very heart of the demonstrations from day one and one of her latest tweets she says the number of people taking to the post streets of lower manhattan has doubled if not tripled in a day i had to r.t. underscore column in our underscore america to find out more and don't forget you can also watch our footage of the protest on our t.v.'s to check. it's going to be. you.
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but across the atlantic things are not looking too good for the economy either the u.k. banking system has been rocked as the credit ratings of troll financial institutions have been downgraded leading a ratings agency moody's said downgrades were due to doubts over the u.k.'s government's future support the move is likely to drive out borrowing costs to make it more difficult for businesses to get loans are leaving going to take on a mess is told r.t. the downgrade is a reality check you can't get wrong at all. we already have inflation of around about five percent in the united kingdom which compared to recently is how are you putting more money into the economy risk actually increasing that inflation especially the bank of england's central key task to actually keep inflation under control to a half percent or less my concern is that still easing throwing another seventy
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following billion pounds into the economy is actually a distraction from what the u.k. government needs when you know you very aggressive and radical approach scratch is one that i think where you lack of the moment what we got together while you from illinois your kingdom and actually brought across the western world more generally is this every single bank is copper bottomed because if they get into trouble what transpired will cry all them out and one of the key things that the u.k. government is struggling with is how do we allow what i took over the wall of fire all around actually destroying the wider economy and i think that these the these downgrades of. actually reflects the fact we are beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and hopeless situation in which basically every bank you get if you crash in the track or when the government would come to their right so it was a grim warning put in the sun by as you would wish to have only just a toy notices from your doctor about your state of health i think it is
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a welcome warning. also ahead for you this hour a new show on our t.v.'s robert forster delves into the murky depths of the debt and second global economy here's a quick look at what to expect of his unique style with this rendition of our recession around the liberals like seen as a u.s. crisis seems imminent smashed the debt ceiling fourteen trillion despite protests and clashes in athens streets behind the book structurally unjust programs in greece which actually turn economy into the language from the greek economy i mean household management will be managing phoebe's around but in practice if anyone actually know what the hell's even happening. well you can see robert rhyme and reason his way through the global economic crisis in about five minutes here on r.t. . but time now to discover more of the world's biggest country in our close up series.
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where they were traveling the pen's the region southeast of moscow ran to save their how to spot and some of russia's greatest writers as he grew up around it explains. a tale of two states hardly a modest country see that in so far as times survived in farming and small scale manufacturing it happened to be the childhood home one of russia's most legendary figures mikhail month of a child prodigy a fiery tempered soldier womanizer i'm finally a greater amounts a poet a novelist he died in a jewel but age of twenty seven while little of his work was composed here and there meant that it's buried in the family more so there are. no two hundred people look after the estate as in the nineteenth century but honey has become the main
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employer of her jason villages. the servants of the service who work here dress up as ounces for the job. some get to play the aristocracy for the benefit of tourists as the numbers are growing there's no need for this state to turn a profit. of probably as good a state as one the poet himself was letting all the ground houses in the area just as important. care funding. one of russia's grand palaces well not anymore in its heyday in the nineteenth century reckon it was the self-sufficient cultural center for the benefit of one man the garment prince alexander correction in soviet times and so to the warehouse i looked over dimensions sufferers before falling into disrepair need of the government nor any private investors who put in the millions of dollars needed to rebuild it. now. on
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the one hand you can turn all of these the states into museums and the lifestyle they supported has gone on the other if the situation continues as it is they will simply disappear and that is a fact. yet the villages of cracking are of this. part of the fiber never thought of going from house to house to collect donations and relying entirely on volunteers to restore the state building by building starting with a cemetery chapel but i mean we're not professional restorers we could little money for materials we only do what we can but we don't want to be thought of as savages who do not understand where we live we want one or our ancestors. they face a daunting task if they don't rebuild it no one else will. party and the region it's going to take a short break here on our back with
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a recap of our top stories here's a look at our new program u.s. news. found a flaw in the model god perceived is the critical function structure of the farms of the world. ladies and gents
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a good shoe needs to be too stupid to get with or examine the status of the human experiment is it succeeding or will it have to be a weakness your prognosis in this rapid news or ticks or knows the globe is allegedly trying to make sense of all global economy and it's all changed things as financial temple seeds of good research is scrambling to maintain a competent to long kids and banknotes derivatives wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look even the nation's close to collapsing in some time alone foreclosed homes of people such as bailouts to bail aaa banks again feel levels pricing is the u.s. crash seems imminent coming smashed the debt ceiling of fourteen trillion despite protests in clashes in athens greece the i.m.f. in close proximity and just programs in greece where he actually told me call me and said all language from the greek economy of meaning household management will be managing phoebe's account but in practice if anyone actually know what the hell's even happening to me again some sanity will take us. to texas with our first guest welcome to rap music to pull the economy what's your diagnosis of it all well
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we dropped the ball i'm a physician politics and. this is pathological c. the global economy is chronically ailing believe me because we plan it is terminally favorite it's a cardiac arrest with deep depression and trauma across the way is there a cure for capitalism and the market will take care of her. mercy because god claims. our economy was inflated tarpley well we can see them off the gold standard the body is a worthless commodity is the biggest fraud in the history of humanity this must be dealt with the capitalist system is a just another see theories like communism or see this list because the free market is a bad spirits religion has been hurt by this whole along with amnesty. purchased with state business lucratively most just sixty five the system of the santorum is there any more to pay their campaigning to. think wrong now for
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another fine line on the line frequencies the director behind such. miter feel make of the choices thank you robert for allowing me to speak this moment right to live or my prognosis we need this week. to keep us focused. gets better as to these predators that are just caught in a system that sickly inherently flawed the whole monetary paradigm is the single cause you call them isn't broken it doesn't need this is exactly it's. funny it isn't interesting. all economy has been set up to see you so that you don't agree with congressman more. visible solutions were good along for the illusion that these debts can be served by using money which is frankly certain it's a way of maintaining divisions leverage we can retain abundance of all the scarcity we need to create jobs live with. health care and welfare schemes it seems yours is
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just another song. solicited. to such systems socialism. is it just rhetoric really what is. opposition. to competition i say abolish all competition. this is just there we believe. in a scripture that says the real bible. what's that some kind of. trick shots of the invisible hand ok thank you for your seach contributions and brief attempts to alleviate all confusion by you both inspired and. revealing he. did like to use the time you have a practical solution i believe see the problem but i.
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pick knology to see. the centerpiece of the project the economy i've watched our problems grow. resource based economy futuristic. type the. others exactly how to. value nice cars and the true shock is it will save. her progress along. the long view is this is the buyer's. rationalization sucker being asked not to
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let's not make analysis of. this. homosapiens replied. slowly she's not the solution the population is useless. since two last global economy. from our. genocide. road law but still stood strong. with my cold bought forty. kerry. crimes. with. his fists a solution just a demonstration of my love for them she told his mom love just by ron paul and i approve these messages to you is that your bias about the time share because before
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we end for the night all global economy it does seem to. be had some. new stuff it's always been rising now with some companies but is it surprising as it was predictable from the first seed me long to auction for the babies of the footsie one hundred twelve seems comes was global boadicea off financially if it's an interesting quote we invested too much in this enterprise it would mean the solution might be demise for our real economy is something much more to its g.d.p. measured not by our ability to hoard our costs to read learn to no no place images a lot of adults remain on this planet. is.


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