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to criticize for lack you organization proves it's far from chaotic and is in it for the long haul. next here on earth see the brass of european fine art through the ages as we guide you through moscow's pushed museum. great. to. come to. you. so to be a little. moscow. hello
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i will come to the must go out show on this because out i'll be going the famous pushkin museum located right in the heart of the russian capital it opened in one thousand and twelve and let's see it will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary so join the market andris as we take a look at the something collection of all office representing centuries of creativity history and culture. the kooyong which you see here is a reproduction of the plants who bought a general in florence to spin the blockade has incredible examples of german
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medieval arts and italian missiles of the fifteenth century highlights being michelangelo's famous stated sculpture the museum was founded by the professor if i'm so tired of the main building was constructed from eight hundred ninety eight by only text for my client which means. named off to m. products on the stand that it was late to change the thirty's in honor of the russian power it diffuses the museum. just like thousands of exhibits on display located close to the kremlin and across the road from the christ city cathedral the complex of building this is also known as museum village and have a landmark has turned the whole area. of this was thriving cultural currency. when building museum was the first of its kind in russia it was officially open this past dysentery celebrations the polish defeat the second himself in attendance through the revolution the soviet times in the break about the. times of the last
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century during world war two for example the greater part of the museum resources to novosibirsk a city chomsky has major events and celebrations planned for the one hundredth anniversary next year the museum can i look forward to the next one hundred years. when the museum was founded one of its main objectives was to become educational institutes for local students many of the exhibits. are exact copies of the pieces from. commissions and created specifically for the post. in this room for example you can see replicas of the statues and sculpture is between the fourth and first centuries basis. in the form of a shoe grease here you can see various boss relished models on the copies all designed to introduce students and this has to them
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a stages in the history of iraq dozens of team to pass the costs are on display in the room featuring heads or several great philosophers a friend a brilliant insight into the artistic creativity thousands of years ago. the os of ancient greece is why even presented in the museum in the ruling titled the greek yard is one of its highlights it showcases examples of architecture from the fish and first centuries b.c. when the art and culture in new york at the time flourished. with so many schools and exhibits beautiful day to look around the museum but we are interested in sculpture post-impressionist art or gyptian artifacts you'll find wonderful examples here some are copies yes but the museum also holds many originals to. the museum has a substantial collection of original vases featuring a greek culture a from the six to fifty centuries b.c. the black and red figure techniques to pick various images created to showcase
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rituals connected with feasts will funeral ceremonies. i think while a little shabby to push the museum is a considerably more peaceful place to contemplate great art the many of them will heighten hexie big galleries in the west. i really enjoy the city and i wanted to spend a. really impressed. because there are so many different artists and it's just beautiful i enjoy it this music is wonderful next door and then. you have. dutch. and just beautiful. other valuable objects from asia greece or display or regional items that were found by the job an enthusiastic high actually went in the nineteenth century. just famously helped excavate the city of
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troy. during the museum there are over two hundred fifty items those third century b.c. mainly jewelry. mission of art from ancient egypt to the push museum is the largest of its cards in russia defeat these pieces apart and also objects used by the egyptians in the every day life spending thousands of years but the oldest items come from the fourth millennium b.c. . one of the highlights in this room is the cosmetics bill as it's called daisy from the end of the fifteenth century b.c. made from on every it features a naked girl swimming with the sacred lotus flower splendid examples of egyptian decorative ought to go most of asia egypt or is it pictured as animals with features of an animal like birds heads for example egyptians view death almost as a cult and here in the museum there are many items connected with us.
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some of the most interesting paintings in the museum represent the flemish hours of the seventeenth century created to decorate lavish interiors of palaces and procedurals features paintings and religious themes portraits and landscapes large scale paintings by such artists rubens and rembrandt are all featured in the collection. students from now as he's come to study to museums paris art pieces many programs elections for lovers of all ages are also regularly organized as an establishment at the forefront of moscow's op scene where one day you'll see lines of people queued up outside every day so why is the museum so popular the moscow fights and forests. of the future i'm in love with the museums architecture it's like a look back to the days of old the place is a temple to be oxford sharing it a rest from everyday life from the worries of a big city new to this museum is my favorite as it gives a great fear an art history depending on the media interest you can explore various
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ages the schools have asked you to contain russia without going to moscow in moscow without going to the first special the impressionist parks they are so beautiful the paintings are very well cared for and exhibited also. you can see the whole. place which gives the public a chance to see this collection. exhibitions which. twenty five. commonly on the spot here. what's been demonstrated in. this exhibition is a unique opportunity to see. the space putting together such a. great compassion. collection. look at ways to destress experience. history person.
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to meet this week's guest. why is the. tradition. developed. picture gallery. and number of. pieces. and. was.
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and. was just. rooms. but it was never planned temporally exhibition imo it's not just the odd that is stunning a breathtaking here and museum but indeed the actual building in whole amazing to see is one of the most remarkable. and depth is it kill. at the whole. of it thank you very much feels hard very well and all the best here at the museum . fully with your life in a separate building the house is stunning assortment of impressionist poster precious and most know many experts agree that the museum is gracious trish is going to be found in its collection of paintings. the works from display here we
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saw just to screw over your piano it's the risk you take fascinating works by considering ghost because when you walk in the museum a section was by me to use them not only on display. through such beauty is quite as well made especially amongst famous pieces that cost millions of dollars to push the museum is definitely one of the world's great cultural institutions wider than simply museums in paris or london or new york a visit is something you will never forget. while absolutely breathtaking the original or long combis white more somalis painted by my in a t. in the night you know i will but unfortunately the time we have on this big party must see you again at the same time next week until then for me and the rest of the crew of the state christie museum of fine arts for now.
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fifty. first.
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party's top stories a war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark the taliban defeat seems nowhere in sight and the cumin of cost is rising faster than ever but this year is set to become the deadliest one for u.s. troops. in the u.k. and enough is enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal as they gather in london to protest the afghan war activists at the rally are being joined by musicians actors and politicians. and corporate sentiment spreads fast across the us with protest against inequality and unemployment taking place in dozens of cities the occupy wall street movement is criticized for a lack of organization that proves it's far from chaotic and is in it for the long . courses next year in our two you know neal joins us now we're getting down to the
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business of matters at the rugby world cup now we certainly are we know were first semi finalists it's not good reading for art and tears across the british isles but wheels in france they are there we're going to have a look at how they got there in just a second. thanks for joining us this is sports of a plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so and moving the stories in brief. one foot in the door barring an epic collapse russia are set to qualify automatically for the european football championships following victory away to slovakia. top setting the all odds wales on from school to meet in the semifinals of the rugby world cup following wins over arland and. sebastian vettel will start from pole in japan on sunday the red bull driver can wrap up his
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second straight formula one chron this week a. point against the lowest ranked football team in the world next week is all russian need to automatically qualify for the euro two thousand and twelve finals dick advocaat charges making it easy on themselves following victory away to slovakia on friday richard bump or fate has the story of the night. rush hour in touching distance of a year is two thousand and twelve finals a very hard for win over slovakia here in chile known all on and got the all important goal just twenty minutes from time and that means of russia could get a point against andorra or a worse ranked team in the world will be making it all the way to poland ukraine two thousand and twelve russia had a strong travelling support of a game of around two thousand making the trip of the weather had been pleasant with rain falling all day in july wish to make the playing distance easy for either side for russia as a sort of a game is a great. first thirty minutes or so and they managed to test the home side to keep
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a young girl on a number of occasions both under a shower and roman pavlyuchenko going los tries me why they were unable to break down the sparky and defense allow them to go if you've been a marvelous for the first forty five minutes but he was much improved in the second half and just twenty minutes from time to see his car forward popped up with a fantastic strike from the twenty five yards which won the game from russians and took up the cat was full of praise for the twenty one year old able to gain some moments. but after scoring goals he became more a call for. change and the foundations were laid for russia for an excellent defensive performance about four solid throughout it's war you got a nice have had one of his best games for russia and they continue his revival as well as he was a constant menace to the spike in defense but most importantly the russians they were able to keep a calm a sick so i can play make it quite right game disappointment over survive here he
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started his seriously thousand and twelve qualification campaign so well with that victory in moscow but over the last few games they haven't really been able to recover form they showed earlier in the qualifying campaign i'm going to have stalled was a loss to say why they hadn't been competitive recently from beginning to the pressure but then after twenty minutes we stayed in didn't the game different with . then we had a few chances but. alas for free we got to go so we for those who we can win to the russians. they deserve to win for jubilation for the russians of a group of twenty points two points clear of any risk challenges the republic of ireland makes for the cup account size it is but minnows about to join the worst ranked team in the world and if england votes defeats be enough to see become accounts for side through europe we found central finals in poland and ukraine. so
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right here so richard sees russia very much in the driving seat but the playoff spot in the group b. is now a straight dog fight between the republic of ireland and surprise package armenia the irish being a couple of points behind russia following it to know when. the no need a point at home to armenia on choose day to reach the playoffs but the armenians have been in stunning form of late last night russian macedonia four one and into or heading to poland and ukraine after drawing away to montenegro wayne rooney though sent off in that one turkey's quest just got more difficult after a defeat to already qualify germany while it's still. there are lots of big tournaments. with when. logistics will be one of the most difficult problems in russia hosting the twenty eight world cup finals that's according to meinhof ship brink marketing director buyer leverkusen we caught up
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with the german in moscow on our first question was one close to his heart that of investment. if i would have one million of your nine to spend the three most important points for for this ball player so to speak the legs of the water infrastructure let me see the stadium and about the brain the miniature i would spend that one million euro dollar two brains. might do something very interesting and very very very let me say exciting but i think in terms of sustainability of like race he's a little question about whether this is a feasible approach i don't know for sure and see the five years whether this breakup is the wrong choice is things have shifted by the think you know you have more scope looks full consent because growth there when north or the world meanwhile but these other clubs have to build a brand that is quite critical if you can make it happen with one huge promise fail
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which given you a lot of that received press coverage. than what you are always very close with how mentions the city's public image is it is a very old club with knowledge behind his soul and that is perhaps a blending process that this club which has a name already for years and decades now with the new money coming in all of the middle east is getting up to speed it will be at least three a contender for a while at the champions get to that point if you look at how different clubs and other clubs which have a lot of money all of a sudden available they have to this kind of brand and i think that's an uphill battle and that's very good difficult to accomplish. if you look at the huge country of russia and i think that could be a challenge to finally in the quarter specifically from europe in one place to the other and also between the games there are three four days are they staying over
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here or they're flying in and out so i would be very interested. the women say the system of the plan would be and will be in the future oh to do with the crowds and i don't know how this will how this will work because for me as a german i look at russia and the muslims group no votes on people's books but then then you are getting a little bit lost about the distance in between cities and that's for me something which is more or less in question of infrastructure i think it will be a lot of work but i'm convinced that also the world cup two thousand we can be a great show for football and will support for all of us all over the world interesting stuff and i'm moving on with their first semifinalists up the rugby world cup are known wales will take on france following wins over aren't meant respectively the irish entered the clash in wellington a slight favorites but said it was their opponents who started as they meant to go on shane williams tried the soul touched on all of the first half wheels of the
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break and from help the teams were level five minutes into the second period when keith earls went over but that was beaten losers highlights a fully deserved twelve point win the benchley secured with wales third try of the day jonathan davies the scorer. we know there's a lot of very dangerous or was a bit crowed good care is. midfielder good faith as well and so we've been to a one seed of really trying to take away our slow you're just taking your feet from straightaway when you give your heart and soul or something doesn't work. it's just just boys. are good men. shock of sorts in the day's other quarterfinal fronts but using the type of performance england were afraid they would end opens the time looking all but gone by the time the half time whistle blew in sixty mill up thanks to tries from the dangerous vasan kirk. and didn't make
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a game of it say in the second half but the damage was already done by the time ben foden mark wait so went over from. winning at nineteen points to twelve. reigning f one champion sebastian vettel has put himself in prime position to claim his second straight drivers' crying this very weekend the red bull a sprinter jenson button by just nine fisons of a second to take positions for the japanese grand prix the german needs only a single point on sunday to close the twenty eleven championship if the sole man who could yet stop him but fails to finish in the points top agrees tomorrow twenty four year old vettel will also automatically retain his prawn lewis hamilton meanwhile will start from third season. in tennis rafael nadal looks in solid chip tree tain his second straight japan open title after defeating mardy fish in the semifinals fish how to reach their career high world number seven ranking this year though it was former world number one the doll who absorbed the twenty nine
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year old best shots in the opening set to take it seventy five fish seemingly to moralize from the point on twenty five are all rough closing in i seventy five sixteenth's to right i'm. on the murray the man who'll be waiting for the towel in the tokyo decider the scot cruising. courtesy of a six two six three victory over david for masterful murray finishing the encounter with a beautiful winner on the spot serve a tough task awaits next murray ending for things against the man enough to model two majors this season and that. should be quite a clash and that is all the sport for now whether it's next year in twenty four hour r.t. . well
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. the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. if.
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mine. would be soo much brighter if you knew about some from phones to pressure it's. nice for stunts on t.v. don't come.
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to war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark with the taliban defeat nowhere in sight and a human of course that's rising faster than ever. meanwhile in the u.k. enough is enough say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal they gather in london to mark the afghan wars tenth anniversary. plus anti-corporate sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. the occupy wall street movement is criticized for lacking organization proved it's far from chaotic and is in it for the long haul. bus parties close up team visits the land of once rich with ground to states where prominent russian poet and princes made their homes and meets the people who now struggle to preserve what remains of that bygone splendor.


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