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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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burjanadze a line from moscow our top stories of war dragging on for a decade with u.s. led invasion of afghanistan the ten year mark yet it's how the battlefield seems nowhere in sight and the human cost is rising faster than ever this year said to become the deadliest one for u.s. troops. meanwhile in the u.k. and nothing is enough to say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal as they gather among them to protest the afghan war activists at the rally are being joined by musicians actors and. and then to
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corporate sentiment spreads fast across the u.s. in protest against inequality and unemployment taking place in thousands of cities the occupy wall street movement is criticized for a lot of the organization for move far from pay homage to move in for a long. up next palestinians tell us in their words how they're being violently pushed out of their own city by jewish settlers. now this war that's free so we're just walking. used to be the main part of the hebron market try to imagine in your head on or in seoul markets of a city of one hundred fifty thousand people since ninety four is closed down at the beginning of the second intifada destroyed the street was announced as a sterilized reasoning palestinians even for preventive even to walk here not only
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drive not only open the shops even to walk. the palestinians have many arab states with huge territories if they want a palestinian muslim government they can have that in saudi arabia in syria in irak in iran in morocco all those places where the tell us that with the arabs living in egypt in jordan we believe in the guys in the divine promised to this country to the jewish people people who would like to live as. good as guests here their invaded but to think that they can run the country that that's not possible. in the in. the in.
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the in. the over. the wall there's enough states to the arabs there is not a post kenyan nation there is not he was not a nation before of we came here and they are nuts today became for many many. lands and states they were good. candidates that's what they was there was not arabs here before we came here it was only some of. hundreds hundreds or hundred thousands this is not what we're talking today and we have to look at the ice and everyone in the world and say that's not there when.
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he spoke to us in their vaults and people like them never clear cut solution for the conflict that is cleansing pure and simple all the arabs all the palestinians have to leave by the split in the. are they chris paul barratt andrew . goldstein opened fire with an automatic rifle in an army uniform and opened fire a healthier open fire in a crowded mall in the west bank town of hebron at least forty power in port killed or more wounded many. people have been great calibrating the arab back they're coming down they will definitely come now by an israeli settler it is one of the most militant settlements in the west bank it he would put on the most militant member i must remind you that not only killed so many palestinians he says they richly responsible through all this way both suicide bombers who
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started only after his message. will be a college student i can tell you when you see of war and you see what's happening to them you can only come to one conclusion the palestinians so one of the most tolerant people in the woods even i would say one of the less violent people in the world as it was any people would explode if people would have done what they're doing. as the fetus as less than human and not all the guys are going to take our land deprive us of all of our rights nobody nobody something. we're going out to visit one of our friends as a family as well as. for sure the main and the right way to go to ever made it
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would be probably up the hill in the junction take a less but there are certain events then the palestinians can't walk there in front of the settlements their only way any now cows is through the way they will go down . you see this is the path of good to what is this is all real fun this is the. way to get rich as it has become. does this say as you see it the shit out of give all of the out of this is them out of it and took it out of all of those this is what this is this is. this is not politicizing this it was.
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a good run. out and. we. want our little or no. i think i'll probably buy. this sampler is teach the children to hate arabs to be fully stocked. up the believe. with the say trip to the desert in the first words the city you killed plus well what you gain such amps. even if it is clear that they're tagged so well in em to prove it and so would bring alone photos and videos saying what to show that they attacked us and came on to own land to the end it so it was all fall to them to our ranch where the only monster asked. the guy stole the cells out throwing stones to them. and to see this is it the god of the
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pulling so all is not the government was certainly three hundred settlers this is because you guys down the styles well it goes out of bed at first to the us. we can't say this is a crazy group and we have nothing to do with we israelis we all are carriers for its ability to look is happening and have on and therefore so many times i feel most of the fleet the shameful be israeli when i see those scenes because it's from my behalf. those people out there under my government under my state and i'm proud to feet and each of us is released by the feet issue for since there is a difference.
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between hating insulting one of socialist practices of their daily life on daily basis and again reflected in a number of attacks that took place against internationals who will come in and they are outraged by the way that these settlers are behaving and they try to reduce to the least number of incidents of beatings against the parsons and they are seen by the settlers as mr presenting history and it's a given fact that we are the chosen people and us international supposed to be actually siding by us against arabs and paul's thing is because this is what god has. as a. kind of company and by just what i was trying to do to the palestinians you know they would tell you to call to see nigel's but for me to put up and we never didn't
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have i was. in to point we've invited to steve to ask this if only for the out group of people but we couldn't one of the best i've been to this in town introducing folks pipes yes good company you know these really couldn't be a part of the but for me this is for me it's good it's just for. kicks. i'm old enough to remember both and. maybe ten people. at the program because. i don't think it was just. yet chance you've got to have the right to protect arabs.
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i don't think. i know. of course where we pose this question here for them to come from where they're coming from that would be if i walked into a hospital and walked into an operating room and said i want here i'm here let me help you know the doctors got the patient open and you've got five doctors working on the anesthesiologist and the nurses and here i am you know give me a nice hey look at me and say you know but you don't know anything you know you're going to kill him. and the kids know this is worse we do said michael i'm not preaching we don't preach to me leave me what you think you need to do you can come in here this is a prison if you know your house is on you you couldn't. i would like to see the national community supports us and give us in this activity
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and to understand that there are homes i'm now in danger you see this is not with terrorism attacks the only well. and if we did not put them and put the war against terror all europe is is in and then sure oh there was some society . this is not your land it belongs to respond malays i'm not. going to kill you and the. man highly. highly doubt. god gave me more something israelis have not the slightest idea what's going on in the media hardly shows them nobody wants them for normal and we became a society we. only evolved it so that even this less and less and it's all the rest we have this wonderful excuse of security if this doesn't
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work you can always break up with a little costs. so i think. the lady going to me he will say that after the holocaust the jews have the right to do whatever they want and that's their way of thinking and human rights is really something for europeans so long but look for our reality we know we only with our feet i find it hard to understand how they can. catch. and a crazy ass place nazis and doing it to her of course seems to me a cry to export a reading of what's going on in the last sixty has i was a child in britain. for. the entire effort since her nation where they actually killed defeating. activists and kept
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him. you know where we will come good kid honestly i'm going to the foundation of the state of israel him. in the face faced with the rift. discovery of the extent of harm out of course that the jewish people are economic there it seemed. so anti their right and of course didn't understand that this was going to be at the expense of this team. and have. got to see. the shows. you think you. owe it to there was an imminent corruption process more corruption process but it's part of our to take action when he takes an eighteen year old you
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just never see uniform you get in a gun in the cold to control people just like a massacre where you are one plus will instill a sense of using palestinian the stronger property looking shooting against orders or stores and hurting innocent people it's something that you can't avoid when you're there the real story is the political power the surface elements the power to persuade the commanders to brigade officers is the fear for whoever right controls earth these days is all over the field and every brigade commander of the drum knows that he said he will confront the settlers finish his army career. when i came or two thousand and one this building was still full this building is
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right around three four palestinian families used to still live here they were the only one who were allowed to walk in this road and through the gates. today you can see this building is totally empty just building as like three or four family left inside. this building is a very actual story this building you could see how it's blocked now. the circle is invaded here in the beginning of february and according to israeli law someone invades to a property so it doesn't hurt it if you don't take him out for the first thirty days the only way to take it out is through a very long legal procedure and during all the all history of this place every time when they invaded there were never taking out in the first thirty days. this time it was the first incident in the whole this story of the settlement there abroad
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that flaw was enforced really and signed. on the one hand you have massive investments to set up communities there i mean what look like permanent towns and villages of jews living in the occupied territories but the west bank has not been annexed military law continues to apply so it's it's quite ambivalent in that sense what is the future of those territories i mean in some cases israel maybe is operating contrary to its long term interests the areas that now the government is talking about pulling out of i mean if we have invested a lot of money there it will now take a lot of money to uproot those people. that. jews.
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who began not to be good to be faithful can justice and can. not kill the political regime can be a king it can be a prime minister never mind. and this is what i would like to see all the more people who will get dumped a big two signals and and corrupted regimes that are people like the arabs are over there this is these really scientists aren't you should be expecting the arabs the sacred children you have had you can't be jewish if you turn against fellow jews how can you do that based to shock that they get struck me. personally which are just wondering. from israel i'm not talking to you or you because you're not knowing the place you want to you want to know what rights are like these are the people i thought yes me
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up a futurist ok. you're crazy. can make you go persecuting the holy children be the arabs over there who after the arabs. my my fear today my problem that i have today isn't with live or on my problem today is with the continued existence of the jewish people here in the state of israel because we're committing suicide we're actually committing suicide and this is what we have to stop could it happen could an israeli government decide to take us up and throw us out of our homes in iran yeah it could. and it could happen and it works ok i would prefer that happens i think so we're dealing with and existential threat to the state of israel and it has to stop.
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look like. what they're doing rocks watch out with al through touring the whole thing that we think you know he just peace there would not be there would not be peace. and you know time is running cold and . we stewardess if the source of the surplus is the worst thing it's becoming almost too late maybe to live through. because it will be very easy to have very few of them but without this gas we would move just from one all through the other. world really. to get them out of their. part of the. from the international laws perspective all settlements are illegal israeli
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citizens should not be living in hebron it is occupied territory you cannot have the occupiers people living in that territory but when you compound that with the reality of hebron i mean you have a few hundred settlers tens of thousands of palestinians and the palestinians are paying a very severe price in restrictions on movement in being subjected to violence in all of this harassment and suffering as the result of a very small settler population so if we are calling for all the settlements to be dismantled it's clear that hebron has to be first as far as we're concerned it's the police if they want to push us to leave they attack us. they want to make something in the life i'll say this ploy i was coming to wish that michael was not going to be without permission or look you want to know what is. this is. money come from i don't know if you know this is
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a few not over is it because you know that i'm going to argue this is our recent my gun and no this is my ground now but only now. can i see the shotgun. people. place i. know who to vote disappear so that he. really know i hear what's happening he doesn't look no he doesn't look one for no we see here something we have known in the darkest days of all his story there. off that finish ever i didn't know i would know what i did not know i didn't know i didn't know of course you did not know that did not want to know my main complaint in my main
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screen by me anger is now in the government and able is all this because you see crazy extremist fundamentalists you have in every society the problem is how much power to behave and how much freedom do the have put you meant the crazy ideas the violent vicious hate media. here make up alex thier religion. here and they're all next take them to take the money. don't touch me why do you want me to stop what do you want me to stop this is not respect you call this respect these terrorists from my terrorists true goal the human brain history a lot of disasters things that much more seems investigation even and.
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still very few people did it a bit more people benefit. but a majority of the human beings in the world were cited sources and this is the problem people must understand that in just a situation yes only two can see either you for it or against him silence is being forced now that one has to be you know to live a life of riches but resistance but everyone is obligated to stuff being sides.
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the longest big game hunting she's straight. she was trying to stall and dated.
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with max cons are there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on r g.
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