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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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it was in our lives from the russian capital omnis now with our top story the u.s. led war in afghanistan has now passed the ten year mark it's been widely dubbed a decade of failure with nato troops no closer to victory over the taliban the human cost though keeps on rising both among the soldiers and afghan civilians who demand an end to the endless war and the violence brings down jason mattera reports . another day in afghanistan's southern battle for more casualties despite official claims that the war is being won two thousand and eleven is lining up to be the deadliest yet for u.s. forces fighting to tame the decade long taliban insurgency but thanks to improved medical capabilities casualties who would have perished in previous conflicts are surviving by these two soldiers one patrol in a vehicle when a roadside bomb exploded beneath him it took less than half an hour for
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a medical crew to pick him up by helicopter and deliver them to the trauma ward at kandahar airfield one of the country's busiest for their injuries are bad but not extreme i mean we will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as if you tease or flown to germany for treatment right you get rid of this facility was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the war's crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old wiley was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines got into a firefight with the taliban and his village in helmand province the bullet shattered part of his skull and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery in six months dr miller park says he was treated more than a fair share of afghan bystanders mostly gun show the bomb blast victims in this follow up operation he and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with a titanium. that were stories appear. so i started i
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think. it's going on. right to make a difference but this is. very likely not even sure you are still. in the recovery ward will respond they are going to says that well he sure it was a u.s. marine bullet that hit his son and he's grateful for the first class treatment in this recession which other what i'm just happy that he's ok the shooting was a mistake so he's forgiven accident or not the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of good will can compensate for civilian casualties that continue to claim each month in a war that grinds on chasing workload kynaston for. afghan drug production has increased dramatically since the foreign intervention began the country remains the world's largest source of opium well
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a former chief of staff to the u.s. secretary of state says american forces are turning a blind eye to the problem because they fear more resistance who benefits from this is who benefits from it in mexico and colombia and other places it's people who are heavily invested in the drug trade and i don't just necessarily mean those who are taking it there is a connection and that connection is very simple it is that the troops don't want to attack those people who are raising drugs not in any blatant overwhelming comprehensive way because that just adds to the enemy list that they have to fight they are fighting all manner of taliban now different groups of taliban they're fighting people who are just pashtun and want them out of the country who may identify as taliban they don't want to add to that enemies list all the people who are raising drugs in afghanistan and making a profit from that. well arjun's military analyst is in afghanistan he's asking why america is struggling to contain the insurgency despite its huge military
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superiority that's coming up for you in about fifteen minutes and on our web site we're asking you what legacy the ten year afghan occupation. which is over half of you so far say the war has brought the us nothing but bloodshed and bankruptcy for think those years have just made afghanistan the world's biggest turn when just under a fifth of you believe the occupation has cleared the way for an american invasion of the stamp but only three percent think the war has made the world a safer place. dot com and have your say on. do it american. target. the. u.s. . mission to bring stability.
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you don't have to. well anger about the afghan war is now in britain which has the second largest number of troops deployed in the country hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the conflict and antiwar activists celebrities and politicians are gathering in london protesting over a decade of war are to bet it is there for us and joins us live now ivor what can you tell us about the depth of anti-war sentiment expressed there on the square on this ten year anniversary among people of. all events here are literally just in the last five minutes wound down and the perch protesters now making their way and they're marching to number ten downing street to take their protests to the prime minister but before that just moments ago the square was full of protesters old and young. showing that the antiwar sentiment in the british public's imagination and mindset is still very much at the forefront and there are two thousand people
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gathered on the square here and the event was really given a catalyst in the middle about an hour or so ago following the surprise appearance of julian assange and she addressed the crowd head of his extradition appeal trial later this month here in london. and addressed them a. really highlighting of the anger of the crowds here after time and time again he said that after the british government has launched the british public and misled them first to afghanistan second news iraq and now it's libya and he said the real main point of his speech was that there was war so really began with lies and that's what they're based on and after his speech to actually speak to r.t. about the situation in libya and the importance for the media to tell the truth there is what he had to say. the only two superpowers in the world worth speaking why one of those are the united states how and why you're a dog normally a superpower you speak about europe. you're a bit of mensa
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a miniature of the united states government will be a lesson to us every toy that a small mandate is given. military or intelligence powers in war. it is a slippery slope that leads to the takeover of countries was or hundreds. so the antiwar sentiment really has been brought back to the surface with this ten year anniversary of their gonna start operation and a poll last week by i.t.v. in maine one of the main british broadcasters showed that over seventy percent of the british public thought that this war was unwinnable and to talk more about this is a high profile activists lauren booth is journalist act with thanks very much to for speaking to r.t. so why is the government still in britain still in this unwinnable war eve we've committed ten years of our troops and political narrative to oppressing some of the poorest people on the planet it would be like rewriting
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a whole novel this government cannot go down an avenue and then take us out by saying actually we were wrong we've had three hundred eighty soldiers die and tens of thousands of afghanis die by the troops led by america it's impossible for the government to extract themselves easily from this unfortunately apart from the course of human life and obviously the massive financial cost what has this done for britain's image on the international stage if you say well let's not skip over the financial cost because eighteen billion eight hundred billion pounds sterling in the last ten years is what's been spent and the coverage government is asking people here to take pay cuts to the test to say if you work in civic life you won't have any pensions so that's unacceptable but as for britain's world view the government's consecutively. consecutive government still refuse to accept that their actions in afghanistan and in iraq and around the will will affect how people see us and yet seven seven the bombings here in london the that the bombers said it
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was a direct response to the murders in afghanistan so of course britain now is known as a terrorist state and frankly our government should be known is that the antiwar protest movement here today is the sentiment is very sypher songs of british public was achieved in terms of changing anything and i don't see a defeat here i mean tony blair wanted to stay on a bit longer he was forced to answer at least that the kelly inquiry. if nothing came of it yet but we don't know for the future the hague may may be recalling some of our politicians so the people here are reflecting an awakening in the british public we will not have more of our money going into afghanistan we don't want it and we certainly don't want the government to make moves on iran and this conservative government is making those out. for a move that's all your time for with thanks very much for speaking to r.t. i think that's all we have time for here in trial the square the process has now moved on after four hours of her public speeches by some high profile campaigns
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including. two thousand people or so attended the demonstration the largest antiwar demonstration in the last few years now marching to downing street to take their protests to prime minister david cameron right our team is ivor bennett live from london thanks a lot for that update. well iver and the rest of our london bureau is keeping you updated on the anti afghan protest you can follow the latest on our twitter feed our to underscore com one of the recent tweet quotes award winning war correspondent john correspondent i should say john pilger who says the war in afghanistan was a fraud as well as the war in iraq and the attack on libya don't forget also you can see the latest footage of those protests on our youtube channel at least on our choosing to tell. you.
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the occupy wall street movement has spread to dozens of american cities including the capital washington that's anti-corporate protest in new york i'm sure their fourth week the city's mayor recently lashed out at demonstrators saying their actions are hurting the economy the protesters however insist it's the greed of just one percent of the u.s. population that drove the country into financial chaos in the first place and despite being branded as anarchist by many of those camping out in lower manhattan well organized and have a clear agenda as artie's an associate took them discover. these are and notice these are the people with you know. accused of being anarchist and disorganized the
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occupy wall street encampment is far from chaotic it is set up like a small village broken up into themed sections way better organized than i thought it would be. they really have it set up so that there isn't a clear. organization the way that it's being done but at the same guy. every part seems to be handled by someone in the medical area staffed by volunteers provides on the spot assistance a comfort area supply sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while the donated sleeping bags pile up as the number of protesters grows bigger we just took the chinatown bus up here from richmond virginia. a kitchen providing a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant fruits are used to filter water here we have breakfast at seven thirty in the
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morning. cereals we have lunch. we have snacks. throughout the day dinner at seven thirty the media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks videos film during clashes with police are posted online from these laptops you've got people coming and running in here i mean panicky you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got footage you know processing footage getting it online and simultaneously having people tweet you know on facebook when our social media using social media to. get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible why feeds of the protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s. and the world the viewership really goes up as you keep a steady content you know information is also spread in more traditional ways the status board helps protesters keep up to date with occupation developments today is day twenty one of occupy wall street zero chance of rain the number of arrests to
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date at over eight hundred and thirty four. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves with literature fitting most tastes fiction nonfiction. documentaries occupy wall street. prides itself in being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups if there's a if there is to be some decision that's going to supposedly speak on bart on behalf of everyone here but now we need to have been a bit evening general assembly and we need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in this kitchen are here to cook up one thing a revolution of change in america is the situation a party. we've got more reaction from the streets of new york in this week's edition of the resident or harshness asked at the wall street campaigners if they think they'll win their fight against corporate power.
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i'm here at occupy wall street this week let's talk about pat i think what really protesting is you know the failure of the system to respond to you know a kind of higher calling for you know our country you know we can be subjected to. you know one percent of the one percent those are the real bad guys you know who make over five million ten million dollars a year for doing that well i do feel that the country is in a very serious serious situation but it just the united states or is it a global issue it's a global issue but the united states says at the center of all of the most important issues right now that we're going to. repeat that spain we have people for life. and one of the he's a values all of you guys are doing. i mean thirty five percent of
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our wealth by one percent of the population if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy it's only fair do you think that's going to happen through movements like this you know who now it's bad leaders were out here trying during the sixty's there were riots in newark and l.a. because of poverty inequality racism etc i mean people riot and burn their old cities down as soon as that happened within a year there were all kinds of government programs to help people out because they got people really afraid that was going to spread all over the country we're trying to make sure that doesn't happen by having a peaceful revolution of some justice and some some enforcement of the regulations we already have on the books that would be a good start the thing that's going to happen. i have to believe so yeah i have to be i believe so how is this going to achieve that. this is just like the genesis of a bigger movements it's been going on for a couple weeks and every day gets larger and larger so. i think eventually it'll
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bring results but i think i think there's a large amount of discontent with what's going on in this country and i think that this is it makes it so people can identify me like no other people are feeling this way as well so i mean it and the sense of a rallying point i think that this is this is going to draw attention it's also going to draw people in whether or not you agree with their methods and the bottom line is these people are getting the word out. across the atlantic things are looking to good for the economy either the u.k. banking system has been rocked as the credit ratings of twelve financial institutions have been downgraded leading ratings agency moody's said the downgrades were due to doubts over the u.k. government's support the move is likely to drive up borrowing costs to make it difficult for businesses to get loans but a leading british economist mark littlewood has told r.t. the downgrade is a reality check for the u.k.
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needed long ago. we already have inflation of around about five percent in the united kingdom which compared to recent years is hardly putting more money into the economy risks actually increasing that inflation is supposed to be the bank of england's central key task to actually keep inflation under control two and a half percent or less my concern is that quantitative easing throwing another seventy five billion pounds into the economy is actually a distraction from what the u.k. government needs which is a very aggressive and radical growth strategy one that i think they lack at the moment what we've got to get away from in the united kingdom and actually right across the western world more generally is this idea that every single bank is copper bottomed because if they get into trouble the taxpayer will kill them out and one of the key things that the u.k. government is struggling with is how do we allow a bank to go through the wall and to fail without actually describing the wider
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economy and i think that these these downgrades. actually reflect the fact that we are beginning to move away from what was a hopeless and helpless situation in which basically every bank you that if you crash in the time when the government would come to their right so it's a grim warning but in the saying why you would wish to have an almost a toy from your doctor about your state of health i think it is a welcome warning. coming up next hour a new show here on our t.v.'s robert foster delves into the murkier depths of the debt stricken global economy here's a quick look at what to expect of his unique style with this rendition of a recession rap. will seem to come to a global or to sing off financial to you it's an interesting claim to read we invest too much in this enterprise would make this speech my units very demise store a real economy is something much broader its g.d.p. measured not by our ability to hold but our capacity to learn to do not please just
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a lot of adults remain on this planet oic pandora. returning to our top story this hour the tenth anniversary of the afghan war being marked this week and washington is trying to mend ties with one of its main allies in the war pakistan relations have recently been hit by mutual accusations and political differences ours is military analyst reports now from kabul. this is the commanding height that dominates this sweeping view was the area of kabul the afghan capital. right behind me the reason that three weeks ago was under the twenty hour see by the ha going to network let's take a closer look at what went wrong we had the global war on terror first after al qaeda central radio ploy to the pashtun tribal belt along the afghan pakistani
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border the state department filed a request with pakistan for cooperation against osama bin ladden grand slam about brazenly ignored the diplomatic request from washington d.c. with their middle finger a behind their back see if they could and should have saved the day by activating their formidable human intelligence network you know afghanistan to conduct a clone dan stein body snatching mission and to bring osama bin laden to justice but they just blew it looking back at operation enduring freedom the question is not what went wrong with this mission the question is what's preventing the w. bush administration to look at all other options and for starters to make sure that pakistan will be treated as a reliable ally not after before the nine eleven
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struck the united states. let's take a look at some world news in brief for you this hour the president of yemen has announced he is to step down in the coming days and his speech on state television anti-government protesters have been demanding it and. thirty three year rule for nine months now john ross has paralyzed the country and led to over a thousand people being killed according to official estimates violence in yemen has as blatant think of a return. recently from saudi arabia where he was treated after an attempt on his life into. a bus has crashed into a cliff on indonesia's java island killing four people and injuring a dozen others three dutch tourists were among the dead an investigation is underway but early reports suggest there were poor road conditions and that the boss was overloaded it comes a month after a similar crash left one thousand people dead. thousands of students have marched
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through into these capital protesting against education cuts through paint and flares at banks and tried to block railway lines but were eventually dispersed by police demonstrators say the event marks a new wave of what's been called off of which last year saw several thousand people clash with police it is a recently signed off forty five billion euros of cuts to tackle its debt. now it's time to discover more of the world's biggest country in our close up series on russia. today we're traveling to the pens a region around six hundred kilometers south east of moscow grand estates there have inspired some of russia's greatest writers including the amount of. explains some of the places which have roused writers passions in the past face an uncertain future. a tale of two states not a family
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a modest country see that and so it's times survived in farming and small scale manufacturing it happened to be the childhood home one of russia's most legendary figures mikhail development of a child prodigy a fiery tempered soldier womanizer and finally a great romantic poet the novelist he died in a jewel at the age of twenty seven while little of his work was composed letterman is buried in the family more still am. no two hundred people look after the estate as in the nineteenth century but a family has become the main employer for jason villages. the direct descendants of the serbs who worked here dress up as their ancestors for their job . some get to play the heiress across for the benefit of tourists as the numbers are growing there is no need for the state to turn a profit. as good
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a state as when the poet himself was living here but other ground houses in the area which are just as important architecturally but which are not getting the care . one of russia's grand palaces well not anymore in its heyday in the nineteenth century crack and it was a self-sufficient cultural center for the benefit of the diamond prince alexander could walk in in soviet times it served as a warehouse and a home for dementia sufferers before falling into disrepair need of the government nor any private investors will put in the millions of dollars needed to rebuild it . now where the so is there on the one hand you can turn all of these estates into museums and the lifestyle they supported has gone on the other if the situation continues as it is they will simply disappear and that is a fact. yet the villages of crack ima have decided to fire their never trouble
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going from house to house to collect donations and relying entirely on volunteers they have vowed to restore the state building by building starting with a cemetery chapel but. we're not professional restorers we've got little money for materials we only do what we can but we don't want to be thought of as savages who do not understand where we live we want women around ancestors. they face a daunting task but if they don't try build it no one else will. fall to the region. take a very short break here on our tsunami back with a recap of our top stories this saturday us.
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in the united kingdom is available insists the house the land for forty one hotel the old waverly hotel begin to feel certain the millstone who took some of the old country high. today is the bull in terms of the ring brant the groom to choose to be the montague the to the world the reuben churchill. during. the cold. friendly. dynamic. friend.
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here with r t live from moscow at seven thirty pm these are our top stories a war dragging on for a decade the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan passes the ten year mark yet a taliban defeat seems nowhere in sight and human cost is wise in terms to the number with this city are set to become the deadliest one for u.s. troops. in the u.k. and not is enough to say protesters calling for a speedy troop withdrawal as they gather in london to protest the afghan war activists at the rally are being joined by musicians actors and politicians. and anti corporate sentiment spreads fast so cross the us with protest against inequality and unemployment taking place in dozens of cities the occupy wall street
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