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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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decade of failure to with nato troops no closer to victory over the taliban the human cost the keeps rising both among the soldiers and the afghan civilians who demanded an end to the aimless war and the violence that brings down on them jason motley for r.t. reports. another day in afghanistan's southern battle more casualties despite official claims that the war is being won two thousand and eleven is lining up to be the deadliest yet for u.s. forces fighting to tame the decade long taliban insurgency but things to improve medical capabilities casualties who would have perished in previous conflicts are surviving by these two soldiers one patrol in a vehicle when a roadside bomb exploded beneath them it took less than half an hour for a medevac crew to pick them up by helicopter and deliver them to the trauma ward at kandahar airfield one of the country's busiest for their injuries are bad but not extreme i mean we will most likely stay on base until they've recovered more severe cases such as if you temples are flown to germany for treatment right yes. this
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facility was built to save critically injured american troops fresh from the front lines but doctors here also treat afghan civilians caught in the war's crossfire with nowhere else to go for help nine year old wally was shot in the head by a stray bullet earlier this year when u.s. marines are going into a firefight with the taliban on his village in helmand province the bullet shattered part of his skull and would have killed him if not for emergency surgery in six months dr min park says he's treated more than a fair share of afghan bystanders mostly gunshot and bomb blast victims in this follow up operation he and his team are reconstructing the boy's forehead with a titanium miche that will restore his appearance so i started work i haven't got one eye i also gratifying to make a difference but this i would very likely not for serious
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hard studies to show. in the recovery ward well these follow their own says that while he's sure it was a u.s. marine will admit his son he's grateful for the first class treatment has rescinded which other what i'm just happy that he's ok this shooting. mystique so it is forgiven accident the enduring insurgency suggests that no amount of good will can compensate for civilian casualties that continue to climb each month in a war the growing zone to use in work log in command or canisters for tea. this is the afghan drug production increased dramatically since the foreign intervention per gallon the country indeed remains the world's largest source of opium the former chief of staff to the us secretary of state says american forces are turning a blind eye to the problem because they fear more resistance. who benefits from this is who benefits from it in mexico and colombia and other places it's people who are heavily invested in the drug trade and i don't just necessarily mean those who are taking it there is
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a connection and that connection is very simple it is that the troops don't want to attack those people who are raising drugs not at any blatant overwhelming comprehensive way because that just adds to the enemy list that they have to fight they are fighting all manner of taliban now different groups of taliban they're fighting people who are just pashtun and want them out of the country who may identify as taliban they don't want to add to that enemies list all the people who are raising drugs in afghanistan and making a profit from that and if you follow in this big story you might be interested to know in court i was time we got expert opinion for you to military analysts in afghanistan he's asking why america is struggling to contain the insurgency despite the huge military superiority it has it's a good question we're trying to find the answers for you shortly also on our website we're asking what you think about it what you think the legacy of this ten year afghan occupation is left with is what it's telling us just over half of the again this out of say the war has brought the u.s.
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nothing but bloodshed of bankruptcy a third of you are telling us though she has just turned afghanistan into the world's biggest heroin hub just under a fifth if you believe the occupations played the way for american invasion of pakistan and just three percent of you voted against say the world's a safer place because of that ten year long war log on to r.t. dot com still very much a chance does google say that. do it they're actually. target. to shoot you with. the mission to bring peace and stability to. use it only after. anger about the afghan was mounting in the u.k. too which is the second largest number of troops deployed in the country hundreds of british soldiers have been killed since the conflict began and the war activists celebrities and politicians of other protest in london calling for the end of the
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decade long war is over bennett's been monitoring events there in the capital. this huge protest in the center in the center of london has shown a magical sentiment in the public imagination here in britain is definitely in the forefront people very angry pay their way there in the first place obviously would be at a time of deep cuts the mustard has risen through all this money eighty million ounces are being pumped into a seemingly unwinnable war and the five hundred million as a nation in development the ngos are saying well no is no reaching is the right people is in the ring is it all going to really having much of an effect in the want to let you know thousand troops that are being killed in. a us university brown university with a thirty thousand other people having to go in in this. civilians insurgents to. talk more about this is john hearing from them oh it's a charity war on one july is very much first because he. let you know recently he
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won right situation going on in afghanistan what he says better or worse than it was a nice ago but i think in the last five years in particular we've seen a terrible problem in human rights just as the poorest escalates here it's failed to bring any extra stability so you see many more children being to drive to their rights and many more people being killed creates an escalation of violence in pakistan as well as in afghanistan because there's another lurching thousand people have died in indonesia as well so it's not getting better in any way is hearing much when you present house has also come forward and address the fact there is ramekins eruption in afghanistan in the process of getting engaged to the people are really needed but he's blaming it on the international community she really said where nigeria russia will go is that training and others oversee in selling corruption within the whole of the afghan government and the key thing here is about getting the foreign troops out the people in afghanistan he found in britain we know here seventy four percent of all people out cruising around and that's what
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we're saying to the government like jelly troops and then you can start dealing with all of the problems. kind of. thoughts there of john hillery from the anti-poverty charity war on want talking to our teams of a bennett a bit earlier and a london bureau is there of course to keep you updated on the anti afghan war protests you can follow the latest on our twitter feed our t. underscore com one of the recent tweets quotes an activist who said blair enjoy your money while you can there's not enough water to wash the blood of your hands. more that for us of course throughout the night you can also catch up the latest for just how much rolling there of those protesting cuts that are now to you tube channel. where people are rallied in the center of london today demanded an end not only to the afghan war but also to the ongoing intervention in libya to r.t. spoke to one of the high profile speakers they wiki leaks founder julian assange about the military interventions and also about the libyan conflict in particular
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the lesson for me being is that there are only two superpowers in the world worth speaking why one of those are the united states and really is too stupid. to get to take over the country regional justification for a no fly zone or is being completely you think it shows that there is no effective . as far as you know i don't nations it should be a listen to us every toy that small data is given. military or intelligence. it is a slippery slope that leads to the takeover of countries all understand. another country that suffered months of civil unrest has yemen and its president announced on saturday that he's to step down in the coming days it follows nine months of violent protests with the opposition demanding an end to ali abdullah saleh thirty three year rule but several president of the arab lawyers association told me he
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believes sellers assurance that he will step down is nothing but an empty promise. he must have made a hundred. speeches and in every single one of them he said he's going to leave in every single one of them he promised that he doesn't want to run as a president and every single one after he finished he stayed in power this is absolutely no different from anything before i think no one believes what he is saying he had this. tent on his life when he went to saudi arabia it was an exhibit policy was that americans have organized with the gulf states so that he stays away and then somehow he can leave but now that they're allowed him to go it is very clear that they intend to keep him and it will take probably it's going to be. similar to the one we have in yemen where the americans will continue to.
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people and continue to be killed and indeed the figures in yemen i mean creasing dramatically and i think i doubt who's been around for all this time he's not. even if he's forced to then it's going to be going to be the man behind the crown he's going to put one of his. or one of the generals that he has been working with. to the middle east much of europe and now the usa as well street protests could be seen as a running theme in world affairs these days the occupy wall street movement spread to dozens of american cities including the capital washington d.c. buses and corporate protests in new york and to their fourth week the city's mayor has recently lashed out at demonstrators saying their actions are hurting the economy the protesters however insists it's the greed of just one percent of the u.s. population has driven the country into this financial chaos it finds itself in now and despite being branded as an excuse by many of those camping out in lower manhattan a well organized it appears and they say that they've got
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a clear agenda as artie's and assisted trucking found outsourced. these are and these are the people you know. accused of being anarchist and disorganized the occupy wall street encampment is far from chaotic it is set up like a small village broken up into themed sections better organized than i thought it would be. they really have it set up so that there isn't a clear leader in the organization and the way that it's being done but at the same guy. every part seems to be handled by someone a medical area staffed by volunteers provides on the spot assistance a comfort area supplies sweaters and blankets to keep demonstrators warm as the season gets chilly or while the door needed sleeping bags pile up as the number of protesters grows bigger we're just at the chinese are most of you from richmond virginia. kitchen providing
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a traditional american breakfast bread bagels and peanut butter and jelly plant roots are used to filter water here we have breakfast at seven thirty in the morning people don't breakfast foods bread cereals so we have lunch. we have snacks containing continually throughout the day your dinner at seven thirty a media center has been broadcasting a live stream from day one of the protests for already three weeks videos filmed during clashes with police are posted online from these laptops you've got people coming in running in here i mean panicky you know adrenaline rush with cameras i got footage i got footage you know so processing footage getting it online and simultaneously having people tweet you know in facebook when our social media using social media and to get it out get the message out of what's happening as quick as possible life feeds of the protests are being followed by supporters across the u.s. and the world of the viewership really goes up as you keep a steady content you know provision information is also spread in more traditional
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ways the status board helps protesters keep up to date with the occupation developments is to try to one up occupy wall street zero chance of rain the number of arrests to date at over eight hundred and thirty four. a library area let's protesters relax and educate themselves what literature fitting most tastes fiction nonfiction magazines about a kid section we got c.d.'s we had. documentaries occupy wall street prides itself in being a peaceful grassroots democratic movement without leaders there are just different decisions made by different groups if there's a if there is to be some decision that's going to supposedly speak on bart on behalf of everyone here but now we need to happen at the evening general assembly and we need to be consensus on by everyone here all of the many cooks in this kitchen are here to cook up one thing a revolution of change in america mr r.t. new york. and we've got more reaction from the streets of new york in this week's
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edition of the resident to learn half of the wall street campaigners if they think they'll win their fight against corporate power. i'm here. this week let's talk about pat i think what we're really protesting is you know the failure of the system to respond to you know a kind of higher calling for you know our country you know we can be subjected to. you know one percent of the one percent those the real bad guys you know who make over five million ten million dollars a year for doing that well i do feel that the country is in a very serious serious situation but it just the united states or is it a global issue it's a global issue but the united states adds at the center of all of the most important issues right now that we're going to. repeat that spain we have people
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for life. and one of the hes it really is all of those are doing. i mean thirty five percent of our wealth by one percent of the population if you're going to be that wealthy you should have to pay a tax to be that wealthy it's only fair do you think that's going to happen through movements like this you know we're now as badly as we're out here trying during the sixty's there were riots in newark and l.a. because of poverty inequality racism etc i mean people riot and burn their old cities down as soon as that happened within a year there were all kinds of government programs to help people out because they got people really afraid that was going to spread all over the country we're trying to make sure that doesn't happen by having a peaceful revolution of some justice and some some enforcement of the regulations we already have on the books that would be a good start keeping that's going to happen. i have to believe so yeah i have to be
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i believe so how is this going to achieve that. this is just like the genesis of a bigger movements it's been going on for a couple weeks and every day gets larger and larger so. i think eventually it'll bring results but i think i think there's a large amount of discontent with what's going on in this country and i think that this is it makes it so people can identify and be like oh other people are feeling this way as well so i mean it in this in point i think that this is this is going to draw attention to draw people in whether or not you agree with their math or the bottom line is these people are getting the word out. some more thoughts on our top story the tenth anniversary of the afghan war being marched across this weekend washington to try to mend ties with one of its main allies in the war pakistan relations have recently been hit by mutual accusations and political differences well it is military and listen to khrushchev reports next tonight from afghanistan. this is the commanding height that dominates this
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sweeping view of was the area of kabul the afghan capital. right behind me of the reason that three weeks ago was under the twenty hour recedes by the ha going to network let's take a closer look at what went wrong we had the global war on terror first after al qaeda central re deployed to the pashtun tribal belt along the afghan pakistani border the state department filed a request with pakistan for cooperation against osama bin ladden grand slam about brazenly ignored the diplomatic request from washington d.c. with their middle finger behind their back to see if they could and should have saved the day by activating their formidable human intelligence network in afghanistan to conduct a clone dan stein body snatching mission and to bring osama bin laden to justice
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they just blew it looking back at operation enduring freedom the question is not what went wrong with this mission the question is what's preventing the w. bush administration to look at all other options and for starters to make sure that pakistan real be treated as a reliable ally not after but before the nine eleven struck the united states. the experts. say of the country itself the possibilities military analyst is going to with his assessment from afghanistan tonight it's now a coming up to twenty minutes past eleven pm moscow time we take you through a couple of top will new stories in brief this saturday evening a bus has crashed into a cliff on indonesia's he his job and it's killed forty injured a dozen others three dutch to restore among the dead there are investigations
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underway but early reports suggest paul road conditions no overcrowding on the bus with a significant cause in fact as it comes just a month after a similar crash on the island killed nineteen people. thousands of students marched through italy's capital protesting against education cuts they threw painted flares of banks and tried to block railway lines but they were eventually dispersed by the police demonstrators say the event marks a new wave of what's being called hot thoughts of which last year's sole several thousand people clashed with police italy recently signed off forty five billion euros of cuts to try to tackle its massive debts. coming up next a quick look ahead so what we've got in store few brand new show getting a lot of viewer feedback about it's going to know you think as well robert forster delves into the depths of the debt stricken global economy and as a quick preview of what to expect from is it has to be said unique style and his recession rap. the levels rising as the u.s.
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crash seems imminent mixmaster debt ceiling fourteen trillion despite protests and clashes in the i.m.f. imposed structurally unjust programs in greece that to an economy intrude on language from the greek economy of meaning household management. managing theories abound but in practice if anyone actually know what the hell's even happening. juice news on the air just over an hour's time of not quite a really good they sure are going to enjoy it now to discover more of rush close up series. and we'll go a map show exactly where we're heading there we go focusing in that we're trying to pen's a region it's about six hundred kilometers southeast of moscow the grander states there of inspired some of russia's great writers including me off but as you go
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around of explains some of the places which ones rose poetic passions these days face. future. a tale of two states that a family a modest country see that in cyrus times survived on farming and small scale manufacturing it happened to be the childhood home one of russia's most legendary figures mikhail element of a child prodigy a fiery tempered soldier womanizer and finally a greater amounts a poet a novelist he died in a jewel at the age of twenty seven while little of his work was composed here letterman is buried in the family more psyllium. now two hundred people look after the estate as in the nineteenth century family has become the main employer for jason villages. direct descendants of the serbs who worked here
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dress up as their ancestors for their job some get to play the heiress across for the benefit of tourists well because the numbers are growing there is no need for this state to turn a profit. while the latter months of family home maybe as good a state as when the poet himself was living here but other ground houses in the area which are just as important architecturally but which are not getting the same care and funding. one of russia's grand palaces well not anymore in its heyday in the nineteenth century crack in it was a self-sufficient cultural center for the benefit of one the diamond prince alexander could walk and in soviet times it served as a warehouse and a home for dementia sufferers before falling into disrepair need of the government nor any private investors will put in the millions of dollars needed to rebuild it . now whether to stay on the one hand you can turn all of these estates into museums and the lifestyle they supported has gone on the other if the situation
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continues as it is they will simply disappear and that is a fact. yet the villages of curricular have decided to fire their never trouble going from house to house to collect donations and relying entirely on volunteers they have vowed to restore the state building by building starting with a cemetery chapel but. we're not professional restorers we've got little money for materials we only do what we can but we don't want to be thought of as savages who do not understand where we live we want to warn around our ancestors. they face a daunting task but if they don't for a bill that no one else will. fartsy the region. wonders of the pushkin museum.
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hello and welcome to the most crowded show on this week's program exploring the famous caesium located right in the heart of the what she opened in one thousand twelve let's see it will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary so join the last numbers as you take a look at the something collection of all of our office representing centuries of creativity history culture. so it has been quite a culture even as well in fact in just a few minutes on this channel the precious polls at all but completely unknown abroad we explore why one russian literature dramatically fails to promote itself overseas come your way after the headlines tonight with me kevin our thanks for
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for a decade. calling for troop withdrawal as they gather in london to protest the war. as a city. wall street movement. but they say it's far from.


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