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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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kinda. want to know what's really happening to the global economy was much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds reports. twelve thirty pm in moscow we're giving you the week's top stories here on r t no withdrawal from wall street anti-bank protesters harden their resolve as the movement grows nationwide becoming tough for the government to ignore heavy handed police tactics against the rally are seeing more people joining the protests and. the u.s. led war in afghanistan enters decade to with the white house dashing the hopes of a total pullout saying cia and special forces are there to stay this as violence reaches a peak with two thousand and eleven becoming the deadliest year yet. brusha and china vetoed the un resolution on syria calling for political dialogue instead of
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tough sanctions on president assad's regime meanwhile the syrian government says terrorist groups are active in the country and targeting military leaders and intellectuals and a slew of fresh credit rating cuts hit europe as spain italy and british banks take a huge hit from investors and they're increasingly worried that greece's debt contagion may have spread to why the need for bailouts the effect. of that singing satirist robert foster literally raps about the world's money malays. i found a flaw in the model received as the critical form from structure of the farms are the world. leaders until someone you shouldn't be too stupid to get with or examine the status of the human experiment to get it succeeding or will it have to
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be more to reduce your prognosis in this rapid news knows the globe is allegedly trying to make sense of all global economy and it's all changed things as financial temple seeds of the research is scrambling to maintain confidence in markets and banks not to arithmetics going to be easing trade imbalances recession looks to be the nation's close to collapsing supply clothes food clothes homes of people taxes spent to belong to the failed aaa votes against the liberal slicing is the us crisis is imminent and smashed the debt ceiling of fourteen trillion despite protests and clashes in athens greece the i.m.f. imposed structurally unjust programs in greece when he actually gets home economy and strong language from the greek economy of meaning household management. managing phoebe's abound but in practice if anyone actually know what the hell is even happening to gain some sanity we take a stark contrast to texas with our first guest welcome to news took the whole economy what's your diagnosis of it all real problem with drop the ball out of position politics and business pathological see the global economy is chronically
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ailing believe me because we plodded is terminally favorite to cardiac arrest with deep depression and trouble across the board is there a cure for capitalism plans and the market will take care of the rails but voters we think maneuvers the bank or god who claims. our economy was inflated talk to the we can see them off the gold standard. body is a worthless commodity is the biggest fraud in the history of humanity believe this most capital. system does exist and not the p.c. theory like communism but see this is the list of the free market is a patent smits religion has been murdered by fiscal policy now time is the cabal of state business lucratively mostly just exemplified the system of the santa is there no need to call the war to pay their debt campaigning to. thank you wrong
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now for another fine mind a long line frequencies the director behind some guys on the line documentary filmmaker peter thompson thank you robert for allowing me to speak as moment but before right to live or my prognosis we need a sweet open mind to keep us focused. as to these fighters that are if you will in a system that. the whole morning every carbon dime is the single call this economy isn't broken it doesn't need fixing this is exactly it's. funny isn't it interesting to. me has been set up to see you say that you don't agree with congressman ron the we need a fiscal solutions with a long for losing these debts can be served by using money which is frankly absurd it's a way of maintaining division in sleep we could retain a bone snowball the scarcity create jobs live with. health care and welfare schemes it seems this is just another socialist vision. to such systems socialism is
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a real it is a just rhetoric which really kind of fed up with and the fed that's not quite our position is open it up to competition i say abolish all competition evolution is true is just there we. believe me when he kept making the same scripture this is the real bible like i said before what's that some kind of. ask your boyfriend brutal. truth to the invisible hand. thank you for your seach contributions and brief attempts to confusion or blind you both inspired and. did like to use the time sorting out you have a practical solution is i believe i see the problem i. could see the conflict the centerpiece of the project.
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based economy futuristic so. they're searching. for prototype of the. valjean it doesn't have to shock is it would say. to her daughter that's a nice. little effort. to. cut. the monkey was this new fires you're seeing rationalization sucker being nested in the let's not make analysis if you live in atlanta this is just. homo sapiens
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replied economic issue. is not the solution depopulation. a little. bit since two of the last global economy. from our. side job is a godsend. and still stood strong. kerry. kept trying. to win for me. is this the solution just to demonstrate my love for all the she told me his phone just like ron paul and i approve these messages with a few is that your bias of the time to share with before we end for the night all the local economy it does seem it will will come house to even be it some more
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uncertainty is the only stock that's always been rising and now we're losing confidence but is it surprising because it don't want me to gamble from the proceeds we plan to toss includes a big piece of the footsie one hundred well seems comes was global order to off i'm going to see if it's an interesting quarter because we invested too much in this enterprise would need a solution might lie in its very demise store a real economy is something much broader its g.d.p. measured not by our ability to hoard but our capacity to really learn to know no place images that would have been us remain on this planet ark. of nature and discover a species. communicate
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with the wild. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you a long. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening up a new media outlet but there is nothing harder to read. it's licensed in case of corruption. when just one. san antonio and drug. problem you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable out what do you tell me that that sounds like the most of the public opinion versus f.c.c.
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broadcast blues marching. even from books fisk schottland the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a produced press. or a shamanistic mature. crossroads of two hundred chips. safe and strong good spirit is hard. to. come from our hero. we hear it because our catchy outs it's. the god promised them this is the end belongs to our . will if they are still going to be thinking that. and god's chosen people will not believe that god is the real estate agent say look at this that is
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this for you guys and this guy is as for you. undergo one of your this is going learn this or might not that. prompted you. to look up at. the top.
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the commission free credit patient free transport charges free the maintenance free risk free gifts to tide free. zone free blood cancer plug in video for your media projects and free media don carty dot com. download the official anti allocation to i phone on pod touch from the i choose apps to. launch all
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cheated lied on the ghosts video on demand for oxys mindful of costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british style sarah. palin. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for no holds barred look at the global financial headlines going in to cause a report. for. the for. me soon
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which brightened the. sun from palestinian christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. to close. to free new the latest in science stem cell culture from around the russian. we've got the future are covered. the longest be james hunt and she's terrific. she was trying to schools and they could. put spring into traps they lay three. of the surge quotes around the. always goes missing. one shot trying to take. the drug industry's dogfather became the most wanted trophy of two worlds nazi
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hunters. the list to part two great times and parties. week's top stories on our t.v. no withdrawal from wall street and bank protesters harden their result as the movement grows nationwide becoming difficult for the government to ignore heavy handed police tactics against the rally are seeing more people joining the demonstrations and. the u.s. led war in afghanistan enters decade two with the white house dashing hopes of a total pullout saying cia and special forces may be there to stay this is violence reaches a peak with two thousand and eleven becoming the deadliest year yet. russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution on syria calling for a political dialogue instead of tough sanctions on president assad regime meanwhile the syrian government says terrorist groups are active in the country targeting military leaders and intellectual. a slew of fresh credit rating cuts hit europe as
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spain italy and british banks take i.q. shit from investors increasingly worried that greece's debt contagion may have spread too widely for bail outs to be affected. and you farmers up next with sports stay with us here on our team. hello there you're watching the sport here in r.t.e. nice to have you company and they used other headlines world champion sebastian vettel does enough to retain his formula one crowns jenson button wins in japan. plus astride a knockout defending champion south africa to reach the semifinals of the rugby world cup. shows his mantle with a come from behind win over the dow to claim that your plan open title. but first
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the bastion battle has become the youngest formula one driver to win back to back world championships the twenty four year old finished third at the japan grand prix to claim the title with four races left vettel started on pole and needed to finish in the top ten to be crank champion the only man who could mathematically pip into the title was mclaren jenson button and even though he wanted to zucker vettel state is red bull into third just behind ferrari's fernando alonso only eight drivers have ever won back to back titles the battle is the youngest and it has in him a bonus of just downed eight million dollars from his red bull take. the rugby world cup astride you have knocked out defending champion south africa in the quarter finals their goal of these getting a gritty eleven points to nine we need wellington strangers to friends soaking up south africa's superior position james hall getting me any try you can prescribe and put in a remarkable hundred forty seven tackles almost three times as many as the springboks the wallabies now weight the winner in new zealand against argentina on
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what again so far the all blacks overwhelming favorite for this one but they have only a narrow lead it's fifteen ten midway through the second half argentina getting the games to try so far to be curious about is the bale and the all blacks are dying on the beauty of it he proved as their pointed. remarks coach. warren gatland says his team's defense and then a place in the semifinals of the welsh b.c. island on saturday to set up a law school clash with france and they are agenda they clash is life a risk but it was their opponents he started as they meant to go on shane williams try the so touchdown off the first half whilst going in at a break ten three things were level five minutes since the second period when keith spence however but that was the big delays the sky like a fully deserved twelve point when inflation secured with wales his third try of the day jonathan davies to score hey i feel. the interim one seed of really trying to take away or slow you're just taking your feet from
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straightaway if you look at the telling game us week in italy with to avoid a lot of occasions but. focus was very low against all of them you know trying to give. a good bull run is no no go for. defeats we were straining to. meanwhile english rugby chiefs have promised a robust review of their size because the world cup i lost nineteen twelve to france in the last eight on saturday with getting tries to vincent and maksim england did make a game of it in the second half but the damage was already done by the time bench mark where they went over france taking nine hundred twelve it's not yet clear being the coach martin johnson will step down he's been in charge since two thousand and eight and skied with his country to world cup glory and three. tennis andy murray has won his second title in two weeks with victory over rafael nadal at
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the japan open and it was the defending champion had sent murray crashing out of the team ages this year i looked like he was a back tooth legs another painful defeat after taking the first set six straight but mary who won the title and open last week bent back leveling the match and then taking the deciding set to love for his false title of this season but the man spine is on the way in china it's the china it's an invasion checked on this bird it's just taking on crazy money and it's chilly it has believed that in the first set five games to two other women started in beijing will feature and give it a good advance a little later which seen here powered past the mania monica cholesky sixty six love her semifinal of the fifth final german's career and she'll have a job against the advanced. hole in form after her triumph at last week's pan pacific open and she greens past flavia pennetta in the last four six two six four
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. in football scotland have kept alive their chances of reaching next summer's european championships with a one zero win over liechtenstein greg mikael smith from brighton school the only goal it means scotland is the second place one point ahead of the czech republic in group part with one game left scotland next ice day of spain away and have to match the result. checks in their final game against lithuania to qualify. well the stadium which will host the euro two thousand and twelve final has officially been opened the limpy skin national sports complex in kiev was packed with sixty thousand spectators for a special celebration to mark the occasion colombian singer secured i was the star attraction in a forty minute concert at the stadium cost four hundred seventy million dollars to build and will host a friendly between ukraine and germany on november the levy. well logistics will be one of the most difficult problems for russia in hosting the twenty eighteen world cup that is according to many hope spring marketing director by labor coups and we
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caught up with a german in moscow and our first question was one close to his heart that have investment. if i would have done it in the from your the spend the three most important points before this all the way off so to speak the last of the water infrastructure let me see the stadium and about the brain management i would spend that one million euro dollar to great. might be something very interesting and very very let me say exciting but i think in terms of sustainability of like race he's a little question mark whether this is a feasible approach i don't know for sure we'll see in five years whether this cup is the wrong choice things have shifted as i think you know you have more scope looks full consent because they are well known over the world i mean by what these
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other clubs have to build a brand that is quite critical if you can make it happen with run huge projects fail which given you a lot of that you see the press coverage. of. them but you always very closely how measures the city's public image is it is a very old car with knowledge behind the soul that it's perhaps a blending process that this club which has a name already for years in egypt it's now with the new money coming in all of the middle east is getting up to speed it will be a let me say that could kind of for a while for champions to drop going to look at how different clubs and other clubs which have a lot of money all of a sudden available they have the strength of the brand and i think that's an uphill battle and that's very good because to accomplish. if you look at the huge country of russia i think that will be a challenge to funnel the in the quarter specifically from europe and one place to
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the other and also between the games there are three four days they staying over here or they're flying in and out so i would be very interested. b. c. the system of the plan group believed would be in the future how to do with the cards and i don't know how this will how this will work because for me as a german look at russia i know most of those beautiful old want from people is good but then when you're getting a little bit lost the growth of distance between cities in france for me something which is more or less rational infrastructure i figured through a lot of work but i'm convinced that also the world cup can fill the rachel from the bottom to support from all over the world some thoughtful comments now going twelve years without a win is quite a drag but go for pretty bad has given himself a great chance of ending the long wait on the p.g.a. tour he'll take it to shortly going into the final round of the frys dot com open in california after hitting a seven under par sixty four on the third day the american has never tasted victory
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in three hundred forty seven torments and overtook paul casey at the top of the leaderboard and here started his penultimate ran with a two shot advantage but is now tied in second place and then yells wow tiger woods he blasted to set it off the green put back to back ground in the sixty's for the first time since the start of this season but he's still nine shots off the leads. and england's least latterly head to the madrid masters by a couple of shots is three under par sixty nine keeping him ahead of a strange food and lorenza ganguly world number one luke donald and six shots back . so that's the sport for the moment new zealand still lead argentina fifteen points to ten in their rugby world cup quarter final must be around twenty minutes left in that one will have a full time score it. we'll
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. bring you the latest in science dancing culture from the realms. we've done a few jerks coverage. of. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls. they have . ladies and gents a good chance to get the badges of the human experiment. with. businessman music awards it goes to the movies libby trial sense of global economy and it's all changed things as financial temple the responsibility to maintain confidence in markets and. wants to be seen trade imbalances risk the few missions
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close to see the subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail sleep late think and feel like thing is us crash and imminent smash the ceiling is like closing the decision and the country can just programs increase the total economy.
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well for british science it's a time to try to. accurately. market why not.


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