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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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of bashar al assad's regime in syria says she's alive and well raising concerns that fabricated stories are being used in a bid to topple the country's leadership. but it's an art see a little fun robert foster literally wraps up the question of how to fix the global economy. i found a flaw in the model god perceived is the critical function for approve of farms other world. leaders intensively chewed into the juice you said to get we're examining the status of the human experiment is it succeeding or will it have to be a. prognosis in this rapid news or did you know that the globe is allegedly trying to make sense of a global economy and it's on changelings us financial temple the seeds of the research is scrambling to maintain our confidence in markets and banking off to
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derivatives wants to be seen trade imbalances recession look to be the nation's close to collapsing in some time alone foreclosed homes and people's taxes spent the bailout to fail aaa banks again feel level slicing is a u.s. crash seems imminent coming smash the debt ceiling of fourteen trillion despite protests and clashes in athens greece the i.m.f. imposed structural young just programs in greece when in fact the total economy and the language from the greek economy of meaning household management well we managing theories abound but in practice does anyone actually know what the hell is even happening to be taking some sanity we take a step across to texas with our first guest welcome to rap music to hold the economy what's your diagnosis of it all well we've dropped the ball i'm a physician politician this is pathological c. the global economy is chronically ailing believe me the clothes we bought it is terminally fading we're headed towards credit card greatest with deep depression and trouble across the what is there a cure for capitalism now plans and the market will take care of the brand but
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first we need a maneuvers a banker god proclaimed freedom with our economy was inflated totally told we got season off the gold standard. body is a commodity is the biggest fraud in the history of humanity this must be dealt i'm a capitalist. system isn't just a not the pretty theory like communism. you see this is a capitalist of the gods but the free market is a bad smits religion has been hurt by fiscal havens we now have is the cabal of corporate jets win state business lucrative the money just exemplified by the system of the same truth there will be no need to borrow more to pay their debt because campaigning to. think wrong now for another fine mind a long line frequency is the director behind some guys on the line live documentary filmmaker peter joseph thank you robert for allowing me to speak this moment but before i to liver might be prognosis we need a suite. to keep us focused. now
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as to these fetters that are if you will in a system that sickly inherently flawed the whole monetary paradigm is the single cause the economy isn't broken it doesn't need fixing this is exactly its intended condition money is an interest in. all economy has been set up to see you so you don't agree with congressman wrong that we need a fiscal solution to a long for the illusion that these debts can be served by using money which creates more debt is frankly absurd it's a way of maintaining divisions leverage when we could attain abundance of all the scarcity we need to create jobs live within our means health care and welfare schemes it seems this is just another socialist vision this movement is to such systems socialism the use of real is is it just rhetoric would you really send the fed what it is the fed that's not quite a position what i'd do is open it up to competition salit i say abolish all
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competition the evolution my movement is triggering evolution is just there we go full picture believe me we need to make in a sense scripture this is the real bible for what's then some kind of. ask your boyfriend. geriatric talk to the invisible hand out. thank you for your seats contributions a brief attempts to alleviate confusion blind you both inspired and led. revealing hidden truths. like to use the time you have a practical solution i believe. i introduced. pay to a centerpiece of the project. we need a resource based economy with futuristic. type
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of the. valentino culture. shock is it would be safe. to progress and. my love for. you is this is the buyers you're seeing rationalization sucker being let's not make analysis if you live in atlanta this. issue. is not the solution depopulation initiation.
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since. last global economy. from our. genocidal utopian robots. had still stood strong. with forty four cameras. carry forth the capital crimes capitalist punishment where the wrong. is this the solution no just a demonstration of my love for all the she told me his mom loves just sitting on ron paul and i approve these messages well the few is that should bias a bit of time to share a thought before we end for the night on the local economy it does seem impossible will the household even be it's a morrow uncertainties the only stock that's always been rising and now we're losing confidence but is it surprising has it know when to gamble from the first seed we planted to margin calls the babies of the footsie one hundred twelve seems to come to a global audience and off financial day of reckoning it's an interesting quote to
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read we invested much in this enterprise would meet the solution might lie in its very demise for our real economy is something much broader its g.d.p. measured not by our ability to hoard but our capacity to really learn to know no place in nature is the order of notes remain on this planet on pandora. even the books of this game should land the sacred. magic is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic which. crossroads of religious. faith is strong and spirit is hard.
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news is. good. it's. going to be soon much brighter if you move the bounce from funds to pressure. from stunts on t.v. dot com. proper on.
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we hear it because our apache outs that. god promised them this is the end belongs to our. will if they are still going to be thinking that. god's chosen people will not believe that god is real estate agents they look at this that is this for you guys and this god as for you. on the phone or yours or my research my rock band. gap bit. odd up top.
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download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media old dog to our teeth on tom. the longest big game hunting history. he was trying to stall and. what sprung the traps they laid for him. on the radio we have the search blogs around there are. always from the always missing. one shot turn to take. out the global drug industries called father became the most want to trophy of the world county hunters. are. on our team. wealthy british style. sometimes guys thanks.
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for the. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines fuel into congress a report on our to.
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until until she's available in the. square or to super to look three hotels bangkok's one of them the men booker told feingold a movie watergate hotel and. princes hotel married cool showed her children killed by yuki suites hotel going cold the imperial queen's full co-channel married results and sponsor to share some photos new supply and sponsor to said family who had to go to cliff resorts and spoil her to be a one year old to so turn a tour of discovery beach hotel children into to a resort to the sea entrepreneur resort to city two very good and build a magickal who turned out ok renaissance hotel ok rule suites hotel room specific so resort and spa. in israel is available in some hotel to a period of in hotels jerusalem. the week's
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top stories on our t.v. the american spring spreads across the country with demonstrators demanding an end to social inequality and corporations abuse of power over the u.s. government is up in arms against the protesters despite washington support of revolutions over seems. this week the u.s. led war in afghanistan passed its ten year mark with a victory over the taliban and the pull out of foreign troops still a long way from reality. police said demonstrators clashed on the streets of athens after the i.m.f. ultimatum to the country to make cuts or face collapse that's after greece and many of failing to reduce its deficit to the aggrieved level despite a relentless austerity drive. and the woman promoted by western media as a victim of bashar al assad's regime in syria says she's alive and well raising concerns that fabricated stories are being used in a bid to topple the country's leadership. up next in sport here in r t with kate.
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hello and welcome to the latest update on this action packed sunday afternoon of sport and the top stories top of the world again jenson button wins in japan but sebastian vettel finishes third to become big youngest ever four with one champion to win back to back world titles. on the drama down under australian defending champion sampath had to set up a semi final showdown with favorites new zealand back to beat argentina at the rugby world cup. last big in japan andy murray comes from a set down to be defending champion rafael nadal in the final at the japan i thought. was the opening start of the shakira performance that we have a failing of the new stadium in kiev after the roof catches fire the euro twenty
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twelve twenty eight. the first of the far eastern sebastian vettel has become the youngest formula one driver to win back to back world titles after the twenty four year old german finished third at the japanese grand prix to clinch the championship with four races left that's all started on paul and needed only to finish in the top ten to be crowned champion mathematically the only man who could get him into the title was mclaren's jenson button and even though the britain wants to zucker vettel state his red bull into third just the hours spent on the lawns are only eight drivers have ever won back to back titles that vettel is the youngest and it has earned him a bonus of just under eight million dollars from his red bull team so little wonder overwhelmed at the. fantastic i mean there's so many things that you want to say in this moment but it's hard to remember. all of them so. i'm just you know so so thankful to to everyone in the team we've got so many people here
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the track but also working day in day out. meanwhile at the rugby world cup australia edged defending champion south africa eleven nine to set up a semifinal against favorites and hosts new zealand after the all blacks came back to overpower argentina thirty three ten well the wallabies triumphed despite having just twenty four percent of possession of a remarkable quarterfinal in wellington the two powerhouses want expecting to meet so they did so off to australia finished second in the pool when donal and and and well when so after eleven minutes with the wallabies ahead on to south africa turned over the phone at the wrong end james o'connell missed the conversion but he didn't miss a penalty attempt to give his side an eight in a lead that was cut to three by the break often want to stay and kicked out of the springboks and then gates in the lead with a penalty and a drop goal to south africa nine ice up and that's how it stayed until eight minutes from the end and a penalty was then awarded to the abyss but this infringement kicked over to give
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them an eleven i need a strike off the psyching up immense south africa pressure making my sweet times as many tackles as to bring box joy for the wallabies but by south africa this coach peter de villiers stepped down from his post after the match. guys are going. there's nothing that can replace the thought of going through the minds of the divas all know and really expected this is. no the really good mood in the gentle not everything when i wite annoyed we didn't put ourselves on order of pressure but one thing that you know you can't you can't teach and you can. try and it is effort in commitment from the group in every member of terry mind showed a lot about the guys so i'm very proud of the why you guys want to be at it because you are in games or that you have to fall in the water when it's all we did well
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awaiting australia in the semifinals archrivals new zealand who fought back against it. termonde argentina to win thirty three ten the all blacks struggles to assert themselves in the first half as who you. try and take on the primus conversion gave the underdogs a short seven six leave that seven panel so you sprinted way up or down the premiss before trans fair and read brad for one made the quarter final safe however the victory was marred by a growing injury to fly health problems slide himself replace them down quarter twenty two creating a moment after thirty three minutes that coach graham henry is still happy to reach his maiden semifinal. bloody amazing. grace was praised guy michael was a tough football and yeah i thought by sides by particularly well. i was just praise with the composure of our fellows they were under a lot of pressure times and keep the gates and. comply with
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a lot of conversion good shit pace good game of football. now some sad news as russians have been has been killed in a car accident near his hometown of the sunday morning the twenty one year old is one of the three people traveling in the car one these two friends are in a serious condition in hospital but allen was a medal hope for the sochi olympics in twenty fourteen he was a member of the russian olympic team that featured in vancouver and made the podium three times in seventy one world cup events his most recent and second place finish in germany this january. to tennis now andy murray has won his second title in two weeks after coming from a set down to beat defending champion rafael the dollar but your partner open but all had sent murray crushing out of two majors this year and it looked like the world number two was about to inflict another painful defeat on the britain after taking the first set six three but murray who won the title and open last week runs back to level the match and then take the deciding step to love to serve his full
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title if the season and school to change the momentum to play to win the doubles crown his brother jamie. while in beijing checotah march verdict also came from a set down to win the china right when he lost the idea to croatia in barring chile but then stormed back to take the next two six four six one. on the football and scotland have kept their chances of reaching next summer's european championships alive after winning one million in liechtenstein scotland moved up to second degree by author of brighton strikeout craig we call smith scored the winner of the thirty three minute they even had that in the other victories but the scots a point ahead of the czech republic with each having won much reminding however scotland's last game is that world and defending their game champion space and ready won the group and qualified and to go through craig given his team have to match the result of the czechs that are finding a good few idea to choose day. while the stadium which will host the euro twenty
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twelve i know has been officially open to you craig. that's the unveiling of the national sports complex due to have a slightly mount by the reef briefly catching fire lavish fireworks causing a minor blaze however known as a plastic bag with a seventy thousand people cuts the refurbished all seats of a new colombian singer shakira waltz a recorded efficient song from last year's world cup headlined the show the stadium cost four hundred seventy million dollars to build and host a friendly between ukraine and germany and that's at the eleven's. logistics will be one of the diff most difficult problems for russia in hosting the twenty eighteen well cup that's according to my no i think the marketing director violate the cues and we caught up with germany moscow and the first question was one close to his heart that's of investment for if i would have one million of you and i need to spend there are three most important points and for what it's gotten way off so
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to speak to let the water infrastructure let me see the stadium and about the brain the miniature i would spend that one million euro dollar two brains. might do something very interesting and very very very let me say exciting but the thing in terms of sustainability of like true is that he's a little question mark whether this is a feasible approach i don't know for sure that seed in five years whether this cup is the wrong choice things have shifted rather think you know you have more scope looks will present be destroyed they're well north of the world meanwhile but these other clubs have to build a brand that is quite critical if you can make it happen with one huge difference for richard given you a lot of let me see the press coverage. of. what you all was very closely how measures to citizens of other major cities are very
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old crow with now a charge behind the soul that is bad. the planning process that this club which has a name already known for years and decades now with new money coming out of the middle east is getting up to speed it will be at its feet a contender for a while at the champion stage leveling look at how different clubs and other clubs which have a lot of money all of a sudden available they have to this kind of brand and i think that's an uphill battle and that's very critical to accomplish. if you look at the huge country of russia and i think that will be a challenge to funnel the in the quarter specifically from europe in one place to the other and also between the games there are three four days are they staying over here or they're flying in and out so i would be very interested what the let me say the system of the plan would believe it will be in the future how to deal with the crowds and i don't know how this will how this will work because for me as
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a german look at russia i know what moscow is good for and no votes and people's but but then then you're getting a little bit lost about the distance in between cities and that's for me something which is more or less a question of infrastructure i think it will be a lot of work but i'm convinced that also that will come felt it will be a great show for them to support football all over the world. and finally the gulf i'm going twelve years without a win it's quite a dram but briny has given himself a great chance of ending that long white on the p.g.a. tour the american will take a two shot lead into the final round of the flies dot com i've been in california off the hitting a seven on the pa sixty four on the day the certain nine year old has never tasted victory in three hundred forty seven tournaments that it took took a seat at the top of the leaderboard englishman had started his penultimate round with a two shot advantage and is now tied in second place with ernie els while tiger woods put together pants about rounds in the sixty's for the first time since the start
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of the season but is still nine shots off the meat. and that's all the sport for now but these join me again in just under two hours i think. well. the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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wealthy british soil. that's not on the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. this week's top stories on our t.v.
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the american spring spreads across the country with the u.s. government up in arms against the protesters outside washington support of revolutions overseas. the u.s. led war in afghanistan enters its second decade with victory over the taliban and the pullout of foreign troops scarcely in sight also because i. think that the back about here again the right they got help with that for larry. and the tensions really became i think police and demonstrators clashed on the streets of athens after the i am after ultimatum to the country make cuts or collapse. and a woman promoted by western media as a victim of bashar al assad's regime in syria says she is alive and well raising concerns that fabricated stories are being used in a bid to topple the country's leadership.


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