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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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the week's top stories here on our team the american spring's friends are crossing the country with demonstrators demanding an end to social inequality and corporations abuse of power over the u.s. government is up in arms against the protesters just spite washington support of revolutions but we've seen. this week the u.s. led war in afghanistan passed its ten year mark with a victory over the taliban and the pullout of foreign troops still a long way from reality. police and demonstrators clashed on the streets of athens
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after the i.m.f. ultimatum to the country to make cuts or face collapse that's after greece admitted failing to reduce its deficit to the agreed level despite a relentless austerity drive. and the woman promoted by western media as a victim of bush are also its regime in syria says she's alive and well raising concerns that fabricated stories are being used in a bid to topple the country's leadership. now it's the view from inside syria from someone who has the president's ear as he talks to his political and press advisor about the beleaguered country's situation. as they were leaving the this is the third time that the security council has failed to adopt a resolution criticizing syria as russia and china use their powers of veto joining us today to discuss this and the general situation in the country is political and media advisor to syria's president talked about saying
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a shotgun mr ban welcome to our program party is that the position taken by russia and this includes council to block the resolution criticizing syria what information did syrian authorities give russia to support its position i will and we welcome the positions taken by russia and china and their use of the veto in the interests of syria and its people the information provided was just about the reality of the state of affairs the point is that decisions taken by western countries are based not on real events in syria but rather on the task of suppressing syria as an arabic state that plays an important role in resistance at the same time unfortunately they draw conclusions from reports by a few self-seeking arabic media outlets who act as their accomplices in covering violence and crime committed by terrorists and militants in syria now that's another attempt at adopting a tough resolution against syria has failed what do you expect the international community to do in order to exert pressure on damascus. i believe that october
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fifth two thousand and eleven when russia and china blocked the un resolution was a historic day and i hope it will be remembered the fact that russia and china use their veto for the good of the people has enabled us to feel for the first time that there is a different force in the world one that stands for justice neutrality culture and civilization and this forest stepped onto the international stage to stand equal to western power i personally believe that the future belongs to the east to russia and china it is a crucial moment in history. when a new forces emerge to say to the west you are wrong and the west is definitely brother because its leader share a colonialist attitude not only regarding syria but toward the entire region. what do you think the international community will do next. i don't think the international community has many options a new force supporting reform and pluralism in syria has appeared in the
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international arena that's the path we follow the majority of laws that should have been passed are now adopted work to amend the constitution is underway we're moving forward towards reform and pluralism the problem is that some states fund and armed terrorist groups operating in our towns and villages this makes ordinary people's lives very difficult and puts them in real danger the position of the western countries encourages these terrorist groups when people look at you recently visited moscow and the russian authorities issued you again the dialogue was the only way out of the crisis that syria finds a thousand then will you and much own local opposition forces or even public representatives to dialogue in which all levels inside of the syrian population could participate would be in the hands of the owner we did invite him i personally met with a number of opposition representatives and so did many members of the syrian government when we suggested that they should participate in the dial up some
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accepted this proposal and others didn't syria doesn't have just one opposition but many opposition real comments representatives of most of these movements were present at a joint conferences and a consultation meeting chaired by mr for rupe our sherif others ignore it i don't understand what reforms they want to see without entering dialogue we share russia and china's view that it's impossible to move forward without dialogue the path of discussion is the path of reform the alternative is blood spilling civil war into religious clashes and this isn't at all what syrian. it's up to the syrian opposition to protest against foreign interference the opposition should participate in dialogue with the goal of reform and building a new better syria it shouldn't listen to those who would turn it against dialogue with the government the national council was established in istanbul what do you expect from this organization if it gets international recognition would you expect
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something similar to the events in libya if there was this is made on protecting civilians could this be used as a pretext for a military operation or international interference. in the mother i believe that's all in the past a thousand people cannot speak for twenty three million syrian citizens i am speaking on behalf of many opposition activists who are syria patriots and they say that most members of this council belong to the muslim brotherhood these people don't represent syria or its people how can you position yourself as a representative of the syrian people when you've spent the last thirty years living in paris it just doesn't work that way and i don't think they will share a future with the people of syria. follow. through the plates were obvious to united with them and most of the after the alabama both the armed forces and the state are united all these rumors are being framed up like the case of zainab hosni
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two weeks ago i gave an interview to the b.b.c. i was mainly asked how could i protect women's rights without appearing on satellite channels to defend alhazmi who was allegedly tortured and killed by syrian security forces i have no doubt that yousafzai now on t.v. and confirmed she was safe and sound so all the rumors about her were a lie today lies in the media have gone beyond common sense some arab television channels have lost ball shame and professionalism of the almighty allah shows them what they are doing thanks to allah the truth speaks for itself every day. i hope something delays of the u.n. give serious leaders time to improve things in the country limited to his presence across the country repute back in the band we wouldn't mind if the security forces the mission ended today do you know what i heard from my relatives in homs who phoned me at eleven pm last night they said fifty five people representing different religious communities have been kidnapped in just one day there abducting
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people of various creeds in order to sow sectarian hatred in homes and what are we as a responsible government expected to do to safeguard the security of citizens what would you do in our place would you just abandon these people or would you send law enforcers to fight the terrorists you'd better address this question to those who are armed gangs and seeding evil in our country that doesn't mean we should give up our campaign against corruption government reform or revolutionary change in the spheres of culture and education our people are demanding all of this and it's necessary for serious prosperity but terror and direct or indirect western support for terror is impeding reform while the positions of russia and china are stimulating for their giving the syrian people a chance and helping them follow the path of change so that syrians can have better lives in their own country the analytical articles in the western press said that the situation in many parts of syria including the town of homs looked through very
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much like a civil war do you have the chairs or. the yes i do we who are representatives of various communities religions and ethnic groups live together in ours we've been living as one family throughout history syria is a diverse country it's the cradle of three world religions our main task was to continue living in live in peace the united states to use its veto right fifty times to deprive the palestinians of their legitimate right to create a state on their land isn't that a violation of human rights eleven thousand inmates are lead. wishing in presence of the occupying regime in this way this state is trying to dismember the region into small mano ethnic and mana religious states this is its plan look what's happened in sudan and what's happening in libya and iraq our peoples and our land are in their sights all this is aimed against civilization and culture and identity even when we build democracy we build our own arab democracy based on our own
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religious cultural and civilisational values of which we're proud i don't want to be a western man's replica i am proud of being arab i like being an arab woman whether muslim or christian i am an arab woman first i speak arabic and i want my culture my mind and my clothes to reflect my national identity while the west wants us to become fascist smells of what they call western democracy we the arabs can hardly make ends meet while israel dominates the middle east all this is well known we realize this looming threat and so do the residents of our own and those who so discord you've seen our photos extremists zealots and terrorists whatever crimes they commit will never end lest our people support but that abducted within a shop on the political and media advisor to the syrian president thank you very much for your interview. thank you very much i would like to thank once again the
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leadership and people of russia for their wise decision that contributes to the cause of defending syria and its people and let me express my gratitude on their behalf for the whole this helps the syrian people to return their genuine arab look to our region and thank you once again. even the books there's no secret. here. raji is the essence of life. whether it is a produced press. or a shamanistic which. crossroads affectionately chips. safe and strong of spirit is hard.
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this week's top stories on our t.v. the american spring spreads across the country with demonstrators demanding an end to social inequality and corporations abuse of power over the u.s. government to stop an arms against the protesters despite washington support the resolution oversees. this review u.s. led war in afghanistan passed its ten year mark with victory over the taliban and the pullout of foreign troops still a long way from the reality. please and demonstrators clashed on the streets of athens after the i am i was also made into the country make cuts or face collapse separate resubmitted from family and to reduce its deficit to the agreed level despite a relentless austerity drive. and the woman promoting fine western media as
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a victim of bashar al assad's regime in syria says she's alive and well raising concerns that fabricated stories are being used in a bid to topple the country's leadership. support is next here in our. hello welcome to the latest sports update and other headlines top of the world again jenson button wins in japan but sebastian vettel finishes third to become the youngest ever for me one champion back to back world titles. while drama down under australia knock out defending champion south africa to set up a semi final showdown with favorites new zealand to come back to beat argentina double the world cup. and begin japan andy murray concert i sat down to be
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defending champion not paladar in the final and. the first of the far eastern sebastian vettel has become the youngest formula one driver to win back to back world titles after the twenty four year old german finished third at the japanese gong three to clinch the championship with four races left but all started on pole and needed over his affiliation the top ten to be crowned champion mathematically the only man who could get him to the tide although sometimes jenson button and even though the briton one at suzuka that'll steer his red bull insists it just lies on the loans that only nine drivers have ever won back to back titles i thought is the longest twenty four years and ninety days it's earned him a bonus of just under eight million dollars from his red bull team on the ground he was overwhelmed. fantastic i mean there's so many things that you want to say in this moment but it is hard to remember. all of them so. i'm just
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so thankful to everyone in the team we've got so many people here the track but also working day in day out. at the rugby world cup australia edged defending champion south africa eleven nine to set up a summit final against favorites and new zealand after the all blacks came back to overpower argentina thirty three ten well the wallabies triumph despite having just twenty four percent a session for remarkable quarterfinal i'm willing to concede our houses weren't expecting to meet so they did so after a story of their second american progress went on and. more when so you go after eleven minutes to put one of these ahead to south africa timed with the wrong end james i cannot miss the conversion that didn't miss a penalty attempt to give his side and i will read that that was cut to a three by the break up and want to stay over for the springboks and gave them the lead with a penalty to drop goal but south africa nine days out and that's how it's late and
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eight minutes from the end penalty was then awarded to the what is this arrangement i can't i can't tell you that it's an eleven nine lead astray at home going after soaking up immense south african pressure and i think almost three times as many titles as the springboks joyfully want to base break the south africa piece of the biggest step down from his post and that. guys are glorious. there's nothing that can replace the thought of over over over it's going through the minds of the give result there and really do this. you know the really good mood and energy into. everything when a white noise we put ourselves on lot of pressure but one thing that you know you can't you can't teach in a town you are trying it is effort in commitment from the group in every member of the chain mind sure you know what about the guys so i'm very proud of the why you
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guys want to be on it because you know in general that you have to fall in the water when it's all we did our. waiting is really in the semifinals as ruggles new zealand who fought back against a determined belgian to win thirty three ten the all blacks struggles to assert themselves in the first we are fighting off the bails try and really become the poster version gave them a shot at seven six least. that was this were first off try for the first time in a world cup match in twelve years but seven pence is completely worn down the playing missed four tries from here and read right through right into front to say however the picture was marked by a groin injury to fly off when i say he did suffer by stop down twisting your very crude because there's a three minutes about coach graham henry still to reach his semifinal. bloody amazing. right now as phase of the guy i thought was
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a tough game of football and yeah i thought by sides by particularly well. i just plays with the composure of our fellows they were under a lot of pressure try and keep the. can play with a lot of composure good said pace again a football. tennis now andy murray has won his second title in two weeks after coming from the set downs to beat defending champion rathbone adult of the chip and open resulted centenary crushing out two majors this year and it looked like the world number two was about to inflict another painful defeat on the briton after taking the first set six three but it's murray who won the title and open last week in france back to level the match and then took his lines that still love to save his fourth title of the season as the scots maintain his momentum to ready to win the doubles crown with brother jamie. while in beijing checked the margin burdick also came from a set down to win the china right when he lost the open air in chile which then stormed back to take the next two six four six one it was but it's
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a first starting almost two and a half years and it's in a much needed boost his push for next month's two finals in london. some sad news as russian ski jump katherine has been killed in a car accident near his home town of janine not got the sunday morning and twenty one year old was one of three people travelling in the car of his two friends are in a serious condition in hospital but alan was a medal hopes for the succulent pigs twenty fourteen he was a member of the russian olympic team that computers in vancouver have made the podium three times in seven world cup events his most recent being a second place finish in germany this january. but will now and the midfielder eurasia cough as mr russian's first training sessions and stick on the guns charges return for de european qualifying victory in slovak year on friday the twenty eight year old angry man is recuperating after receiving a knot in russia's previous one their win in chile or that victory gave them
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a two point lead at the top of group b. ahead of ireland and a solid chance of automatic qualification for next summer's finals the last remaining game is it had to minnows under on cheers day means fellow mature both transplant in syria north and. and it's on the new course are ruled out for that game after picking up yellow cards in slovakia. now the stadium which will host the eurotrash twelve final has been officially opened in ukraine that's the unveiling of the in his national sports complex in kiev the slot he lost by the roof briefly catching fire lavish fireworks were the cause of the mind ever lays however known of the capacity crowd dispersed seventy thousand people packed in the first seat of a colombian singer shakira you also recorded a fishel song for last year's world cup headlined the show stadium cost four hundred seventy million dollars to build the poster friendly between ukraine and germany on november the eleventh. now with
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a recent high profile interest of billionaires and such as angie chelsea ranch the city and perry sandra ossie caught up with violating cusins marketing director mine offspring and started by asking branson primo the million dollar question about investments in football. if i would have longer than you in one instance there are three of the most important points of what it's called where you're looking to let the water infrastructure let you see the stadium in the brain a miniature i would spend that one million euro dollar to break it. up. might be something very interesting and very very let me say exciting but the thing to do for the system to the public like crazy he's a little christian love letter this is a feasible approach i don't know for sure let's see five years whether this approach is the wrong way since of chifley rather think you know you have more
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scholarly books books and some produce but they're well north of the world meanwhile what these other clubs have to build a brand that is quite critical if you can make yourself from within one or the field you're giving you a lot of. let me see the press coverage. than what you always very close with how mentions the citizens of other major cities a very old club with now a child behind his soul that is perhaps the planning process that this club which has a name already now for years and decades now with the new money coming out of the middle east is getting up to speed it really at least fit a capella for a while of a champion street level look at how different clubs and other clubs live which have a lot of money all of a sudden available to have the kind of the brand and i think that's an uphill battle and it's very good that the for accomplish.
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the look at the huge country of russia and i think that will be a challenge to finally and if the puerto specifically from europe and one place to the other and also between the games there are three four days they staying over here or they're flying in and out so i would be very interested what the let me say the system of the plan believe it will be in the future how to deal with the crowds and i don't know how this one how this will work out because for me as a german you look at russia i know that most of those good people know the boats and because of it but then then you're getting a little bit closer because the distances between cities if that's for me something which is more or less impression of infrastructure i figure through a lot of work but i'm convinced that most of the world come from fell asleep great show football in support of the world. and finally it's a goal thousands going twelve years without a win is quite a drought that's briny bread has given himself a great chance of ending that long right on the p.g.a.
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tour the american will take a two shot lead into the final round of the frys dot com in california after hitting a seven on the past sixty four on the third day the thirty nine year old has never tasted victory in three hundred forty seven tournaments that's a difficult time. at the top was needed was the englishman who had started the ultimate round with a two shot advantage but he's now tied in second place with ernie els while tiger woods together parts about rounds in the sixty's for the first time since the start of the season to still nine shots off the elite. that's what sport i think. i'll. read you the latest in science and technology from the ground. we've done the future coverage.
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