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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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eleven pm sunday evening here in moscow you're watching the weekly or an hour around the for the week's top stories with me kevin how when and first anti wall street protesters that kicked off in new york three weeks ago and now grown into a nationwide rally engulfing a growing number of u.s. cities every day demonstrators inspired by the arab spring demand an end to the social inequality and corporate greed and as their calls for revolution get louder the authorities and media are fun even harder to ignore it is more important is got the latest from new york for. the collective voices of american dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore occupy wall street began in the world's financial capital but this week protests have blease to dozens of cities nationwide. in the big apple up to fifteen thousand americans flooded lower manhattan labor
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unions transport workers teachers nurses and u.s. veterans standing shoulder to shoulder with young activists spearheading a fight against us wealth inequality and corporate greed young people right now have no hope in our society i just want to see a fairer and more just society for the young people coming up and all of the american people right now are suffering through these hard economic times this seems pretty revolutionary to me and then the spirit of revolution is here and so i need to be a part of it once you are not afraid to be arrested anymore the whole entire control of the police state disappears when that happens there are credible possibilities that are open to us and suddenly you can imagine a different world and you believe you can be an agent of change the occupy movement has gained such momentum even the president who promised change was forced to address the issue i think people are frustrated and. that the protesters
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are. giving voice to a more broad based frustration about our financial system works that the american people understand that not everybody has been following the rules. that wall street is an example of that these days a lot of folks who are doing the right thing aren't rewarded and a lot of folks who are doing the right thing are rewarded while the u.s. has encouraged and supported democratic uprisings in the arab world the same events playing out at home have been met with baton pepper spray and the arrests of nearly eight hundred peaceful protesters on the brooklyn bridge a scene that reminded some of egypt's two here square we can volunteer believe our brothers and sisters all over the world the care of spring in greece and spain and we can see that it did send a powerful message people are not going to stand for corporate greed anymore and
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that we're getting up and we're doing something about it three weeks into the anti wall street demonstrations the new york city police department has pumped two million dollars into overtime pay fines some critics say are being used to repress freedom two miles from the chaos of the united nations even financier and billionaire george soros who weighed in on the populist uprising and surely i can understand this sentiment the decision not to inject capital into the banks but to effectively. relieve them of bad this gave the banks. profits as they can they can sympathize with. his grievances spearheaded so loud and large that means free media outlets have been left with no other choice but to cover the protests in a matter of weeks occupy wall street the only mobilized international expansion
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many believe this ongoing of that would become like spurning point in the us where a mass movement could sit back and politicians didn't work for the majority of the people in the collective demanding democracy from the very leaders that promoted hurry up or die out artsy new york. one former u.s. intelligence officer told us about say that washington needs to watch his back right now because if he doesn't listen to the people it could face a potentially violent revolution. these are not stupid people they're very smart and they understand that at root this is about corruption and government and corruption on wall street and until you have electoral reform you cannot restore the integrity of the u.s. government so yes there is a common cause but it's a bottom up movement and so that common cause is being voiced in many different ways i think the united states right now is much more desperate than people realize we're at twenty two percent unemployment on our way to thirty percent we are at
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sixteen percent below the poverty line on our way to thirty percent there is no question in my mind that this is going to be a very dark winter in the united states and on less the government three stores its own integrity and starts paying attention of the public interest rather than to the special interests i believe that we will have a form of our evolution initially nonviolent but with the potential to become violent. u.s. correspondents are of course at the heart of events in lower manhattan keeping you updated on how those protests go to seek a fellow office tweeted the unofficial organizers of the rally tell of the protests and they're being held in movement a thousand cities across the u.s. follow the action on our twitter feed our team on the school can't get ahead later in the program to look at how financial distress is also driving people on the streets of the greek capital and our t.v. crews in the week witnessed police violence in our fingers anger among austerity
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hit greek bridge boiling point our cameras caught it also history fall victim to political correctness in france with fears the younger generation might lose its sense of national identity we look at what pages of being removed from textbooks and why. for protesters and two soldiers have been killed in riots which have erupted in cairo tonight a number of military vehicles have been set alight as thousands of christians demonstrated against a recent attack on a church we saw reports say soldiers have fired shots in a bid to disperse the protesters let's get more on this developing story from professor markel but he's from the university in turkey going to get some pictures as well coming through from nile t.v. international i believe the egyptian state television company will be showing you that the minute mark could see this evening i mean just reiterating their reports that the army are using firearms against the protesters how do you assess the situation tonight well it is a very serious development after all field marshal tantawi is supposed to have said
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at the trial for president mubarak a principal of the army would never shoot demonstrations will be back during his decision and sober at the time. so the development of the situation is becoming very alarming and it's alarming because of the religious division but it also is a woman from political future rules egypt who shopped was supposed to store your selections in six weeks time when you call them let's focus on the religious divide . you talk about is a missive become more assertive in post revolutionary if there is tension between muslims and christians grow what is your take on that and where is this situation going to go. in some ways right back late last year we began to sort of see violence between cops and islamic groups islamic groups and pressure and coptic churches in cities like xander and at the time when people were really expecting a revolution this didn't get much attention then when the revolution came when it seemed at least in the center of cairo to be relatively peaceful. crowds and
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chanting people who will be tensions across egypt down the room. with the local christian community and it's a real big question is he symbolically is egypt going to go from being a secular dictatorship if you like to being an islamic dictatorship who may well be many more people who would be happy to live with islamic rule in cost but there are significant groups ten percent of the population questions but there are many secular egyptians running all institutions who would find themselves probably pretty much less free than they have been before her birth if such an islamic group and if so what is it the time line is going to be here egypt's military rulers have recently called a may as you mentioned as well for unity to achieve a democratic state do you think that is achievable any time soon. well irony is that there would have been elections last month have mubarak not full the national kind of actions but though the shuttle actually been called back the parliamentary elections start late november will ensue national general has plenty
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of opportunity to trouble for fiddling with the ballot papers while still waiting to be counted over almost three months and there is this question about this violence some people say the islamicists are getting if they push into a muslim state shari'a lauren are dogmatically concerned about the minorities others see a kind of hidden hand they often use to say that i'm the mubarak government trying to distract attention by letting little violence could christians and muslims and or people who think that. today i suspect it's more the form of them a lot of but the problem is there's a lot of them who need to trust really social media don't trust what they're told and so you move on with this doubt and it's very difficult to build democracy when people about what their leaders told are ones trust between different sections of the community what is the general feeling i wonder of the people there we also though seems to me beginning of the sheer the of the elation when mubarak finally when they got rid of his dictatorship of course the generals that took over of now drawing criticism of cells for their hearts roll and censorship on opposition
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articles is this really what the people on the streets wanted to achieve what i think that that's what we have to first of all look people the little big crowds but remember her is a major city so you have several articles and is only a small percentage of. the whole of egypt and secondly one problem with all revolutions is you get a lot of dynamism little protests on the streets and then people go who is a big lug to comes to an end in the kind of hangover and really in the last eight or nine months we've been seeing a situation where there are those egyptians who are pushing for certain types who are asking. those who question the bigger numbers for a more islamic type of democracy and then there are those in the old system who were happy to get rid of mubarak because they thought he was dead well they don't want to give up our character that i want to give our influence jobs the most lucrative perks and so a little bit tensions between these groups and there are those who think those who
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are out of power feel that a little bit of trouble there and makes it easier to keep themselves in positions that if you had to simple a ride to elections to democracy nobody would vote for them in large numbers. but if you got instability in trouble people will turn back to the people running. underneath and say we need these people you know what we're doing mark got to leave it there as you're talking about took a take a look at those live pictures from l.t.v. over your shoulder there was saying a flame. is on the streets there. a lot of people out about just telling our viewers again the developing news tonight for protesters two soldiers killed in riots there would have been courage tonight mark thanks your input good to see you tonight thank you. mark on there from the university in turkey. or protests also getting were meant to in syria where further violence or at least fourteen people killed in clashes between security forces and anti-government supporters some of the most severe scenes came with the funeral of
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a kurdish opposition leader in the northeast of the country syrian authorities insist the targeting armed terrorist groups only not peaceful protesters they also claim a kurdish opposition leader was killed by limiting his because he was against foreign intervention in the country syria's been in a state of chaos no since mid march following protests demanding president assad step meanwhile the media race to put the regime out of business forced barely into a surprising new to this week as artie's of a bennett explains. she was hailed as the flower of syria the symbol of the suffering under president bashar assad's brutal regime at least that's what much of the western media said after the apparent butchering as zeinab. we viewed pictures of what was done to corpse and they are simply too gruesome to air several western media outlets were quick to report al holes in these gruesome death apparently the first woman killed in government custody but now it appears she's miraculously back
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from the dead even being interviewed on syrian t.v. . i came to the police station to see the truth this what i see to those line channels i'm now still alive not dead human rights groups like amnesty international jumped on the bandwagon to reporting out was tortured murdered and mutilated it even claimed mother found the body in a morgue last month all assertions is now being forced to backtrack on this we will endeavor to be more cautious. and phrase things a little bit more nuanced the state broadcaster says the interviews to dispel what it labels fabrications by foreign media to serve western interests in stories like this that have been used to prop up calls from the u.s. britain and france for un sanctions to be slapped on syria but their foundations are now looking shaky than ever this footage religiously shows an armed sound civilians being targeted by gun toting rebels say perhaps not the peaceful
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opposition they're often made out to be by the west that only seems to look one way . this notion that the u.s. is now part of this pro-democracy regime is ridiculous they are jumping on that bandwagon is an opportunity to get out front of it and create this deceptive appearance while at the same time there's a porting the dictatorships that are aligned with them in the united nations and as part of their empire russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution for syria seeing through it as a potential cover for another libyan style intervention so they may not be any oil this time but there's always an ulterior motive our partners in the u.n. security council do not rule out a replay of the libyan scenario although they said more than once that they clearly understood syria is very different to libya russia will continue resisting attempts to legitimize unilateral sanctions through the u.n. security council that aimed to overthrow political regimes the u.s. was not created for that it was opposed to the vetoes of followed by
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a security council walkout from america over remarks during the syrian envoy speech but the u.s. promised to be back with another resolution and undoubtedly more dramatic evidence to drive the point home either bennett r.t. . the key advisor to syria's president assad told r.t. the country with already fully embrace russia's and china's calls to end the bloodshed through dialogue. the majority of laws that should have been passed are now adopted work to amend the constitution is underway and the problem is that some states fund and arm terrorist groups operating in our towns and villages this makes ordinary people's lives very difficult and puts them in real danger the position of the western countries encourages these terrorist groups we share russia and china's view that it's impossible to move forward without dialogue the alternative is blood spilling civil war into religious clashes. the full interview with dr sharon coming your way next plus
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a progress report on how the ongoing fighting in libya affecting the lives of civilians there revolutionary for. tenser father sold the graphics home town of sirte. why the human cost of the so-called liberation appears to be often going on noticed in the media that's coming up. this last week struggling european economies were dealt another blow by ratings agencies that downgraded italy and spain fears over the debt crisis were also intensified by the downgrade of several british portuguese banks greece remains the biggest concern with international creditors still not sure it's doing enough to get another injection of cash. into the country has delivered an ultimatum ramp up the cuts will face total collapse after athens admitted failing to reduce its deficit to the agreed level despite the relentless austerity drive results you sara first reports now the names of the people taking second place to big bank. syntagma square
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once again bearing witness clashes between riot police here as protest is. that the background here. and the pensions really be my thing as the police moved in to clear the crowds some shocking things one point the police chasing protests is into the metro station many others hit kicks by they supposed to be keeping control of the message being sent by the government is one of repression and fear. scenes like this are very serious questions about the level of force being used in a prior is a forty three year old journalist who's reported from many conflicts but it was in his own country where he sustained his worst injury. i just remember thinking is this really happening increase i took shelter in an enclosure. and one policeman who i think was a commander in a very rude way taking pictures i told him i was
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a journalist but he gave an order and i had one of the flash bangs thrown at me these are some pics. go to. the place he taken shelter amplified the sound of the flash bang causing always total deafness and injury which has cost me less his job . after the attack i won't call it an accident it was an attack like a small hell. an investigation was launched into the incident the progress has been slow a finalist tells the countless cases against heavy handed police tactics to have any kind of result we witness for ourselves the lack of discrimination when the police lash out when journalists flung with his camera to the ground the rise in the level of aggression seen by the police and the more extreme groups of protesters is causing serious concern with the government continuing to implement severe austerity measures in a bid to receive further cash pensions looks set to keep escalating i think.
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to explain. the impact of the financial crisis is being played out play by play on syntagma square there are now fears that the financial crisis turn into an economic recession could bring the entire usa just the greek people to their knees surf city. cover stories online. column c. we got there for you well first of all this one expected that steals the show the euro twenty twelve opening ceremony of the ukrainian capital as reported by us online after a controversial feminist group gave crushed a high profile event see more pictures online checking out to in style the
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creative coffin carpenter who braces life flying in the face of controversial funerals taps the works of the african craftsman responsible on display in moscow this month some amazing work pictures. this week the u.s. led war in afghanistan passed its ten year mark with nato troops still no closer to victory over the taliban the course. criticism of the occupation gets louder with the latest failure stamp coming from a former german general who planned his nation's role in the operation a decade ago nato plans on a full withdrawal from the country by the end of twenty four table as jason model of reports the evidence on the ground so there's no rush to leave. if the united states is drawing its troops from afghanistan why is its largest base getting bigger when u.s. led forces overran the taliban in late two thousand and one bug amir field is little more than a flight tower in a cracked runway since then the former soviet base in the plains north of the afghan capital has grown into a small city itself over twenty five thousand full time personnel fleets of
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military cargo aircraft is enough heracles to cause traffic jams it expansion is now underway it is by scores of contractors u.s. military engineers are constructing new housing and storage facilities to make room for even more maybe more hardware after sending an extra thirty thousand troops to afghanistan last year president obama started bringing them home this summer but with afghan forces struggling to stand alone it's likely that less will leave than planned and bases like this one are going to shrink anytime soon. at least there are plenty of home comforts for soldiers staying on for tough year long deployments they can shop for everything from flat screen t.v.'s to fine jewelry enjoy a cappuccino or grab some take out the new pizza hut franchise and if they're tired of working out in the gym they're free to go to the salon for a haircut and massage although some officials have tried to limit such amenities calling them a distraction from the war the troops are happy to have them and these are
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extremely. useful if even the latter then have a case that the right. local afghan merchants are also glad to have the extra business both inside and outside the wire without a grim and a soldier's my business would be nothing we like having them here but not everyone agrees deadly taliban rocket attacks are on the rise and as the base becomes more and more crowded the threat to those living inside multiplies no matter how high its walls become everyone gets a close call when you're this congested get this much equipment personnel it's all into one tight spot get close it's going to destroy something or someone easy as it may be to forget at times this is still a war zone jason muckluck in bagram for our team. and he also it was growing in britain which shows the largest number of troops in afghanistan in london's trafalgar square big crowds to mark the decade of war with a defiant get out now message a correspondent was there you can watch his reports. face
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fighting for gadhafi is hometown of sirte continues in libya where revolutionary forces claim they have no seize the main base of the colonel's loyalists for the two days libya's interim rulers have been waging one of the biggest assaults yet on the most important remaining stronghold of the ousted leader revolutionary forces claim that they now control most of the town that's been on the siege for three weeks but some street battles still raging maybe as interim leaders say failure to take set is the only thing keeping them from formally declare an immigration and changing elections times correspondent pepe escobar told me he believes and while focusing on the objective the mainstream media is ignoring a high human cost. the only coverage that you see in western mainstream media
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corporate media is about the adventures of this so-called true revolutionary forces this is not a resolution this is a civil war which was at top to by the nato powers in the us so in terms of decision population searches acidic be there more than a hundred thousand of an insert six if ten thousand let's not twenty thousand there still most of the civilian population still dish they were bombed by nato nato bomb at least half of this sitting clue thinks what they said was scouting installations all across town this is the cluster volbeat of our two peak responsibility to protect was theoretically the reason for nato scream in each area intervention in libya so if the good guys are being attacked by qaddafi's forces are to be up lax but if the bad guys are ensconced in seriously forest and are to be does not apply so in terms of you know this beats anything else in the market.
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now the world news tonight both here poland's parliamentary elections now closed according to exit polls the current prime minister donald to skip his pro e.u. party are leading the race however he's facing a tough challenge from former pm go spoken chimpsky voters are elected members of both the lower house and the senate the party that wins the most seats will form a government. to be a bit off feet a golf course near the city of brisbane australia is giving its members a new challenge to overcome reading outside right killer sharks half a dozen predators apparently were washed into the club lake there from a nearby river during heavy flooding despite being stranded the sharks seem to be thriving some are even breeding but the presence of the sharks hasn't scared the gulf as they say their publicist he has boosted the popularity of the course but course no tee shots or he's towards the pole. coming up in a few minutes here on r t exploring the lie in the news our special report exposes
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how big business influences public opinion in america seizing control of radio and t.v. that's coming up here tonight after the headlines of me kevin zero in on r t international .
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please. please. please. please. please. please please. bring you the latest in science and technology from around.
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spring spreads across the country. and corporations abuse of power over the u.s. government says up in arms against the protests despite washington supported revolutions overseas. twelve killed in clashes between christie. train soldiers and started using gunfire to disperse the crowds. over the pullout of foreign troops are still a long way from reality. police and demonstrators clash streets of. the country to make face collapse.


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