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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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this is on c.n.n. these are the week's top stories these spirit of the arab spring has come to the u.s. so say protesters angry at all street greed and economic depression can find streets of american cities but the authorities have been cracking down on the demonstrations despite washington's support for revolutions overseas. also twenty three people were killed and one hundred and eighty injured as thousands of christian protesters clashed with police on the streets of cairo the guy on the run so rising tensions has become trees revolution between radical muslims and christians including at times on churches. greek public anger continues at boiling
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point as they are this government gets an ultimatum from the international monetary fund bringing more security council phrase terrible crimes. under woman who western media reported as being butchered by bashar al assad's regime in syria appears on television saying she is alive and well forcing an embarrassing by losing. those are the headlines up next here on our c s c remains in turmoil after months of unrest and grows as demanding president assad steps down we'll find out the view of a government that as we talk to his political and press advisor our interview with dr shah about next here on alt. as they wish they would rather this is the third time that the security council has failed to adopt a resolution criticizing syria as russia and china use their powers of veto joining us today to discuss this and the general situation in the country as political and
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media advisor to syria's president dr with a national ban and its job on balkans our program r.t. if that's the position taken by russia and the security council to block the resolution criticizing syria what information did syrian authorities give russia to support its position. we welcome the positions taken by russia and china and their use of the veto in the interests of syria and its people the information provided was just about the reality of the state of affairs the point is that decisions taken by western countries are based not on real events in syria but rather on the task of suppressing syria as an arabic state that plays an important role and resistance at the same time unfortunately they draw conclusions from reports by a few self-seeking arabic media outlets who act as their accomplices in covering violence in a crime committed by terrorists and militants in syria now that's another attempt at adopting a tough resolution against syria has failed what do you expect the international
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community to do in order to exert pressure on damascus. i believe that october fifth two thousand and eleven when russia and china blocked the un resolution was a historic day and i hope it will be remembered the fact that russia and china use their veto for the good of the people has enabled us to feel for the first time that there is a different force in the world one that stands for justice neutrality culture and civilization and this force stepped onto the international stage to stand equal to western power i personally believe that the future belongs to the east to russia and china it is a crucial moment in history. when a new force has emerged to say to the west you are wrong and the west is definitely wrong because its leader share a colonialist attitude not only regarding syria but toward the entire region. what do you think the international community will do next. i don't think the international community has many options
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a new force supporting reform and pluralism in syria has appeared in the international arena that's the path we follow the majority of laws that should have been passed are now adopted work to amend the constitution is underway we're moving forward towards reform and pluralism the problem is that some states fund an armed terrorist groups operating in our towns and villages this makes ordinary people's lives very difficult and puts them in real danger the position of the western countries encourages these terrorist groups. you recently visited moscow and the russian authorities should you again the dialogue was the only way out of the crisis that syria five thousand million might all learn from opposition forces or even public representatives to dialogue in which all levels inside of the syrian population could participate would be one of the how we did invite them i personally met with a number of opposition representatives and so did many members of the syrian
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government when we suggested that they should participate in the dialogue some accepted this proposal and others didn't syria doesn't have just one opposition but many opposition movements representatives of most of these movements were present at a joint conferences and a consultation meeting chaired by mr starr rupe our share our while others ignored it i don't understand what reforms they want to see without entering dialogue we share russia and china's view that it's impossible to move forward without dialogue the path of discussion is the path of reform the alternative is blood spilling civil war and into religious clashes and this isn't at all what syrian people. it's up to the syrian opposition to protest against foreign interference the opposition should participate in dialogue with the goal of reform and building a new better syria it should listen to those who would turn it against dialogue with the government the national council was established in istanbul what do you expect from this organization if it gets international recognition would you expect
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something similar to the events in libya if there are pieces made on protecting civilians could this be used as a pretext for a military operation or international interference with. another mother i believe that's all in the past a thousand people cannot speak for twenty three million syrian citizens i am speaking on behalf of many opposition activists who are syria patriots and they say that most members of this council belong to the muslim brotherhood these people don't represent syria or its people how can you position yourself as a representative of the syrian people when you've spent the last thirty years living in paris it just doesn't work that way and i don't think they will share a future with the people of syria. for all of the armed forces elite who are these still united radical elements and most of the last that the alabama wealthy armed forces and the state are united all these rumors are being framed out like the case
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of the navajos two weeks ago i gave an interview to the b.b.c. i was mainly asked how could i protect women's rights without appearing on satellite channels to defend alhazmi who was allegedly tortured and killed by syrian security forces i have no doubt that yousafzai now hosny on t.v. and confirmed she was safe and sound so all the rumors about her were a lie today lies in the media have gone beyond common sense some arab television channels have lost all shame and professionalism but the almighty allah shows them what they are doing thanks to allah the truth speaks for itself every day. i hope something delays of the u.n. gives them as leaders time to improve things in the country limited to his presence across the country repute back on the bus we wouldn't mind if the security forces mission ended today do you know what i heard from my relatives in homs who phoned me at eleven pm last night they said fifty five people representing different
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religious communities have been kidnapped in just one day there abducting people of various creeds in order to sow sectarian hatred in homs and what are we as a responsible government expected to do to safeguard the security of citizeness what would you do in our place would you just abandon these people or would you send law enforcers to fight the terrorists you'd better address this question to those who are armed gangs and seeding evil in our country that doesn't mean we should give up our campaign against corruption start government reform or revolutionary change in the spheres of culture in education our people are demanding all of this and it's necessary for serious prosperity terror and direct or indirect western support for terror is impeding reform or the positions of russia and china are stimulating that they are giving the syrian people a chance and helping them follow the path of change so that syrians can have better lives in their own country with some analytical articles in the western press said
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the situation in many parts of syria including the town of holmes looks very much like a civil war if you have the chairs. on the yes i do we who are representatives of various communities religions and ethnic groups live together in ours we've been living as one family throughout history syria is a diverse country it's the cradle of three world religions our main task was to continue living in live in peace the united states to use its veto right fifty times to deprive the palestinians of their legitimate right to create a state on their land isn't that a violation of human rights eleven thousand inmates are less. wishing in presence of the occupying regime in this way this state is trying to dismember the region into small model ethnic and mana religious states this is its plan look what's happened in sudan and what's happening in libya and iraq our peoples and our land are in their sights all this is aimed against civilization culture and identity
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even when we build democracy we build our own arab democracy based on our own religious cultural and civilisational values of which we're proud i don't want to be a western man's replica i am proud of being arab i like being an arab woman whether muslim or christian i am an arab woman first i speak arabic and i want my culture my mind and my clothes to reflect my national identity while the west wants us to become fascist smells of what they call western democracy we arabs can hardly make ends meet while israel dominates the middle east all this is well known we realize this looming threat and so do the residents of us and those who so discord you've seen the photos extremists zealots and terrorists whatever crimes they commit will never end lest our people support that abducted within a shop on the political to me to adviser to the syrian president thank you very much for your interview. thank you very much i would like to thank once again the
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leadership and people of russia for their wise decision that contributes to the cause of defending syria and its people and let me express my gratitude under the half of the home this helps the syrian people to return their genuine arab look to our region and thank you once again i wish to highlight a little. even the rocks this should look the sacred. adji is the essence of life. whether it is a buddhist prayer. or a shamanistic ritual. transference of religion. faith is strong and spirit is hard. and.
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come. a little. this that. this season is. coming. up. the money.
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for. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r.t. . this
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week's top stories here when i'll see the spirit of the arab spring has come to view us so say protesters angry at all street greed and economic depression occupying the streets of american cities but the authorities have been courting down on the demonstrations despite all forms of support for revolutions of the scenes. twenty three people were killed and one hundred eighty injured as thousands of christian protesters clashed with police on the streets of cairo a ride for the months of rising tension says the country's revolution between radical muslims and christians including at tut's and churches. greek public probably congo continues a boiling point as the athens government gets and hopes a major called the international monetary fund bringing in more steroids you console place a total collapse of. our interview with the western media reported as being
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butchered by a brush on the sides regime in syria appears on television sanctions alive and well forcing an embarrassing due time pieties in conflict. as the headlines all see sports update with kate is up next. hello martin to the sports fans here are the headlines. top of the world again jenson button wins in japan but sebastian vettel finishes ferd's to become the youngest ever call you and champion to win back to back world titles. while drama downs ouster a lockout defending champion south africa to set up a semi final showdown with a rich new zealand you come back to this argentina couple got the most part. big in japan and you know it comes from
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a step down to be defending champion rafael nadal in the final of the carlo pled and then wins the doubles his brother jamie. so first of the far east and sebastian vettel has become the youngest formula one driver to win back to back world titles after the twenty four year old german finished third at the japanese grand prix to touch the championship with four races left that was started on pole and needed only to finish in the top ten to be crowned champion mathematically the only man who could get him to the title was mclaren's jenson button and the briton won at suzuka state is red bull insists that just because it was no longer only known drivers have ever won back to back titles that vettel is the youngest trying to four years and ninety eight days and that has earned him a bonus of just under eight million dollars he's read the o.t. so it's no wonder he was overwhelmed. by the sun just to go i mean there's so many things that you want to say in this moment but it is hard to remember. all of them
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so. i'm just so thankful to to everyone in the team and we've got so many people here that track but also me walking out. on me while at the rugby world cup australia defending. shop in south africa eleven nine to set up a semifinal against favorites and hoists new zealand after the all blacks came back to our argentina well the wallabies triumph despite having just twenty four percent of possession of a remarkable quarterfinal in mullings and that superpower has its critics but it seems so at this hour after a string of the second. round and thanks for well when after eleven minutes the wallabies ahead on to south africa over the at the wrong end james o'connor missed the conversion but didn't miss a penalty attempt to give his side and. that was cuts to a three by the break of the norm steyn kicks over for the springboks and he then
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gave them the lead with a penalty and a drop goal but south africa night up and that's the estate and so eight minutes from the end you see was that i wanted to see the wall of a spring things humans and a comic kicked over to give in weapon i need a stray off on gone off to soak in the immense sapphic of pressure i think on the streets as many tackles the springboks carry for the want to be top rate for south africa this is a very honest step down from his post often much. guys are great. there's nothing that can replace the thought of what's going through the minds of the result and really it is because this is. actually no no the really good mood in a gentle not everything way a white noise we put ourselves on lot of pressure but one thing that you know you can't you can't change an account you are trying it is effort in commitment from
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the group in every member of the o.j. mind showed a lot about the guys so i'm very proud of the why you guys want to be on it because you know that you have to fall in the water when that's all we did away from australia in the semifinals national i've also. new zealand's who fought back against a determined argentina thirty three ten in oakland the all blacks struggles to assert themselves in the first place you know how do you ask the way i was trying out for me because opponents conversion hate me on the outs i shop seven six leave a group failed to score a first half try for the first time in a world cup match in twelve years but seven penalties will be way up who wore down a few missed four tries from kieren reed and brad moved in to find a safe however the victory was not by a groin injury to why have fallen slight you can sell for a place start down called up and twenty two year old aaron cruden after thirty three minutes that's coach graham henry was still happy to reach his maiden semi
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final. right in my eyes and. right now is treason the guy i thought was a tough program of football and yeah i thought by sides play particularly well. just as with the composure of our fellows they were under a lot of pressure times and good deeds and. can play with a lot of composure good said pace the game of football time is now and andy murray has won his second cycle in two weeks after coming from a set down to beat defending champion rafael nadal of the japan i opened all of our had sent murray crushing on to two majors this year and it looked like the world number two is about to fix them up and paid for the summer after taking the first sex six through but murray who won the title and open last week bounced back to level the match an answer to that is signings that still love to see the sport's title of the season and the scot maintained his momentum so later when the doubles crown his brother jamie. whyte in beijing will check how much were they also came
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from a set down to when the children are open he lost to croatian marin chile each of them strolled back to take the next two six four six one it was bad it's the first time in almost two hundred hoffman is getting a much needed boost this push next month tour finals in london. overcame a second set collapse to beat and they have kept a vigil gripping china open final the german fought back from four one down in the first set to level is it four rules despite needing treatment of the twisting her knee but the pole finally clinched the set seven five after a grueling hour in twenty five minutes i went up to bitch then powered her way back to take the second sets to love it for us that finally games the crucial break came minus the decider set six four on the second match point of its online course it was the second straight victory for the twenty two year old and i think it's creating so far as i tried any tiger last week and should not rise to number ten in
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the world rankings. football now and the midfielder usually called mr rush's first training sessions and stick out because chargers returned from their european qualifying victory in slovakia on friday the twenty eight year old engy claim a car is recovering after receiving a knock in russia's pivotal one winning jelena that victory gave them a two point lead ahead of islands in group b. and a strong chance of automatic qualification for next summer's finals as their last game is at home to minimise and dora on chuse day. followed midfielder doesn't enjoy a young north and defend that alexander and you cough are suspended for that game after picking up yellow cards against slovakia. now the stadium which will host the euro two thousand and twelve final has been officially opened in ukraine to be unveiling on the only national sports complex in kiev a slightly marred by their brief brief catching fire lavish fireworks were because of and i never raise however known of the capacity crowd with seventy thousand
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people present refurbished c.d.'s thank you headlining the show is that i'm using a shakira also record you get vishal song by last year's world cup stadium cost four hundred seventy million dollars to build and i was a friendly between ukraine and germany and then by the eleventh. and a charity football match has been held here in moscow to raise money for a united nations program to help women and children the former chelsea and italy. was the second of the visitors which included the letter united needed to be agile and master of presidential aide arkady dvorkovich wore the captain's armband to host. the match sire ending with all the final score at the national arena this temple. and finally with the recent high profile investment of billionaires in clubs such as angie chelsea manchester city and paris r.t.
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caught up with by labor couzens marketing director michael shrink now we started by asking the browns to primo the multimillion dollar question about how he would invest in football. if i would have run with you on the. three most important points for the small players so to speak the legs of the water infrastructure let me see the stadium and the ball the brain the miniature i would spend that one million euro dollar two grades. might do something very interesting and very very let me say exciting but the thing in terms of sustainability of like real is that he's a little questionable whether this is a feasible approach i don't know for sure it's five years whether this covers the wrong things have shifted for the think you know you have more scope looks a little something doesn't work there well north or with the world than embodied
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what these other clubs have to build a brand that is right particularly conflict if they're from within one huge profits for which given you a lot of witnesses the press coverage. than what you always very close with how measures the city's public image is it is a very old club with knowledge behind the soul that it's perhaps a blessing process that this club which has a name already now for you here syndicates now with the new money coming all of the middle east is getting up to speed it will be at least it could turn though for a while the project it's going to look like look at how different clubs and other clubs which careful a lot of money all of a sudden available they have this kind of random death and that's an uphill battle and that's very good difficult to accomplish. with a look at the huge country of russia and i think it will be a challenge to finally in the quarter specifically from europe and one place to the
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other and also between the games there are three four days they're staying over here or they're flying in and out so i would be very. we didn't say the system of the family with million will be in the future how to deal with the crowds and i don't know how this will how this will work out because for me as a german you look at russia and know the most of those who have for no votes and people support but then then you're getting a little bit more support the distance from between cities in france for me something which is all this information of infrastructure i figured will be a lot of work but i'm convinced that most of it will come from fellow from the rachel from poland the support from all the little one. and that's all i think it's . safe. if if if.
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