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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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review the latest in science and technology from the realms of. the future coverage. ten thirty am in moscow he's here are the headlines he used pledge to wipe out homelessness could fail to cross the threshold as financially hard pressed nations to target basic social programs to balance the books. dozens die hundreds injured in egypt as a peaceful christian march against islamic radicalism descends into the biggest since the revolution that ousted president mubarak. polish prime minister donald tusk in line for a historic second term is voters put the late president's twin brother in second place. for many kosovo serbs october started with nato troops firing live bullets
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at peaceful serbian demonstrators in a region run rented by decades of ethnic conflict serbian first deputy prime minister prime minister now tells us how the border dispute between serbia and kosovo should be resolved through talks not turmoil. but thank you for joining us today mr dutch h. a recent events in the north of course of i characterized the plans of course along the northeast as refund the so-called independence of the region. the latest events in the north of serbia show two facts first the prishtina is about to set up customs around what they think is the independent state of cosmic on the other hand they show that there are international unions and a whole number of states that approve push dean is intentions we're facing a situation when international forces deployed in kosovo in fact serve prishtina as
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needs rather than maintain a neutral position this is why serbia opposes this attempt to introduce a customs and administrative line on the border with serbia serbia is all for dialogue and for negotiations i think the kosovo is only making matters worse by addressing other states one i've said many times that serbia is all for a peaceful resolution of the arguments around kosovo serbia also has to take care of its people living in kosovo nobody can expect or demand of serbia for any goal of the war even to join the e.u. states that it is not interested in serbs or that it has no interests and possibly this is why i said be a demanded a session of the un security council a demand backed by russia but the security council was unable to take a decision it was jus to the resistance of western states who think that the cost of a case is closed. proclaimed is independent unilaterally those countries agreed with
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it's and now they think there's nothing more stalk about it well i think there is there is still groover negotiation and all resolutions must be fair. and if it would a decisive serbian stands leads to another surge of violence against said in a population of kosovo. ultimately increasing the flow of sudden refugees from kosovo is course all. vets over two hundred thousand serbs moved to serbia from kosovo fleeing nato air raids and the subsequent deployment of nato and k. four forces at the moment there are some two hundred thousand serbs there and it's crucial for serbia it is a key national interest that they stay in kosovo and of course serbia has its red lines that it will never allow pristina to cross for example to use force against its people that which would spur a new wave of conflict and lead to more ethnic cleansing and more refugees serbia has made it known to the international community that these patients cannot be
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tried with attacks against serbia and kosovo serbs according to the e.u. security council says the increase and the serbian army may not be stationed because of art on the other hand so they constantly being oppressed which may lead to a new wave of ethnic cleansing yes it is very important that peace remains and sincere dialogue continues we need to find a way out of the situation where on the one hand there are countries that acknowledge the one sided proclamation of independence and on the other hand there is serbia which does not recognize that bush sr initiatives do you think at the northern part of course of all my full under-served jurisdiction. this is a position i expressed for a long time that i support the historical component of the gradient between serbs and albanians we need to find sharon and confirm an administrative borders which means that if albanians have the right to say they don't want to be part of serbia and the serbs have the right to say they don't want to live within an independent
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kosovo it's obvious that despite the fact that we all want to live in peace in one multi ethnic civil state there are great contradictions between the albanian and serbian parts of cost of albanians in serbs so forth for ages over those lands this is why. i the only possible solution is to live in peace to put an end to all the problems by either dividing the land in such a way that serbian parts of kosovo remain within serbia or by putting that part under international governance and removing it from the jurisdiction of fresh dana i think this is the only facet interests solution requirement of a territory of nato and you countries have recognized kosovo's independence to what extent can the nato peacekeeping forces and the utility said mission be impartial and objective in a situation like this. it is a delicate and well justified question when you lexer sense to cost of a guaranteed the european union guarantee as well that it would be neutral but
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emissions recent actions have proved that the reality is proper neutral when the presidency of unix announces the missions intention to observe the laws because of it testifies today breaching of the neutrality status obligations my experience suggests and i've been in politics for twenty years already the kashi ality and big european states is evident they are biased and pursue double standards in their will it takes them unfortunately this is the reality we have to face we have to counter this sad reality or find ways out of the situation of course the plans of hashem and sachi are actually built around k. four and your legs therefore if serbia opposes touchy that means it opposes kafeel and eunuchs and has to wage war with the breast of the world once again they are trying to prove that serbia is opposed to the international community but all in all i think you're right to say that it is true that we would like a for
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a new lex different feel their mission in a more neutral and discreet way. what do you think does the inability of the un security council to pass an adequate resolution of the situation in the north closer to prove. that it is obvious that the countries who have the raw. it's a veto also pull the albanians it's korea and they won't let any resolution brought forward by either serbia russia possibly in any case we don't want the un security council to take our side we only want it to be impartial and to further control the work of the international mission and showcase for its neutral and not with the pristine or authorities with all things considered it is obvious that the security council is in a stalemate position and one hand it cannot pass resolutions that would distress prishtina on the other hand it cannot decide to grant cause of our independence because before such a decision is taken a political solution to the existing problems should be found that when they say serbia stance is no longer relevant it's an important but it is not if they want
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a peaceful decision of course if the problem of kosovo is to be dealt with efficiently the option of an agreement with serbia has to be considered as it is now a new practice is emerging in international politics any part of a sovereign country is free to or claim its own independence with no regard to the attitude of the country it's possible pandora's box has been opened and it is still unclear how we should put the lid back in with place i think it has to be accomplished by signing an agreement with serbia over the model do you think the e.u. is in a position to pressure in serbia in order to make it recognize kosovo's independence . serbia is interested in joining the e.u. this interest lies primarily the economic sphere on the other hand the e.u. has never told serbia it has to recognize causeways independence and the e.u. has repeatedly stated it's not going to impose such
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a decision on serbia for some pressure does exist this is obvious and it is exercise where mine issues are concerned all this is likely to evolve into direct recognition of course of those independence in the long run this is the issue of can. timbs control and the elimination of serbian institutions in the north of kosovo and if they get greece to do it it will be virtually an act of recognition of course of its independence i believe it is created serbia will never sacrifice its national interests for the sake of admission to the e.u. serbia may hold talks with the e.u. on a range of issues like other states on trade quotas political system justice and combating crime fishing issues norway's been discussing with the e.u. but these talks cannot be focused on a part of serbian territory. again was one of the preconditions of serving as accession to the e.u. was the arrest an extradition of general rock n lunch to the hague tribunal will
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disturb it think of a legal proceeding how is the trial going to be a satisfied with it but. i think the e.u. has already forgotten about the hague tribunals and the conditions that set the serbia and it should detain nottage to enter the union and now kosovo has become a central issue a ground to put pressure on survey can always be found serbia has handed forty six people over to the hague tribunal all were convicted by it we think the tribunals has based his every decision on the assumption that all serves as a blame for the problems of extremists and most trials that have taken place lately serbs were in the dog it was necessary that my country found marriage this is true but it's also necessary that we prove his innocence in court this should be done in the best interest of the state because such cases has started to cast a shadow over the reputation of the country everyone who committed military crimes should be held responsible for this responsibility cannot be collective they cannot
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be assumed by a whole nation the whole country we have the example of croatia where national heroes generals of the croatian army were convicted and you see that the albanians is seldom among those who have to face punishment for the military crimes they. committed against the serbian population the hague tribunal did not want to hear cases of organ trafficking involving albanians who abuse serbs it's time to ask the question what global picture was the hague tribunal striving to draw of itself and other states of the world the tribunal is perceived as highly partial and discriminatory in serbia and the spy common citizens but despite all this serbia has met the commitments it made. and the last wish and so kosovo has been a key factor independent state for three years already let's be realistic strong is the possibility that it comes back to become part of serbia once again. we should
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be realists if you want to engage in serious politics we should forsee all possible developments today we have several options the first or pristina option kosovo is independent and has no further interest in serbia whatsoever the second serbian option is stipulated by the serbian constitution kosovo is part of serbia expect customer to come back and let us take it under our wing but neither the first nor the second option is realistic a compromise should be found i think when searching for a compromise we must consider at defining the status of serbs living in the north of kosovo as well as the ministry is and try to regulate the relations between the albanian and the serbian people in general i think this is the best and quickest way to resolve the problem. thank you for the interview mr dutch each thank you.
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qatar is the same of. taliban just to be friends again pakistan u.s. relations. trace of breaking for us as pakistan is hedging its bets by maintaining ties to minute. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today and protestors on the wall some streets they have to. live even canceling your chance to chances to get work for example the status of the human experiment good luck with the weeks you called this and this rap music would expose the absolutely trying to sense of global economy and it's our changelings us
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financial temple the research family to maintain our confidence in markets and thinking on the relative constant easing trade imbalances risks few missions close to collapsing a subprime loan foreclosed homes. some fail circle a balance again feel a little like it is us crash seven and. its influence is like a process in the classes in athens free for the i think what strikes me on just programs increase the term economists.
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p.-e. hughes promised to wipe out homelessness and could fail to cross the threshold as primarily hard pressed nations targeted basic social programs to balance their books. with dozens die hundreds injured in egypt as a peaceful christian march against islamic radicalism descends into the biggest crotches since the revolution that ousted president mubarak. polish prime minister donald tusk in line for a historic second term as voters put the late president's twin brother in second place. sports next with andrew stay with us here on r.t. .
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hello there good to have you company thanks for watching and these are the headlines russia warns his team can't afford to relax as they prepare for their final euro qualifier against andorra. last scar when a threat against he is scared to go second in the cage shells western conference. and on top of the world again sebastian vettel celebrates back to back formula one titles are deceiving another championship in japan. but first russia manager big has warned his team haven't reached the european championships yet they need just the point again slowly and or in moscow tomorrow to qualify for next summer's tournament and or have yet to win again in the group that advocates this is taking can't afford to relax russia looks set to be with that twenty eight year old angie playmaker unity zhirkov he picked up a knock in the one near win over slovakia's recently a result which keeps russia two points ahead of ireland at the top of group eight and needing just
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a draw in the final match secured at the championships in ukraine and poland. now and i start the scar blew a two goal lead in the third period but won three two in a penalty shoot out against his car to go second in the cage shell's western conference watching it was constantine's the top off. after gillis and defensive first twenty minutes discussed but the proof of finally broke the deadlock in the second but it was in the third period that the game really came to life three minutes in iran need to double the visitors lead with a wrist shot and then scar fought off waves of attacks from to sky as it seemed the visitors would end up the victors but the army man produced a stunning comeback in the last five minutes personally someone who scoff one time decisive short converting a penalty and with three minutes to go to discuss other defensemen yako free love send it back home to equalize to all to send the home fans wild i.
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the resulting overtime produced no more goals so the game went to shoot out where alexei yashin scored against his former team after leaving the goaltender guessing but that wasn't enough as to scar scored twice to claw at it three two victory that winning shot smack home by feel that a fielder of one of the soul in the head we have a two goal lead and everyone thinks we've got frequence but he would have to keep playing until the very end with five minutes to go which shouldn't be showing off individual skills but producing good teamwork the last three games now ensured i was so it's not just that i dreamed it one game before god we came back tied it and we lost in the shadow and again now but it just shows the fact that i replay sixty minutes no matter what that gave us at least. one point is better than nothing scott and i would tide would deny moscow for second place while cisco stay feet just two points behind in same but out of party. than other news russian monitor
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has become the first that need to win the chicago marathon three times in a row it was the thirty fourth time chicago stage the event and over thirty seven thousand runners took part but it was only one person to catch in the women's race . built up a massive lead over the field and finished in a time of chill as eighteen minutes and twenty seconds that was almost four minutes ahead of runner up. from the opiah only england's paula radcliffe has run the distance faster and will probably secure a place on her country's lympics saying for the london games with russian select is picking the two fastest runners between september and the end of the year kenya's most is more so when the men's event in just over two hours and five minutes. to super bowl chance the green bay packers remain undefeated in the n.f.l. they had to rally their net twenty five fourteen when the atlanta falcons for their
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fifth victory of the season lance were trying to make up an embarrassing forty eight twenty one playoff defeat to green bay last season and managed to hold them off in the first half before racing sells the fourteen year old lead in the second to get the georgia model turner with that touchdown but the home fans thing lost their cheer green bay edged they way back with three field goal for mason crosby and then our orgies connected to the james jones in the seventy yard touchdown to put the met. greg jennings then stress the late twenty nine hundred forty swerving in feet samples along the way after catching rogers right. before the vote across three gave the more daylight i granted did their best to get back into the green bay make sure there is no way three jarrod pushing to set the falcons quarterback matt ryan he had to snuff out and fight back green by winning this one twenty five to fourteen. and it was
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a sweet victory for the new england patriots they got a thirty points a twenty one win over the new york jets you know the math of the playoffs last season when job is going out is giving them a seven year leave his first three touchdowns just to claw their way back they scored on shaun green's three yards run to trial ten points to. seven it wasn't a printer enough to be on the ground but a touchdown gave the patriots a seventy seven. jeremy clearly got in the end zone to get seven points but that's. settled. well over twelve games played on sunday san diego buffalo new orleans i'm in a safe so i got winds in san francisco got the biggest victory base in tampa bay forty eight three. both are wins first seattle cincinnati kansas city oakland and it's chicago and detroit will play on monday night. now england may have been knocked out of the rugby world cup but their players into need to be dogged by
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controversy santa monica darley has been formally warned by police after i'm fine three thousand pounds by england rugby officials after jumping from a ferry into the harbor of the trench to a nearby pier ferry to know where he was met by police anger manager martin johnson called is irresponsible to log i don't really been fined for breaking the commercial regulations by wearing a sponsor gumshield lawler during them paes attracted negative headlines after a night out drinking in queenstown and three with find after making lewd comments to a female child worker in an. interview sebastian vettel has become the youngest formula one driver to win back to back world titles after the twenty four year old german finished third at the japanese grand prix to clinch the championship with all races left bethel started on pole needed only to finish in the top ten to be crowned champion mathematically the only man you could get him to
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the title with mclaren jenson button even though the briton one this is the battle stated his red bull into just behind the lines of only nine drivers about the run by. battle is the youngest at twenty four years ninety eight days and it is earned him a bonus of just don't. was led to so little wonder he's overwhelmed. fantastic i mean there's so many things that you want to say in this moment but it is hard to remember. all of them so. i'm just so thankful to to everyone in the team we've got so many people here the track but also in walking in their old. let's turn to go for a marathon playoff is needed to decide the winner of the frys dot com open in california writes nola aging granny dead after six extra holes to claim his first win on the p.g.a. tour the pair were tied at seventeen under over all at the end of the final round
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and it looked like they would never be separated as they kept saying to no look to be in trouble here on the fourth extra hole but gotten herself out of it nicely. very nicely and then on the sixth hole he had a beautiful approach to the ball flying one hundred thirty four feet to be in six feet of. and he went on to sink that the birdie to claim the title and the nine hundred thousand dollars prize was . now elsewhere england's least lassally has won the madrid masters his first title on the european saw he started his final round badly picking up a couple of bogeys but then i run a four birdies from five holes to three shots clear of the rest almost perfection. and then this effort coming up on the fifteenth was a wonder to behold spinning the ball upwards towards the hole.
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but nerves did creep in on the eighteenth and found the water and then the sand and made a double bogey but that was still good enough for a big three italy's rennes a godly single shot. full of flattery of the juices they should try playing on this course in this trailer sharks inhabit i lake on the green there flood water brought them in and when it was free they were left stranded but have started to grade in some are even ten foot long not that it seems to bother any of the ticket office but it would bother me i think with my shorts off that that is all the sport for a moment will. i
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shall be soon which prizes a few votes from funniest impressions. mushrooms totty dot com. we'll. bring you the latest in science and circulars from around russia. we've got the huge earth covered. observe nature the un discover is buzy. communicate with the wild under. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you on on same.
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if. any is eve's fifty fifty. if you believe. it's.
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