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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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in moscow i met treasurer good to have you with us here on our t.v. our top story poland's prime minister is on course to become the first in a generation to be reelected exit polls from sunday's elections say donald to the center right party is almost ten percent ahead of his main rival he's already served a full term which included efforts to warm relations with russia let's get more from artie's alexei airship. from what we've seen so far there will be no surprises as to who is going to win the election in poland the exit poll results which were published straight after the polling stations were closed on sunday night suggested that prime minister party the civic platform will garner around forty percent of the votes with their main competitors the party of the twin brother on the floor of the late polish president lech kaczynski it also will garner around thirty percent with all the votes counted so far these results seem to be proving rather accurate this will not be the great victory for don't know if you will still have to form a coalition with other parties in order for his party to have the second spell its
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power in a row but few experts have any doubts that the prime minister would be able to form a coalition with several other parties and take a second spell at power in poland this in fact is could be proved to be a very historic move because since nine hundred eighty nine polls have been changing their government and their ruling party every single poll has with every election this it'll be the first time since one thousand nine. hours being reelected and the same prime minister will stay power for another four years this is not a surprise to many experts as there have been many surveys and many polls suggesting that poles have been very happy with their government with the way poland handled the global recession and this is probably one of the main factors why the polls have been voting for the prime minister spots even despite the voter turnout has been rather low for additional politically active polls and the era of power for
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the last four years have signified much improving relations between poland and russia in particular after the tragic smolensk crash which killed most of the country's political elite along with the country's president we are expecting that should he be confirmed as the country's prime minister for the second spell that we expect that he would not change his foreign policy and the relations with russia will stay on the same level. stay with us here on r.t. still to come europeans find being protected from poverty is becoming an empty place and sure we are getting you a nation's target basic social programs to balance the books putting a dampener on the block to boast of wiping out homelessness by two thousand and fifteen. and nato forces have adopted libya's civil war but as our t. here is later troops are hitting civilians instead of moving toward moving toward peace in the country we have some expert insight if you minutes. but first egypt's
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military rulers imposed an overnight curfew on cairo's tahrir square and other parts of the capital this follows a violent eruption between coptic christians and security forces that left at least twenty four dead. what started as a peaceful rally calling for justice over attacks on churches and radicalism quickly turned into the most violent episode since february's revolution military vehicles clearly seen here charging through crowds plowing into people while army infantry fired rubber bullets and tear gas witnesses claim the escalation was sparked by unconnected troublemakers state owned media acclaims christian protesters for instigating the violence international relations expert mark on and says the young arrest shows egypt's secular status is under threat. the development of the situation is becoming very well made and it's alarming because of the religious tradition but it also is a well meant glue to egypt to show. in six weeks. new column late last year weekend and seems violence between cops and islamic groups
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islamic groups and pressure and has in cities like the exam and at the time when people were really expecting revolution this didn't get much attention then when the revolution pain when it seemed the beast in central cairo to be brutally peaceful. crowds and chanting people who will be tensions. in the room. with the local christian community and. it's a really big question. is egypt going to do from being a sexual attention to being in this moment dictatorship but many will be many more people who'd be happy. if there are significant attempts and civil commission questions there were many security screening the institutions who would probably should be much less free than they had. if such an islamic group and. r.t. documents the timeline of how the revolutionary joy in egypt became disillusionment and suspicion on our website r t v dot com ariel five or ten reports on what became
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the main stumbling block to egyptian democracy and why tahrir square remains a huge battle it's like. any american autumn that some say was inspired by the arab spring and how you green wall street campaigners refuse to leave their camps gaining traction across the u.s. and sparking debate on whether they'll actually bring change. to. europe social welfare programs that have been the e.u.'s pride and joy for decades faced the access the economic crunch bites deeper among them are poverty safety nets which provide food and care for those struggling to live on the streets and make ends meet but as archy's daniel bushell reports from france there's always a catch to cutting back. a new motion in the european parliament claims that homelessness can be ended in the e.u.
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by twenty fifteen but those on the front line helping people living on the streets say this is fantasy with the numbers without a roof over their heads. with the e.u. itself about to stop a scheme providing free meals things are expected to get even worse. on the european union's ending its food aid program which freed to millions every year yet more people than ever a coming through our doors. protesters are angry that spending cuts target the poor but they're also furious saying they're being lied to with elections next april the sarkozy administration claims poverty on his watch has dropped below fourteen percent charities on the ground see the real figures hoyer and rising fast claiming that one in seven french people now live below the poverty line with states there it's the movies being blamed at this
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soup kitchen else like paris social workers say this shocked by how many now call this their only meal the most common reason given is government cuts to social spending the income below which people are defined officially is living in poverty in france is just under a thousand euros a month the state safety nets well below that meaning many are desperate five hundred euros a month is what i now get from the government stepped onto the roof over my head not enough to eat cash strapped e.u. governments elsewhere across the e.u. are under pressure to get more people off benefits if they don't search for a job or not enough so we can close it and make an end on the unemployment period with job seekers being squeezed out of social security the face of europe's homeless is getting even younger could sell you we've got many young able bodied people coming to us for the first times with the end of e.u. funding we just can't feed them anymore. it. pulls not even good economics
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the process of treating cruelly problems with the streets for. the benefit system should certainly support people who are very poor and cannot avoid. francis for charities a humanitarian crisis as homeless numbers spiral out of control in the world meanwhile e.u. chiefs congratulate themselves the homelessness is coming to an end. if you minutes we were reporting from siberia and join a group that's trying to bag east. explorer saying chances are very high to me over there in the cave in shelter or at least discover some traces of things so let's go there marty follows the hunt for the world's most elusive creature with some specialists who say they're closer than ever actually finding one. but first
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in pakistan a dozen al qaeda linked suspects have been arrested after afghanistan demanded the u.s. put more pressure on islamic bad to fight terror but it's not enough to eliminate thoughts in the u.s. that pakistan's government is sheltering terrorists some are washington seem even ready to support action against islam a bad. reports. the drums of war beating loud and clear washington calls pakistan a safe haven for terrorists we cannot have coming across the border attacking our forces attacking afghanistan afghanistan he said and then disappearing back into a safe. economy network for one acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency pakistan is furious over the accusations calling them unsubstantiated and saying that washington came very close to losing
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a major ally in its war on terror if you talk about the links i'm quite sure you know it has been said many terrorist organizations around the world which by which we mean intelligence things over the last ten years pakistan has repeatedly compromised its own sovereignty to help the americans in their operations the u.s. while chasing down suspected terrorists has been bombing pakistan with drones on a regular basis the strikes have killed thousands of civilians use of drone attacks is not against our sovereignty it is also counterproductive it's the people of the two want to been friends in this fight against terrorism after the latest threats from washington fearing an even tougher assault thousands of pakistanis angrily rallied to say enough is enough for these people the us is a hostile power it's china that they see as a friend in the americans in this one instance have hen did over a major hearts and minds victory to the chinese in pakistan in spring china
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officially notified washington that any attack on pakistan will be seen as an act of aggression against beijing the pakistani prime minister praised his country's relations with china calling them quote higher than mountains deeper than oceans stronger than steel and sweeter than honey washington on the other hand seems to have mastered the art of alienating friends with pakistan. taking america's accusations that they support terrorists as a way to shift the blame for the failure of u.s. policies on pakistan but the blame game may blow up into full scale aggression the experts believe that we need to elevate our response they will have a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill u.s. lawmakers have already signaled that if there is the will for tough action against pakistan they'll support it and when washington says the words safe haven for terrorists that's what you expect tough action and if it does happen pakistan could be the new afghanistan but with china as
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a friend and nuclear bombs at hand sounds like a deadly combination for the united states i'm kind of reporting from washington our team. not a loving hundred g.m.t. you can watch our team's cross-talk debate focusing on what's ahead for the u.s. pakistan relationship. because american and pakistani interests are so different you know afghanistan and with regard to support for these terrorist groups we could see a move of american policy from alliance with pakistan which is a nominal it's an alliance of which both sides lie to each other it's like a very bad marriage where both sides were unfaithful to the other two containment we could see america moving towards a containing containing pakistan but i don't think that's going to happen i think it's most pakistanis understand they need america back in relationship not going to be culturally politically there's no imperial ambition there effect we're trying to get out we try to punish the people who attacked the united states we've done some most of that and there's a lot of argument for getting out very quickly certainly obama and much of the right ministry of the republicans want to get out about going to very quickly jake
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if you want to jump in there. stephen there are been no constraints on the number of people that have been able to be killed ten years of this no constraints drone attacks assassinations bombings killing of wedding parties at some point isn't it time to say enough. shifting gears now big foot has gone by many names yet do you sasquatch but actually laying hands on one setting eyes on one has been pretty elusive not everyone's given up though a team of specialists think they've zoned in on the creatures actual whereabouts in russia are teams murray if an ocean goes on the hunt with them. the yeti also known as big food snowman whole sus court has been exciting scientists and enthusiasts from all the world for more than a century but explorers have never had enough evidence to determine that this
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apparently gigantic creature is more than just a big legend these beautiful mountainous forests in russia siberia are among the few places on earth thought to be roamed by yetis and this is where the scientists from around the globe have come for the largest expedition of its kind since the nineteenth fifties to set out what's never been done before to finally catch the creature. but first we go to get blessing from this lions indigenous inhabitants and the list their spiritual support. shaman and doesn't have any doubts. i'm not sure i can tell you that but yes he does exist encouraged we continue our journey the path goes through impassable tiger fake it never has a human stopped food here before perhaps and altogether larger and hairy
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a creature has in the hunt for the evidence every minor detail becomes important ranch is twisted like this is believed to be a key clue to the his existence the scientists say it could not have been done by enemies as they don't have heads of fingers to do and humans cannot do it this way either as they are just not strong enough to do for we go into the forest the more so cold markers we come across to the guards in the middle of a virgin tiger forest are also high interest the participants of the expedition are saying it's not just wind falling trees the branches they say could have been put in this way deliberately. by someone and now the stroke of luck we meet a local who says he saw a tall man like harry creature nearby he points the way here in to make the journey with us this will be the york it's
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a snowman and the monster of tiger many saw him was signs of its presence as if it wants us to know it exists but it doesn't want to be discovered. but they expect moscow on the explorer saying chances are very high to meet the yeti over there in the cave a nest or a shelter or at least discover some traces of this crater so let's go there if the snow men or at least new signs of its existence discovered how many knowledge the start of these creatures could deliver a blow to the many skeptics and sure enough the clues emerge there is what seems to be. a toe in the field like it was yesterday but a pretty certainly not a bad the scientists agree while remaining cautious of jumping to conclusions but this is a surface for which we're tracking and there's only that one interesting line here i'm certain that you are right there. in the right. bigfoot playing
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hopscotch should like to see a left foot. best the left one has never been discovered and celebration is on hold these are either the real thing or they're convenient props to make a very good story but i am really looking to be quick to determine which of those two alternatives is the is the truth without further. the study that'll take a while could provide cost iran proof of existence but there are plenty here who want to be held in their breath that even if you bring them snowmen dead or alive the skeptics will say that's a pathology or mutation it was a case in the usa it is covered a strange body old covered with fur the military helicopter flew took it and we never heard about it since then i think this could be explained by an impotent including financial impotence of the academic science then bush's expedition seems
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to have those involved going in circles and so it seems that until concrete evidence is found the discovery of big food remains a big feat. reporting from siberia to and out of some other stories making headlines across the globe marine crews are pumping oil from a leaking container ship that stranded on new zealand's northern island shore about thirty tons of crude have already spilled into the sea after the vessel struck a reef worsening weather is hampering and disrupting the operation its fear of the ship could break up and lead to an environmental disaster. colonel gadhafi his hometown is close to falling under the control of libya's interim government forces but the national transitional council says it will only declare the country's liberation once the city of sirte is finally it is captured heavy civilian casualties being reported thousands of people have been trying to
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escape the bloodshed that they escobar from your time says the media's attention on the battle means it's ignoring the high human part. the only coverage that that you see in western mainstream media corporate media is about the advances of this so-called true revolutionary forces this is not a resolution this is a civil war which was at top to by the nato powers in the us so in terms of decision population searches a city be there more than a hundred thousand of an uncertain if ten thousand level twenty thousand there still most of the civilian population is still there they were bombed by nato nato bomb at least half of the sitting clues in what they said was scouting installations all across town this is the cluster volbeat of our two peak responsibility to protect leaks was theoretically the reason for nato is clear many cerium intervention in libya so if the good guys are being attacked by qaddafi
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forces are to be a plus but if the bad guys are ensconced in seriously for instance r two p. does not apply so in terms of a pocket that you know this beats anything else in the market i'm back with a recap of our top stories at the bottom of the hour but first yulia joins us with business. thanks matt very welcome to the business program swindle us prefer carts to catch up to seventy nine million dollars may disappear on people's plastic and russia by the end of the hand that you're not really over has this account. in the first half of this year russian banks have lost seventy percent more money from illegal credit and debit card operations than in the same period last year and this number is actually very alarming considering that the overall number of operations has increased by just thirty seven percent growth so separately stolen over a billion rubles for
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a private bank account and the forecast is just to one point four billion more before the end of the year experts say most people here fall victim of scamming a method used by criminals to kep today the problem of the medic stripe on the back of a plastic card russian legislation lax measures to protect we thought they stop a crime the maximum punishment for scammers here is two years in prison all the open they managed to get away industry experts point out another reason and that is the banks attempts to save up on transactions safety special keyboard protectors can cost up to fifty dollars per a.t.m. this indeed could make operating a.t.m. change more expensive the banks very soon might have to reconsider their safety policy as with every faucet hundred ninety dollars per cash machine per year for the damage they suffer from skimming might soon exceed the cost of additional safety measures. let's have a look at the markets now world prices are heading up on optimism that to munge by the world's largest consumer we're told off to economic data from the us a late fee as of renewed recession clients which is trading at eighty four dollars
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per barrel while branches hovering at one hundred six dollars a barrel. and in asia japanese markets are closed for a holiday while hong kong's hang seng was flat at the close of play on monday resul stocks were the worst performers that as investors concerns over forty for us and europe step solution sports vs opel over to mom. and european stocks opened slightly high on monday financials again on poached barbarous of europe's troubled banking sector while the sea is point two percent higher why the dax is scaling point two percent as well. in most of my six and the r.t.s. have opened on a post of note home. as of this sound both indices have retreated from earlier games let's have a look at some of the individual share moves on the my six most energy may just have referred us to l.a. games before step down one point three percent bucking the trend as ross telecom companies closed by moscow internet rider fourteen thirty seven million dollars and
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truck maker come on is also off supported by strong first half results if not for profit rose two point seven million dollars against a twelve million net loss last year. while investors took the chance to buy into russia which is last week despite the e.u. use debt was continuing to cost a dark shadow but exxon to rifkin it i've seen metropole says people should start to look to other fundamental stories for investment leads keep track of all four of the stories which are more fundamental you many of the economic situations like for example devaluation of froebel which i have seen a couple of weeks which are beneficial for exporters or when gas companies for example for some of the middle companies i would say to those who have dollar sales and will cost you can also pay attention to companies with more foreseeable pipeline of projects with more foreseeable pipeline of cash a proven u.s. company like ones on the let's say important governmental comfort zone once with
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a transparent business model your business model which will be there anyway isn't terms of crisis or anything else will happen and you will be pretty much close to the consensus of the professional investors you will more listen to it. and one of russia's leading wireless internet providers you go to is such a good cell phone bush just targets already known for its innovative approach to offering new services it hopes to become one of the world's largest four g. provide its business archies michael the company's c.e.o. about listing plans. vs now we don't have this idea at all so we don't want to have to go to ikea right now and the reason for that because we are still in the force of very hyper growth. we don't think that it's right time right now to go to i.p.o. could you tell us how difficult or easy is it doing business in russia russia is a country of opportunity. we are good example of that the course we started our business in may two thousand and seven and nobody believed that it's possible and
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on the market there were but he was talking about it's like it's not meaning and the like you had this opportunity which we which we did i mean now we are but a successful company and i think that the russian market is great. that's all we have time for nor join us for another business some days unless someone else time i'm for sure is check a website archie dot com slash. losing
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the boosts . the so. it's.
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a very warm welcome this is your news today protesters on the. streets they have. ladies and gentlemen the chances to get the status of the human experiment is exploding with. business rap music awards it snows movie zealously trying to make sense of the global economy and it's all changed planes and us financial temples the research scrambling to maintain our confidence in hmong kids and taking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances rhesus. close to collapsing in some foreclosed homes. to fail slip labor sick and sealevel thing is us crashing. just like ultimate in the closet and streaks the i.m.f.
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in close proximity and just programs increase the total economy. wealthy british style holds a spot on the. market . find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on. twelve
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thirty pm in moscow the zero. dozens died hundreds injured in egypt as a peaceful christian march against islamic radicalism descends into the biggest quad. and since the revolution that ousted president mubarak. he used pledge to wipe out homelessness could fail to cross the threshold as financially hard pressed nations target basic social programs to polish the books. holds prime minister in line for a historic reelection as exit polls put the late president's twin brother in second place. first term was in part characterized by warming relations with russia. pakistan or as a dozen al-qaeda linked suspects but that's not seemingly enough for some of the americans in a ten year terrorist hunt accusations that pakistan's a nuclear powered militant safe haven are driving a deeper waged.


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