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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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queen. for many kosovo serbs october starting with nato troops firing at serbian demonstrators in a region torn by decades of ethnic conflict the serbian first deputy prime minister now tells us how the border dispute between serbia and kosovo should be resolved through talks not turmoil. this by the rules there but thank you for joining us today mr dutch h. how do the recent events in the north of course of i characterized the plans of kosovo dorothy's was refund the so-called independence of the region. the latest events in the north of serbia show two facts first that is about to set up customs around what they think is the independent state of kosovo on the other hand they show that there are international unions and a whole number of states that approve pristine is intentions we're facing a situation when international forces deployed in kosovo in fact prestigious needs
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rather than maintain a neutral position this is why serbia opposes this attempt to introduce a customs and administrative line on the border with serbia serbia is all for dialogue and for negotiations i think that kosovo is only making matters worse by addressing other states one i've said many times a serbia is all for a peaceful resolution of the arguments around kosovo serbia also has to take care of its people living in calls about nobody can expect or demand of serbia for any go even to join the e.u. state that it is not interested in saps or that it has no interests and kosovo this is why i said be a demanded a session of the un security council a demand backed by russia but the security council was unable to take a decision it was jus to the resistance of western states who think that the cost of a case is closed so that proclaimed its independence unilaterally those countries agreed
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with it's and now they think there's nothing more to talk about well i think there is there is still room for negotiation and old resolutions must be fan. and if it would a decisive serbian stands leads to another surge of violence against said in a population of kosovo. ultimately increasing the flow of serbian refugees from kosovo is course off but with vets over two hundred thousand serbs moved to serbia from kosovo fleeing nato air raids and the subsequent deployment of nato and kafeel forces at the moment there are some two hundred thousand serbs there and it's crucial for serbia it is a key national interest that they stay in kosovo of course serbia has its red lines that it will never allow pristina to cross for example to use force against its people that which would spur a new wave of conflict and lead to more ethnic cleansing and more refugees serbia has made it known to the international community that his patients cannot be tried
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with attacks against serbia and the kosovo serbs according to the e.u. security council be in place and the serbian army may not be stationed in kosovo on the other hand serbs that constantly being oppressed which may lead to a new wave of ethnic cleansing that's it is very important that peace remains and since said dialogue continues we need to find a way out of the situation where on the one hand there are countries that acknowledge the one sided proclamation of independence and on the other hand there is serbia which does not recognize the push the initiative do you think that the northern part of kosovo my full under-served jurisdiction is not that. this is a position that i've expressed for a long time that i support the historical component of the agreement between serbs and albanians we need to find sharon and confirm and minister to have borders which means that if albanians have the right to say they don't want to be part of serbia and the serbs have the right to say they don't want to live within an independent
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kosovo it's obvious that despite the fact that we all want to live in case in one multi-ethnic civil state there are great contradictions between the albanian and serbian parts of kosovo albanians and serbs have fought for ages over those lands this is why. the only possible solution is to live in peace and put an end to all the problems by either dividing the land in such a way that serbian parts of kosovo remain within serbia or by putting that part under international governance and removing it from the jurisdiction of pristina i think this is the only fast and correct solution requirement of the territory which will forth most nato and e.u. countries have recognized kosovo's independence to what extent can the nato peacekeeping forces and the u. delegated mission be impartial and objective in a situation like this but. it is a delicate and well justified question when you lex was sent to kosovo it
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guaranteed the european union guarantee as well that it would be neutral but the missions recent actions have proved that the reality is from from neutral when the president of unix announces the mission's intention to observe the law because american it testifies today breaching of the neutrality status obligations my experience suggests and i've been in politics for twenty years already the posse ality of big european states is evident they are biased and pursue double standards in their politics unfortunately this is the reality we have to face we have to counter this sad reality or find ways out of the situation because of course the plans of hashem and touchy are actually built around k. four and your legs therefore if serbia poses touchy that means it opposes kafeel and your likes and has to wage war with the breast of the world once again trying to prove that serbia is opposed to the international community all in all i think you're right to say that it is true that we would like for and ulick's to fulfill
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their mission in a more neutral and discreet way. what do you think does the inability of the un security council to pass an adequate resolution of the situation in the north coast of prove. that it is obvious that the countries who have the right. it's a veto support the albanians it's korea and they won't let any resolution brought forward by either serbia russia possibly in any case we don't want the un security council to take our side we only want it to be impartial and to further control the work of the international mission ensure k. full it's neutral and not with the pristina authorities all things considered it is obvious that the security council is in a stalemate position on one hand it cannot pass resolutions that would distress prishtina on the other hand it cannot decide to grant kosovo independence because before such a decision is taken a political solution to the existing problems should be found them and they say
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serbia's stance is no longer relevant it's an important but it is not if they want a peaceful decision of course if the problem of kosovo is to be dealt with efficiently the option of an agreement with serbia has to be considered as it is now a new practice is emerging in international politics any part of a sovereign country is free to or claim its own independence with no regard to the attitude of the country it's plausible pandora's box has been opened and it is still unclear how we should put the lid back into place i think it has to be accomplished by signing an agreement with serbia most of the model do you think the e.u. is in a position to put pressure in serbia in order to make it recognize kosovo's independence. serbia is interested in joining the e.u. this interest lies primarily with the economic sphere on the other hand the e.u. has never told serbia it has to recognize kosovo's independence and the e.u.
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has repeatedly stated it's not going to impose such a decision on serbia but some pressure does exist that this is obvious and it is exercise where minor issues are concerned all this is likely to evolve into direct recognition of course of its independence in the long run this is the issue of come . timms control in the elimination of serbian institutions in the north of kosovo and have saved agrees to do it so it will be virtually an act of recognition of kosovo's independence i believe it is clear that serbia will never sacrifice its national interests for the sake of admission to the e.u. serbia may hold talks with the e.u. on a range of issues like other states on trade quotas political system justice and combating crime fishing issues norway's been discussing with the e.u. but these talks cannot be focused on a part of serbian territory in the agreement one of the preconditions of serving as accession to the e.u. was the arrest an extradition of general right can launch to the hague tribunal
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deserve it think of the legal proceedings see how is the trial going is serbia satisfied with it but pick up witness and go and i think the e.u. has already forgotten about the hague tribunal and the conditions it set for serbia that it should detain let it to end to the union and now kosovo has become a central issue a ground to put pressure on serbia can always be found serbia has handed forty six people over to the hague tribunal all were convicted by it we think the tribunals has based its every decision on the assumption that all serbs are to blame for the problems of x. yugoslavia and most trials that have taken place lately serbs were in the dock it was necessary that my country found nottage this is true but it's also necessary that we prove his innocence in court this should be done in the best interest of the state because such cases has started to cast a shadow over the reputation of the country everyone who committed military crimes should be held responsible but this responsibility cannot be collective it cannot
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be assumed by a whole nation the whole country we have the example of croatia where national heroes generals of the croatian army were convicted and you see that the albanians is seldom among those who have to face punishment for the military crimes they. committed against the serbian population the hague tribunal did not want to hear cases of organ trafficking involving albanians who abuse serbs it's time to ask the question what global picture was the hague tribunal striving to draw of itself and other states of the world the tribunal is perceived as highly partial and discriminatory in serbia and the spy common citizens but despite all this serbia has met the commitments it made. and the last question so kosovo has been a de facto independent state for three years already let's be realistic strong is the possibility that it comes back to become part of serbia once again. we should
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be realists if we want to engage in serious politics we should forsee all possible developments today we have several options the first or pristina option kosovo is independent and has no further interest in serbia whatsoever the second serbian option is stipulated by the serbian constitution kosovo is part of serbia we expect conservation to come back and let us take it under our wings made it the first nor the second option is realistic a compromise should be found i think when searching for a compromise we must consider defining the status of serbs living in the north of kosovo as well as the ministry is and try to regulate the relations between the albanian and the serbian people in general i think this is the best and quickest way to resolve the problem. thank you for the interview mr dutch each to thank you .
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dozens die of hundreds in. in egypt as a peaceful christian march against islamic radicalism descends into the biggest clashes since the revolution that ousted president mubarak. the use promised to wipe out homelessness failed to cross the threshold as financially hard pressed nations targeted basic social programs to balance their books. poland's prime minister and live for a historical reelection as exit polls put the late president's twin brother in second place for this tour was in part by warming relations with russia. and pakistan or as a dozen al qaeda leaders suspects but it's seemingly not enough for america's ten year terrorist i can say actions that pakistan's a nuclear powered militant safe haven drive a deeper way between the country's. former drivers now with the latest in the world of sports so i remember that movie a couple years back samuel l. jackson snakes on a plane but you're going to tell us about sharks on
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a golf course now that sounds like a sequel yet i'm not talking about good plays either there is a course in brisbane where they literally have sharks living in a lake we've pictures from that plus a look at the teeny weeny is on the page and you are paying tools all that and more in a moment. you're watching the sport here and these are the headlines. russian. team can't afford to relax as they prepare for the final you're right qualify against andorra. win a thrilling against a second in the western conference. and super bowl champs green bay in the falcons to stay on in the n.f.l. . but manager dick africa has warned his team haven't reached the european
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championships yet they need just a point against the and or him. asco tomorrow to qualify for next summer's tournament and or have yet to win a game in the group but africa insists his team cannot afford to relax and hopes they've learned lessons from when they narrowly missed out on qualification for the twenty ten world cup russia will be with that this is spend it alexander a new coffin constantine did for the gang whitewash twenty eight year old and he play making it each year is a dag he picked up a knock in the one when i was slovakia's a result which keeps russia two points ahead of ireland at the top of green bay and needing just a draw in their final match to secure a berth at the championships in ukraine and poland now and i talk a scar blew a two goal lead in the third period but still won three to an a penalty shootout against he is scared to go second and make a western conference watching this one was constantine but top off. after the build this and defensive first twenty minutes. broke up finally broke the deadlock in the
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second but it was in the third period that the game really came to life three minutes in double the visitors lead with a wrist shot and then scar fought off waves of protect from this guy as it seemed the visitors would end up the victors but the army man produced a stunning comeback in the last five minutes first alexander who scored one time a seismic short converting penalty and with three minutes to go to other defensemen yako flew up the back home to equalize to all to send the home fans while i the resulting overtime produced no more goals so the game went to shoot out where the action scored against his former team after leaving the goaltender guessing but that wasn't enough it's just car scored twice to claw it three to victory the winning shots make home by feel that a few other up. it's all in the head we have
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a two goal lead and everyone thinks we've got frequence. but he would have to keep playing until the very end with five minutes to go we shouldn't be showing off individual skills but producing good teamwork we'll all study games now in a shoot out so it's not just that dream even game before god we came back tied it and we lost in a shoot over him again now but it just shows the place it's been is going or was that gave us at least. one point is better than nothing scott and i would tide would deny moscow for second place while to stay fifth just two points behind. for a cheap. now in other news russian run a little. has become the first half lead to win the chicago marathon three times in a row it was the thirty fourth time chicago stage the event and over thirty seven thousand runners to pop it was only one person to catch in the women's race. built up a massively over the field and finished in the time it was eighteen minutes and twenty
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seconds that was almost four minutes ahead of runner up. from ethiopia only england's paula radcliffe has run the distance faster and it will probably secure a place on the country's inputs team for the london games with russian selectors picking the team fastest runners between september and the end of the share kenya's moses was up here when the men's event in just over two hours and five minutes. now there's been a further step back for the all blacks at the rugby world cup flyhalf collin slater and mills morley honor have been ruled out for the rest of the tournament they were injured in their quarter final victory over argentina slade who is brought in to replace dan carter is growing by more than a break his shoulder stephen donald and jose gear have been called up as replacements and will join the team on choose day before facing a shreya in the semi's at the weekend meanwhile the all blacks are threatened to skip the twenty fifteen world cup to be held in england claiming the international
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rugby board needs to address concerns about the effects on test match revenues and sponsorships a strategy also supports new zealand stand on a possible boycott the concerns were raised at a meeting of rugby's major nations on monday they also endorsed plans to increase the number of teams at the next town from sixteen to twenty and to play midweek to increase the number of days between matches for second tier sides when england may be knocked out of the rugby world cup but their players continue to be dogged by control of a city center manager to log was formally warned by police and fined three thousand pounds by england rugby officials after jumping from a ferry into all clint harbor he'd already been fined for breaking the commercial regulations by wearing a sponsor gumshield other england plays attracting negative headlines with those who went out drinking in queenstown and three were fined after making lewd comments to a female worker at a hotel in dun eaton. i'll swear super bowl champs the green bay packers remain
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unbeaten in the n.f.l. they had to rally they win their twenty five fourteen win over the atlanta falcons for their fifth win of the season atlanta trying to make up for an embarrassing forty eight twenty one playoff defeat to green bay last season and managed to hold them off in the first half before racing to a fourteen year old lead in the second to get the georgia dome rocking michael turner there with a touchdown but the home fans singing lost their cheer green bay edge their way back to the field goal from mason crosby. and then i connected here with james jones on a seventy yard touchdown to put them ahead greg jennings then stretch the lead to twenty two fourteen swerving a few sacco's after catching rogers right. before flying over before the boot of crosby gave them more daylight atlanta did their best to get back to green bay made sure there was no way three bush intercepting falcons quarterback matt ryan to snuff out any fight back green by winning this one twenty
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five points to fourteen. and that was the sweet victory for the new england patriots they got a thirty points a twenty one win over the new york jets he's not the mac to the playoffs last season and jarvis green that is giving them a seven nearly his first of two touchdowns to get the claw their way back they scored on shaun green's three yard run to trail ten points to seven it was nip and tuck and after deion branch got a touchdown to give the patriots seventeen seven league jeremy kerry got in the end zone to pull the jets to be in seven points. but a second green at least touchdown settled by my age. for twelve games were played on sunday san diego buffalo new orleans and minnesota got the wins there and san francisco got the biggest victory of the night beating tampa bay forty eight three also wins for seattle cincinnati kansas city oakland and pittsburgh chicago
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under troy play monday. another news formula one's newly crowned world champion sebastian vettel is taking a well earned day off today twenty four years old he became the youngest driver to win back to back titles after coming third in japan on sunday vettel started on pole and needed only to finish in the top ten to be crowned champion mathematically the only man who could pip into the title with mclaren jenson button and even though the briton won it says it vettel stay. his red bull into third just behind ferrari's fernando alonso battles red gold saying now head to south korea for the next weekend's race but have given vettel a day off to join his latest success which incidentally him in a million dollar bonus so no wonder it was over well i. was fantastic i mean there's so many things that you want to say in this moment but hard to remember. all of them so. i'm just so thankful to to everyone in the team we've got so many
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people here the track but also in my working day in day out now let's turn to gulf where a marathon playoff was needed to decide the winner of the frys dot com open in california bryce mold edging briney bed after six extra holes to claim his first win on the page in a talk by the pair were tied at seventeen and overall at the end of the final round and it looked like they would never be separated as they kept saying to toe molder looked to be in trouble here on the fourth extra hole but gotten itself out of it in spectacular fashion and then on the six playoff hole he hit it beautiful approach the ball flying one hundred thirty four feet to within six feet of the cup . and that left him with a relatively simple part for birdie which he managed to sink for the title and nine hundred thousand dollars in prize money. and england's least slattery has won the
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madrid masses to his first title on the european tour he started his final round banting though picking up a couple of bogeys but then a run of four birdies from five holes took in three shots clear of the rest almost perfect in there and this effort on the fifteenth was a wonder to behold spinning the ball up hill towards the hole but nerves did creep in on the eighteenth he found the water and then the sand and made it a double bogey part but that was still good enough to victory beating flees the runs or ganguly by a single shot. would finally versus last three got the gist is there he should try playing on this course in australia sharks inhabit a lake on the green floodwater brought them in and when it receded they were left stranded but have started to breed and some are even ten foot long it seems to bother the gulf is too much. rather than the may that search the sport for the moment got the weather coming up next.
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old one is counting the votes off the bottom entry election on sunday it is expected the prime minister both of those party is in line for a second spell of power in a row join us for all the latest details. dozens die hundreds injured in egypt as a peaceful christian march against islamic radicalism descends into the biggest poshest since the revolution that ousted president mubarak. also we explore the chances of be us taking action against pakistan which is depicted by some as a terrorist safe haven with a nuclear arsenal one powerful friend. almost but not quite yet he the hunt for big foot games ground in siberia r.t. joins the experts who say they've found evidence of the slippery snowman. and most could lend your helping hand in solving instead problems find out how in business in about twenty minutes.


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