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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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and a very warm welcome from all of us here in moscow this is a see with me us above our thanks for joining us first twenty five people have died and more than three hundred have been hurt in fierce clashes between coptic christians and security forces in rioting in cairo religious tensions between muslims and christians in egypt have intensified since the fall of hosni mubarak in february what began as a peaceful rally calling for justice attacks on christian churches by muslim extremists quickly turned into the most violent episode since february as revolution military vehicles charge three rounds and plowed into people well troops fired rubber bullets and tear gas the army supreme council has called for a swift investigation into the violence as far as the clashes state media has blamed the christian protesters at least global shiela however if the stance that hypocritical. this is
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a very cynical attempt by the defacto rulers of the country the military to portray a. minority of the population and religious minority as drug makers when in fact all they're doing are trying to seek some justice and overturn institutionalized discrimination that's the. residue from the time of war barak and his policies so this is absolutely cynical kind of the way it's covered by the military council and its media are let's look at what the background that we're looking at here in egypt because some people got carried away after mubarak stepped down and declared their evolution over in fact what we are facing is a popular uprising that was a poor aborted by a military coup leaving pretty much a political and security vacuum in place and that's the context for what's happening in egypt. all the kind of side. involved from the emerging secular
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priorities to the more established parties to the military to. civil administration to as issue administration don't seem to have an awful story due to cold draw the emergence jewishly egypt so there are voices within the rock you are anything is possible at the moment the clashes have come as a surprise to many observers happening eight months since the revolution toppled western dictator mubarak after three decades of his rule and on our website where asking you what you think these recent events indicate and about forty percent of you are sure that it will soon see a regime far worse than that of hosni mubarak while seventeen percent point to a sick terror in rift as the main reason for the violence a fifth of you think egypt's enemies from overseas are in instigating the clashes while the rest of your sure the february revolution is simply not over yet so please share your thoughts with us on our website. in the
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following days of heavy fighting transitional government forces claim to have cornered armed groups loyal to colonel gadhafi in the center of his home town of sirte where they've been putting out fierce resistance meanwhile the deposed leader himself is believed to be hiding in the desert to the south the new regime claims that resistance has been limited to two neighborhoods and an area of about two square kilometers however difficult for track to battle it still forcing civilians to flee with many fearing possible future atrocities by former rebels once they capture the city despite claims from interim government forces there using only light arms times and pickup trucks with heavy weapons were also seen firing in prose gadhafi positions estimate of journalist simon assad told r.t. their spot on said is hurting civilians not ensuring their liberation. i think what's happening in sirte is really quite shocking i mean if you remove yourself from saying i support one side or support the other side what we're seeing is a full scale assault on. you know very densely populated area
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in which civilians are paying a very very heavy price now the reason why this is important is because the whole basis on which nato imposed a no fly zone at the beginning of this conflict was precisely to defend civilians against military attack so now we have if you like the allies of nato doing what their enemies were doing a few months ago and you have to begin to ask where is nato now why is nato not saying these are civilians under attack by a military force we have to stop we have to stop this attack and i think what we're beginning to see is if you like is that on a reemergence of the double standards what's happening in libya now is is to going to be a war crime the attack on sirte is a war crime and i think it has to stop immediately has to be negotiation they have to be allowed to surrender but more importantly i think if they don't surrender their new put the city under siege allow the civilians to flee and they're not and they're not doing this bang clashes continue in syria where opposition supporters
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are falling in the footsteps of egyptian revolutionaries so log on to our web site to find out how russia is trying to help find a way to end the conflict report on the talks with the syrian opposition at r.t.l. com. as anti wall street protests spread wide across the u.s. and crowds swelling new york there's been a huge time from decisions now to last week launched a blistering attack on the campaign is my bloomberg now says that demonstrators can stay in the streets for as long as they want to so they larger numbers have led to police blocking of some major roads in the city around is a call to park including broadway archies marina point nine is in the heart of the big apple but the latest developments. this demonstration that this group occupy wall street has really mobilized a lot of momentum and as far as the protesters value to remain and stay that clearly was the case this past weekend there was bunch of protesters quit camped
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out outside of the new york stock exchange in lower manhattan and one man was arrested because he was sleeping in the walkway entering the new york stock exchange and that was the single arrest but there were so many people down there sleeping outside of it taking part in this demonstration that he only had room to sleep on the wall way before his arrest the demonstrators hung up a sign on the new york stock exchange building that said banks got bailed out we got sold out this weekend we also did see religious groups join this movement members of the christian jewish muslim clergy clergies in new york city joined demonstrators in lower manhattan to support them in this ongoing protest against corporate influence over u.s. politics families were also bringing their young children out there to take part in this ongoing demonstration and there's
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a kickstarter called ethics that has to pay for an occupy wall street journal in times square if just twenty thousand people log on to their website in support of this billboard these demonstrations popping up all across the country in iowa for example thirty two people sort of arrested over the weekend for taking part in an occupied wall street demonstration it's gotten so large that mainstream media in the united states has no choice but to cover it they cannot ignore it anymore and i think the tipping point was the arrest of nearly eight hundred peaceful protesters on the brooklyn bridge but even having said that though even the next day the new york times didn't give that story much room on the front page but now. mainstream publications such as the new york times and still mainstream media outlets in the u.s. are turning their attention to this movement because you know alternative news stations are covering the story it's growing bigger and if mainstream media doesn't
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cover it it's going to be seen as an absolute blackout and too many people at this point in the us too many americans are involved for the mainstream media to simply ignore it any longer and there's more reports of allegedly groundless arrests and christopher greene a blogger and founder of an independent media channel predicts more violence on the streets of american cities as much as spread from coast guards there is going to be some kind of mortar dome in the near future we are going to see violence or rob we could argue that we already have the violence in this country with the police pepper spraying protesters with you know innocent teenage women and the you know what tone the you know on kiro this is what the alternative media showcasing right now again this is a revolution this is this is a change in psychology this is male dilution in human consciousness the people are waking up and we're demanding change this is no different from what we saw overseas in the middle east and northern africa the revolution has now come to the united states of america. blogger christopher greenberg and artie's correspondents will
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make sure you can get all the latest details around the clock so to follow what they're saying right as it happens check out our twitter streams at r.c. underscore com and also r.t. underscore america and in some of her tweets kathleen o. says people in new york have been arrested just for drawing in chalk on the asphalt find out the latest on the protests that r.t. underscore. russia is ready to give a helping hand to the debts tricking the euro zone according to a presidential aide arkady dvorkovich and he also said moscow is ready in principle to considering buying spanish debt bonds but only when euro zone leaders develop a concrete and clear strategy to exit the crisis after which the brics group of nations could also help if required and an e.u. economic crisis summit has been delayed by a week to allow more time for a strategy to be worked out archie's talk about the details. of this news comes from the presidential economic aide who said there have been meetings recently
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focusing primarily on spain in those meetings a raise the possibility of russia being able to buy some of spain's debt and so provide extra help for the debt crisis he also said that of the brics countries brazil russia india china and south africa could try and help economically with the use economic woes but there is a big but it relies on the e.u. coming up with a clear plan to try and contain the debt crisis that is currently sweeping across the eurozone we all know about the problems in greece italy and spain credit ratings have recently been downgraded again raising fears of major debt problems there so russia says it's true it's too early at the moment to talk about any concrete plans to start buying up spanish debt we want to see a unanimous first. greece remains the epicenter of the u.
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debt crisis of international credit it's still finalizing talks on whether to hand athens another cash injection as a lifeline bailout dr richard wellings from the institute of economic affairs says that quick fixes such as a bailout will only make the situation worse and make ordinary you citizens pay for the crisis. eventually if the bailouts current going up and up lights are on the mind even the most powerful economies in europe such as france and germany so basically i don't think this is the answer politicians and bureaucrats main their main priority is to avoid taking the blame so what they're doing is just taking the can down the road i do think german public opinion is hardly and of course german taxpayers all german so that the people who the real victims of these these quick fixes so when the european central bank prints money to to make an official buy allows to stay in italy as it has been of course people will savings in your eyes they're the ones who suffer from but. the problem is that german taxpayers are going to be on the whole for not just greece but potentially all the other southern
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european countries so really the only long term solution is an orderly dissolution of the eurozone probably starting with grace. meanwhile another failed european bank is being bailed out with dexia bank getting four billion euros from the belgian government which is to take it over france and luxembourg god to join the brussels government in providing guarantees of ninety billion euros to underwrite the banks. the european central bank refuses to allow any banks fail in the euro zone a stance of forcing taxpayers to pick up the bill for institutions which are so and so rotten belgium became part owners of the bank in two thousand and eight providing it with a moment six billion euros of a bailout that more international news in brief now if you. e.u. mediator in kosovo dialogue is said to me to course of our representatives after holding talks with officials in belgrade robert cooper helping to reassume resume
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rather an exchange between the size that had ground to hold following a violent incident at the course of the serbian border last month at least eleven people wondered after ethnic serbs clashed with nato peacekeepers who tried to disperse protesters against kosovars attempt to take over two border crossings. american deep sea exploration company has discovered a ship reportedly filled with twenty tons of silver in the north atlantic the vessel is said to be the remains of a ship which sank during the first world war after being told paedo by a german submarine the silver contained on board is worth an estimated twenty million dollars a recovery expedition is due to start next spring. pakistan has the rest of the dozen al qaeda linked suspects that follows increasing pressure from the us which accused the country of sheltering terrorists and while officially to see eye to eye on many issues some in washington are ready to support action against islam about as graner trick our report. the drums of war beating loud and clear
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washington calls pakistan a safe haven for terrorists we cannot hear the news coming across the border attacking our forces attacking afghanistan and afghanistan he said and then disappearing back into a safe haven. economy network for one acts as a veritable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency pakistan is furious over the accusations calling them unsubstantiated and saying that washington came very close to losing a major ally in its war on terror if you talk about links i'm quite sure c.e.o. says things that many terrorist organizations around the world which by which we mean intelligence things over the last ten years pakistan has repeatedly compromised its own sovereignty to help the americans in their operations the u.s. while chasing down suspected terrorists has been bombing pakistan with drones on
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a regular basis the strikes have killed thousands of civilians use of going attacks is not against our sovereignty it is also counterproductive it's the people that we want to build as friends in this buy to them after the latest threats from washington fearing an even tougher assault thousands of pakistanis angrily rallied to say enough is enough for these people the us is a hostile power it's china that they see is a friend in the americans in this one instance have hen did over a major hearts and minds victory to the chinese in pakistan in spring china officially notified washington that any attack on pakistan will be seen as an act of aggression against beijing the pakistani prime minister praised his country's relations with china calling them quote higher than mountains deeper than oceans stronger than steel and sweeter than honey washington on the other hand seems to have mastered the art of alienating friends with pakistan. taking america's
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accusations that they support terrorists as a way to shift the blame for the failure of u.s. policies on pakistan but the blame game may blow up into full scale aggression if the experts believe that we need to elevate our response they will have a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill u.s. lawmakers have already signaled that if there is the will for tough action against pakistan they'll support it and when washington says the words safe haven for terrorists that's what you expect top faction and if it does happen pakistan could be the new afghanistan but with china as a friend and nuclear bombs at hand sounds like a deadly combination for the united states i'm going to check out reporting from washington our team. unfound unfounded rising fear and curiosity and equal measure evidence of the existence of big fish remains elusive however they hunt for the yeti shows no sign of ending as oh she's mary
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a few notion and took part in a siberian expedition to a trunk down the edge and. the yeti also known as big food snowman whole sasquatch has been exciting scientists and enthusiastic from all the world for more than a century but explorers have never had enough evidence to determine that this her parent lead gigantic creature is more than just a big legend these beautiful mountainous forests in russia siberia are among the few places on earth thought to be roamed by yetis and this is where the scientists from around the globe have come for the largest expedition of its kind since the nineteenth fifties to set out what's never been done before to finally catch the creature. but first we go to get blessing from baselines indigenous inhabitants and the least their spiritual support.
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shaman and dashed doesn't have any doubts i'm not sure i can tell you that but yes he does exist encouraged we continue our journey the path goes through impassable tiger thicket in the hunt for the evidence every minor detail becomes important ranch is twisted like this is believed to be a key clue to the his existence the scientists say it could not have been done by enemies as they don't have hair and or fingers to do and humans cannot do it this way either as they are just not strong enough to do for we go into the forest the more so cold markers we come across to the guards in the middle of a virgin tiger forest are also high interest the participants of the expedition are saying it's not just wind falling trees the branches they say could have been put in this way deliberately by someone and other stroke of luck we meet a local who says he saw
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a tall man like harry creature nearby thanks for saying it. there's a very high to me to get over there in the cave and shelter or at least discover some traces of these critters so let's go there. and sure enough the clues emerge there is what seems to be a bit of a told me feel like you believe this is just for the pretty certainly not a bad the scientists agree while remaining cautious of jumping to conclusions but this is a beautiful surface for the future for tracking and there's only one interesting when you're certain that you were right there. to the right. bigfoot playing hopscotch sure would like to see a left foot. best the left one has never been discovered and celebrations are put on hold these are the real thing or they're convenient props to make every new story but i wouldn't be quick to determine which of those two alternatives is the
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truth without further. study that'll take a while could provide cost iran proof of the yet is existence but there are plenty here who want to be held in their breath. even if you bring them snow men dead or alive the skeptics will say that's a pathology or a mutation i think this could be explained by an impotent including financial impotence of the academic science. them bush is expected to have those involved going in circles and so it seems that until concrete evidence is found the discovery of big food remains a big feet. reporting from siberia. that as long as assad next one else he. said that deputy prime minister it said gave the view from belgrade on the dispute which has recently erupt again on the normal course of a border. is
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by the rules that were thank you for joining us today mr dutch h. how do the recent events in the north of course of our characterized the plans of course a month or a tease to return the so-called independence of the region. the latest events in the north of serbia show two facts first that pristine is about to set up customs around what they think is the independent state of kosovo on the other hand they
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show that there are international unions and a whole number of states that approve dina's intentions we're facing a situation here when international forces deployed in kosovo in fact serve pristine is needs rather than maintain a neutral position this is why serbia opposes this attempt to introduce a customs and administrative line on the border it with serbia serbia is all for dialogue and for negotiations i think that kosovo is only making matters worse by addressing other states when i've said many times that serbia is all for a peaceful resolution of the arguments around kosovo serbia also has to take care of its people living in calls about nobody can expect or demand. of serbia for any goal even to join the e.u. to state that it is not interested in serbs or that it has no interests in kosovo this is why i said be a demanded a session of the un security council
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a demand backed by russia but the security council was unable to take a decision it was jus to the resistance of western states who think that the kosovo case is closed kosovo proclaimed its independence unilaterally those countries agreed with its in now what they think there's nothing more to talk about well i think there is there is still room for negotiation and all resolutions must be fat . and if it would a decisive serbin stance leads to another surge of violence against serbian population of course of all ultimately increasing the flow of serbian refugees from kosovo is course but with. over two hundred thousand moved to serbia from kosovo fleeing nato air raids and the subsequent deployment of nato and k. four forces at the moment there are some two hundred thousand serbs there and it's crucial for serbia it is a key national interest that they stay in kosovo of course serbia has its red lines
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that it will never allow pristina to cross for example to use force against its people that which would spur a new wave of conflict and lead to more ethnic cleansing and more refugees serbia has made it known to the international community that is patients cannot be tried with attacks against serbia and the kosovo serbs according to the security council said be in place and the serbian army may not be stationed in kosovo on the other hand serbs are constantly being oppressed which may leads to a new wave of ethnic cleansing that's it is very important that peace remains and sincere dialogue continues we need to find a way out of the situation where on the one hand there are countries that acknowledge the one sided proclamation of independence and on the other hand there is serbia which does. recognize the push dina an initiative which feels most nato and e.u. countries have recognized kosovo's independence to what extent can the nato peacekeeping forces and the utility admission be impartial and objective in
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a situation like this but. it is a delicate and well justified question when you lex was sent to kosovo it guaranteed the european union guaranteed as well that it would be neutral but the mission's recent actions have proved that the reality is from from neutral when the president of ulick's announces the mission's intention to observe the laws of kosovo it testifies to their breaching of the neutrality status obligations my experience suggests and i've been in politics for twenty years already the partiality of big european states is evident they are biased and pursue double standards in their politics unfortunately this is the reality we have to face we have to counter this sad reality or find ways out of the situation of course the plans of hashem touchy actually built around k four and ulick's therefore if serbia poses tetchy that means it opposes k four and you lex and has to wage war with the
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rest of the world once again trying to prove that serbia is opposed to the international community all in all i think you're right to say that it is true that we would like for and to fulfill their mission in a more neutral and discreet way. one of the preconditions of serving as accession to the e.u. was the arrest and extradition of general rotten ladish to the hague tribunal what does serbia think of the legal proceedings how is the trial going is serbia satisfied with it but. i think the e.u. has already forgotten about the hague tribunal and the conditions it set for serbia that it should detain let it to end to the union and now kosovo has become a central issue a ground to put pressure on serbia can always be found serbia has. handed forty six people over to the hague tribunal all were convicted by it we think the tribunal has based its every decision on the assumption that all serbs are to blame for the problems of x. yugoslavia and most trials that have taken place lately said in the dog it was
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necessary that my country found this is true but it's also necessary that we prove his innocence in court this should be done in the best interest of the state because such cases have started to cost a shadow over the reputation of the country everyone who committed military crimes should be held responsible but this responsibility cannot be collective it cannot be assumed by a whole nation the whole country we have the example of croatia where national heroes generals of the croatian army were convicted and you see that the albanians as seldom among those who have to face punishment for the military crimes they committed against the serbian population the hague tribunal did not want to hear cases of organ trafficking involving albanians who abuse serbs it's time to ask the question what global picture was the hague tribunal striving to draw of itself and of the states of the world the tribunal is perceived as highly partial and
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discriminatory in serbia at least by common citizens but despite all this serbia has met the commitments it made. thank you for the interview mr dutch h. but thank you. wealthy british. markets. really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at mobile financial headlines.
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and again this is a quick check of the headlines. with twenty five three hundred injured egypt's military rulers order and into the deadly its rise in cairo's of the revolution and fierce clashes between christians and security forces. aren't able straight onto a craze the pressure has got a pace spread to other countries while demonstrators accuse police so blueboy time takes on making ground. as european leaders work against the clock to try to save the u.s. from becoming disaster russia says it could help full training as an economy. and scientists from all over the world food for the yeti in siberia be hunted.


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