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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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seeing from the streets of canada last. hope for a show today. if you're just joining us a very warm welcome to you this is on tonight from moscow and our breaking news for you ukraine's ex prime minister is sentenced to seven years in jail for abuse of power when signing gas contracts with russia has fallen clashes between yulia timoshenko supporters you've got the courtroom and the police. going east moscow and beijing corporation as china becomes the first country. run for the presidency next year russia's prime minister has called a couple already signed deals worth seven billion dollars so. i know america's
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protest in boston a fierce response from the police who reportedly war veterans taking part in a peaceful rally the movement that started in new york continue to bring gulf a growing number of us so. it's hard to stay with us here and out here now it's a time for spotlight. oh yeah and welcome to talk like the end from now on i think i'll bring our friend today my guest on the show is. more than four decades ago in czechoslovakia the so-called prague spring case it was a period of political liberalization which ended up with invasion of the warsaw pact armies into the country besides being important to history the prague spring
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was also a breakthrough for one of the most renowned photographer of the twentieth century yas a good elf that photograph the invasion and the resistance and today he's here to share his experience. as a kook is considered one of the doctors of modern times started his career by turning his glance on the gypsies in slovakia and romania later for the strong landscape photography he is best known work is on the song the invasion of czechoslovakia nineteen sixty eight it was published in the british army times magazine under the pen name. is art regolith popular an award winning photographer . welcome to the show a good reminder mushroom. that's out now this is going to but there's
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a travelogue in france they say. in english so you can call what i was. very hard for me being a russian church national about the events of nine hundred sixty s. even after all these years well. you know you all right with the russian. after forty years of you know it's very hard for me to. in fact. before going to moscow it's not my first time in the school. before going to moscow but they him me here for eight years so before going to moscow i was the thing which i was most afraid not to get emotional. because still. it is a very close to my heart. because because. all the fish were would run this invasion in prague in tricks like you was about but by the socialist countries
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by the countries of the of the war so probably but actually it was led by the soviet army and most of the soldiers were russians of course the holiday doesn't i would like you to excuse me because in the bust of time saying russians russians so i would i apologize to all the viewers if i say russian what they really mean soviet union soldiers who were little it was a different country and yours was a different country and ours was a different country as a matter of fact today well the face of europe has changed and there's no more socialist countries on the face of you could we say that actually your country czechoslovakia was and your people were the first to spark this change to start the process is a true. i can't go gamble that you know i was never interested in the politics. and i was living in trailers. and it was similar
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in their show. before sixty eight nothing was possible and suddenly in sixty eight everything's up of the person i mean literally even even people who are not interesting well it certainly involve so i can't talk about these what was really happening it doesn't interest me much but there were so happy products to bring happen because suddenly i can say what they wanted to say it was the poorest through the years later thirty years later would go but yes i can tell you that i in one thousand eight hundred nine i couldn't go back to czechoslovakia but i was invited to come to russia to photograph but history. so i was it was in in front the law. people are saying i was walking around moscow quite a few being arrested because they photographed something where they didn't supposed
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to photograph but exactly i would say it was probably something similar so you did find things things in common even even being just a photographer a known political absolute well actually more than forty years ago russian tanks and tanks of the socialist countries rolled into czechoslovakia to put an end to the country's reforms this is what. we need. spring nineteen sixty eight was exceptional in the history of what was then known as chapters of a care though the country was dominated by the soviet union and the red of liberalization was taking place the czechs on the slovaks were anticipating a milder more democratic version of the soviet regime the reformist alexander do puke had just come to power huge the communist party's grip on the country granting citizens agree to freedom of expression the reforms home of the one not received
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well by the soviet union a series of negotiations followed but you were so sore as leader leonid brezhnev wasn't satisfied with the results eventually on the twenty first of all the troops from five warsaw pact countries and to join us live eight here soviet tanks were deployed in the streets of the capital prague during the uprising seventy two chacon slovak civilians were killed and later on a group of moscow citizens held a protest on red square against the invasion demonstrators were arrested in lean upon ishtar the soviet invasion put an end to this showed period of liberalization in czechoslovakia which had to wait a further twenty years to be read of this sort of intrusion. you graduated from university back in one thousand nine hundred sixty one and you got a diploma will engineer the same here when you graduated you you actually
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organize your first as a bishan of your photographic works this it means that there then when you were a young graduate you already wanted to be a professional photographer or it was never like a harley i still don't consider myself to be a professional killer. is still i think i'm a much of it that you make money. yes i'm a living from. your professional. i think it depends on how you look at it ok so let's say i live from difficult. but i still consider myself to have the same life all these feet and start full of so so would you consider yourself making really both photography but thought they can but since you know which are like for example agatha christie's poor role this network will they weren't professional detectives they were amateurs. you know what in fact
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what they wanted since say that. none of us engine in a study or in engineering i started to make for us. to make for good because something was interesting and we developed great a lot of the photography which is lucky enough plus things go today so that's what i want to say that in fact i am still the same man who started photographing fifty years ago wasn't he you were and they're mature for governor for ok in the sixty's and when when these reforms when this previous troika in czechoslovakia started why were you interested in photographing these events you said you were not political i was not i was not. really interested in the politics of course but i can tell you hold it happened i never thought of as
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a photographer before any news. i never photographed any newspaper. i never thought any story but it happened something that one day i came back from a room and the other. and next night my girlfriend called me and they said russians are here. she called me three times because i thought i didn't believe my soul she was drunk that was at four o'clock in the morning you know and finally when she said open the window and listen i opened them in though i could hear the plane flying very i don't know five minutes so i realized something was happening. any has it. these are thinking about politic result think i just i pick my camera pick my films and i get on the streets. and i started.
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i thought that it was important. because i was czech because my country. and it concerned me directly. and suddenly because what was happening you know there are photographs everywhere there are so many things happening and it was so easy to photograph. you turn around and picture was there i have to peter's i'm not sure if these pictures are here there's no picture of the no beach original against the tank opening is the second picture which is very good picture two young men is the flame which is probably thirty seconds that one. after one after the second. so it was incredible and i think you know for me for me the biggest the most interesting thing is that i was not the man who forgot the news but suddenly this what i did become
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classical example of the reporter this consider this is. a lot of people with cameras on the streets. that there were not many people of his that come in. and of course the russian soldiers they have the order to prevent they could telegrams. to destroy to come at us or take um or a celeb and the shooter after the forty they probably didn't shoot him but if you hear shooting behind you you don't bother much he was a preacher you were in a way. there are but. you know i think. like my picture might be better than some other ones and definitely more complete and by that different that the pictures of all these professional photographers paint that. i think because i was it was my problem it was my
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how again a welcome to spotlight i'm out of and here in the studio with me today i have a target for just could dunk just as you said that your pictures the pictures that you took the crocs printing in the back nine hundred sixty eight probably then pictures taken by professionals from from the agency what a lot of people the courage to get into chancellor ikea for a from a professional agency yes but they probably they didn't have it like like me because i was the first on the spot. and it further and further the first day was the most interesting. only certain pictures in fact my picture was. being published in intel yeah i guess you know there's a look i ration soldiers look on what was going on in the streets because i was
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standing just next to the soldiers he said that the russian soldiers even could shoot in the direction of people taking pictures so it could have been very dangerous was it would. lessen i saw people being killed but i know there are russian soldiers and they. you know they could of course when when your tank is burning and you are only is the gun you can start to short it is clear and there are dissipation and then learn a lot of shooting but of course people are shot you you are talking of. burning so the world does that mean that the resistance against invasion world was very strong and i mean the czechs and slovaks were very serious about fighting back. you
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know. they didn't have a chance there they understood that they didn't have any chance you know i can talk to you all about. the relates and some of them but on and off the because the product is not czechoslovakia impact is not moscow all i can call tell you and my pictures are showing i publish this book in eleven countries and my book. is published also in the russian and it showed what was happening in the center of the broken seven base. how did you manage to smuggle your pictures abroad because after after the invasion the regime was there were was a very strict soviet regime no water is troika no one liberal so it probably was hard for you to to to to get your pictures and look at so. you know. all these events in sixty eight. there was really like it.
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that i wake up early there was the first. of all these pictures that. nobody state my feelings but i really i didn't this is the aim to publish. i developed my films only one month or two months later and then i started to make those little prince i was showing them my friends and i left some of them is my friend then came czechoslovakia came somebody one curator of the photography from washington smithsonian institute. and he saw them. he asked if he can take six with them so my friend called me as to give it to him. and then he was friend of yours who in that was president of my not long for.
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he saw these pictures he was very interested then in these beaches so he sent a message to. ask him to photograph as mahdi's pictures and if i wouldn't be willing to send then i got i said no no i don't. want to have them i don't want to go solo and finally they convinced me that magnum is the he was from my you know mugging on the agency's sirus organisation. which you bet i don't need to be afraid so that somebody else came for some different reason which i don't know whether he was the doctor for medical con congress and he got this old smuggling anyway yeah but what was the reaction in prague your reaction your friends. your photographs your pictures started to be published all around the world that all the world publications know. nobody saw them really so you know he didn't know about it now in fact the only thing the whole way you. and of all my
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pictures the governor used to us on the free of voice of america somebody here they knew was then i known him was check for those who have received the call and mail and take up our prize for his picture. and by chance therefore first anniversary in august. i was in this group my theory group which i photograph they play many chicle and they came to play pool and. what happened one sunday i get on and everybody was looking in the magazine so i looked through the magazine was full of my photographs but of course i couldn't tell them never my photo so so so so so all the time when your pictures were published in the anonymous church for granted not only all the time. i
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my pictures are very not published was on my name for sixteen years mainly for a reason that i still have good funnelling trickle slovakia and of course they could have problems with when you decided to immigrate to leave it wasn't for political reasons what did you get a good job offer for money. i didn't know anything about money don't accept me that i knew that they they got their knickers so as not not at all and i know it was not for political reasons but was probably the main reason the us and probably you can understand it because you are younger than me but i was afraid. i was afraid they're going to learn who is this proud of her who all these pictures from praxis. and even a new i went to jail really and as good as those to jail that
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people read. of much simpler things here and the charge would have been smuggling pictures yes i thinks no ill will for the group no a charge would be. saying something bad about a course like you and country yes well in fact i was very happy that for sixteen years i didn't say in the speech of way my name and the arguments you had become i became known by some different sort of which are mainly gypsy pictures and not by these pictures was it a difficult decision for you and it was a difficult actually to get out from the room it was a very difficult but under difference of what you said how did you manage what you said the regime didn't change s. quickly as they wanted you know one day russian came and but all these people in the ministry. in the gypsy good rule which you needed to get at the recommendation
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and they stayed there. so the story selita longer but maybe we don't have the time and truth to tell it. but you left you firmly back interest regularly for the first couple of years a little bit during your years no no no your family. my thought my my parents. and i was not able to see through them. you know when you come to prague these days do you see from a different angle what what what i mean the city the people the country i after after so many years you spent abroad you know. exile it gives you. a serious. can be bad for some people i have written the book which is called exiles which is not above the people who are in the exam but people it'll all side
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of the society and just love milage. who is the nobel prize writer polish. to. he said exile kill but if doesn't kill you makes you stronger and exerted gives you one possibility to start your life from the scratch you live in a moscow you come every day here they know who you are influence you can change from one day to lead in a you suddenly you are you get in somewhere and nobody knows anything you have your host burned on now you have to start your life you ask about the crowd going to crack the others by the present which give you and give you possibly if you are lucky enough i was lucky enough that after twenty years could go back that you get back. and you are able to
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look on everything what you knew all the different and different mine and i get too proud. every day i took three four five streets alone i walk alone and i was looking for the first contrary we train new perfect. do you know the home in prague. apartment in prague i had i have two apartments no when the. fact that in the communist summer in parents we have still have a study on when they got in and then. i can say that i was not liking planes all subhuti are for a very different and against place but i look on these good people. very different. i can tell you i have this new place but
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if i come there if i open the door singapore i like i think it's fantastic but if a leaf i'm not sorry to leave it i'm going to have it anyway when you come you know it's a visitor you coming home when you come to prague is atrocious i would correct you what is the home for me the whole east. river you. thank you thank you very much for being with us and i hope moscow will be your home for the next couple of days later in life by just a reminder that my guest today was yours that could help to photograph the soviet invasion into czechoslovakia back in ninety six teams and that's it for now from all of us here if you are yourself probably might have someone in mind to i mean preview next time just drop me a line of al green of party t.v.'s darts are you so let's keep the spotlight
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interactive back with more time to come and tell me what's going on in and around first question until then stay on r.t. can take thank you very much to the project.
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