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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we've got be downs in bean counter this is police in riot gear arrest hundreds of peaceful protesters in boston right in washington d.c. it was a different story law enforcement officers showing capitol kindness to protesters and freedom square so what's with these different approaches taken by police. for the society represents all the reasons why people are coming out there. trying to make friends and she's no different traveling from los angeles to new york to try to fix the broken system so as this young woman learns her time and talent to improve america and these faces of occupation really repair the damage caused by
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wall street. is not against our so religious also counterproductive it's the people that we want to build as friends in this fight against terrorism so as launching to beat the drums of war is the u.s. turning an ally into an enemy when it comes to pakistan and could pakistan be the next afghanistan we'll talk to former cia intelligence officer michael scheuer. it is tuesday october eleventh five pm in washington d.c. and christine for example you're watching r.t. i want to go straight to a look at the latest in the movement to occupy wall street and go not to wall street this time but to boston massachusetts for one of the biggest crackdowns by police so far took place over night.
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more than one hundred people were arrested after one o'clock in the morning but hundreds of boston in transit police officer some of them in riot gear surrounded the group and do we square park protesters say officers were down their tents started handcuffing people and made no distinction between protesters medics and legal observers apparently several members from the group veterans for peace were among those arrested again this was one of the largest crackdowns by police since the occupy wall street protest began nearly a month ago and we want to just lay out for you what it looks like from the front lines in terms of police action this video of course from new york city from last week of officers using their batons to try to keep protesters from crossing police barriers and then here once again that video from overnight in boston the police action here resulted in those camps being torn down and more than one hundred arrests. take a look at this this is from yesterday
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a freedom father right here in washington d.c. i was down there two officers with the national park service came in their hats smiling protesters here actually had permits to camp over the weekend and despite those permits expiring all seems to be just fine with minimal police activity here . part of this could have to do with a lawsuit involving do you think police hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out a priest he fired over the treatment of people protesting the world bank and international monetary fund whatever the reason i want to talk more about this so let's now go to jason praimnath i did her and publisher of open needy and often he was that the occupy boston protesters all night and i have more on what happened on the ground there jason thanks for joining us on you know we just showed some of the video but paint a picture of what you and others were doing you know when those police showed up very early this morning really spread the word of god out. of boston circles that bus were going to go down late evening last night so
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a number of us you know publications specially made the call to go down there and witness what was happening and reported for the world so i was on the scene by quarter past midnight and we waited around what i saw was the two camps the first camp was started and do we square in boston on september thirtieth surrounded by at least three hundred occupiers who were linking arms and had made the barricades to prevent police entry and then the new camp that they had founded yesterday afternoon interestingly the the second camp was founded during a student march an unprecedented student march of over two thousand students that were on the other side of the city trying to cross the charlestown bridge being blocked by police at that moment and late afternoon yesterday camp two was founded and the police were caught off guard and respect so that second camp which is adjacent to the jewish quit kept in an unnamed park and i can see exactly where it is it's a quarter of the congress in atlantic and it's also why it's bordered by purchase street and pearl street and it was also surrounded by about three hundred occupiers
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who had also linked arms and we have pictures that you've seen video of that and then about one twenty we began to see police vehicles arrive on the scene boston scouts had already found the concentrations of. police and at least three locations within two or three blocks of the site and ten minutes later. the park was surrounded not a very large park by police in maryland by transit police interesting the and state police the boston police themselves went in from the pearl street side and began doing what you could kind of see an obviously grainy videos and photos that everyone was shooting in the chaos and they started see what you know throw people on their stomachs and and tied them with plastic cuffs and then arrest them and they also arrested as you said legal observers including the head of the national lawyers the legal legal team and medics and then the veterans many of whom are highly decorated veterans of american military actions and wars over the last fifty
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years thirty years and you're describing it seem to us here out people in a park linking arms kind of just standing their ground and then police come in and throw them on our stomachs that's right yeah yeah yeah they were they were ordered to leave or face arrest they'd already been warned and then police began doing that especially from the special operations unit which is i guess our equivalent of a swat team you may have heard of swat so what was of course that was the reason then given in terms of why this camp had to be broken out. well the only thing came in and handed out flyers a few hours earlier and warned everybody really the political establishment in boston and nationally is starting to get nervous about this growing movement and it is growing for viewers in europe certainly in eastern europe it would be apt to call this our prague spring ok in american terms this is this is our chicago sixty eight all over again young people are are up in arms about the situation in society
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about their inability to make a living of their they're afraid of the future they don't like the paths that american political and economic leadership are taking us down and they're out there and they were told though that the reason that they were being forced out of this second encampment was simple trespass essentially that they shouldn't be in the park after eleven and that the mayor just wasn't going to let them camp in a second place although i should point out the first camp wasn't touched it was the second camper all the action happened and there's the want to allow extension of the camp the mare's not many you know thomas menino is not thrilled with the first camp although he's tolerating that he says for the moment but he feels that he's not going to accept civil disobedience of the type we saw last night is not going to skip except. expanding the camp i you know of course i don't know what he's going to be able to do about this because people are flocking to the banner of occupy boston as they are the occupy wall street movement all over the united states i thought i probably interview with the mayor you just mentioned he said
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he's not going to tolerate civil disobedience he does say he he agrees with a lot of your and other protesters grievance but he can't tolerate tolerate it specially when it gets in the way of people trying to get to work trying to get to their jobs i think more jobs as one of the main demands of many people angry at law three i'm wondering what you can say to the mayor and to others if you are indeed getting in the way of people trying to get to work or first of all that's not really true i mean there are actions. throughout the day every day coming out of the occupy boston site but they're generally scheduled to be in advance police are informed police escort the protesters they block out the appropriate streets the protesters move quickly and it's not any significant to tie up especially during rush hour so that's that's just that's not i don't think that's an acceptable argument when what we're talking about here is basic rights so freedom of speech freedom of assembly the rights of protest which are have you know history going
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back to our constitution the united states this is protected speech is protected activity and this is something if i may say editorially speaking you know that it's long past time for in this country and understandably the political establishment is concerned about this perhaps even frightened of it but i think that they have to realize that unless there is a change unless the working families of the united states can get a fair deal and can trust our government again these protests are going to continue and so the government has to ask the question whose side are they on are they on the people side or the are they on the side of wall street of the elites james and you compare this to prague spring to chicago sixty eight you also say that on it will continue and tell people start getting a fair deal but can you be more specific in terms of what were the old will come out of this that will make it memorable for the children and grandchildren of the future generations to look back on this i mean of course we are still in our early stages being the first that this is going on but what do you foresee if the
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protesters get at least some of their demands met will change and will change about this country well things have already changed because essentially these protests are pulling the american debate on on a variety of issues in a more progressive direction you know and even when you see republican presidential candidates being forced to mention the protests whether whether they were you know whether they're positive or not they're generally not that's a big change considering how far right the debate has been. i think over the last many years and let me say somebody politically on the left myself that the political left in this country is quite large but has been buried in the public debate which is the fault of the media which does have the freedom. to show how a large progressive political views how much how much purchase they often many people believe in them how many polls show that they do but it but it also you know it's it's also the fault of the political establishment for making it clear that
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they're not interested in these views being expressed you say the voices of the left have been buried on assuming that at least one thing you're referring to is that buried by some of the voices on the other side certainly that we've been hearing. really came into office and for president first came in and i don't care half let's talk really quick about this analogy people are making and i'm hearing it all over this being sort of an answer to the tea party or do you agree with her and i'd say this is the real tea party you know this is the party of no i mean it's hard for me to give you specific you know effects of cancer early stage other than what i've already said but it's clear that not only is this the voice of a generation that's the choice of working americans because so many of the protesters are in fact you know they're not you know they're you know people who are in you know union workers workers of all kinds of you see a lot of unemployed and underemployed folks you know older people retirees that are afraid that president obama was elected to defend and ideally expand
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a social safety net like social security medicare is in fact starting to destroy that remnants of a once great social safety net so people of all ages are afraid and they're taking positive action which is very difficult to do when they're when they're disenfranchised from the political system today so i mean i think that you know it's a conference franchise mint and you know i do believe that we're going to see some positive change whether it's enough. to placate again this growing and vibrant movement i cannot say occupy wall street in boston the real tea party according to jason praimnath editor and publisher of open media often thanks so much thank you. and thinking with occupy wall street new york of course the birthplace of this movement but it's not just a movement they're a group of people say they want real change in this country and their demands are starting to even be shown around the world r.c. correspondent on the stasi a church going to take
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a look at one of the faces in the crowds who's helped to get other faces in the crowd shown on t.v. screens across the globe. i don't know if they had some that say go down during the week and really protest when the bankers are around but you know why this to me lebron james herriot they have now camped out near wall street for over three weeks it's a joke to start a party and they're going to end user trying to have burning man building price goes out accused of being chaotic uneducated teenage things in reality it's the old and the young and those in between who are out on the streets all of the people here are different walks of life while some of the media try to present that shall not every piece of the bullshit punch the facts i've heard there were too many from texas thirty one year old katie david some study political science in college and is now filmmaker volunteering at the council media center her family lived the american dream until the recession broke it i just look at what happens in the world are obvious like everybody i know is anxious depressed victims of something
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jobless tiling you know and it's like to me there's an element of the birth of society represents all the reasons why people are coming together and. trying to make. this is to katie and other occupiers is the beginning of a true revolution i definitely feel like this is what i've been working for my life now i've got something. better. recently demonstrating the occupy wall street movement gets accused of not having one clear message if you are on a subway car what's happening for people and you ask them all you know what problems you have with your government you would probably have a list of a hundred different demand would pull over many concerns their messages the seeing the american system needs fixing the one percent didn't just reject the protests of face value they would see that the group wants change that could be good for
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everyone instead he says right now where seat from the one percent of our. i got the graphics were. if i remember my work i would be nervous and i think a lot of things like getting a bar. that like on the day of the brooklyn bridge that was kind of shows that there is a reaction from the white resigned from the because of all outlets that you know words like that. you know i'm hoping that if we start winning them it's on until they do like hundreds of others he's staying put using her skills talents and passion to put in a hard day's work at improving america is the future can i knew all right so what are the protesters really asking for and what needs to happen to the big bankers and the people who continue to profit well take a listen to part of this interview with artie's own max kaiser host of the kaiser report. mervyn king governor of the bank of england says we're facing the worst
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financial crisis in history had he been watching the show he would have known that this has been the case for many many months he also goes on to say that he does watch the car as a report but he doesn't have enough financial literacy to understand what we're saying on the show where i mean can't step aside bring in stacy herbert who should be running the bank of england. i would carry it with the first day i was running at he neglected to mention of course why we are in the worst financial catastrophe of all time and that's because of the central bank of england and america and the rest of the world and the top one percent that they represent and you know there is this building or this global insurrection against banker occupation the ninety nine percent against the one percent so here is the one percent responding headline reads chicago board of trade taunts occupy chicago we are the one percent you know
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the occupy wall street spread to chicago and you see this photo here max this is from the chicago board of trade and they put up posters inside saying we are the one percent well as you go board of options they see her but of course as the side of listed up sions back in the one nine hundred seventy s. the beginning of derivatives as that term is understood today and these are kind of the ground zero of financial terrorists goggle school of economics is there this is where obama came from a milton friedman a neo liberal school and these fellows should not be so cocky because of the mob is beginning to circle i can say maybe in those terms and other words it's not as if these people can simply disappear once they punch the clock and leave the chicago board of options exchange i mean they're living breathing human
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beings. for how long well many people don't know this but when it actually did the same thing she hung a poster outside of her size saying i am the one percent and here's an image from the eight hundred s. and this is a picture of her being led to the guillotine and i have another picture here max this is the actual blade used to cut her head off soon after she put up her banner saying i am the one percent i'm going to bid on. that i'd like to add to my collection my rose period collection of reign of terror memorabilia prices for a reign of terror merab memorabilia are skyrocketing all over the world people begin to remember some of the actions that they can take yes and i'm not advocating that i'm just saying this is what happens in history well i've been saying you know that you need to have something in your back pocket to scare the bankers with it hank paulson can say we need a three trillion dollar bazooka to scare the banks that are giving us more money
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than the ninety nine percent going to say we've got to get it you heard it there max kaiser calling for the guillotine to go to those financial terrorists that was next kaiser host of the kaiser report was we've proven our t. is keeping up to the minute with what's going on in the occupy wall street movement and if you're looking for more information more up to date information when we're not on the air you should definitely follow my colleague extraordinary our intrepid producer lucy catherine of is in the midst of all the action in new york with the latest hottest news from occupy wall street again you should definitely keep up with her tweeting and sometimes every minute sights in the sounds that occupy wall street you should follow lucy at lucy catherine of. all moving on to pakistan now where a dozen al qaeda linked suspects have been arrested this after afghanistan demanded the u.s. put more pressure on islam a body to fight terrorism but it seems like it might not be enough to eliminate
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those dots in america pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists some officials in washington are even ready to support action against is one of our so here's the question could pakistan be the next afghanistan artie's going to churn parts. the drums of war beating loud and clear washington calls pakistan a safe haven for terrorists we can now hear the news coming across the border checking their fortunes. afghanistan east and then disappearing into a safe. here carney network for one acts as regrettable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency pakistan is furious over the accusations calling them unsubstantiated saying that washington came very close to losing a major ally in its war on terror if you talk about things i'm quite sure you know it's an incident and he to restore the musicians around the world which by which we
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mean intelligence things over the last ten years pakistan has repeatedly compromised its own sovereignty to help the americans in their operations the u.s. while chasing down suspected terrorists has been bombing pakistan with drones on a regular basis the strikes have killed thousands of civilians use of going to tax is not against our sovereignty it's also called for productive it's the people that we want to build as friends in the spite against terrorism after the latest threats from washington earing an even tougher assault allan's of pakistanis angrily rallies to say enough is enough for these people the us is a hostile power it's china that they see is a friend and the americans in this one instance have hand it over a major hearts and minds victory to the chinese in pakistan inspiring china officially notified washington that any attack on pakistan will be seen as an act of aggression against beijing the pakistani prime minister praised his country's
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relations with china calling them quote higher than mountains deeper than oceans stronger than steel and sweeter than honey washington on the other hand seems to have mastered the art of alienating friends with pakistanis. taking america's accusations that they support terrorists as a way to shift the blame for the a.v. or of u.s. policies on pakistan but the blame game may blow up into full scale aggression if the experts believe that we need to elevate our response they will have a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill u.s. lawmakers have already signaled that if there is the will for tough action against pakistan they'll support it and when washington says the words safe haven for terrorists that's what you expect tough action and if it does happen pakistan could be the new again is that but with china as a friend and you clear problems at hand sounds like a deadly combination for the united states i'm going to check out reporting from washington r.t.
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. and for more on the changing role of pakistan and a lot of other subjects earlier i spoke to michael scheuer former cia intelligence officer and adjunct professor of security studies at georgetown university we had a whole lot to talk about but to start off i did ask him about pakistan and how certain members of congress see the country as the next anime of the united states . it's a it's a silly notion but then senator graham is a silly man he he he has never seen a war he doesn't like and he's always out looking for more war pakistan is simply not. enjoying the the the core geology of the united states at the moment because it's looking out for its own national interests president obama prime minister cameron have surrendered in afghanistan they're pulling our troops they're going to leave pakistan with an enormous mess to clean up and what the pakistanis are doing is what all countries need to do and that's look after their own national interests
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and what senator mcgovern and. secretary clinton senator mccain president obama they want the pakistanis to do our dirty work for us and the pakistanis have simply said we've supported you for eleven years we can't do it anymore you're killing our stability i know i was part of a seminar that was one of the main host was the former director general of the i.s.i. during nine eleven and he said it's an immense amount of money to host to us and it's immense amount of money to host all the people who have left afghanistan come over there and have no place to go and so that was one of the major points but he also said and this is a little different subject but this is about osama bin laden the killing there he said the country was extremely embarrassed but also very angry that the u.s. did not work with pakistan if pakistan has been so you know basically has hosted the u.s. military there why is it that there still is so little trust between the two
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countries because the pakistanis won't do everything we asked them to do the united states government senator graham or whoever you match with has a has a real inability to understand that our interests are not pakistan's interest the pakistanis have helped us more than any people anyone has a right to expect and now what we're we're there can you. there's we haven't won the war we're going to leave without winning we're leaving the pakistanis with a mass what do you mean when you say i'm not well afghanistan they cannot tolerate cares and his government cares and his government is close to the iranians and is close to the russians and closer to the indians of all people and it poses a threat to pakistani security and the western border so there has to go they have to stop a civil war in the country they have to stop the war that's going on in their own territory because of their health for the united states so they have a number of problems which i think amount to a mess and they're going to be left high and dry when we leave i want to switch
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gears now to news of from today a major press conference going on all afternoon with the f.b.i. attorney general eric holder the u.s. government apparently has arrested a man they say is to blame they say they have foiled a plot by this man possibly in conjunction with mexican drug cartels to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states talk about what your what your thoughts are about what the question of course is is it was run by what they call the informant of the f.b.i. in what raises the possibility of just being another sting one of the biggest problems in the united states for for telling you what the terrorist threat is in our country is that the f.b.i. runs the sting operations and then claims great credit for breaking up apply it that wouldn't have existed except that they lured somebody into doing it my initial reaction is if the iranians wanted to kill
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a saudi ambassador why do it in the united states when it would cause a war between the united states and iran do it in thailand do it in cambodia do it in saudi arabia but why do it here so you're saying there is little legitimacy to this major uncovers plot that we're hearing about today right now it has to be and i heard general return at the. any general when f.b.i. director say well we're not saying iranian government is involved in it just part of the iranian government we don't know exactly demijohn knew about it and i think what you need in mind you can keep in mind is that the saudis want the iranians destroyed the israelis want the iranians destroyed the congress in the united states is owned by israel and so the congress wants iran destroyed and this is an opportunity for them to push for war and so i think we have to be very careful until we find out exactly who is behind this plot but an opportunity for the u.s.
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government push for a war i mean this is a time when nobody in this country would want war where you know our troop levels are exhausted certainly still in afghanistan iraq and libya to some capacity why on earth would you say that there are people in this government that lot more are because i listen to senator graham and i listen to senator mccain you never listen to senator joe lieberman listen to secretary clinton they all want to kill the iranians and bomb the iranians and destroy the iranians and the iranians are as much a threat to the united states is my shoes are to the united states but what we don't need is any kind of a conflict with the iranians because what that will do is bring the whole islamic world down on top of us i want to talk now a lot of what's kind of making news these days is the republican presidential field another debate tonight iran is of course one topic they've been asked about but i want to get your reaction in terms of president obama's performance year three not
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quite on the campaign trail against a candidate because there's certainly a whole field of that right now but what do you think president obama's going to need to do foreign policy wise to really improve his record in the next year i don't think there's anything he can do he's locked up with the israelis middle eastern peace process is going nowhere he can't do much about trade with. china because the chinese are our biggest lenders the saudis we will continue to support the saudis because we need their oil and they also buy a lot of our debt so the only thing he really has going for him in foreign policy at the moment is the drone attacks in pakistan and so we'll probably see more and more of those and that was michael scheuer former cia intelligence officer and adjunct professor of security studies at georgetown university and that's going to do it for now but for more on the stories we covered that r.t. dot com for us usa or check out our youtube page youtube dot com slash.


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