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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome to the lower show where you get the real headlines with none of the marcy are from eleven washington d.c. now it's not going to take a look at mass arrests that happened late last night at the occupy boston cam video shows police shouting older veterans for peace and all in all one hundred people are said to have been arrested or to speak to somebody who was there then senior white house adviser david trying to make the case on morning shows today that the president supports americans that are frustrated with financial system take a tree but the president is part of the problem so do they just not get or is a desperate time to try to co-opt the movement david sirota is going to join us for
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that one on the justice department announced today that a plot by iranian agents to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. has been foiled and two men are being charged we're going to take a look at the details which rights and start counting down the minutes until the gone wrong crowd starts trying to get rid of all that freedom and more that images of happy hour but first take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. now before the alleged plot to take out the saudi ambassador to the u.s. was announced today which will get to later on in the show there was another terrorism case that has the attention of the mainstream media this morning that would be the case of the so-called underwear bomber. a highly anticipated terrorism trial got underway this morning in detroit a fox news alert opening statements now underway in detroit in the trial of accused underwear bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab the young nigerian man he is charged with trying to blow up and northwest airlines plane with explosives hidden in his
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underwear conspiracy to commit terrorism attempted murder and that of course it's a good use of a weapon of mass destruction and it's clear he wants to make a mockery of the u.s. justice system because all indications are that he demanded represent himself. there are just so many things that i have to say here sound which i've said before and therefore won't take too much time repeating them but remember all the outrage over the possibility of trying to get on u.s. soil what a security risk that would be yeah well here's another alleged terrorist who's trial on u.s. soil is now under way and it's not all that big of a deal is that what happened to all the outrage oh yeah it was fake and the obama administration came out looking like a fool because they gave in to the fear mongers over fox news i'm moving on you know i find it really ironic that in that last clip there a mainstream media outlet was talking about the notion of i'm going to lob trying to make a mockery of the u.s. justice system if anything this guy coming into the courts screaming that arsalan
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our moral law here is still alive that makes him look human weak maybe crazy now like a big bad terrorist that threatens the existence of the united states it's good to make these proceedings public but the most interesting here thing here aside from whether or not he's guilty what charges he's going to get it cetera i'm wondering if we're going to get any details out of this case on we're all lucky if u.s. government placed him on the assassination list shortly after the failed underwear bombing attempt they say that they have the evidence that a lot he was directly involved in an operational capacity in planning plots including that one and this point they haven't released any of that evidence despite the back of they already killed a u.s. citizen without any due process. if anybody has made a mockery of the u.s. justice system if we obama administration but guess what c.n.n. reported today that a source told them that the administration is debating whether or not they're going to release a secret memo that apparently gave them legal permission to do it that's your scoop c n n n a s m b c box news everybody should be demanding that the administration
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release this information everybody should be very curious as to the legal rationale for killing an american without ever giving them a day in court i didn't even hear that brought up today i'm talking about the case of them with a law shocking shocking i know but that's the mainstream media has decided to miss . well occupy wall street movement has been spreading to cities across the united states one of those being boston and since september thirtieth occupiers in boston began campaign and dewey square park small park in the heart of boston's financial district but as a numbers of protesters grew they had to expand and last night a call made in one of the largest mass arrests in recent boston history one hundred people were arrested and there's video police barreling through pushing occupiers to the ground the first line of who are a group of veterans holding american flags called veterans for peace.
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was. the boston p.d. through the remainder of the county to garbage trucks after they had a rest of the group and some called this the worst occupy wall street moment so far despite massive arrest on the brooklyn bridge pepper spray but tongs being wheeled in new york perhaps watching older veterans be taken down strikes more of a note with americans but what's next for occupy boston i want to say about the nationwide occupy movement and its relationship with police joining me to discuss this is matthew philip always host of the iraqi billboard show matthew i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and i want you to describe to us what you saw last night. well thank you for having me for one last night what happened at
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occupy boston it really was frankly a tragedy stuart strictly because up until last night boston could have been a model city on how mayor and our police force treats citizens who were doing nothing other than you know exercising their first amendment rights so last night the occupy boston camp which originally was the camp and dewey square had over one hundred some tents there which actually makes the occupy movement in boston a little bit different than say occupy wall street is the fact that there actually are physical tents it very much if you go down to occupy boston it very much has appealing of intensity or like a hooverville it's a visual that's very striking that makes you really feel that like generally if things do not change a lot more people are going to be living in tents it's something that's very very striking so. they ran out of space at dewey square and so what happened was some of the members of occupy boston wins and they occupied another part which is the rose
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kennedy greenway they started another tent city there and over when i was there was i close to forty tents before the cops came. and the mayor and the police force told them that if they didn't take it the second park that they were going to come and they were going to arrest them then what happened was they were good on their word around one thirty in the morning. countless police officers came from all different directions they sat surrounded the park on all four sides while the protesters in the park had locked arms and pretty much formed a human chain a human blockade to try to save their campsite then that's actually the cops came in they based it to kicking people out through the back personally i saw one one woman who could have been a day over twenty one just very small small young woman getting dragged. very violently by a police officer. and while she was doing that she was just screeching out in pain
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for a medic she kept going medic medic and one of the things they teach you that these are kind of occupations says if you're in pain and something bad happened to yell for a medic and then people do this thing called the human mike where there was a call for a medic and medical over and over again no medics all the volunteer medics were already arrested at that point across the street like literally across the street from where this was happening they were e.m.t. is they actually had set up a medic tent and that one of the moves i was looking at them wondering why they were coming across the street to help this this port twenty one year old woman who was clearly in pain but nobody came and then they dragged her out of sight and arrested and arrested right i don't i hope she's ok now what do you think may have changed because i think if we compare this to what we saw we've seen police of obviously clashed with the protesters in new york arresting people on the brooklyn bridge but here in washington it's been a little bit of a different situation there a number of people they got arrested today at the capitol building on october twenty seventh when out there but in general the park police also just negotiated
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with them yesterday to let them stay for four more months camped out in freedom plaza do you think that here in washington they're just a little bit more concerned about good p.r. as opposed to the boston. well i mean i think that if you are concerned with good p.r. that is the way to do this and if you are concerned with what it means to be an american in being able to peacefully protest then yes that is what you want you want to be able to negotiate with the protesters and actually have them be able to protest in safety and in dignity and i think what the you know mayors around this country and mayors and police forces around this country are going to have to make this kind of choice of which side are they on you know these people who are standing outside the veterans that you talked about earlier who were who were tackled i mean just imagine if a veteran was tackled at a tea party rally this would be getting twenty four hour nonstop coverage but because it happened at an occupy rally it's barely getting any coverage at all police have to decide which side of the arm because these people who are occupying
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are doing it for their pensions cops are part of the ninety nine percent they actually shouldn't be arresting these people they should be on the same side and actually they are hoping hoping change like if this if this were it they need to get on the right side is what i'm saying well that's you know of course the really unfortunate thing here too is that specially the police are the same people as the protesters they are the ninety nine percent and the police aren't the enemy here and occupy wall street protests you can say they might be the last great bankers the executives if they leave they control the protests the political process but it's not your average hot but what would you suggest that the police do because they also receive orders and you know have to carry them out and not in a violent manner but at least you know how should they act right of course even if they're ordered to be violent and beat on people they definitely should not do that they definitely disobey that order i mean obviously you have to be sympathetic towards them these are people you know the economy is horrible people do not have jobs right now and so you have to be sympathetic to somebody who just you know he
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just needs to keep his job to keep his his mortgage afloat but what i would say to them is you know if you're on duty you know that's fine you have to do what you do but when you're off duty come down to the protest enjoy it join the line. tell your tell your other police officers when they're up to you to join the line if cops are there it's going to make a gigantic change you know i don't i don't i don't see a police officer beating another police officer i don't think that's going to happen so if the cops actually were to come and join the line i think would make a gigantic difference so what's going on if i can buy boston now one hundred people were arrested yesterday they picked up the tents and everything was happy camp and i threw it in a garbage truck so the people can go back. i think is actually ok so there actually is two different camps that's something the kind of remember here dewey square is actually still still has a camp so the original camp is still there and from everyone i've talked to down there you know they don't like they don't like the police presence the police you know arresting them and being cruel towards them but it hasn't discouraged them
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it's a friend of mine is a comedian the camp said you know the protesters are like gremlins and you toss water on the ground and just more and more protesters are going to pop up here and that's what's happening this is what's happening is the more the more the police crackdown on this the more it inspires people to actually come up and show up and so occupy boston is going to be bigger and stronger than ever so i'm curious too cause we've been getting a lot of media current members of the media coverage of the occupy wall street protests on our program everything from first ignoring the protests to than just knocking them to them perhaps covering them but only when there is a police presence and missing the message what's your take on how we've seen the mainstream media really treat this. well it's pathetic and laughable if it wasn't such a serious topic i mean again lake says the whole thing you know they focus on a few somewhat crazy looking people but they also but again it's not the same type of thing that would happen at a tea party rally and it's
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a sad cases that that the mainstream media is owned by the one percent and so of course they're not interested in giving a fair lights to these people but the thing is that it's kind of the point where they can't ignore it anymore you know people people see police officers beating up citizens they see you know you know seven hundred people getting arrested on the brooklyn bridge they see one hundred twenty some getting arrested in boston yesterday and it wakes people up a they realize that these people are fighting for them and so it's going to the point where the mainstream media really they can't ignore it anymore they are mocking it now but it's the whole the whole quote you know first they ignore you then they mock you then they fight you then they will then you win right now when the fighting stage and i don't you know it's just the beginning of this process but it's one that i really am confident it's going to end in victory. what kind of victory how do you envision that victory looking what is going to look like that's a that's a good question again the people who you know they ask what are the demands of the
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occupy movement again this is the whole the whole point of this is they're not asking for one specific bill they're not saying we want to elect one specific person who want one specific legislation piece of legislation passed the whole point of this is dynamic dynamically and drastically changing the conversation in the united states and having a serious conversation of what it means to be an american and it's something that has been dominated by corporate media by two parties you know one the republicans that are better wholly bought owned by the banks and democrats who are some of them are about known but it banks and some are cowards or some a few exceptions but if it does this whole thing is really about changing the conversation and actually having a conversation and because again there's a gigantic the country is in deep trouble right now there are lots of things that need to get done and the whole point of the occupy wall street movement is actually having a conversation and realizing that drastic change needs to happen i am not i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and it is an important conversation and we
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had and we're going to continue on our show tonight thanks so much thanks for having me. so cons and i the message from washington i'm not inclined to plant a little me the right thing for the present danger is the lack in putting the white house is kind of florida of embracing it that's not going to washington and how they simply just. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think. the money well. we have a government says. never keep you safe get ready for the freedom. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sleep is if you understand it and then you glimpse something else here see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't know i'm sorry was a big show. you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old i just tell the truth. i confess i am a total get over friends that i love rap and hip hop is excellent and. it
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was kind of yesterday. i'm very proud of the role that she has played. this past friday the country of black there on the ten years that the us has been spent has spent fighting in afghanistan as the media ponder the accomplishments of the american military the natural question was how it has successfully transition power back to afghan forces. the police that are being produced today coming out of train system are far better than anything they used to have our troops have done an incredible job i've seen it the progress that has been made and a great sacrifice to give the afghan people of chains at that better government a chance at stopping the taliban from returning to their destructive power how
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troops have done a tremendous job in training up the afghan national forces i think we've made gains we still have a long road to go. so they say significant progress is being made a new report from the un trying to spell that sense of satisfaction on monday the u.n. release a seventy four page document that shows the detainees were tortured and afghanistan run detention centers during interrogation processes interrogation process by afghan forces including beatings removing fingernails and toenails electric shock and even twisting detainees genitals a reason to get the detainees to come forward with information or even confessions about involvement with the taliban and these brutal interrogation techniques took place in forty seven facilities that are run by the afghan national police and the provinces of herat kandahar and the capital kabul apparently they do knew that it was happening a military coalition announced last month it stopped transferring detainees to sixteen of those questionable facilities but really these grotesque practices sound a little familiar well see just last year we told you about
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a report from human rights watch the detailed similar torture techniques for detainees and secret iraqi prison at the hands of iraqi interrogators at the outer softly detention center several detainees came forward after being accused of aiding militants first scars on the detainees were interviewed matched up with their accusations and they have been hung upside down and sodomized by their interrogators so i guess we can't be too surprised when he went uncover similar actions taking place in afghanistan but the big question here is and we know about the actions what's the potential fallout here from the unethical interrogation practices these torture allegations could create legal problems for the u.s. involvement in afghanistan let me explain here so right now the u.s. provides a large majority of the funding for training the afghan security forces according to the washington post afghan security forces cost us about one point six billion dollars a year but nine hundred ninety seven law called the leading law prevents the u.s. government from providing funding weapons or training to a country that's in gauging and gross human rights violations now i don't really see the finding actually being cut to the afghan security forces and the u.s.
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ignores things that the un says all the time about human rights violations especially if they. happened right here at home or in saudi arabia to whom we sell weapons and let's not forget it's not like we've seen the best examples consider and we separate best examples considering that we torture people too but i think you get the point here for half the time that the us should work on changing their oh so positive rhetoric when it comes to how well things are going with afghan forces because clearly nothing is as peaching as they make it sound. now throughout our coverage of the occupied wall street movement we've shown you plenty of clips of republican lawmakers and right wing talking heads trashing the protestors calling them everything from very smelly anarchist hippies their freedom hating anti-capitalist that are waging class warfare trying to pit the american people against each other and apparently ruining our country but you know what just predicts when we show you another clip from sean hannity last night because this stuff is just too good not to play. is everywhere new york post describes a scene where drugs are being sold people urinating in death for caving in public
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by the way this picture in the daily mail of one guy going to the bathroom number two. in the police car you can't make this stuff up there passing out free condoms there's been open sex going on there drugs you disk or. can you give the president and nancy pelosi put their seal of approval on this. now taking that into account let's contrast this with the response that we've seen from many left wing politicians including now the president and his administration here's obama senior adviser david kloof on good morning america today telling the protesters of the white house is on their side if you're concerned about wall street our financial system the president standing on the side of consumers in the middle class. so you got one side that just completely ignores the message of occupy wall street or labels them anti-business focus on their poor hygiene and they have the white house which like it or not embodies the very system that the
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protesters are fighting against who want to say they're on their side so i think it could be fair to say that this is direct proof that washington the media elite just don't get it joining me to discuss it is david sirota talk radio host and author of back to our future how the one nine hundred eighty s. explain the world we live in now david i want to thank you for joining me and i want to ask you what you think of of david comment here but he's saying that we understand anybody who's out there that's frustrated with the financial system but this is a president that chose to do nothing about the viable system and chose not to prosecute anybody. can they not get it or do they think they can fool people. well look the obama administration president obama has been a guy who has been a master of co-opting social movements when it seems opportune for him to do so nobody well i shouldn't say nobody just played the clip shot empty and so except in fox news and republican political elites no rank and file voter thinks that what wall street has done to this economy is all that great most voters actually think
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of what wall street is done to our economy and our society has been a lot less than great has been absolutely awful and so the obama administration is in a position where it's trying to co-opt that message trying to co-opt the best parts of the message of occupy wall street in advance of the two thousand and twelve elections so it's not surprising that this is the message out of the white house but it is i guess telling that this white house doesn't seem to have an awareness that the grievances expressed by i think i was free are as much grievances against congress and republicans in congress as it is against this white house this white house has been loyal eli with wall street from the very beginning not only stocking it's the white house itself with people close to wall street but making policies that are that are made to defend the interests and the power of wall street from bailouts to the president trying to stop serious crackdowns on executive pay banks that were bailed out to the president and the ministration water imbalance up as
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measures of so-called financial reform legislation so the grievances expressed by while i was three are as much against the obama administration is as they are against the republicans in congress but the white house doesn't seem to really recognize that what we once had very quickly to about what's going on in congress right now you know there are reports coming out there that there are members of congress that are actually upset and angry about the supercommittee being to secret if because everything they're doing our honest is being held behind closed doors and no one is being let in on this process and you think of that can fall in with some of the grievances here that we just feel like there are a bunch of people that say in the end of rome with closed doors and no one else has let in on how political decisions are made here. absolutely i mean i think that all of these threads tie into the overall narrative that there are policy makers in washington who are making policy behind closed doors for an elite group of tiny and seers who've disproportionately funded the bulk of political campaigns in this
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country and whether it's wall street policy whether it's policies to expand the military budget or powerful defense contractors or whether it's proposals to cut the last remaining vestiges of programs that serve the rest of us the ninety nine percent are social security or medicare and the overarching narrative coming out of washington and being protested against is that our government represents not we the people our government represents the psyche of the small group of financier's who basically underwrite most political campaigns in this country so do you think that co-opting this movement which i think it has you know it's pretty clear the democratic party is trying to get out we now think the obama administration has ations like move on got or he jump and that's where you know all coming to support this which on one hand is good but they clearly want to be able to turn it into votes come two thousand and twelve you think that it's going to work well that's the key question i mean it's a complete and utter insult and a joke for professional washington from the obama administration to the
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multi-million dollar think tanks so the democratic party machinery to pretend to suddenly be the populists who want to reduce wall street power this is an administration and a democratic party is the party that is fighting us by wall street and has basically reacted to wall street's the man to chum by saying how high so it's a total insult to the average american and so the book the folks protesting saying that saying that i apologize won't. right computers start out your were started are still hearing you can't go get the book but most lawyers is that it's an absolute joke and this the professional democratic party in washington can pretend to try to co-opt it's an insult to the protesters will it be successful well in two thousand and twelve elections going to be intense right i mean there are going to be intense efforts to scare or progressive leading voters into simply seeing everything
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through the red cross' blue summer care color work of presidential politics they'll try to say if you don't elect barack obama you'll get it romney that may work but that's the question whether it works or not you question whether this is a successful meso szell movement or not but we definitely see you know coming from the right and it's interesting because you mention or we've played a clip of fox news and john hannah the earlier he actually first started out his rant by saying that he also agrees that wall street isn't so good but then he thought goes on to talk about how much he hates the dirty smelly hippies that are just going to the bathroom and carrying all over the place but basically you wrote yesterday too about some of the responses that we've seen particularly from conservative politicians they have mitt romney talking about how dangerous class warfare two representative peter king who says i saw the sixty's and i saw how that turned out how the media glorify those protestors and policy came because of it and you know what do you think about all of these comparisons to the one nine hundred sixty s. and the idea that the media glorified the movements that well the key point about
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peter king's comments were peter king said that in the in the nine hundred sixty s. the we ultimately the protests shaped policy and that we cannot let that happen again that's a direct quote from peter king and if you really unpack you know what he's saying is is that things like the civil rights act medicare but voting rights act and the war protections against discrimination against women these things that were the results of sixty's protests we can't allow to happen again and it unveils it unmasks the real republican attitude of the rich. publicans are still trying to wage a war not on the culture of the sixty's but on the legislative results up in one nine hundred sixty s. that's why you see an effort to cut medicare that's why you see in the state that i'm talking to you from colorado the republican secretary of state trying to disenfranchise voters we have a congressman to try to repeal parts of the voting rights act so i think that when the republicans make a comparison to the one nine hundred sixty s. they reveal eight deeper agenda of not just again against the culture of the
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sixty's but an agenda that has tried to repeal the legislative successes of the nineteen sixty's along are they want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and of course i think we're all going to be you know bystanders here and observing how much farther this movement's going to go and what might come out at banks thank you. i thought of town tonight we have i can say to sniff gallon fell and then the u.s. says that the iranians are plotting to kill a society envoy washington as well as alleged plot to property tense relations between the three at the front from. internal we are military mechanisms to do the work to bring justice and accountability. i have every right to know what my government's doing you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize.


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