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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the still an entire true wizard totally taught your religion a good good how would international help to achieve every green goal for children in total. u.s. charges to reign for allegedly plotting to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to washington as part of a major terror attack iran said it's a joke. i'm not in israel strike the long awaited prisoner swap deal that will see george sold vergil actually freed in exchange for over a thousand palestinians. look east the russian premier a hazmat the chinese leader in beijing on a visit to boost cooperation and balance out the financial and political dominance of the west.
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in the russian capital this is r t with me wearing a joshing welcome to the program iranians hiring mexicans to assassinate the saudi ambassador in america and details of a complicated plot the u.s. government says it has uncovered officials in washington say to rein agents try to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack allegations tehran dismissed as a comedy show arc is going to count as the latest from the u.s. capitol. the u.s. attorney general explicitly said that the u.s. will be holding the uranian government accountable for the plots to kill the ambassador of saudi arabia to the united states also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings at these really embassy in washington and at the embassy of saudi arabia also in washington and here is how the u.s. department of justice came up with those accusations the f.b.i. and the he was drug enforcement agency have arrested a new raney and born u.s.
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citizen his name monsoor are burps yar u.s. investigators say the man tries to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador to the united states and for that according to the americans this iranian man turns to members of a mexican drug cartel who turns out to be undercover f.b.i. all the attorney general said the man comes best in the plot and he was directed by high ranking iranian officials iran's firmly denies the allegations saying it is a comedy show fabricated by america saudi arabia on the other hand the allegations seriously and thanked u.s. authorities for thwarting the alleged assassination attempt of beer ambassador fear mongering against iran and it's been going on for many years now let me remind you that the state department has listed iran as a state sponsor of terror it seems now more mongering has reached the tipping point basically the questions asked in the u.s. media now come down to this one will the u.s.
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retaliate or not as if everyone saw it coming and now here it is what they are not bringing up is possible motives behind accusations like that whether those accusations make any sense at all why would the government of iran want to kill the saudi ambassador in washington. is actually taking into consideration the potential fallout i heard experts on american mainstream channels beating the drums of war saying things like we need to step up activities to undermine the government of iran of course we need to step up cooperate. with saudi arabia and israel speaking of cooperation with saudi arabia the us has brokered the largest arms deal with saudi arabia in its history worth sixty billion dollars the u.s. would justify its enormous contribution and to further militarization of the region as well iran's some experts believe that undermining the government of iran has been a long time coveted goal of the united states it's not clear how this incident will
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play out but it definitely makes the drums of war beat louder here in washington. reporting that michael sure a former cia intelligence officer says there are a lot of holes in the allegations against this apparent iranian backed plot. one of the biggest problems in the united states for for telling what the terrorist threat is in our country is that the f.b.i. runs the sting operations and then claims great credit for breaking up a planet that wouldn't have existed except that they lured somebody into doing it my initial reaction is if the iranians wanted to kill a saudi ambassador right do it in the united states when it would cause a war between the united states and iran who would in thailand do it in cambodia do it in saudi arabia but why do it here i think what you need you to keep in mind is the saudis want the iranians destroyed news release want the iranians destroyed the congress in the united states is owned by israel and so the congress wants iran
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destroyed and this is an opportunity for them to push for war and so i think we have to be very careful until we find out exactly who is behind this plan to the iranians are as much a threat to the united states as my shoes are to the united states but what we don't need is any kind of a conflict with the iranians because what that will do is bring the whole islamic world down on top of us. still ahead from the program the price of compromise the latest final hurdle for servia its campaign for a long desired membership but recognizing possible could be higher that belgrade wants to jump. hamas officials have agreed a prisoner swap deal with his role that secures the release of over a thousand palestinians in exchange for jewish soldier gilad shalit has been held in captivity in gaza for five years and is often used by israel as justification of its blockade of the strip publicly reports on the deal palestinians are claiming as
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their success. i must finish the bureau chief pilot michel speaking from damascus and he called this a national achievement for the palestinian people express for greater there not more palestinian prisoners were being released as part of this field in our prophecy evening tuesday there has been an emergency cabinet meeting in jerusalem that has now finished with the israeli government giving its nod to this prisoner deal what we do understand is that something one thousand palestinian prisoners will be released for this one israeli soldier gilad shalit the details as we have them suggest that some three hundred and fifty prisoners will be released in the initial stage that will be taken to egypt this is a deal that was brokered by egypt and is happening on egypt since well at that stage another one hundred and fifty prisoners will be released and then finally when the lad returns to israel the final number of prisoners will be released among them marwan barghouti now he is the leader of one of the factions of the town he
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has five life same forces on him and tel aviv in the posse there was no way that he would be included in this deal the fact that he is does point to the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu changing course and that is some of the analysis that he needs this deal so much more than does hamas in terms of changing the criteria of the deal now de luchon it was kidnapped back in june two thousand and six it was a cross border raid women agents from gaza took him across he has not been heard of since there was really little communication in fact it was only one or two incidences when the israelis are actually notified that he was still alive the latest information we have is that this deal will see gilad coming back to israel possibly as soon as the beginning of next month it has been quite some time that israelis and palestinians have not been holding any kind of direct negotiations it wasn't so long ago that the palestinians to care of a state is all did not accept this at the request of the mid east quartet the two
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sides agreed to resume peace talks and those peace talks. movies you know at the end of next week in jordan so soupy there was not a lot more pressure on these rabies to recognize the palestinian statehood in light of this deal going forward one of the problems of for israel has been that it doesn't want to create an incentive for kidnappings and there is an element among israeli society who feel that this deal is really too high a price to pay. for your reporting they're pushing through an average of deals and boosting cooperation with the aim of balancing our beacon amik and political dominance of the west russia's prime minister is on a visit to china where an important agreement on the price of oil is already in place argues marina cossar is following the landmark meeting. they'd soon here and give a huge thing i'm glad i'm here putin met with the chinese government officials today as well as with the chinese was there and they all congratulated him on having a very successful trip here so far and prime minister putin reiterated the
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importance of working together towards establishing an even stronger bones now the talks yes they had more of a political flavor profile in trying to have supported each other throughout the years that both also share similar political views which was proven just recently when they both beat so the european draft of u.n. security council resolution condemning syria and they're all both members of the brics group along with brazil india and south africa and concern you that economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. press seriously undermined their dominance also global political agenda and also trying to survive and pushing for the bridge to play a bigger role and internationally another factor you're going to have a number of you made lot of them didn't come alone he came along with a lot of russian a business tycoons who all of them to make agreements with local companies and they did and those agreements were worth seven billion dollars missiles from both sides have already said that their relationship between russia and china is the best it's
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ever been in many years and they're adamant to make sure it stays that way or in acosta reporting there now during his chinese visit russia's prime minister vladimir putin gave an interview to the state broadcaster outlining the priority for the two nations who hadn't said that push for technological breakthroughs and aviation aircraft building are some of the areas where he wants to see the partners working together so read the full interview on our t.v. dot com. also online americans police are accused of brutality at the alkies by boston pro this true vietnam war veterans were injured by officers and after hundred people arrested. the jailing of you crying. former prime minister has sparked outrage on the streets of kiev and what of criticism from russia the u.s. and e.u. u.s. mashal he was given a seven year sentence for abusing her powers while sighing gas contracts with
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russia she also have to pay two hundred million dollars in damage just ukraine's stage gas company. looks at the angry response. judgment day for ukrainian democracy this label of tuesday's events given by the opposition seems rather accurate when supporters of units were sankoh try to march the streets in defense of the former prime minister. before being dispersed by the police. three months of nonstop protests commentated in scenes from innocent of the orange revolution with tens of thousands on the streets the tension only broken briefly by the appearance of topless feminist activists the pressure was equally intense inside the court. specially after judge gives verdict rock to the to mustang go into. gold is ruled that yulia tymoshenko is guilty under article three six five part three of the criminal code of ukraine and sentences
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handed to seven years imprisonment and denies of the right to hold positions in government for three years several years ago she was one of the most influential female politicians in the world this conviction talks of her spectacular fall from grace and naturally left him a shank outraged. over the retiring regime or it's magic to stop me the trial showed that the constitution and justice hundred trampled under throughout i urge you to begin the struggle it's a very difficult and important moment we have to protect ukraine again feel free tarion regime don't give up the prosecution claimed she abused power while signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine the accusation has been raising eyebrows in moscow which is. sister if those contracts were completely legitimate this particular case is highly politicized. the. essence of the position. certainly indicates that this has something to do with russia and we cannot accept
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that a legitimate. contract which remains in force which was never legally challenged. could become the reason. for a good decision. which took place today europe also doubted jellicoe which is assurances that the case was not politicized and last now that ukraine's leadership experts say kiev now finds itself in a very difficult situation in ukraine speak ten sure membership the european union is some years away and i think we shouldn't pretend otherwise but we do once the countries in europe ceased to get closer to europe not just in terms of membership in terms of european values like the rule of justice and this is clearly an extraordinary setback and i do think it is quite possible that the invitation for president yanukovych which to come here on the twentieth of october will now be
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withdrawn not only could this verdict backfire against you look over it but could also benefit from a shank oh say x. spurts to those protesting her verdict she has become a martyr a symbol of freedom fighting and she won't hesitate to use this joy of our image even if to do so she has to wait seven years just hours after the simmering tension in central kiev it is back to quiet and normal again it is unclear where the unity must and course play has been sealed as experts are now speculating that a presidential pardon is still have also belittling but these protesters here are determined to stay here for at least another week in any case let's see russia state party reporting from kiev in ukraine and so half a year has ball down the. battles not the war the fighters of lidia's new governments around the remaining patch of khadafi loyalist in his hometown but some question whether this theory will equal peace.
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they use latest plans to stand its bailout fund have been derailed by slovakia the tiny country voted against the plan to rescue and data european nations so loggia which was the last voted in support of the move to increase the amount of money available for reforms to the european financial stability facility after be approved by all seventeen members of the eurozone if entering the sa government would have contributed about one percent of the four hundred forty billion year mark for the fun financial advisor path accounts slovakia has been working really hard to balance its own budget in recent years and is not eager to pay other countries' debts. ultimately this is a question of not just principle but actually rational economic well being of the ordinary working people of slovakia they've been injured incredible cuts during the course of the last few years in order to keep the slovakian economy going and
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ultimately therefore we have this political leader richard sulak of the freedom party he's saying enough is enough why should we have a situation where five million slovakian people are expected to pay seven billion euros in order to pay for greek people to have pensions three times larger than the old age pensions in slovakia and ultimately that doesn't make sense i mean slovakians or the lowest wage earners of the your resume they're incredibly fiscally pragmatic they've run their economy in a very sensible and intelligent way and ultimately they feel very very are green with great justification avoid paying for greece it is ultimately an economy where the government lied about their figures in order to get into the euro in the first place. sara lee has long been looking to follow in the footsteps of nations life of archaea by joining the e.u. and will move a step closer when the european commission puts forward serbia as a candidate for membership later wednesday but i won by a compromise still weighs
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a hat recognizing cost of a sovereign state r.t. sara for us reports. starting a new life together and in doing so you're going to want to ensure you chasing your partner wisely someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart. we love each other and we love our country too we wouldn't give up on each other and we won't give up on our land you know here is a ceremony in kosovo because it's time when the territories divides once again the focus of international attention is couples who should. this is our territory that's not going to change. that marriage is very similar to the partnership that serbian. that's fifty membership the birth of worse for richer for poorer in sickness and in health you're going to have to stand by your choice as many countries we're learning the hard way going many marriages the
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reality is often far from picture perfect times the union could be filled with an easy compromises and the biggest hurdle insert is potentially the membership just how. close of a question if it came down to it and eat candy to see every light in the recognizing what would go great response i think we have a long way to go and we will certainly do everything we can to avoid such a you know question to be put in front of serbia cannot give up on its constitution and on its territory in serbia in the same time is not willing to give up polity european integration so it solves really. you know. unresolved so he has already done much to weave its potential see to fulfilling many of the great here is going to be the candidacy to be an option the rest of the final. wanted by the hague in connection with the yugoslav wars in the one nine hundred
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ninety s. let me say believe that the country is now firmly on the right track he says visits relieve is seen as a positive going. only be about to cease in the action because they could be the deal breaker that is a much more is the ease to intentions so he has got many many more hoops to jump over before he can get anywhere close to membership and as is often the case sometimes these unions pull no signs of any particular love that necessity gives up or leads you into grecians is. jeopardy to become isolated once again and we know how we feels when your eyes only when your eyes only think you cannot fight . politically or diplomatically for your legitimate national interest despite that is assertions that it will never recognize an independent kosovo reality belgrade's
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e.u. aspirations are going to make it very difficult for the government to make any decisive action when it comes to close the surface. belgrade are starting to look at some other stories from around the world there roadside bomb killed six police officers and a tribal elder in southern afghanistan they were all traveling with a truck and kind of heart province when it hit the explosive device investigators believe the blast was remotely detonated and the tribal elder was the target but we say they do not currently know who is responsible. for the on mars military government has started releasing more than six thousand prisoners as part of a general amnesty international human rights commission had urged the president to free prisoners of conscience detained. these who are elderly sick disabled or deemed to serve beer sentence with good behavior are being well go at least some of the country's estimated two thousand political prisoners will also be given bigger freedom. u.s.
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secretary of state hillary clinton says she's planning to leave politics next year for a more private life she says she'll leave the state department after a broch obama's first term say and believes he will be elected for a second and clinton has been in the political spotlight since ninety ninety three when she became america's first lady before being elected senator for new york in two thousand and one she now says she has no desire to stay in the public on. the spy continued resistance in several areas libyan interim government forces claim they have surrounded obvious loyalists in the center of his hometown seared taking over the city will bring the national transitional council closer to declaring full victory but as our bushel has been investigating some experts believe that won't be the aunt of the war. watch western t.v. and you think seen through bombing of the country those who visited libya found
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a very different story they thought they were just insulting so they're asking they're wondering why are they bombing has no idea what was i think some of the media cheerleading in from supporting nato and sarkozy's bombing campaign could be open to ickes ations of conflicting interests or indeed shared ones leading french newspaper le figaro belongs to surge does so make of the. france's main attack jets in libya. this. plane. crosses. libya with you know as nato continues to battle with transitional government forces to secure the last pro get a few strongholds of seals and by the willing some believers fall from the end of events it's of course very easy. rather easy to win a battle but not a war. so even when and maybe.
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it doesn't mean it will be very neat or of. no doubt. from what we're in which way the rebel government it's what. people in libya say were thousands the civilians killed that's holding the population against nato and that's what the with still called the clear victory despite many months of warming. with the fighting not even over in libya washington and brussels and else sitting with elsewhere pressing for a un resolution against syria similar to the one that detonated intervention in libya but how can the west lecture damascus also former senator of the humanitarian catastrophe it's just caused. a. well vision serious crimes against humanity. in libya. but it's
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a liberation. to stands accused of turning a blind boy it's a huge civilian casualties in libya but that's approach may come back to haunt the alliance as the people who've suffered the killed the cost of their losses and grief then you will shortie brussels. and a bit later this hour here in our t.v.'s sports and good news for russia's football team but before that we'll take a look at what's happening in the world of business. thanks mario very welcome to the business program the world prize has shown remarkable resilience in the latest wave of financial turmoil unlike in two thousand and eight when crude dropped to thirty five dollars a barrel this time it's held around eight hundred dollars jacob noel from morgan stanley believes this shows how the world has changed as demand is no longer being mainly driven by the developed western nations he suggests this is good for russia . that the oil is coming from emerging markets over the last ten years over one
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hundred percent of the additional demand for oil is coming from emerging markets so the thing that matters for russia given that the oil price is so important for russia is what is happening with growth in the emerging markets in general and in china in particular and at the moment we're constructive of the development of a soft landing scenario for china where they get inflation back under control and through the measures they're taking such as cutting income tax fiscal policy easing and letting the one appreciate in order to support the mystic demond imports which will support the rest of the world we see them continuing to grow very strongly. the networking giant cisco systems is launching its first assembly plant in russia on the side will produce set top boxes that will let us watch t.v. using the internet all the components will be imported while the plant will assemble them but it was to newspaper reports the telecom major call made by up to
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two hundred thousand devices each quarter become police came and expanding into the internet t.v. market and has more than doubled its subscribers to four hundred thousand since march. russia second biggest to make a service dollars facing another problem with its u.s. plants it may get less than two percent of the create cash payments for the sale of three still mills amid a dispute with a buyer service doll sold the assets to rank a group in march for one point two billion dollars including one hundred twenty five million dollars in cash and the rest in debt broncos plan to reduce the cash component of the deal to one point nine million dollars as for service start to file a claim in the federal district court and review or both companies have not yet quoted on the case. well swiss company complex aviation has become the first dive for a business version of russia's superjet one hundred planes the two hundred million
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dollar contract is for for just with that you deliver a show job for twenty fourteen superjet one hundred two cost the first time three years ago the first plane was delivered to a customer only in twenty eleven the plane maker has now signed a bill of one hundred seventy contracts. let's have a look at the markets now world prices are heading down the saw that softer slovik more makers voted against an overhaul of europe's bailout fund in the q us the senate blocks president obama's half a trillion dollar plan to create jobs and the open cut as global world demand growth forecasts and we can only industrialized nations. and stock markets are mixed across asia in hong kong gains of chinese banks setting losses connected to weak results of us all the new giant alcoa and just snap for europe's bailout fund expansion to japanese stocks i do love the honda is down two percent come on make a nickel four and
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a half percent that's after the firms halted production in thailand two to the flooding in the country. and in russia the my of six has slipped for a second day retreating point four percent at the start of trading in moscow there are little changed two tenths of percent one. we're marking the losses in less than one i'll sign for you here on r.t.m. for more stories check our website archies off com slash business.
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