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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 2:31am-3:01am EDT

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it's a mystery to much of the outside world r.t. so sure now as he speaks with dory's knees but author and director of the names but china institute an intention to find out what lies behind the attic maddux assad. doris nesbitt thank you very much for being with us today thank you very much for having me so in your opinion why has china and still remains to greatest mystery for thinkers and scholars because there's too little interest to get to get behind the mystery in all something stays a mystery if you don't have enough interest to to open the curtain. there's also you know somebody said that the philosopher sherman from also first said that most
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people do not want to learn something new but what took at confirmation of something they already believe in and i think that's very much the case in china we have a certain picture of china and i wouldn't think exclude myself ten years ago levin years ago before i went to china for the first time i had a certain picture of china which was not really matching reality but then it depends on you willing to change the picture or do you stick with what you think how is it changed ten years on for you well. i was thinking the chinese are mr mysterious people you know you can't really trust them and you never know what they think i thought that the country was much more backwards than it turned out to be. the fact is that the chinese have have still have and still today have kind of an innocence and openness once they trust you they embrace you and
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they really become friends with you and you can criticize a lot you know you can also was chinese politicians we talk a lot of. things in china that are not as they should be. you can be very open but it has to come out of a positive spirit. and not of just looking for the negative spots well you talk about innocence where does that come from north korea and does it have anything to do with the fact that china has been communist for so long. and no no i think it has to do with the with the structure of having the community first and then the individual that meant you will always part of something you were part of a family part of a community part of a city part of a province and the country and helping each other being together was part of survival and that's that's when they when you get to know the chinese and when they
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embrace or they are not ashamed of having you all we love you and we admire you and and it's so sweet that openness i'm not saying that every chinese are sweet there is a lot of competition that can be very very. fierce fighting but in general they are willing to embrace you and talk about their feelings so is china socialist or capitalist they are fighting for. making their dreams come true and the fight is something sometimes a little fierce because for a long time they couldn't make their dreams come true they couldn't lift their life they wanted it and now specially for the generation that's one of the nineteen nineties who has not to live through all the hard shift and the changes. they really the man that they can do whatever they want to do and that's going to be
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a new situation in china with a china ration that has grown up with communication systems with western. with information about everything that you can achieve in life and they're going to fight for achieving that they have goals they want to they want to be the best your husband john and i spit argues that china is a country without ideology do you agree with that it doesn't have any it's in search for an i be all that she and i would replace the word there's a lot of search for meaning because. when you are starving making an income that's enough you know you don't need any other goals but once you have your basic income once you can make an economic dreams come true to a certain degree. then you realize that's not everything in life and i have a column in china you stated the second largest newspaper and i get
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a lot of emails in reaction to the column and many of the questions are. you know what is really the sense of what's really the meaning of life what can i do with my life and how can i serve my country that's something that you wouldn't hear from the rest so much you know how could i serve my country it's much more how can i so how can the country serve me and that search for meaning for spirit. that that we can increasingly feel could be that they're searching for self identification in twenty first century. because there are quite communists but now there are so strong economically they are searching for acknowledged land for a position in the world they do not have enough self-confidence including the china as a as
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a country they have achieved so much but but they don't really. to look at themselves and say well what we did why is there a i don't know maybe because they are attacked. much more than then. and it's not that everything is great in china lots of things that we don't agree with that we need to be improved but the west is very much focusing on the fadia and on the flaws. and i think we should have a fallon's that. there is a lot of good things and of course they have to work on the not so things do you think china is striving to be number one country in the world to be this huge superpower or is it just happening. i i hesitate because deep inside i think china wants to be the middle kingdom and wants to have to pull station had it once head that's in the in the in the you know the history of china
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has really an empire is not the chinese head but they are not fighting to dominate the world but they they they want to play the role in the world that they are slowly growing into simply. kaname the growing size of the economy and by the number of people so i asked your husband whether china was trying to read become an empire and be emergent to an imperialist state because if they're not fighting for it but they're fighting for it economically because they're building ties with weaker countries. could it be that they will become an empire that dominates the world by growing economic ties with other countries i don't know whether we're live in the world where you really really one nation can become a. dominant empire like the roman empire and all the other empires and fall of.
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i don't think it's in this way and also i think that there's quite a ways to go and you know america is a fourteen trillion economy. only once or one fourth of it so they have a ways to go and also you know think of the role that the u.s. plays culturally i mean the influence that this has in the culture of the globe is a much higher one and i think that's one of the things that china is really really has to establish what is its cultural identity in the twenty first century and when we have a chinese armani when they do not call peak. you know the. when they have. people who stand for and
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then what they own. which let's say and i'm not very good on the pop bands but you know what i mean they they have to create the chinese plan the cultural leadership that still is in the hand of the u.s. in many ways but right now in china is about one third of the u.s. for in depth and the dollar is at a very vulnerable situation i mean people are even talking they could devalue their future. what is the smartest way out of this impasse for china i think you know economists are correlated or are having different opinions so i really would not claim that i have the answer to that it will also have found a solid ground and then rise because it's not that the capacity of the u.s. is gone the capacity is still there and the chinese are very smart to get to the situation and invest with the let's say we can in dollars or not so i think they
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they are going to work it out in the smart enough to do so also one more question china is more and more assertive in the south china sea do you think china is a. country that actually could envisage a conflict well i it's a but but it wouldn't i mean it's too smart to you can't win wars anymore so why would china really start a war which would be destructive for china itself so while there's a lot of posturing on the political side economically you know it's it's much too much integrate to release start a war on either side so no there's posturing there's a lot of. posturing because of internal reasons to show strength to its people but but you know we don't we don't think this thing china strategies for russia they've been very good friends and they've been not so good friends i think they
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are seeking an alliance they are seeking trade but they are very close neighbor us so i think china in general wants to optimize relationships whether it's russia or america or europe doris nice big thank you very much for this and to make you. sure is that so much of it which of course you want to hear let me call it with you with a major political tipping point or woodstock without music in respect to the occupy wall street demonstrations continue to. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they have.
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the u.s. charges to rains with allegedly plotting to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to washington as part of a major terror attack american officials say they are committed to holding iran accountable but bronner rejects the accusations calling them and show. a mosque in israel's fraud the long awaited prisoner swap deal that will see jewish soldier gilad shalit freed in exchange for over a thousand palestinians shot he has been held captive for five years. the russian premier is meeting the chinese leader in beijing on a visit to boost cooperation and balance out the financial and political dominance of the west on the first day by the reporting reached a set of important agreements on energy prices. while those of the allies here are to us now take a look what's happening in the world of sports here in morning under him and russia will be at full european championships next summer yeah they did they did it with ease in the end marino with a very one sided victory. plus details on some show results elsewhere in the
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second. hello there you're watching the sport here on r.t. and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes six of the best russia qualify for next summer's european championships are the stinking hot but doesn't go past on dora. while france great passed balls yet to reach the finals as denmark stumm portugal to put their place. on par easier than the injury hit rugby squad welcomes reinforcements ahead of their world cup semifinal with their strike. now russia have booked their place at the euro two thousand and twelve championships after a thumping six no win over and door in moscow the hosts did the damage in the first half as they scored four with alan does a good way of grabbing a brace and then added a couple more after the break watching it with richard paul flicked. russia only
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need the points coming into van clash. of the whole country was expecting much much more from dick advocaat side space or call in what is officially the world's joint worst side. under fifty thousand fans who turned out to watch than didn't have to wait long for the first goal which islands a goal of netting his second goal in as many games for the national side after only five minutes the hosts were a class about their opponents some would double barely midway through the half a ciggy. the slightest of touches to undo a shot of ins free kick the russians one finished go better only one ones by more than a single goal in this qualification campaign but they were determined to win that run against van doren is and the man probably change limited free on thirty minutes or so ago if continued his rich vein of form the twenty one year old scoring a fine goal on the stroke of half time to take his tally to four for the national
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scene. unsurprisingly the host seized off in the second half however diesel should call find time to score his first ever goal for his country to make the score five nailed from substitute dinny a billion deneuve was making a rare appearance complete of a wrangle perhaps for goal of the night here it's on the field or picking the ball up for round twenty me design it well time left foot sharks which gave the visitors keeper no chance jubilation for the russians and for denise to should call for thank you crown this win with his first ever goal and he was happy to give the fans a performance to savor. everyone is over the moon at the moment we played really well today and it's nice to give the fans something to cheer about a lot of supporters came out to cheer us on today and the coach said it was time we started scoring more goals for them russia have dominated every man played in this qualification campaign and igor some show was delighted but his side managed to win
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for only the second time one more home. on goal in their qualifying group. but it was nice to start finding the back of the net we've played well throughout the group like when we drew here with garlands nil nil when we lost against slovakia but we weren't able to score on our side tonight. you got to catch first campaigners in the high notes as russia managed to win a qualification read for the first time in a decade but now the hard work starts with the dutchman was around eight months to prepare his side of euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine if you don't r.t. moscow. well after his dick africa said he was relieved russia did not have to enter the playoffs and revealed the team would now prepare for a friendly but he criticised some clubs for being reluctant and letting their place turn out for the national side. so hopefully the owners are happy as well sometimes i have some doubts about it because we can
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play two from the next game in the world from some owners so i don't understand the way they think because i think they have to think about. because it's very important so we are willing to think about the clubs as well so we only play one one game and hopefully don't they are happy for only be against his office he wanted to play much tougher opposition from the french have been playing recently against the likes of iran qatar no disrespect to them but the opposition be facing the year is going to much tougher so you know in prison we know. already but we still get must get the goal from asian tomorrow so i can and so forth the medicine knows no zero point. well so this is a great thing finished russia oughtn't to go into the playoffs that we expense of our main yet. she won in dublin with. me underlining as things are changing.
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i think. this one the best in the group. the. only fifty fifty percent because no they're the player of. the same situation for twenty five. elsewhere france top group d. after a draw against both of you need victory in paris to qualify automatically jacko had given a visit is the lead in the first half with the great strike but late on some announcer it was brought down and he scored the resulting penalty in france a point to send them to the european championships while bosnia would never qualify for a major tournament and the playoffs. have a look at the teams that have qualified automatically joining hoshi crane in poland
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are russia and france england are that have made it after beating portugal two one and the winner takes all encounter last night to top sweden's three two win over the netherlands who'd already qualified and they go through with the best runner up greece put their place with it she won big three have the georgia also the defending champion spain to beat scotland three one yesterday to end scottish playoff hopes germany kept one hundred percent not according to pay between belgium three one and italy one a group rounding off their campaigns the three know when i would northern ireland and eight teams are in the playoffs as we have mentioned they include ireland portugal and bosnia persecuting stick even beat as a beyond one nil last night a stony and made the list of slovenians two one win in group c. the czechs put their place with a four one win in its way. to go into that happened draw along with montenegro despite that two new defeat to switzerland the matches will be played i would say legs ashamed you'll find that eleven and twelve was the return game on
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the fifteenth of november. meanwhile you wait for president michel platini is currently touring europe twenty twelve venues in poland ahead of thursday's playoff draw and crackle is looking at stadiums at four host cities including this one a rock roll and despite previous concerns says he's not happy with the types of development. meanwhile fifa general secretary jerome valcke has been on a visit to russia to check on the host nation's progress for the twenty. scene well cup it might be just under seven years until the competition kicks off but it's just one year to go until russia must name the eleven cities and twelve stadiums which will host football's biggest tournament in the country sports minister is confident about russia's preparations say far. russia was given the right do host the world cup we've had a little millings and consultations with before are all due sticks budgeting branding and other important issues concerning the world cup it's quite basic
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a world cup you need all cities we stadiums public transport or. local transport i would say national domestic transport between the cities and you have to ensure that all these different group of people the media the officials the players and the fans they can enjoy the country during the period of the world cup and. to tennis standard soon of has lined up a meeting with second seed andy murray in the second round of the shanghai masters following the russian's hard fought opening win last week's winner in tokyo murray received a buy into the second round but soon off had to make it the hard way as he came from a set down to knock out brazil's thomas baluchi after two hours and forty five minutes on court andy roddick is through to round three but the tendency did american had to battle back from a breakdown and saved a set point in the second set before breaking bulgarian legal dimitrov to love because that might match their seven six seven five mixed up ahead to spain's
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nicholas a micro. america's top man of the moment mardy fish was them packing the fifth seed throwing away a one set late to go back in three sets you straight enough income a good economy for six six one six for the way it ended it was the second top ten skelton told that she was ten days shy of turning nineteen he also beat robin sobering during his three run to the quarter finals year's wimbledon. i woll former world number three david nalbandian plane crashing at the four in may in straight sets the german number fifteen seed converted the first of his three match points and is now in line to play top rafael. in the meantime yankee kids out of it became the biggest first rank casualty serbia's number two was seeded ninth in shanghai but went out to fill a channel a place scrawny prevailing in both tie break to break you stay back you were. there at the world cup france have named an unchanged side for saturday's semifinal with
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wales and all current coach mark livermore will keep the same side that beat england in the last eight with morgan again starting his flyhalf france have lost at the semifinal stage of the last two world cups but believe their experienced team will see them through this time between them the players have six hundred eighty seven caps and also a good record against the welsh having lost only once in their last seven meetings new zealand will face a shock. in the other semifinal and spent the day in the gym on tuesday among them was new flyhalf stephen donald who's come in after an injury to call and say he himself was called up as cover for the injured dan carter and when you're jose gear has also arrived after meals rianna suffered a broken shoulder and their quarter final win over argentina so that brings the end of a sports up next it's the wealth. in
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u.s. charges two radians for allegedly plotting to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to washington as part of a major terror attack iran says it's joe. look east the russian premier has met the chinese leader in beijing on a visit to boost cooperation and balance out the financial and political dominance of the west. hamas and israel struck a long awaited prisoner swap deal that will see jewish soldier gilad shalit freed in exchange for over a thousand palestinians. seven year sentence for ukraine's former prime minister a poor alleged abuse of power linked to gas contracts with russia sparks public outrage and harsh criticism from moscow to the u.s. and e.u. . and and russia the indices how to raise that early morning to climb with the r.t.s. climbing point six percent the solomon.


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