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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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resorts michael beverly closer to home look at riviera potomac cintra who told. the. washington charges to iranians for an alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. accusations tehran dismissed. the partnership said the balance of the scales. chinese leadership in beijing as the country's group's ties to rival western. and an israeli soldier captured by hamas five years ago and soon to be going home as a long awaited deal will see him swap for over a thousand palestinian prisoners. a
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very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me rory sanction. says the thwarted plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. will further isolate iran with the allegations expected to increase sanctions on tehran by two iranians were charged over trying to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack and something to iran is dismissed as a quote comedy show for more details now we're now joined live by oh he's a guy and if you kind of standing by in washington d.c. guy in a so american pressure on iran seems to be growing. well i guess for us keynes to unite the world against iran that's what we hear from the officials here they're talking about the need to completely isolate iran in the international community vice president joe biden for example said the u.s. action against iran could go beyond sanctions but added that we are not going there yet also we hear we were getting reports that they grow as a might also great raise the issue of the security council we hear
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a lot of top words in washington these days the u.s. administration strongly believes in the case against this ukrainian born man also u.s. citizen monsoor are about to see are suspected of trying to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador in washington the u.s. attorney general says the man admitted being directed by quote high ranking ukrainian officials and on these grounds washington says it will hold the ukrainian government accountable for the plots to kill the ambassador also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings that the israeli embassy in washington and saudi arabia in washington iran's denies all of the about saying it's a childish game that the u.s. is playing and that they have fabricated the case the saudis on the other hand have taken the allegations seriously and think u.s. authorities were preventing alleged assassination attempts so going to washington already mulling over possible sanctions saying they could also take it to the u.n. security council. what's washington claiming all the motives behind the circle that
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are some notion of war. but very rarely anyone here is touching upon the possible motive iran's might have had for trying to kill the saudi the first fall considering all the fallout that would have come with such an action would they actually do something like that something that seems to be a disservice to the iranians in the first place but that question is rarely asked here is that the drums of war beating on all mainstream channels they definitely take the accusations brought up by the u.s. justice department at face value and the main question they ask is will the u.s. retaliate or not there is there is quite a few people in washington who root for retaliation in the meantime officials say all options are on the table not clear how far this will go but the news but on the news they constantly hear phrases like we need to step up if it is to undermine the government of the ranks we need to step up cooperation with saudi arabia and israel and other things along these lines and that's probably what the u.s. will most likely be doing right and i think you can then live in washington thank
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you and i well it's time for you to get involved with us here and also you were asking on our web site also you talk on what you think about the thwarted iranian plot uncovered by the u.s. are checking out the numbers right now and more than half of you believe the attempted hit on the saudi ambassador to the u.s. was an american ploy to smear its enemy just a quarter think the story is just the tip of the iceberg with more details to come by thirteen percent say it was all constructed by ted rall and while the rest believe it's just a way for washington officials to boost their careers cast your vote at the top com . but bonding exercise prime minister putin strengthened russia's partnership with china during his high profile visit to the world's fastest growing economies are coming together to share common interests on commercial goals i don't think the so-called dominance of the west deals worth seven billion u.s. dollars and a g. trait and high so you can destroy these have already been signed and more still to come and also use a marine corps a reference explains. there to davis it was more of course had an economic flavor
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rather than a political one this was probably just the presence of first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and the government is now looking east for both russia and china of course members of the breaks group along with brazil india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for a margin economies now prime minister putin said the us is currently using there is no monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's how they are negative effect on their financial policy. i never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but i do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the us dollar as a single global currency the problem is not only for the world economy but for america's economy as well because it leads to violation of financial discipline.
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but of course the e.u. vladimir putin serbo greece is a big problem but that it could have resolved if countries it weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china the reform of international financial systems and that the brits well should play a bigger role on the world stage and. i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank and he we agree that the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be enhanced given the growing importance of our countries economies another important issue here was energy corp lighting up with an end his chinese counterpart said that all issues and disagreements were resolved when it comes to russia supply of oil when it comes to gas negotiations are still ongoing but both insist that they're in the final stage an energy consumption that is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia
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could cover that extra demand and in doing so for the strength of their strategic partnership. so to summer in a culture of reporting right there from beijing well for more on the growing cooperation between russia and china we can now talk to. a professor of international politics at the universe ryssdal so i thank you for coming on the program russia and china say they want to balance western influence and envy that of the united states do you think should washington be barred by this. no it shouldn't no china and russia are coming to going to not necessarily just for the planet and seeing all that west i think they have common interests with develop their economies as well so that's actually probably. her agenda and a visit by premier hu jintao of china obviously both china and russia are also great powers and they are a security council opposed security council members who have responsibilities in march a broader international arena they also have some common strategic interests in
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this very turbulent world before i think it's natural it's not necessarily sort of targeted at the united states as you say trying to russia share some similar ideologies on foreign policy they have some strategic interests as well but what about the economic crisis going off in much of the western world the eurozone going down america having trouble that possibly motivation force but behind this partnership between between russia and china obviously i china needs energy russia has energy absolutely i mean terms of energy corp certainly there is a synergy over there china china desperately needs a lot of energy and resources and russia has it and also joe graphically or you see it's very close to china over their supply line and so on so there is a natural reason and very logical reason to put the two countries to go great in that front but talking about the global financial crisis and the euro zone
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financial crisis here again i think both china and russia also have a great state of the economic recovery of. the global economy and also certainly seen the overcoming the crisis in the euro zone and therefore i think the crisis itself is not the reason for china and russia to come together fortunately both in. you haven't managed to escape the bench severe damage of the global financial crisis and suddenly at the moment of the eurozone debt crisis more sudden as you say a russian trying to have managed to avoid the brunt of the global economic crisis but not entirely unscathed now if i may try to first place where vladimir putin has visited since announcing his plans for the presidential elections of two thousand and twelve how significant is that and you think is he looking possibly to shift foreign policy more in an eastward direction i think that's very much debated and
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discussed the problem as a russian and chinese media certainly has some symbolic significance our feelings visit quite remember also that this is a meeting between the two koreas and obviously to to take the opportunity to sort of. possibly conway's vision of russian policy towards the east a little speak to the chinese leaders because he's going to be a lot i suppose we are to be lectured to the russian president and again in the helm of the russian foreign policy so it's very important. for him to really articulate what where you need strategic vision to the chinese leadership obviously recently premier putting also come out to sort of suggest a kind of asian union and other strategic vision is it's very important to again keep the communication with the chinese leadership and and share some kind of
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thought so so yes i think it's very important. even more than symbolically important thought the. prime minister putin to meet his visit to china and to communicate directly with the chinese leadership someone who is sort of young generation of international politics at the university of bristol that's all the time we have for i'm afraid thanks so much. i want to still ahead for you this hour here on our syria mass disapproval now the whole world is singing in unison criticizing a ukrainian court for its guilty verdict of the former prime minister one of the most high profile women in politics. and the police turned tough on occupy wall street protesters in boston with reports of war veterans being beaten up. so israel has agreed to exchange over a thousand palestinian prisoners for just one israeli soldier was captured and held
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in gaza now for over five years now the deal with hamas has long been in the making however some high profile detainees will remain behind israeli bars. now reports from television where the return of gilad shalit is being illegally awaited. there are some one thousand and twenty seven prisoners who will be released there will be released in various stages the latest we've been hearing is that the first draft will be released possibly as soon as next week when we understand they could be taken to egypt egypt of course broke with this and the whole exchange will happen gyptian soil and largely it was taken captive back in june two thousand and six now at this stage we don't have the intricate details of who's on the list of prisoners and what the deal involves but certainly it does seem to suggest that there has been not that much movement on both sides in terms of the deal over the last few years which is why many are saying it's the israelis who have given me and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has
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a lot to gain from such a deal he's facing immense political pressure both internally and internationally emasculate side is coming up in the winners of this deal so they have been celebrations from last night and they continue today to killie in egypt by the refugee camp in gaza so that is why you are hearing some voices in israel some voices of concern that the capture of one soldier is going to be something that is encouraged on the palestinian side because the price for one soldier is particularly high at this moment there are more than eight thousand prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails among them are many women and children some three hundred children many of the prisoners are also there without having been tried and now there are some prisoners who are currently undergoing a hunger strike they're protesting against the general conditions in the prisons we've been hearing from human activists who say that particularly the political prisoners they have basic rights like bathing that are being denied to them ever since then i've said it was taken hostage some five years ago there have been heavy
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restrictions on goods coming in and out of gaza among the prisoners who are to be released a fair number would return to the gaza strip. i think our policy reporting right there now about six minutes away from the business here in our state and international chorus of disapproval has hit ukraine over the verdict handed down to former prime minister yulia tymoshenko sentenced to seven years behind bars and find almost two hundred million dollars all of this for the abuse of power when signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine by the verdict because lawyers will appeal spot mass protests among the army of supporters r.t. so let's go to jeff he has more from kiev. the situation is still pretty much tense to because several hundred protesters supporters ovulate zuma sankoh the country's former prime minister lost still stationed in their in their county here on the main street of the simmering tensions on tuesday. the gradient capital of course there were thousands and thousands of people here the biggest protests we've seen
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so far in the last three months the international reaction has been furious. regardless of where you look which part of the world everyone have been very disappointed with the verdict the united states washington said that had to be released the european union different parts of it also expressed their concerns and indignation over the verdict sentencing the country's former prime minister to seven years in prison and confiscating all of her property russia also reacted furiously to this decision saying that those gas deals which were signed back in two thousand and nine were completely legitimate they stress that once again and saying that the decision by that which has in fact neglected russia's concerns over the legitimacy of these all these gas deals in two thousand and nine and also the russian foreign ministry stated that the decision by the purchase court is in fact
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has or has in fact some and side russian pretext in it kiev now finds itself in a very very difficult situation when to stand out according to the european union that a possible agreement on the association of the european union and ukraine would now be canceled and some even say that the invitation to be president of ukraine to attend a meeting in brussels in the nearest future could be even canceled we have certainly following all the developments and will bring the latest information as we get it. the reporting right up here tymoshenko case has already cost between russia and ukraine just last month. pushing for a discount on the price of pays claiming the deal signed by dex prime minister was in the james a share from the a charm house says that's a call to pass agreement between moscow and kiev illegal is simply absurd. there is an empty russian sub text because they are trying to hide the maximum or justification for false second alteration of the past agreements
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no to save the agreements for julia taylor shank or entered into two thousand i know to one contract and then secondly a supplementary agreement saying they were illegal is utterly bizarre the post-presidential of kluge. phone and the person did it to these when he concluded the kharkiv accords with president. here in the april two thousand and ten he a thorough literate seriously because it europe to machine will do it with prime minister push it so but this is one of many it searches in this whole drama unfold with r.t. and after moscow now week stop of the anti will street movement started in the us protests are still going strong and spreading fast but the response by law enforcement officers has also grabbed headlines with one hundred demonstrators i
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rested for participating in the boston demo but despite the crackdowns social media consultant rob collins says the movement will continue they could have far reaching consequences. what's happening here could be as big a deal as the space program when we first started the space program we were talking about watching a satellite into space a rocket up there we didn't know that an explosion of technologies that everybody would use every day that would change our lives we didn't know that the satellites that were being sent up could be used for cellphones eventually and they don't even exist what's happening here is is a phenomenon that's huge it's an explosion and the right there are people like orrin hatch who are saying this is dangerous he's right but he doesn't have a clue how dangerous it is people are waking up there are so many that there is a lot of anger about this people are furious that they're getting ripped off that the system is broken that it no longer represents the people that that the congress
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represents corporations now this is a very common thing that whether they're democrats or republicans it doesn't matter who you vote for because they're going to take care of the corporations first not the people. nearly twenty minutes past the hour here in our city if you missed anything we're covering on it just head over to our t.v. dot com a lot of news comment waiting for you here's a taste of a somewhat online right now we look at how the case of a russian business i'm an accused of arms dealing it's casting a shadow over the u.s. justice system. and a russian tractor driver rescues dozens of people from a burning building when he drove his vehicle next to the window so people could jump to their safety from or head over to our t.v. dot com. so the fact is opposition leader says the deal to approve expanding the e.u. bailout fund has been reached and will be voted in it later this week earlier the
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country's parliament voted against it which caused the collapse of slovakia's ruling coalition now the government has since joined forces with the country's main opposition party to approve more cash for the fund the backyard was the last to vote and the only country to say no to increasing the facility which needs the green light from all seventeen euro zone members meanwhile the e.u. commission president said that europe's banks could be strengthened against the fallout. natural adviser patrick young says the back here is in no rush to foot the bill for other nations. ultimately this is a question of not just principle but actually rational economic well being of the ordinary working people of slovakia they have injured incredible cuts during the course of the last few years in order to keep the slovakian economy going and ultimately therefore we have this political leader richard sort of the freedom party who's saying enough is enough why should we have a situation where five million slovakian people are expected to pay seven billion
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euros in order to pay for greek people to have pensions three times larger than the old age pensions in slovakia and ultimately that doesn't make sense i mean slovakians are the lowest wage earners in the euro zone they're incredibly fiscally pragmatic they've run their economy in a very sensible and intelligent way and ultimately they feel very very are green with great justification about paying for greece that is ultimately an economy where the government lied about their figures in order to get into the euro in the first place. all right kareen is here in a minute with the business but for now the world update here on some of the headlines from the world this hour at least twenty three people have been killed sixty injured in baghdad which comes after a string of blast rock and security forces officials say there were at least three separate explosions with suicide bombers targeting local police stations. come just days after iraq asked for more than five thousand u.s.
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military instructors to stay on past the formal drawled day of december thirty first. meanwhile as a general amnesty for more than six thousand prisoners has begun with dozens think looting political day detainees are all being released i understand a national report that among those due to be freed are some twenty to one hundred political prisoners being held in poor conditions and subjected to torture by their release was a key condition of the united states to remove western sanctions imposed on the country's former military governor. and the captain of a container ship that grounded off new zealand leaking oil into the sea has now been arrested. with operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk thank you now face up to a year in prison or the ship run into the reef or we could go was in the country's worst environmental disaster in decades with over three hundred tonnes of oil already leaked from. a roadside bomb has killed six police officers
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under tribal elder in southern afghanistan where the police were escorting him about home from nearby kandahar city when the truck hit the explosive device investigators believe the blast was remotely detonated and the tribal elder was the target militant activity in kandahar has increased since nato had over control to local security forces. all right in just a few minutes here on our t.v. we lift the lid on chinese wisdom and first they will look at the business with a korean. welcome to our business of it as our thanks for watching russia and china are close to a gas deal as there are cards for many months were both sides hanging over the price of talking to the chinese media prime minister putin explained how a solution to the impasse has been found it was in russian and chinese companies will find in me should benefit your solution we will have the needs of children or
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children or is a word of opportunities and reserves a very big unable to meet the demands of our children needs friends. temba countries agreed on a new deal to the supply of almost seventy billion cubic meters of gas over thirty years however they still haven't managed to sign a final agreement is trying to says the price is too high. time for a look at the markets now oil prices are advancing the silent speculation that proposals on european bank recapitalization will support economic growth and fuel consumption stocks in the u.s. open higher on wednesday on expectations europe would manage its debt trouble dow jones as one percentage of the nasdaq is up over one point three percent among the losers is alcoa with shares dropping almost five percent on the dow following b. of a new maker's disappointing third quarter report in europe markets are edging high despite his rejection of the plan to expand the euro zone's rescue fund late tuesday reports he's out over half
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a percent of the dax is up over two percent man group is talking the losers list of foods the shouting over five and a half percent among the winners though is eurasia natural resources that are gaining over seven percent this hour. and here in russia stocks head for the strongest level in two weeks as oil rises come isaacs is gaining point eight percent even trading they are test is up over three and three three percent now let's have a look at some individual shambo some of my six and as you mages abroad on the rise with gazprom among the main gainers newest nicholas lower the russian daily bread misty reports that the money may need government approval for its program citing a letter from the russian anti trust regulator and russia's grain and sugar producer does almost two percent on news that the country's government may tax grain exports once they reach twenty four million metric tons for the.
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capital says many blue chips are undervalued and are good bets longer term but there are some notable exceptions. it does look like. a change of situation in the retail segment of the company but we're both. i suppose the train updates which are below concerts expectations as the revenue growth it does seem that. they have taken up enough of the market share and that's obviously going to go slower pace than investors are just paid and the stock still trade i do not suppose which are at a premium to the average for the russian market so probably retailers are going to be a bit under pressure for those three. consumer prices and was haven't started rising and i'll tell you next over despite official forecasts growth has seen the zero inflation in the last three months decent seasonal factors the country's economic ministry expected consumer prices to grow helpful for some time with the recent declines in the ruble exchange rate increasing inflationary six. roses
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united shipbuilding corp says it aims to list up to thirty percent of the company in two years' time and already a plan to sell half of the company has been revised after the tunnel and the stock market's. mixed year we expect the industry to grow around fourteen percent but we think that our company will grow faster than not this year will probably grow to up to seventeen percent considering the orders that we have around fifteen percent next year for you. and the networking giant cisco systems is launching its first assembly plant and rasa cycle producer top box says allowing us to watch t.v. using the internet and fun for us and go in court and come to components and when it's a newspaper of course telecom major vocal call made by up to two hundred thousand devices each quarter and the company's king on expanding into the internet t.v. market has more than doubled its subscribers to four hundred thousand cents not.
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