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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 10:31am-11:01am EDT

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prime minister putin met the chinese leadership in beijing. well even in the twenty first century china remains a mystery to much of the outside world. now it sits down with. an observer of global social economic and political trends and she's also written a book on china and sells us what lies behind the enigmatic nation. doris nesbitt thank you very much for being with us today thank you very much for having me so in your opinion why has china and still remains to greatest mystery for thinkers and scholars because there's too little interest to get to get behind the mystery in all something stays a mystery if you don't have enough interest to to open the curtain. there's also
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you know somebody said that a philosopher sherman for loss of a said that most people do not want to learn something new but what took at confirmation of something they already believe in and i think that's very much the case in china we have a certain picture of china and i wouldn't think exclude myself ten years ago levin years ago before i went to china for the first time i had a certain picture of china which was not really matching reality but then it depends on you willing to change the picture or do you stick with what you think how is it changed ten years on for you well. i was thinking the chinese are mr mysterious people you know you can't really trust them and you never know what they think i thought that the country was much more backwards than it turned out to
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be. the fact is that the chinese have have still have and still today have kind of an innocence and openness once they trust you they embrace you and they really become friends with you and you can criticize a lot you know you can also was chinese politicians we talk a lot of. things in china that are not as they should be. you can be very open but it has to come out of a positive spirit. and not of just looking for the negative spots well you're talking about innocence where does that come from in your opinion does it have anything to do with the fact that china's been communist for so long. no no i think it has to do with the with the structure of having the community first and then the individual that meant you were always part of something you were part of a family part of a community part of a city part of
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a province and the country and helping each other being together was part of survival and that's that's when they when you get to know the chinese and when they embrace or they are not ashamed or fed and all we love you and we admire you and and it's so sweet that openness i'm not saying that every chinese is sweet there is a lot of competition there can be very very. fierce fighting but in general they are willing to embrace you and talk about their feelings so is china socialist or capitalist they are fighting for. making their dreams come true and the fight is something sometimes a little fierce because for a long time they couldn't make their dreams come true they couldn't lift the life they wanted and now specially for the generation that's one of the nineteen
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nineties who has not to live through all the hard shift and the changes they are they really demand that they can do whatever they want to do and that's going to be a new situation in china with a china ration that has grown up with communication systems with western with information about everything that you can achieve in life and they're going to fight for achieving that they have goals they want to they want to be the best your husband john and i speared argues that china is a country without ideology do you agree with that it doesn't have any it's in. search for and i do all that she and i would replace the word there's a lot of search for meaning because. when you are starving making an income that's enough you know you don't need any other goals but once you have your basic income once you can make a economic dreams come true to
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a certain degree. then you realize that's not everything in life and i have a column in china you stated the second largest newspaper and i get a lot of emails in reaction to the column and many of the questions are. you know what is really the sense of what's really the meaning of life what can i do with my life and how can i serve my country that's something that you wouldn't hear from the rest so much you know how could i serve my country it's much more how can i how can the country serve me and that search for meaning for spirit fulfillment that that we can increasingly feel could be that they're searching for self identification in twenty first century. there are quite communists but now there are so strong economically they are searching for acknowledged land for
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a position in the world they do not have enough self-confidence including the china as a as a country they have achieved so much but but they don't really. to look at themselves and say well what we did why is right i don't know maybe because they are attacked much more than then acknowledged and it's not that everything is great in china lots of things that we don't agree with that want to be included but the west is very much focusing on the radios and on the flaws. and i think we. have a balance that. there's a lot of good things and of course they have to work on the not so things do you think china is striving to be number one country in the world to be this huge superpower or is it just happening. i i hesitate because deep
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inside i think china wants to be the middle kingdom and once you have to pull session at it once head that's in the in the in the you know the history of china as really an empire is not the chinese head but they are not fighting to dominate the world but they they they want to play the role in the world that they are slowly growing into simply. kaname the growing size of the economy and by the number of people so i asked your husband whether china was trying to read because an empire and b. emerge into an imperialist state because if they're not fighting for it but they're fighting for it economically because they're building ties with weaker countries. could it be that they will be become an empire that dominates the world by growing
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economic ties with other countries i don't know whether we're live in the world where you really really one nation can become a. dominant empire like the roman empire and all the other and pious and fall of. i don't think it's in this way and also i think that there's quite a ways to go and you know america is a fourteen trillion economy and china is still only one set of one fourth of it so they also a ways to go and also you know think of the role that the u.s. plays culturally i mean the influence that louis has in the culture of the globe is a much higher one. i think that's one of the things that china is really really has to establish what is its cultural identity in the twenty first century and when we have a chinese armani when they do not call peak. you
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know the. when they have. people who stand for and then what they own. which let's say and i'm not very good on the band so but you know what i mean they they have to create that the chinese brand the cultural leadership that still is in the hand of the u.s. in many ways but right now in china is about one third of the u.s. for in depth and the dollar is at a very vulnerable situation i mean people are even talking they could devalue the future. what is the smartest way out of this impasse for china i think you know economists are correlated or are having different opinions so i really would not claim that i have the answer to that so when the u.s. will hit rock bottom it will also have found
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a solid ground and then rise because it's not that the capacity of the u.s. is gone the capacity is still there and the chinese are very smart to get to the situation and invest with let's say we can in dollars or not so i think they they're going to work it out in this smart enough to do so also one more question china is more and more assertive in the south china sea do you think china is a country that actually could envisage a conflict now. but it wouldn't i mean it's too smart to you can't win wars anymore so why would china really start a war which would be destructive. if we're trying to itself so while there's a lot of posturing on the political side economically you know it's it's much too much integrate to really start a war on on either side so no the us posturing there is a lot of. posturing because of internal reasons to show strength to its people
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but but you know we don't we don't think that's quite a thing china strategies for russia they've been very good friends and they've been not so good friends so i think they are seeking an alliance they are seeking trade but now they are very close neighbors so i think china in general wants to optimize relationships whether it's russia or america or europe doris nies thank you very much for this and take you. sure is that so much. from which of course you want to give them severely call it what you will a major political tipping point for woodstock without music in respect to the occupy wall street demonstrations continue to.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street today at. least in terms of the truce is it to get the status of the human experiment its. business right musically which it knows absolutely trying to send some political economy and its arcane things as financial tips. to maintain or put into the markets and you don't want to be seen trade imbalances risk. is close. collapsing a sub prime loan for close one of. them fails we play but again feel level tightening as us crash and imminent. killing in the psychotic just isn't enough in st the i.m.f. strikes me on just programs increase the term economists. ok
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headlines on washington has been charged to iranians for an alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. it's claimed they tried to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack and all the accusations tehran has just missed as being. russia and china strengthen their partnership to balance the economic and political dominance of the west deals worth some seventy billion dollars and trade and high tech industries. as prime minister putin met the chinese leadership in beijing. and israeli soldier captured by hamas five years ago could soon be going home along the way to deal with. over a thousand palestinian prisoners however some high profile detainee's will still remain in israeli prisons. with the sports.
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thank you for joining me for the latest sports news and yes what's coming up six of the best russian crews into next summer's european football championships after winning group paint with a six mil drubbing about dora here in moscow. while bearing the blame the lividity on this retirement after missing a crunch penalty in serbia one will defeat to slovenia in that key european qualifier. and spanish domination top seed rafael nadal breezes through us from patrick started fair fun call us but also for the rest of the shanghai losses. and we start with football and russia have finished their european qualifying campaign in style after going through to next year's finals as winners of the door a six nil here in moscow and watching this with your feet. rusher only new to the
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points coming into very clash. with the whole country was expecting much much more from dick up the current sign had a spiritual call in what is officially the world's joint worst showing age. under fifty thousand fans are turned out to watch them didn't have to wait long for the first goal islands or glory of netting his second goal in as many games for the national side after only five minutes the hosts were a class above their opponents some would double their li midway through the home of a signal the slightest of touches to undo a shot in st cake the russians one finished. only one ones by more than a single goal in this qualification campaign but they were determined to win that run against pandora and the man public change limited free on thirty minutes. so you go if continued his rich vein of form the twenty one year old scoring a fine goal on the stroke of half time to take his tally to four for the national
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scene. unsurprisingly the hosts eased off in the second half however decent we should call fun time to score his first ever goal for his country to make the score five nil which some substitute junior billiards deneuve was making a rare appearance she competes of a ranking perhaps for goal of the night here too in the field or picking the ball up for round twenty metres sounds a bit of well time left foot sharks which gave the visitors keeper no chance jubilation for the russian's fan produced we should call you crowned this win with his first ever goal and he was happy to give the fans a performance to savor the one that it's everyone is over the moon at the moment we played really well today and it's nice to give the fans something to cheer about a lot of supporters came out to cheer us on today and the coach said it was time we started scoring more goals for them russia had dominated every man played in this qualification campaign and igor some show of was delighted that his sign managed to win for only the second time by more than one goal in their killer fighting group.
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but it was nice to start finding the back of the net we've played well try out the group like when we drew here with garlands no no the one we lost against slovakia but we weren't able to score on our side tonight just think of the cats first campaign is england not rhinoceri russia managed to win a qualification region first time in a decade but now the hard work starts with the dutchman has around eight months to prepare his shine for the euro two thousand and twelve finals in poland and ukraine . will plead r.t. moscow russia. well after his coach to have a car said he was relieved russia didn't have to go into the playoffs and also revealed the team would now prepare for a friendly with the opponents due to be confirmed on thursday however the dutchman criticised some clubs for being reluctant in letting their players turn out for the national side. so hopefully the club's owners are happy as well sometimes they have some doubts about it because we can
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play two for the next game in the world some protests from some owners so i don't understand the way they think because i think they have to think about. because it's very important so we are willing to think about the clubs well so we only play one one game and hopefully don't they are what for really be against his office he wanted to play a much tougher position friendship with playing recently against the likes of iran qatar no disrespect to them but the opposition with a savior is going to much tougher so you know in prison we know. already but we still get must get the confirmation tomorrow so i can and so forth images and. so this is how it will be finished russia told followed by islands who go into the playoffs at the expense of armenia better than to war in dublin the armenians had becky percent off in the first half while alan striker kevin doyle also received
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his marching orders later on for a second yellow card despite this autumn coach giovanni trapattoni hailed this side the change that. i think i saw many games he's won the best in the group who are in there with the. technical very well. in the for the i.c.c. very a great result. will be always really. only fifty fifty percent because no playoff is the same as you do as you point out what if i. were fronts top group day after a one one draw against balls near who needed victory in paris to qualify automatically that injection have given the visitors the lead in the first half with a great strike but later on samir nasri was brought down in the box and he scored the resulting penalty to add france the necessary points to send them to the
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european championships while bosnia who had never qualified for a major tournament into the playoffs. and elsewhere months united kept in the money of it has hinted he could soon be calling it a day on his international career the twenty nine year old serbia defender is taking full responsibility for missing what could have been a life saving second half penalty for his country serbians needed to win in slovenia to leapfrog a stunning in to second spot in group c. but on the stroke of half time received a cracking goal by the to and did it so his feeble strike on the spot saved and service qualifying hopes were dashed. so let's round up all the teams that are qualified joining highest ukraine in poland all russia and france england were already there denmark are three then off to beating portugal to one in a winner takes all encounters a top group by all sweden's three two when i was the netherlands who already
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qualified meant they go through as the best runners up greece booked their place off the coming back to beat georgia two one already there were defending champion spain who beat scotland three want to end their playoff hopes in favor of the czechs germany finished with a one hundred percent record at the top of group a by beating belgium three one and group c. when it's really rounded off their campaign with a three no win over northern ireland. well eight teams have gone into thursday's draw for the playoffs where that. body into two parts of four seated and four unseeded teams ireland and portugal are seeded along with the czechs the book that they survey for one win in a few idea and croatia latvia bosnia-herzegovina join already qualified montenegro in the un seated growing along with misgivings turkey savings azerbaijan and the star near. the serbia the first legs of the playoffs are on november the eleventh or twelfth the second leg on november the fifteenth. handling time russia's under
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twenty one team maintains that one hundred percent record by beating portugal two one here in moscow to extend their leave at the top of creep six in that battle for a place at the twenty thirteen european championships in israel for them but off for fall it's. russia had started their qualifying campaign confidently with two wins on the road and a goal difference of plus eight and in their third encounter the russian space their main group six royalist portugal on home team q just outside moscow and be syria's man took control from the story in a first have a few scoring opportunities though were punished for a moment of slickness after half an hour wilson in the on the phone himself ear to ear marks on the edge of the box and hammered the ball through the wall and the flailing hands of the goalkeeper to good portugal at half time however whatever they had coach said the host at half time seemed to work as russia came out even
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more determined and everything swung the hosts way within just two or second half minutes first by the yorker live cross to the four course where alex on the court in headed home the twenty year old forwards increasing his telling qualifying to an impressive five goals in three matches and then substitute in fellow dinner must go forward the other smaller group will bust three defenders to beat the keeper at the knee of course to make it two one after fifty four minutes and that's how it finished the home side. i took you in control in giving the board of your snow chance to equalise. i was a little bit surprised that there was no one in front of the game when i make the move so i decided to shoot and i made the right decision. called said we should play our game in which sort of defending would score and win the match and that's how it happened we conceded an awkward goal but managed to come from behind and deserved to win portugal didn't have any scoring opportunities in the second half russia no took the nine points from three maîtresse well portugal sleeve pulled
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into third his name by the team. tennis now and tops a graph on the dollars off to a quick start in his quest for his maiden shanghai masters title the spaniard making light work of lesser known can patches the yellow breath no doubt sailing into the last sixteen with a six three six two win after receiving a buy in to the second round while second seed andy murray has yet to pick up his racquet after the meaty turf enough withdrew due to a thigh injury handing the scot a walk over into the third round joe wilfried song of i became the biggest name so far to fall the fourth seed frenchman bowing out. and she corrie however the seed david ferrer is safely three the spaniard backing passed canada's milosz play on it she answered next up affair is compassionate one color for the arrow don't have it yet another spaniard and overdoes go for the former world number one had to battle back up to conceiving the opening set but dominated from then on breaking his
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opponent six times to win through in just over two hours four six six three six two the final score there. and that's all the sports news for now i'll be back in just under two hours with another update until then. i'm all for the. cooling of the latest in science and technology from the ground force and. we've got the future covered.
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oil. in indonesia oh jeez available in the ground. the ritz carlton hotel hotel to tell me the millennium hotel in china you can see all censored. hotel mcconnell given the show marco resort hotel the same. result michael's. riviera hotel mcconnell cintra hotel mccown.
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washington charges to iranians for an alleged plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. accusations tehran. the scales promised to the chinese leadership in beijing as the country's ties to rival some. five years ago could soon be going home a long awaited deal will see him. in the palestinian prison. and in business the russian markets closed higher with. high oil prices we'll bring you the latest.


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