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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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worldwide news live from the heart of moscow this is r.t. with me research washington thought it a plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. will further isolate iran with the allegations expected to increase sanctions on tehran by two iranians are charged over trying to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack something terror on is just missed as a comedy show is garnered you can reports from washington. ngs to unite the world against iran that's what we hear from the officials here they're talking about the need to completely isolate iran in the international community vice president joe biden for example said the u.s. action against iran could go beyond sanctions but added that we are not going there yet also we hear we were getting reports that they grew as a might also great raise the issue of the u.n. security council we hear a lot of tough words in washington these days the u.s. administration strongly believes in the case against this iranian born man also
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u.s. citizen. are suspected of trying to plot the assassination of the saudi ambassador in washington the u.s. attorney general says the man admitted being directed by quote high ranking ukrainian officials and on these grounds washington says it will hold the ukrainian government accountable for the plot to kill the embassador also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings that these really embassy in washington and at the end of saudi arabia in washington denies all of the above saying it's a childish game that the u.s. is playing and that they have fabricated the case the saudis on the other hand have taken the allegations seriously and i think u.s. authorities for preventing alleged assassination attempt the drums of war are beating on all mainstream channels they definitely take the accusations brought up by the u.s. justice department at face value and the main question they ask is will the u.s. retaliate or not there is there is quite a few people in washington who root for retaliation in the meantime officials say
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all options are on the table not clear how far this will go but the news but on the news i constantly hear phrases like we need to step up ok if it is to undermine the government of iran we need to step up cooperation with saudi arabia and israel and other things along these lines and that's probably what the u.s. will most likely be doing. he's gonna live rather from washington d.c. now for more on this so we're joined by kim brown voice of russia host i'm waiting for us in washington i thanks for coming on today so iranians hiring mexicans to assassinate the saudi ambassador in america what do you make of the accusations aimed at iran well i think so far the accusations aimed towards iran are somewhat unfounded although court documents to suggest that months or. was an iranian american with ties allegedly inside of the uranium military though it had not we have not seen firm evidence of this is to be the case but i can tell
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you that i don't believe that there is widespread american public support for a military retaliation against iran at this point not at least until all the facts are made clear ok so you say there's no widespread support for americans to go behind a wall campaign there but what could be the ultimate possible consequences for iran that. well right now i think it's just diplomatic. retaliation as it were in the form of sanctions or some other form but you know we that the united states were coming. out of iraq with plans to continue to reduce troops in afghanistan and i don't think that the american public really has the stomach for another big military engagement in the strikes the nato strikes in libya weren't very popular here although it were no so-called us troops on the ground but i don't think the american public is ready to see a military retaliation against iran at least not till we've seen some more evidence
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of their complicit involvement now washington has said that the alleged plot will further isolate iran and i mean is that what the u.s. has always wanted another excuse to act against iran. well let's hope not let's hope that the united states government is not trying to instigate a possible conflict especially a military conflict i hate to keep reiterating that but again we are a war weary public here in the united states and the possibility that we could have had a terrorist attack or terrorist attack occur here on our soil is certainly disheartening especially the living here in washington d.c. the idea that a restaurant could have exploded you know with the saudi arabian ambassador being the intended target but obviously innocent people would have been harmed that is certainly very scary but is the best way to react to this to send american troops on the ground in another country thousands of miles away i don't think so when it
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comes to this this so-called iranian plot to hire mexicans to assassinate the saudi ambassador some experts including former cia intelligence officers they say the allegations are full of holes so what is the u.s. view as iran's motives behind the so-called plot. well iran's motives are not exactly clear at this time as we know iran enjoys the ocracy style of government where the supreme ruler has more power than president ahmadinejad's so i think it's a little early to say what iran's motives are i can tell you that here in the united states we're certainly glad that u.s. attorney general eric holder and the justice department and our intelligence agencies were able to plot before it was able to come to fruition but as far as iran's motives i mean possibly as a further destabilizing figure within the middle east that could be a possible motive but as it relates to state sponsored terrorism i'm not quite sure
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what those motives would be to perform an act of terrorism here in the united states that would undoubtedly be construed as an act of war here and would absolutely invoke a military response but as of right now we still don't have all the information can brown the voice of russia hosted live in washington thank you. we are asking you on our website r.t. dot com what you think about the thwarted iranian plot uncovered by u.s. intelligence are checking out the numbers right now so far more than half of you believe the attempted hit on the saudi ambassador to the u.s. was an american ploy to smear its enemy because i think the story is just the tip of the iceberg with more details to come thirteen percent say it was orchestrated by ron while the rest of believe it's just a way for washington officials to boost reus cast your vote at r.t. dot com. a bonding exercise prime minister putin strengthened russia's partnership with china during his ongoing high profile visit two of the world's
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fastest growing economies came together to share common interests and commercial goals are aimed at balancing the dominance of the west deals worth some seven billion dollars in energy trading high tech industries are already been signed more to come as r.t. is marina kataria for explains. the two day visit was more of course had an economic flavor rather than epileptic or one this was probably mr putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential election since some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and that the government is now looking east for both russia and china of course members of the breaks group along with brazil india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for a margin economy is now prime minister putin said the us is currently using instead of monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's having a negative effect on their financial policy. never said the us was
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a parasite on the global economy but i do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the us dollar is a single global currency the problem is is not only for the world economy but for america's economy as well because it leads to a violation of financial. so when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said that greece is a big problem but that it could have resolved if countries that weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china should lead the reform of international financial systems and that the brics will play a bigger role on the world stage. i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions first of all i mean global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank and here we agree that the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be enhanced given the growing importance of our countries economies another important issue here was energy corp
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let him here put an end his chinese counterpart said that are all issues and this agreements were resolved when it comes to russia supply of oil when it comes to gas negotiations are still ongoing but both insist that there and the final stage of energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia could cover that extra demand and in doing so for their strength and their strategic partnership at his word of course wherever porting there from beijing what i mean time young professor of international politics the university of bristol says that moscow and beijing have proven they are strong economies and have survived the major financial troubles of the west. both china and russia are also great powers and we are a security council becomes a members they have responsibilities in march europe broader international arena they also have some common strategic interests in this very turbulent award for i think their cooperation is natural talking about global financial crisis and the
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euro zone financial crisis here again i think both china and russia also have a great stage the end of the economic recovery of the global economy and also certainly seen the overcoming the crisis in the euro zone and therefore i think that in the crisis itself is not the reason for china and russia to come together fortunately but you seem to have managed to escape the then huge severe damage of the global financial crisis and suddenly the movement of the eurozone debt crisis you with r.t. live from moscow are still ahead for you this hour mass disapproval the whole world is singing in unison criticizing a ukrainian court for a guilty verdict of the former prime minister one of the most high profile women in politics. and police turned tough on occupy wall street protesters in
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boston reports of war veterans being abused. israel has agreed to exchange over a thousand palestinian prisoners for just one israeli soldier he was captured and held in gaza for over five years and the deal with hamas has long been in the making however some high profile detainees will remain in israeli jails that paula slayer now reports from tel aviv it's where the return of gilad shalit is being eagerly awaited. there are some one thousand and twenty seven prisoners who will be released there will be released in various stages the latest we're hearing is that the first that will be released possibly as soon as next week when we understand they could be taken to egypt egypt of course broke at this deal and the whole exchange will happen on egypt soil it was taken captive back in june two thousand and six now at this stage we don't have the intricate details of who's on the list
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of prisoners and what the deal involves but it does seem to suggest that there has been not that much movement on both sides in terms of the deal over the last few years which is why many are saying it's the israelis who have given mary and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a lot to gain from such a deal he's facing immense political pressure both internally and internationally must put side is coming up the winners of this deal so they have been celebrations throughout last night and they continue today to kill early in the jabalya refugee camp in gaza so that is why you are hearing some voices in israel some voices of concern that the capture of one soldier is going to be something that is encouraged on the palestinian side because the price for one soldier is particularly high at this moment there are more than eight thousand prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails among them are many women and children some three hundred children many of the prisoners are also there without having been tried and now there are some prisoners who are currently undergoing
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a hunger strike they protesting against the general conditions in the prisons we've been hearing from activists who say that particularly the political prisoners they have basic rights like bathing that are being denied to them and is going to actually it was taken hostage some five years ago there have been heavy restrictions on goods both coming in and out of gaza among the prisoners who are to be released a fair number will return to the gaza strip. artie's polis live right there now an international chorus of disapproval has hit ukraine over the verdict handed down to a former prime minister yulia timoshenko she's been sentenced to seven years behind bars and find almost two hundred million dollars for abuse of power when signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine the verdict the lawyers will appeal sparked mass protests among the army of her supporters. as more. situation is still pretty much tense to because several hundred protesters supporters ovulate zuma sankoh the country's former prime minister lost still
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stationed in their in their tent camp here on the main street of the simmering tensions on tuesday. the capitol of course there were thousands and thousands of people here the biggest protest we've seen so far in the last three months the international reaction has been furious. regardless of where you look with which part of the world everyone have been very disappointed with the verdict the united states washington said that had to be released the european union different parts of it also expressed their concerns and indignation over the verdict sentencing the country's former prime minister to seven years in prison and confiscating all of her property russia also reacted furiously to this decision saying that those gas deals which were signed back in two thousand and nine were completely legitimate they stress that once again and saying that the decision by the court in
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kiev in fact neglected russia's concerns over the legitimacy of these all these gas deals in two thousand and nine and also the russian foreign ministry stated that the decision by the purchase court is in fact has or has in fact some and so i russian pretext in it he have now finds itself in a very very difficult situation when to stand out according to the european union that any possible agreement on the association of the european union and ukraine would now be canceled and some even say that the invitation to mr young president of ukraine to attend a meeting in brussels in the nearest future could be even counseled we have certainly following all the developments and will bring the latest information as we get it. in the courthouse with a vote it came down now weeks after the anti wall street movement started in the united states protests are still going strong and spreading fast. inspired law enforcement offices has also grabbed headlines with over one hundred demonstrators arrested participating in the occupy boston but despite the crackdowns social media
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consultant says the movement will continue and could have far reaching consequences . what's happening here could be as big a deal as the space program when we first started the space program we were talking about launching a satellite into space a rocket up there we didn't know that an explosion of technologies that everybody would use every day that would change our lives we didn't know that the satellites that would be to send up could be used for cellphones eventually they don't even exist what's happening here is is a phenomenon that's huge it's an explosion and the right there are people like orrin hatch who are saying this is dangerous he's right but he doesn't have a clue how dangerous it is people are waking up there are so many there's a lot of anger about this people are furious that they're getting ripped off that the system is broken that it no longer represents the people that the congress
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represents corporations now this is a very common thing that whether they're democrats or republicans it doesn't matter who you vote for because they're going to take care of the corporations first not the people. well i mean time a social media consultant called has been telling us more about the phenomenon that's been gripping the whole country do stay with us here on r t now if you've missed anything on it just to head over to r.t. dot com lots of things to find there are loads of news in comment and a brief taste now of some of the items where. we look at how the case of a russian businessman accused of stealing is casting a shadow over the u.s. justice system. and a russian tractor driver rescuing dozens of people from a burning building when he drove his vehicle next to the window so people could jump to safety for more just had to. slovakia's opposition leader says the deal to approve expanding the e.u.
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bailout fund has been reached and it will be voted in later this week earlier the country's parliament voted against it which caused the collapse of the country's ruling coalition slovakia was the only member to say no to increasing the facility which already called the green light from sixteen out of the seventeen euro zone members let's not talk to british m.p. nigel rush for more insight into this. i thank you for coming on today we know that here will hold another vote expected to approve expanding the bailout fund why would i want to deal in the first place when the cash there could be used to help it as well. we're going to just correct you when you said sixteen countries had voted for the euro zone but what you meant was sixteen parliament stuff with career politicians have voted for it not sixteen countries because i tell you something if you put this bailout package to a referendum across europe the vast majority of countries would say no so slovakia said no last night but of course no is not good enough no is unacceptable in the
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modern european union if you say no is the irish did a couple of years ago it was a slow backs did last night your mate to vote again until you get the right answer which gives you a true measure of what this project's really like ok so as i understand from you that the reef is politically. motivated here but we're increasing the belo one to four hundred forty billion euros b. or nothing if spain or italy were to go and. i mean look look it's difficult to tell what will happen but if this really goes to get any bigger than a couple of trillion to bail it out what is the point actually of bailing these countries or one of the bailouts all these bailouts helping the people in greece and portugal are not what they're actually doing is they're giving money to these countries to give back to our banks who over lent the money in the first place i mean the whole thing is mad what these countries need who are trapped inside this economic prison called the euro is they need to d. value without devaluation having austerity packages pushed upon them which is
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forcing them into a downward deflationary spiral which in my opinion in greece and possibly in portugal too could lead to revolution what we're doing is stupid and very very dangerous indeed so more sturdy measures for the people and more bailouts for the banks as you say the banks are the ones who caused this crisis in the first place but her the e.u. commission president jose manuel barroso has called for coordinated strengthening of the region's banks in any way shape or form could that help avert another recession or is it not just another way of lining the pockets of the banks to. what it is it's a way of preparing the banks for the inevitable deforms that that are going to come from those euro zone countries and that's why they're recapitalizing the banks and i accept that sovereign debt and bank debt are two separate issues but the interconnection is also very strong indeed they are you must understand that i've just been in this parliamentary chamber with mr barroso these people are absolutely
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intent on creating a united states of europe they don't care how many millions of people are chucked out of the unemployment scrap heap they don't care about the tide of human misery misery that they cause they have got their political goals but the reality is that not only. is this failing but politically it's failing you know we can talk about the back in parliament but more significantly look at what happened in finland earlier this year where at virtually brand new political party got twenty percent of the vote look at the opinion polls in the netherlands there is now a split in europe from north to south and in the north we are witnessing a democratic revolution against the whole concept of the euro and the idea that people like mr brown my old friend herman van ryn poyet should govern five hundred million people it is not acceptable now as you're saying when it comes to the eurozone you're saying it's economically it's it's failed politically it's failed what is the solution what is the point. well i have been asking now for about nine months repeatedly for a plan b.
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could we please be grown up could we please be mature and could we please be good europeans and recognise that when this great this inevitable greek default comes unless we have a plan b. on day one there'll be nobody on the banks on dates. in the baker's so can we please have a contingency plan that allows us to deal with this problem as in what emerges to date they've prepared absolutely nothing and this is just how irresponsible and dangerous these people are i think what will happen now is that senior economists will begin to put together a contingency plan that allows greece portugal and probably are to leave the euro to reshow jule their debts to get a new currency that devalues maybe fifty or sixty percent as iceland proved back in two thousand and eight sometimes it's best to take the bad news is to accept where you are and start again and that is what needs to happen now serbia is the latest country aiming to join the e.u. it's candidacy has been put forward by the european commission on wednesday and
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what benefits are there when the region is struggling so much i've heard some analysts describe joining the eurozone as rats jumping onto a sinking ship yeah well it's very stupid and again this is the political class of europe that want to do this. i mean serbia and serbian politicians of course will all become multi-millionaires if they join the european union's about extremely attractive to them if not to the serbian people themselves but look i would think about this just a decade ago we had the croats and serbs killing each other involves numbers so they could be in separate countries and now their politicians and leaders want to reunite them all again it was same kind of political union but yugoslavia was i think it's absolutely insane. and i go for a larger position your m.p. thank you. all right i want to stay with us here in r.t. in around five minutes time peter lavelle and guests go head to head on cross talk but for now though it's the business with kareena.
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and welcome to our business update the south thanks for joining me we go to our top story of russia and china are close to a gas deal it's been on the cards for many months with both sides hanging over the price china is expected to need to need an extra two hundred billion cubic meters by the end of the decade analysts say this is a significant ace in the hole of gas for gas pump. brush are. good china divorce surprise the experts rules the rules for russian natural resources such as a cool door with gas as you know situation where european gas market is not clear what are some of the letters are valuable for everybody to hold told to for the rules to china they can go to the potential of a true musical to me is very important but probably. because it would make russian experts revenues from natural gas exports will go up but more reliable more stable
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over second benefit in terms of development of the russian economy. since china is located. close to russia siberian border and always border it will develop. russia which at the moment there is an underdeveloped compared to europe european part of push. let's have a look at the markets now all swings between gains and losses in new york up to the international energy agency cut its two thousand and twelve global forecast the i.a.e.a. reduced its world consumption forecast to ninety and a half million barrels a day also affecting trade is the balance of the euro after the e.u. released a roadmap of its plan to recapitalize banks and debt crisis stocks in the u.s. are high on wednesday on expectations of europe manages debt trouble dow jones is up over one percent on the nasdaq is up one point three percent among the losers is alcoa would shares dropping almost five percent on the dow following the other
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million makers disappointing third quarter report in europe markets are edging higher despite slovakia's rejection of a plan to expand the eurozone rescue fund. the footsie is the point clearly point eight percent and the dax is. nearly two percent higher. topping the loses list on a pussy selling over five percent among the winners is eurasian natural resources. that are gaining over seven percent. and here in russia stocks headed for destroying this level in two weeks s. or rises to my six finish two point four percent in the black as was even high at nearly full percent. now let's have a look at some individual travels down the line six energy mages were broadly on the rise with gazprom among the main game is over five percent. is lower and the russian daily that is to reported that mine in may need government approval for its buyback program citing
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a letter from the russian antitrust regulators and russia's grain and sugar producer rose is also down on news the country's government made tax grain exports once they reach twenty four million metric tons for the year. that's all for this hour joining forty five minutes from.
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nature and discover it. communicate with the wild. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you. the. cultures that so much excitement and which are called the right kind of comments earlier today and call it what you wish for a major political tipping point or would stop with the music in respect of the occupy wall street demonstrations continue to.
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welcome back you without a life or. from. washington is to iranians for an alleged plot to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. it's claimed they tried to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack all accusations tehran has dismissed as being called the. russia and china partnership to balance out the economic and political dominance of the west deals worth seven billion u.s. dollars in energy trade and high tech industries. as prime minister putin met the chinese leadership in beijing. and an israeli soldier captured by hamas five years ago could soon be going home a long awaited deal will see him swap over a thousand.


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