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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 1:01pm-1:31pm EDT

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international news and comment live from moscow this is good to have you with us washington says the forty eight plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. will further isolate iran with the and a geisha is expected to increase sanctions on tehran. were charged over trying to harm members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack something tehran dismissed as a comedy show or he's got to reports now from washington. the u.s. aims to unite the world against the rand us what we hear from the officials here they are talking about the need to completely isolate iran in the international community vice president joe biden for example said the u.s. action against iran could go beyond sanctions but added that we are not going there yet that's a quote we're getting reports that the u.s. might raise the issue at the u.n. security council and generally a lot of tough words in washington these days the u.s. administration strongly believes in the case against this iranian born man also u.s. citizen months or are both who is accused of trying to plot the assassination of
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the saudi ambassador in washington the u.s. attorney general said the men admitted being directed by quote high ranking you raney and officials and on these grounds washington says it will hold the reigning government accountable for the plot to kill the master also the u.s. is accusing iran of conspiring to stage two bombings at these really embassy and the saudi embassy in washington denies all of the about all of the above are saying it's a childish game that you are playing possibly to divert attention from their domestic problems this is what they're saying meaning the ongoing protest across the u.s. but the saudis on the other hand have taken the allegations seriously and have think u.s. authorities for for preventing the alleged assassination attempt very rarely anyone here is touching upon the possible motive iran might have had for trying to kill the saudi official seem to take the accusations brought up but the by the u.s. justice department at face value and the main question you hear in the mainstream
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media is will the u.s. retaliate or not there's quite a few people in washington who ruled for retaliation in the meantime officials say all options are on the table not clear how far this will go but on the news i constantly hear phrases like we need to step up activities to undermine the government of iran we need to step up cooperation with this with saudi arabia and israel and that's what the u.s. will most likely be doing. for more on this we're now joined by. he's a professor of political science at the university of tehran thanks very much indeed for joining us live. i understand we can talk to you now yes if washington's allegations are true why would iran want to assassinate the saudi ambassador on american soil. well the whole the story appears and looks very bizarre because if anyone in iran
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was intending to blow up saudi ambassador or or as an israeli ambassador there are dozens of countries. in the world that are much easier target to infiltrate and to go there and to carry out the nation and not do it in washington or in the united states well whether the allegations are true or not the question is why is the u.s. appearing to put pressure on iran and encouraging further isolation from the world community it's not just because of the perceived nuclear threat as it. well it's partly it is the nuclear threat another reason is there iranian strong support for this. for the syrian regime another reason is iran a strong anti is the radius stand another reason is the iranian support for his one
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lost in lover non and also there are u.s. accusation that the islamic regime is supporting al are there in afghanistan so there are there are it's not only the nuclear issue there are at least half a dozen other issues that the united states is quite unhappy about this islamic regimes conduct u.s. officials have said that military action is not being considered it's unlikely because of the american people will have the appetite for yet another campaign but you mention all those issues that the u.s. is clearly very bold about iran just how close do you think it is iran though to becoming another u.s. military target. well let the truck of military. action military strike against iran being on the table as an option has always been there and there iranians. ronnie and lee there are used
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to the idea that that u.s. military threat is always there what i'm really trying to say is that the threat of military strike being can see that military target. by united states has not only any policies and he says in the wrong. we know that the u.s. is considering action against iran we're not too sure what the actual be but certainly sanctions would be mention what about the response from tehran though it's dismissed this as. perhaps we are more assertive response from tehran over this issue yes. foreign ministry in fear on both two hours ago actually called before the. ambassador. which sees ambassador the.
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embassy is taking care of the u.s. interest in their own. iranian leaders appear to be to be in fact quite angry of these allegations because they think that league asians are are losing chris we'll leave it there thank you very much for your thoughts on this subject as a colombian professor of political science at the university of tehran thank you for your time you're welcome you're welcome sir. we ask you on our web site r.t. dot com what you think about the thwarted iranian plot uncovered by the u.s. so far more than half of you believe it was nothing more than american ploy to smear its enemy little less than a quarter think the story is just the tip of the iceberg with more revelations to come and eleven percent say it was orchestrated by tehran while the rest believe it's just a way for washington officials to boost their careers express your point of view at r.t. dot com. bonding exercise prime minister putin strengthen russia's partnership
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with china during his high profile visit there two of the world's fastest growing economies came together to share common interests and commercial goals aimed at balancing the dominance of the west and deals worth seven billion u.s. dollars and trade and high tech industries have already been signed and more is yet to come. more for us. the two day visit it was more of course had an economic flavor rather than a political one this was promised to putin's first visit since announcing his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections and some say it's a sign of a change in focus for us and that the government is now looking east for both russia and china of course members of the brics group along with brazil india and south africa and the growing economic uncertainty in europe and the u.s. has seriously undermined their dominance of the global political stage paving the way for a margin economy is now prime minister putin said the us is currently using instead
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of monopoly as the only global reserve currency and that's having a negative effect on their financial policy if you will because the but you never said the us was a parasite on the global economy but i do think it's feeding off the monopoly of the us dollar is a single global currency the problem is not only for the world economy but in youth america's economy as well because it leads. to discipline. when it comes to the e.u. vladimir putin said that greece is a big problem but that it could be resolved if countries that weren't afraid to take action he said of russia and china need the reform of international financial systems and that the brits work should play a bigger role on the world stage. and i think it's time to talk about reforming existing institutions first of all. the financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank here we agree with the role of the brics countries in those organizations must be given the growing importance of all
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countries economies another important issue here was energy corp lattimer put in and his chinese counterpart said there are all issues and this agreements were resolved when it comes to russia supply of oil when it comes to gas and the go share sions are still ongoing but both insist out there and the final stage of energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in china and russia could cover that extra demand and in doing so further strengthen their strategic partnership. and yang your machine the professor of international politics at the university of bristol in the u.k. says that moscow and beijing proved they are strong economies having survived the financial troubles of the west both china and russia are also great powers and security council opposed to council members who have responsibilities in march a broader international arena they also have some common strategic interests in this very turbulent world for i think it's natural talking about global financial
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crisis and the euro eurozone financial crisis here again i think both china and russia also have a great stage the. economic recovery of the global economy and also certainly. the overcoming the debt crisis in europe zone and therefore i think that the crisis itself is not the reason for china and russia to come together fortunately but you seem to have managed to escape the deluge of severe damage of the global financial crisis and certainly at the moment at the eurozone debt crisis this is not the life here in moscow still ahead this hour tough love the. police crackdown on the occupy wall street protesters in boston with reports of war veterans being. plus massive disapproval the whole world comes
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together and criticism every ukrainian courts guilty verdict for the former pm one of the most recognizable women in politics. a story sort of coming first israel has agreed to exchange over a thousand palestinian prisoners for one israeli soldier who was captured and held in gaza for over five years the deal with the masses long been in the making however some high profile detainees will remain in israeli jails. reports from tel aviv where the return of get out shall eat is being eagerly awaited. there are some one thousand and twenty seven prisoners who will be released that will be released in various stages the latest we're being we're hearing is that the first that will be released possibly as soon as makes week when we understand that gilad shalit could be taken to egypt egypt of course brokered this deal and the whole exchange will happen in egypt. and it was taken captive back in june two thousand and six now at this stage we don't have the intricate details of who's on the list of prisoners and what the deal involves but it does seem to suggest that there has
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been not that much movement on both sides in terms of the deal over the last few years which is why many are saying it's the israelis who have given many and certainly the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has a lot to gain from such a deal he's facing immense political pressure both internally and internationally i must point side is coming up the winners of this deal certainly they have been celebrations throughout last night and they continue today particularly in the jabalya refugee camp in gaza so that is why you are hearing some voices in missiles and voices of concern that the capture of one soldier is going to be something that is encouraged on the palestinian side because the price for one soldier is particularly high at this moment there are more than eight thousand prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails among them are many women and children some three hundred children many of the prisoners are also there without having been tried now they're all some prisoners who are currently undergoing a hunger strike they protesting against the general conditions in the prisons we've
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been hearing from activists who say that particularly the political prisoners they have basic rights like bathing that are being denied to them among the prisoners who ought to be released a fair number will return to the gaza strip. was taken hostage some five years ago there have been heavy restrictions on goods both coming in and out of gaza. well earlier i spoke to dr ayman shaheen he's a university professor in gaza and he believes the palestinian people have already paid a heavy price for the capture of cannot. one thousand palestinian the president actually mentioned in the deal it is something very very good for palestinians actually this is not the first time i can remind you and nineteen eighty five two israeli soldiers with. lebanon and those with the two israeli soldiers were released of more than a thousand. palestinian prisoners actually as
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a result of the capture of gilad shalit actually but the people of gaza still in gaza we. actually been a very heavy price since the capture of the gilad shalit in two thousand. and two thousand and six we paid a very very heavy price in gaza for the people of gaza the blockade that the israeli closure of the war against. israeli invasion to many areas of gaza from time to time thousands of palestinians since two thousand and six till now where. thousands we have. hundreds of. houses where the demolition actually by the syrians of gaza they bid. for. weeks after the anti war street movement started in the us protests are still going strong and spreading fast the response by law enforcement officers also grabbed
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headlines with over one hundred demonstrators arrested for participating in the occupy boston splinter demo but despite the crackdowns social media consultant rob calls says the movement will continue and could have far reaching consequences. what's happening here could be as big a deal as the space program when we first started the space program we were talking about launching a satellite into space a rocket up there we didn't know that an explosion of technologies that everybody would use every day that would change our lives we didn't know that the satellites that would be to send up could be used for cellphones eventually they don't even exist what's happening here is is a phenomenon that's huge it's an explosion and all the right there are people like orrin hatch who are saying this is dangerous he's right but he doesn't have a clue how dangerous it is people are waking up there are so many there's
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a lot of anger about this people are furious that they're getting ripped off that the system is broken that it no longer represents the people that that the congress represents corporations now this is a very common thing that whether they're democrats or republicans it doesn't matter who you vote for because they're going to take care of the corporations first not the people. social media consultant rob corn on the phenomenon that's gripping the whole of the u.s. and international course that disapproval has hit ukraine over the verdict handed down to former prime minister yulia tymoshenko she's been sentenced to seven years behind bars and found almost two hundred million dollars for abuse of power when signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine the verdict that tymoshenko his lawyers will appeal sparked mass protests among the army of supporters in the next he has more from kiev. the situation is still pretty much tense to because several hundred protesters supporters of yulia timoshenko the country's former
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prime minister lost still stationed in there in their attempt count here on the main street of the simmering tensions on tuesday. the cranium capital of course there were thousands and thousands of people here the biggest protests we've seen so far in the last three months the international reaction has been furious. regardless of where you look with which part of the world everyone have been very disappointed with the verdict the united states washington said that had to be released the european union different parts of it also expressed their concerns and indignation over the verdict sentencing the country's former prime minister to seven years in prison and confiscating all of her property russia also reacted furiously to this decision saying that those gas deals which were signed back in two thousand and nine were completely legitimate they stress that once again and saying that the decision by the court in kiev in fact neglected russia's concerns
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over the legitimacy of these over these gas deals in two thousand and nine and also the russian foreign ministry stated that the decision by the court is in fact has or has in fact some and side russian pretext in a key of now finds itself in a very very difficult situation wender stan that according to the european union that any possible agreement on the association of the european union and ukraine would now be canceled and some even say that the invitation to mr young president of ukraine to attend a meeting in brussels in the nearest future could be even counseled certainly following all the developments and will bring the latest information as we get it. by the way if you've missed anything we've been covering here on the screen and you can head to don't come plus there's more news in comint here's a taste of what's online right now should you not only do. well the case of a russian businessman accused of stealing is casting a shadow over the u.s. justice system. and also online a russian tried to drive
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a rescue dozens of people from a burning building in the caribbean vehicle next to the windows so people could jump to their safety for more r.t. dot com. slovakia says the deal to approve expanding the funds being reached the country's parliament voted against it which caused the collapse of the country's ruling coalition so the macchia was the only member to say no to increasing the facility which already got the green light from sixteen of the seventeen euro zone members but if. the change of heart was forced onto the country. sixteen parliament stuff with career politicians have voted for it sixteen countries. if you put this bailout package to a referendum across europe the vast majority of countries. said no last night but of course no isn't good enough no is not acceptable in the modern european union if you say no as the irish did
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a couple of years ago. you are made to vote again until you get the right answer which gives you a true measure of what this project's really like. to bail it out and what is the point actually of bailing these countries out one of the bailouts all these bailouts helping the people. out what they're actually doing is they giving money to these countries to give back to our banks. what these countries need who are trapped inside this economic prison. is they need to do. without devaluation having austerity packages pushed upon them which is forcing them into a downward deflationary spiral which in my opinion in greece and possibly in portugal could lead to revolution what we're doing is stupid and very very dangerous indeed i've just been in this. these people are absolutely intent creating a united states they don't care how many millions of people. they don't care about
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the tide of human misery that they have got there but the reality is that not only . is this failing but politically it's failing there is now a split in europe from north to south and in the north we are witnessing a democratic revolution against the whole concept of the euro and the idea that people like mr brown. should govern five hundred million people it is not acceptable. before the latest visit with kareena check out some world news in brief . the nigerian man accused of trying to bomb a u.s. bound flight on christmas day in two thousand and nine has pleaded guilty when. one of nearly three hundred people on the flight to detroit passengers became aware of the suspect after the bomb into his underwear failed to detonate fully instead catching fire his lawyers said the twenty four year old would have went to terrorism and other charges and if found guilty he could get life in prison. at
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least twenty three people have been killed and another sixty injured. iraqi security official saw there at least three separate explosions with suicide bombers targeting local police stations attacks come just days after iraq calls for more than five thousand u.s. military instructors to stay on the formal withdrawal date of december. general amnesty for more than six thousand prisoners have begun with including political detainees already released and used international reports that among those due to be freed of some two thousand two hundred political prisoners have been held in poor conditions and subjected to torture the release was a key condition of the united states to remove western sanctions imposed on the country's former military. well known a few minutes we'll be getting a rare look at a no go zone in southern russia where only scientists to tread first though the latest from the world of business with korea.
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hello welcome. thanks for joining me russia and china close to. the cars for many months both sides haggling over the price china is expected to need to an extra two hundred billion cubic meters by the end of the decade and alice say this is significant in the whole for gas problem. russia. china divorce surprised its experts rules extra rules for russia. shows social side shows are cool dollar gas as in all situations the european gas market is not. available for will be told to for the rules to china they can go to the potential of which are in use or quarterly is very important before but. because it would make russian experts revenues from natural gas exports will go watch what's
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more reliable more stable over second benefit in terms of foreign development of the russian economy. since china's look if you're. close to russia siberian border and before reasonable doubt it will develop. russia which at the moment there is an underdeveloped compared to europe or european father push. let's have a look at the markets now all swings between gains and losses in new york after the international energy agency cut its to twenty twelve global oil demand forecast. its world consumption forecast to ninety and a half million barrels a day also affecting trade is the is there bounce over the euro after the e.u. easter road map of its plans to recapitalize banks the debt crisis. and stocks in the u.s. a high on wednesday on expectations europe what manage it's dead trouble the dow jones is up nearly one half the santa amad nasdaq is. one and
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a half percent among the losers. with shares dropping point seven percent this hour after having dropped seven percent earlier on the dow following new makers disappointing third quarter report in europe markets are edging higher edged higher despite slovakia's rejection of the plan to expand the eurozone rescue fund late on tuesday to put the end point eight percent in the black and the dax was over two percent. man group was top of losers list on the fourth to shouting six percent among the winners was a ration actually sources that was gaining over seven percent and here in russia stocks headed for their strongest level and to excess oil rose from isaac's finished two point four percent in the black ops guess it's even higher nearly four percent after and let's have a look at some individual shammal album isaac's energy majors broadly on the rise with gazprom among the main gainers nordisk nickel was lower and the russian daily venom is to report that the mining may need government approval for its buyback
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program citing a letter from the russian anti trust regulator and russia's grain and sugar produced producer was good guys also down on news the country's government made tax grain exports once they reach twenty four million metric tons per year. the rather there was seeing some of that looks like a relief rally people are clinging on to hopes that the european union will cut recapitalize the banks come up with a plan for greece we've had some good data out of the us lately. they seem to ignore the fact that the slovakian government. did not pass the enlargement of the credit facility but again it will be another vote later this week that much resolve it lucy methyl being one of the strongest performers they have been one of the worst affected sectors previously and finally financials we see that across the globe that is basically on the back of a belief that european europe will recapitalize the banks. united shipbuilding corp
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says it aims to list up to thirty percent of the company in two years' time and only a plan to sell half of the company has been biased after the turmoil in the stock markets. the impetus to pull through asia would report next year we expect the industry to grow around fourteen percent but we think that our company will grow faster than that this year will probably grow to up to seventeen percent and considering the orders that we have we aim at around fifteen percent next year which i used was as a business. but do check our stories on our website arteta calls last business thanks. to.
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this nature and discover its beauty. the. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you.
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time to bring you a summary of our main stories here on r.t. this hour. washington has charged for an alleged plot to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. it's claimed they tried to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack that is ations to iran dismissed as comical. russia and china strengthened their partnership to the economic and political dominance of the west deals with seven billion us dollars in energy trade and high tech industries have been signed as prime minister putin met the chinese leadership in beijing. and israeli soldier captured by hamas five years ago could soon be going home on the way to deal see him over a thousand palestinian prisoners are simply profile detainees will remain in is ready to. be back with more news more developments in.


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