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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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well they're moving on up to be. occupy wall street protesters take their fight from one side of town the other making their voices loud in the neighborhoods of those in the top one percent so as the movement continues to grow in popularity blood will be their next steps. we're going to be we're trying to use to get for you. yet from corporate media coverage of the protests and that's exactly what you would think so as the mainstream d.d.l. strikes out with reporting on occupy wall street alternative media steps up to the plate. and dear you create your own treasury or risk
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a european financial collapse and seriously george soros plus ninety five of the other best and brightest but is this really the best solution. it's wednesday october twelve four pm and washington d.c. i'm liz of all and you're watching r t. occupy wall street protesters continue to demonstrate across the country and new york protesters are expanding from their wall street base to other areas of the big apple from downtown to uptown they're marking up the upper east side and in case the billionaires aren't following what's happening protesters are taking it right so their doorsteps or outside their gates in some cases yesterday occupy wall street launched the millionaire's march and on
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their target list of tycoons concert of conservative billionaire david koch here here they are in front of a house in new york we spoke to one of the protesters there. we won. the fight over to pay the taxes because. print books is looking good for your country and you this really get what you pay in the pain for your country you really are going to. not going to we're going to come out of here i mean you know you have. four people. also on big target list rupert murdoch c.e.o. of news corps which of course is the parent company of fox news the network not so popular with occupy wall street protesters. that was blocking her all the rivera being driven out by protesters as they
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repeatedly accuse the network he works for for lying well art he has been covering this story from the very beginning and as a movement grows and popularity of the mainstream media has now caught on but only from the sidelines we've been seeing some republican presidential candidates change their tune when it comes to the protest mitt romney outburst called the protests dangerous class warfare now he's saying i worry about the ninety nine percent of america suddenly he sympathizes with them here's a look at his thoughts about the protester in the presidential debate last night. the reason you're seeing protests as you indicated to wall street across the country is a middle income americans are having a hard time making ends meet. now it took a while for some to catch on but now that the protests has caught their attention the focus is shifting from the lie they're protesting to what this protest means for america and a new poll shows that thirty three percent have
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a favorable view of the protesters twenty seven percent don't think so highly of them but an overwhelming majority of the american people's seventy nine percent agree with the message of the occupy wall street movement that message is that the big banks are benefiting from the bailouts and and the system while everyone else suffers joining me now for more is the charlie mcgrath founder of wide awake dot com charlie thanks for joining us charlie why is there any shock over the fact that people in this country are angry if you take a look at the numbers of one in five are unemployed when you add the unemployment and underemployment rate as well as the long term unemployed which they're not even factored into that number. so why are you going to shock. well you know i don't think there is shock at all that the stock on main street right i think their shock in a lot of the mainstream media like you said in the opening they were covering this
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protest i'm told is twenty days old and the realization was there that it wasn't going away so there isn't shock on main street as you just pointed out main street is suffering worse than the great depression and there's many statistics that prove just that forty five million people on food stamps one point five million or a million foreclosures in two thousand and eleven one point five million baker main street is suffering it's not surprising that romney's now wanting to jump on board because a you know the realization that the mainstream media portrayed this is nothing more than a hippie movement is rapidly evaporating as it spreads across the country and the world so we'll see all kinds of politicians jump on board to try to harness some of this energy because it's not going away and another reason why people are so angry and that's growing income inequality gap that's all ninety nine point nine percent has enjoyed it increased economic growth over the recent years and why is this growing income inequality gap not a concern for some and sad anger at or this trend is being called class warfare.
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yeah i mean you know if you look with what we have seen so far in the last few weeks of mainstream media coverage is the attempt to drive a wedge between what we perceive to be tea party members and what we perceive to be occupy wall street members this is going to backfire the reason is because the underlying fundamentals of our economy it necessitates the fact that people have real outrage and real fresh ration because they can't find a job or they lost their home and at the same exact time they see wall street just riding high after receiving trillions upon trillions of dollars in bailouts the anybody who tries to co-opt this movement and make it into a left or a right issue is going to get be burned by this because it's not going to go away like the tea party did under george bush and barack obama it's not going to get co-opted and shoved into one of the political parties this is going to continue to
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grow because the situation on the ground is dire for main street and you know we've seen anti-war protests and far we saw them during the bush era how is occupy wall street deferent these protests we've seen in the past or are in their prime but you know i the tea party originally not not get too far off topic but the tea party regionally i was out there when george bush was president we were calling for him into the illegal wars the never ending wars and now we're fighting our longest one of the history of this nation in afghanistan so the people who are protesting occupy wall street or fill in the blame because it's in just about every city around this country they're protesting the eggs they're saying the exact same things that we said if you getting in the tea party movement the main difference is then we were looking forward to what was going to happen with outrageous government expenditures waging wars to keep this entire going now we've seen people protest because they feel what we were talking about then we were seeing in the future then
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it is here now and that's why this interview is not going to dissipate. and you know why do you think it's it took so much time far for much of the media to pay attention to this movement the mainstream media is you know it's corporately own we know this you know in one nine hundred eighty there was fifty organizations are told about eighty percent of the media today that number is about six that control ninety percent of the name stream media so that they have the benefit in not getting generated towards their number one contributors the ones who buy the ads and these are the same two to fails that the american people bailed out in two thousand and eight and haven't stopped since so it behooves them to have this this charade of normality or this illusion of recovery it's been it really is in their best interest to keep as many americans don't doubt as possible but we've really reached a tipping point you know where there's no more hiding it you can't continuously have one point three trillion dollars in deficit spending a year over
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a million foreclosures a year and see four hundred thousand people a week go on first i want to pull a claims week after week year after year and expect that people are just going to believe that everything's ok because we're issuing more debt to the people who brought us here in the first place kelli thank you so much for your thoughts on this we're going to top team a little bit more later right now for into the occupy wall street protests some of the mainstream media canales in the u.s. refused to take these demonstrations seriously r.t. is anastasio thanks a lot at our conference. it is easy to spot. the store going to look funny step one ignore step two ridicule step three undermine that's the approach some media outlets seem to be taking when it comes to occupy wall street the real big thing that this movement needs to do is to is to appeal directly to the millions of people who are direct victims of what has happened since two
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thousand and eight this has been tough to do through mainstream media outlets it's just it's one of a party and they're going to be used to try to have burning there's a big fight in the media in america it's a joke we're not hippies were natural to have an excuse to just party around these are working people who actually come from work come over here and volunteer their time showing up at the protest without the networks logo fox news has spearheaded operation undermine occupy wall street oh you're going to take a shower and they get a job if they want the college their coverage has seen a hit below the belt approach prevail they're going to. whatever you say and they're going. and they're going to run whatever. it's no secret that it's the corporations protested against here oh the big t.v. networks in the u.s. people are standing up against corporations that actually run the media but believe me a divine fascism is a collaboration of corporation a government welcome to america guys that's what this is this is bashes america's
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finest little interest in substance or analysis has been shown like exploring why americans have been driven out onto the street like why you don't hear the name of the protest i will straight i think well she has something to do with it media coverage peaked when a rest started taking place after the clashes. there is an immediate media interest and that's when all the nation never seem to get it didn't know she was because i don't want to work with protesters here is thirty. he created for the drug addicts potential criminals and they don't know whether talking about break is really based in the anarchist roots of american politics some of the bigger networks prefer to keep their distance from the demonstrators the t.v. satellite trucks separated from the protests by street and barricades here on standby in case of an auction house but this is a traditional site for the protest the future and i was actually talking and
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listening to the people inside the crowds with mostly the independent and foreign media deep in the action it's really funny you know every day at around four thirty in the afternoon. t.v. trucks start arriving from every different channels like one black bird lands they all land and they're all here to do what used to be called still wars simply by a pro bowl for their six o'clock broadcast. the off wall street movement has been protesting for over three weeks but reporting on america's mainstream network screens on what it's really all about is yet to catch up on the situation r t you are. going to be back here again is charlie mcgrath charlie some of the republican presidential candidates really look at down at this movement after as not romney called a dangerous class warfare later he seemed to sympathize with the protesters why is
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there this sudden change of heart. well you know i think what we the attempt was made by the mainstream media you know i said on your guys' network yesterday one thousand days there was no mainstream media involved this r.t. was one of the only ones out there covering it now we saw this attempt by the mainstream media to turn this into a leftist cause of course once they did that we're going to have the republicans who are now cowtown ing to their base their perceived base right wing in a primary season so they're speaking to all the the hardcore right wing republicans and they've got to come out and downgrade this movement but i think something interesting happened in last night's debate debate where we saw romney come on board or at least turn the corner to come on board which is they realize that this is very much real and it is not going away i am actually stunned at the speed of this occupy movement we're seeing occupy wall street but it's truly everywhere and
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you know what it would seem to zula montana and after a week of being in new york i'm telling you what this thing is moving like lightning not just in this country but around the world so i think we'll see them you know put their finger in the in the wind and see which way the political winds are blowing and they'll jump on board but the american people are still really starting to wake up and get it it isn't about red or blue republican or democrats it's about this monstrosity of a minuscule percent that they have everything and the have nots which is the rest of us and that do you think that some of these republican candidates now at first they were kind of brushing it off as this left wing extreme who man and now there is maybe you know they're thinking this is a growing movement maybe it's time that we take them seriously. you know i think they'll be paying lip service to why not we pay lip service to the tea party we paid lip service to town hall meetings when we said we didn't want more bailouts and more buying a bottle industry and more government health care you know we get paid lip service
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to but when it actually comes to taking care of could situation i have no illusions whatsoever that all the sudden the republicans are going to come on board and do the right thing for the american people i did find it interesting last night that it was reported newt gingrich said you know maybe prosecutions are in order for people who took advantage or had a collusion with the financial sector such as christopher dodd and barney frank so maybe but you know like i said before more than likely will see lip service being paid to this movement in hopes it'll just go away but i don't believe this is going away i think the people have had absolutely enough and this is the beginning of something that is not going to vanish in a few months but will expand into hopefully hopefully real change. charlie thank you so much for your thoughts on that i was trolling mcgrath founder of wide awake news dot com and as a we've proven our t. is keeping up to the minute with what's going on in the occupy wall street movement
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and fear looking for more information of land where not on the air you can follow my colleague extraordinary our intrepid producer lucy cafe novice in the midst of all the action in new york with the latest news from occupy wall street again if you would like to keep up with the latest sights and sounds of occupy wall street you can follow lucy lucy capital. so i had here an artist see it's not just the american economy that sinking europe is walking a tight rope to it now investor george soros and ninety five others are calling for the creation of a euro zone treasurer so what does this mean for the global economy where in the world is the world artsy questions war next.
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year you just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old on the job with true. i mean i meant to get a sense that i loved that because. he was kind of the jester that. i'm very proud of the world without
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you it's place. oh. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you fear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . of. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through that sort of people and made who can you trust no one. is imbue with the global machinery to see where are we heading state
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controlled capitalism is called saps and so when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. welcome
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back you're watching art scene now that you last certainly isn't the only country and economic turmoil greece now is on the brink of collapse and how many of these economic catastrophe is tied together and how will economic collapse there a fact our already troubled economy here here to help me sort this out is economic blogger an r.t. contributor and eat your coffee cup in us. dimitri it so how are these two economic catastrophes types of our own most common thing they have in common is that so the u.s. and europe are both drowning under a mountain that banks don't want to take right downs they don't want to liquidate that they don't want the leverage there because they're afraid if they do that it's going to cause a chain reaction of bankruptcies so i think that's that's sort of the problem
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they're both facing right you know in slovakia one of the european union nations is not doesn't seem to be so concerned about the problems in glorious country stall the expansion of the bailout fund to rescue the eurozone why aren't they on board one of their in the minority leader for one of the parties. came out recently did an interview with their spiegel i think it was and he talked about how the country basically did not believe or he did not believe that the e.u. could solve a problem of too much that by adding more debt and he made the other argument which is that sort of like is one of the poor countries in the eurozone and that although they can sympathize with what greece is going through and what some of the other countries are going through is not about the sacrifice is. covers national insurance are on the altar. of the eurozone and of the european dream right you know and that the failure of slovakia slovakia to be a part of
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a united response to that seventeen member states of the european union not acting together. is this something this is something that troubles billionaire investor george soros he and dozens of other business leaders are urging eurozone leaders to take swift action he says all seventeen countries must act together in order to save the eurozone and he says if that doesn't happen he warns that this will lead to the collapse of the global financial system is this is well is this gloomy consequence inevitable well you know george has been sort of been talking about this for a long time and i agree with him but it's important to note that he's been talking about this at least since one thousand nine hundred eight when he had the financial crisis ninety seven and he would a book in ninety eight about this specific fact he thought that the global financial system could not continue the way it was architected because capital flows had become global but economies were still national i think that we are at
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that point now where he's correct he thought it would happen earlier but i think where they are now he's been pushing this for europe and for the globe more generally the idea of ok you've got all these different national economies capital is international but labor is still somewhat national there are all these different constraints we need to unify regions read unify globes create common currencies common fiscal treasuries and that's what he's advocating for europe and he thinks that's the only solution that is the solution for the european union if you want a centralized government and a centralized banking system but it's not the solution if what you want is more freedom and more national autonomy so that's the that's the thing people have this idea what they want they want more autonomy or do they want a greater kind of super state ok right and you know here in the u.s. i mean why should we care what happen. well over there in europe what happened the eurozone including euro and if they do collapse what kind of confines of a levy seem here and as far as warnings that there is this
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a lead in this global meltdown well there's a practical side of if they collapse what would happen immediately there's the banking crisis for example there's counter party risk that european banks have with other other american best in the derivatives market there may not necessarily be direct exposure but the whole idea of counterparty risk is you may have a deal with one bank and they have a deal with another bank and that bank is exposed another bank and there's a quick contagion effect so that could cause a collapse in the banking system or some sort of freeze again in capital markets like we saw in two thousand and eight and that could result in similar sorts of contractions in g.d.p. and things like that that we saw back at the original financial crisis but in terms of philosophically i think the debate that's going on in europe is a debate that happened in some ways in the u.s. did different times of the articles of confederation in one thousand thirteen you had different days like that and it's really during periods of crisis do we want to advocate for a solution of more control more centralization or do we want to create the centralization because for example think in the technology space there is when you
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build a system you want failsafes you don't want to have one event trigger a meltdown of the entire system although you get more efficiency with more centralization you also get greater instability in the long term or more you know volatility whatever in the long term the system is more prone to breaking apart or going to breaks the whole system breaks that the problem centralization so i think there's an interesting philosophical debate being had in europe right now and there are people that want to have people that want to have more civilization like george soros and the people like let's say nigel farage in the u.k. the united kingdom a different party over in brussels and he wants he wants to have more national economy. well dimitri thank you for your thoughts on that i'm going to ask you more of a light hearted question we have a new show coming up on our t.v. with lauren live third tell us a little bit about that so you know the show is called capital account with a long list or i'm producing the show hosting it and. it's basically finest economic show we have some light hearted fun stuff as well as some really great
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guest coming out in our first few weeks so really excited about it worked out for the past few weeks and i think people should definitely in grade one is the kick up they got is the one thing you know a program next wednesday four thirty should be air shows like the show airs live all right something to look forward to all that was a blogger and r t contributor and you could help it us. and stay with us up next we'll show you more of just how bad things are in the e.u. this time a look at how people's basic ingredients are being taken away. new website which twenty four seven wives three news tells us what to do about the
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ongoing financial hardship unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never find news. of the political. question more on our team lunch today. europe's social welfare programs which has been the use of pride for decades is now facing the axe in these economic as the economic crunch bites the of are among them are poverty state the nats which provide basic needs of his food and care for the homeless but as our t.v. correspondent daniel bushell shows us there is always a catch to cutting back. the new motion in the european parliament claims that homelessness can be ended in the e.u. by twenty fifteen but those on the front line helping people living on the streets
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say this is fantasy with the numbers without a roof over their heads room with the e.u. itself about to stop a scheme providing free meals things are expected to get even worse. on the european union's ending its food aid program which feeds millions every year yet more people than ever a coming through our doors. protesters are angry that spending cuts target the poor but they're also furious saying they're being lloyd soon with elections next april the sarkozy administration claims poverty on his watch has dropped below fourteen percent charities on the ground see the real figures hoyer and roy's enforced claiming that one in seven french people now live below the poverty line states was there it's humans being blamed at this soup kitchen outside paris social workers say they're shocked by how many now call
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this their only meal the most common reason given is still month cuts to social spending with job seekers being squeezed belts of social security the face of europe's homeless is getting even younger. we've got many young able bodied people coming to us for the first time with the end of e.u. funding we just can't feed them anymore. economists say skimping on the polls not even good economics the price of treating health and crime problems linked with life on the streets way whatever save by cuts france is forming charities are warning of a humanitarian crisis as homeless numbers spiral out of control in their parallel world meanwhile e.u. chiefs congratulate themselves the homelessness is coming to an end the new bush will see. all that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to our flash usa and check out our you tube page.


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