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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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and america can really blow up this is the allegations of the iranian plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. . welcome to load a show where we get the real headlines with none of them are so i can live in washington d.c. now tonight we're going to take a look at last night's g.o.p. presidential debate that was hosted by bloomberg and the washington post now this debate was all about the economy there are some things the candidates got all wrong
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about it so hashed out that experience then the occupy wall street movement is seeing its fair share of hate coming from the right but should the tea party cooperate with it ditch the republican establishment and go back to grass roots going to debate that topic and the rhetoric is already heating up after the justice department's announcement last yesterday of an iranian plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. joe biden says that nothing is off the table but what kind of response can we really expect from the u.s. government on this one with a strong hope that it's not going to be war why have all that and more for tonight including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. it so yesterday bloomberg and the washington post hosted another g.o.p. presidential debate i'm already feeling so incredibly bitter over the hours of my life that i've been wasted watching these damn things hearing the same talking points over and over and over again but yesterday yesterday maybe had a little bit of potential right it was supposed to be all about the economy you can
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call that the number one issue and bloomberg a business news channel was hosting it so you thought maybe maybe they'd get it right and there was this one moment what a good question was actually asked of mitt romney take a look. it's twenty thirteen and the european debt crisis has worsened countries are defaulting europe's largest banks are on the verge of bankruptcy contagion has spread to the u.s. and the global financial system is on the brink what would you do differently than what president bush henry paulson and ben bernanke he did in two thousand and eight where you're talking about a scenario that's obviously very difficult to imagine. i'm afraid it is going to. seem it's an answer here it's a perfect example one of the problems that we have right now and that's aside from investors those actually watch the markets on a daily basis nobody is paying attention to what's going on in europe there is still sovereign a massive sovereign debt crisis going on over there people and it's not any closer
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to being solved the fact that it's going to trickle down to the u.s. isn't hypothetical it's pretty much real life and sure slovakia may now be signaling that they're going to sign off on expanding the bailout fund but most economists will agree that it's not going to be enough a bailout can't fix the e.u. greece is most likely going to default the problem here is systematic and i have george soros ninety five other people sending a letter to the e.u. demanding fiscal integration you have i.m.f. advisors saying that the global economy could collapse in two to three weeks and sure people are becoming a little bit alarmist here we probably have more than two to three weeks but there are deep fissures that are beginning to widen and that should be paid attention to and so what does the probably the g.o.p. candidate or the one that's going to have the nomination what does he have to say about it is just a hypothetical and he's not really going to worry about that well i think that maybe you should it's a very probable reality that you will have to deal with if you were to win the presidency and what the mainstream media that parses over every single word of
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every single debate have to say about his answer in that very good question which i unfortunately was just one question will take a look for yourself. romney widely viewed as notching another win and last night's republican debate perry failed to make a big comeback the focus was on the economy but the spotlight squarely on herman cain the evidence is building that mitt romney will be the republican nominee for president most analysis would say that he comes out of this debate again a winner simply because no one laid a glove on him that rick perry loses debate so he's just a shadow of his former self and you know yet another bad night for have the script could not be written any better for mitt romney the focus of these debates has switched from michele bachmann to rick perry and now herman cain analysts say this was a mitt romney moment with rick perry. yeah seems like they don't really care all that much either we can't live in such an isolated bubble the economy is now a global one it's interconnected it's dependent and it's most definitely not the
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doing of just one individual we're going to get into how rick perry blames poverty in america on obama singlehandedly in just a moment but back to the larger issue at hand here we don't live in untouchable america vacuum and yet that's something of the mainstream media really really misses. all right so last night's debate was all about the economy talking about the over nine percent official unemployment rate in the country the newly minted terms of the ninety nine percent versus the one percent the upcoming decisions the congressional supercommittee is going to have to make to enact one point two trillion dollars in spending cuts and if higher taxes should play a role now despite the fact the ron paul barely got to chime in we also heard a lot of talk about the fed last night let's talk about what didn't get enough attention. wall street and who got blamed unfairly joining me from our studio in
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los angeles to discuss it as an experience host of the young turks co-host of the young turks and. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i don't know did last night's debate feel make you feel better about the possible future of this world or the opposite only worse when you look at the group that was sitting around that gigantic table that charlie rose had. it made me see feel so discouraged when you watch that debate you realize you question yourself first of all whether or not they actually believe the things that they're saying or if they're there you don't believe those things but they're so bought that they're forced to say what they say during these debates i mean we're about to get into the specifics but they are completely oblivious or at least it seems like they're oblivious to the fact that wall street has completely destroyed our economy they keep the same talking points about how we need deregulation we need to make sure we continue these tax cuts on the wealthy other ninety nine percent are just whining and moping about the fact
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that they aren't successful it's just it's really discouraging and i really hope that most americans watch that debate because it gives you is true idea of what republicans are really about over going to get into what they did or did not say about occupy wall street but first let's talk oh they said about wall street in general right the people you could say are responsible for the economic crisis and whether they would have arrested them what they're going to do next you can bridge had a really interesting take on who he really thinks is to blame here take a listen. let's be clear who put the fiction the frictions put in by the federal government if you want to put people in jail i want to check in with your store with barney frank and chris dodd and let's look at the politicians who created the environment the politicians who profited from the environment and the politicians who put this country in trouble. what. i know i know first let me let me clarify something that he failed to clarify in that answer
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so he's referring to chris dodd taking out two home loans using country rides country wives v.i.p. program ok and that actually saved him a considerable amount of money on his home loans he saved fifty eight thousand dollars on one home loan and seventeen thousand dollars on another home loan now in my opinion there are definitely ethical issues there because if you are getting this great deal through countrywide v.i.p. program then you're more likely to pass policies in favor of big banks and countrywide so i understand what he's saying about that however i'm not having a discussion about throwing chris dodd in jail if you want to set that kind of standard then every single politician should be thrown in jail right so that's what he was referring new with chris dodd when it comes to barney frank i think he was trying to imply that barney frank wasn't critical enough of the predatory home loans which when i really don't understand why republicans keep saying that over and over again when in two thousand and four barney frank was on the record saying we've got to stop these home loans these subprime mortgages are
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a disaster so he doesn't really have a great point there now. i don't either than that like i he doesn't make any sense you want to throw them in jail why don't we throw away throw the people in jail who repealed the glass steagall act that that actually directly had an impact on the economic meltdown why don't we focus on some of the policies of the bush administration past that i think are definitely. more of a reason for why we are in this economic disaster that we're in now so i his point is ridiculous it was a great way to distract the audience from the people who are actually guilty of this economic disaster yeah i think we saw a lot of that distraction technique last night too and now i'm going to play a clip of something that rick santorum who we know is very conservative and hate gay people and sometimes just really says these crazy vile things that. making have to blink twice so listen to what he thinks is going to fix the economy. the biggest
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problem with poverty in america we don't talk about here because it's an economic discussion and that is the breakdown of the american family we need to have a policy that supports families that encourages marriage the right has fathers take responsibility for their children. and so i'm not sure if he's trying to address the fact here. that there might be some sort of inequality and i think he's trying to maybe wade his way around but not actually touch the fact that you know perhaps there are higher rates of single mother homes when it comes to african-american communities and that's where we see higher unemployment but he doesn't actually say any of that and so it comes out as just having nuclear families again is going to be the answer to all of our economic woes right he's trying to imply that married couples you know you're going to earn two different incomes and you're less likely to have financial difficulties because you have two incomes that's not the case at all because there are no jobs in fact that's one of the things that he constantly criticize the obama administration about there's a nine percent unemployment rate in the country nuclear family is not going to
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solve the issue here right and if you're that concerned about having two different incomes and one family then i'm sure he's in favor of you know allowing gay individuals to get married in this country right because that would help them financially why don't we consider that. the thing i thought was a good point i like that. now let's let's also look at something that rick perry said when he was asked about poverty and i mean rick perry told he just fell apart last night it looked like he did not want to be there like he is over trying to be president he doesn't really care but he did have one thing right aside to blame president obama for it not be for poverty take a look. the reason we have that many people live in poverty is because we got to present the united states as a job killer that's what's wrong with this country today you have a president who does not understand how to create well he has overtaxed overregulated small business men and women to the point where they're laying off people. so after hearing all these responses i mean first started as brock obama's
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not single handedly responsible for poverty in the growing numbers of people living in poverty as we've seen those numbers grow over the last you know twenty thirty years but it seems to me like none of these politicians really get it and that's why we have people protesting on wall street right now. exactly and listen to how much rick perry first of all is not specific about anything in that answer he was just obama job killer like that's all he said in that comment how much does he sound like george bush and also obama is a job killer we've had issues with the economy way before obama came into the picture we've been seeing a widening gap in wealth between the one percent and the ninety nine percent since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine c.e.o.'s are now making three hundred forty three times more than the average american worker we're having problems here that we need to solve saying that barack obama singlehandedly is destroying the economy and he's the reason why we're in this mess in the first place means that you have a very superficial and shallow understanding of what's happening in our country and
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you know what i'm glad he doesn't care anymore and i'm glad that he was very nonchalant during that debate because i don't want that guy leading the country i don't want even having a chance he doesn't understand anything and he sounds like a clown yes second time in a row i've said clown on your show. seems to becoming a trend or we're talking about the republican presidential candidates well let's talk about the guy that you refer to as a clown the last time in that case and a plan that he had well we just had to listen to the number nine a lot. and i'm. not i don't get out and i am i right i mean. how the last guy get in there ok that was totally a joke we just couldn't help ourselves no we are not comparing herman cain to hitler but you know it was funny anyway can you believe it that something we have to take seriously now and you know devoted so much time they devoted so much time
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to it yesterday during the debate. yeah i'm not surprised i mean again it's another way for them to distract from what the real problem is it's a way for them to almost feel a little of the working class in the middle class in this country they're not focusing on. any real problems look i watched the entire debate i didn't hear anything that i could even possibly consider as reasonable and that's a huge problem with the republican party right now that's why they were so desperate to have chris christie run because they don't have any candidates that are realistic i mean you've got michele bachmann you've got rick perry you've got herman cain i mean the only person who has a shot at this point is mitt romney because out of all of the clouds he's the least clown liest i don't know clown which is in a word but you get what i mean like that there are they don't know what they're talking about they're not specific in their answers they don't have any real policy ideas that would help this country and i hope the american people watch that debate and realize that as they were doing so. all right well looks like the future of the
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white house might look like a circus and i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight. thank you. well still to come tonight how much to occupy wall street and the tea party have in common and show the to cooperate instead of hate each other we're going to break that issue since retirement. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. the longest game to history. he was trying to store. data.
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but spoke to trump stay late for. him open the radio we have the search dogs around the. always going with this. one shot trying to take. the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy the world's. best bar the great chunks of our taste. are let's take a little moment out tonight to focus on our new secretary of defense leon panetta see before he served as the head of the cia he was the director of the office of management and budget under the clinton administration leading a lot of people to believe that he would take his budget cutting skills over the pentagon when he got there the finally somebody would have the will and the wit to
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cut but now it's fast forward to today see panetta gave a very long a raw raw i love the army speech at their annual convention in d.c. this morning and one thought panetta was quoted as saying this nation needs an army that can deter any potential aggressor an expeditionary army able to deploy to distant battlefields and upon arrival decisively overwhelm any enemy land force as you can tell he didn't hesitate to preach about the army's ever important role in america even if we end our two official wars but his biggest talking point is his opposition to any defense cuts to which he said quite dramatically it will not happen on my watch which is kind of a shame because cuts to the d.o.d. have actually started to be discussed in recent months even managed to sneak into commercial breaks during last night's g.o.p. debate. he just these spending cuts the entire budget would have to be cut by thirty one percent draconian cuts that would threaten defense the social safety net it defense and so she has a caveat exempted and everything else have to be slashed by about fifty percent how
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the unlikely america would go for that if you try and solve the problem with just revenue increases taxes went after increase close to fifty percent. that. now there's nothing we can really be done about the three hundred fifty billion dollars in cuts that are already planned but panetta is going to do everything in his power to stop that second round of proposed cuts from happening in fact he pretty much threatened to quit if the d.o.d. had to lose that six hundred billion dollars however his opposition to the proposal is nothing new see back in august we told you the panetta thoughts in his first press conference he addressed the second round of cuts as a k. a sequestered mechanism saying this mechanism this kind of doomsday mechanism is built into the agreement as designed so that would only take effect if congress fails to enact further measures to reduce the deficit a doomsday mechanism fearmonger much now according to the office of the undersecretary of defense the d.o.d.'s been given six hundred eighty five billion dollars with that chunk of money there bloated budget should it be debated by our
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government that's not helping at a sees it through the fence secretaries learned that instilling fear in the congress is his best bet at saving the d.o.d. from the chopping block and he's used that fear mongering tactic repeatedly during another press conference in august with hillary clinton but a set of the cuts very simply would result in hollowing out the force would terribly weaken our ability to respond to the threats in the world but more importantly it would break faith with the troops and with their families and a volunteer army is absolutely essential to our national defense and when he says hauling out the force he's referring to what happened in the u.s. military after the vietnam war where the military budget was cut dramatically troops were downsized and then the government cut away what some argued was muscle rather than that that scary threat of being hollowed out has been echoed by other war hawks out there like representative buck mckeon so let's just say this let's call a spade a spade here point out wants to keep the pentagon budget the way that it is clearly everybody was wrong about him being a new leader that would take on wasteful spending and bloat the defense secretary's
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bought tooth and nail the kept keep the pentagon away from the knife so this is the exact same pro-military spending message just a different person as the secretary of defense. now the occupy wall street movement while bearing the slogan we are the ninety nine percent still being looked at as a left leaning movement to the majority of americans and let's face it fox news crowd is deriving them for being dirty hippies they hate capitalism and democrats are trying to figure out how they can wrangle a vote out of that but what if americans stop listening to the interested parties that try to divide that think about this at the heart of both the tea party movement originally and the occupy wall street movement as an anger towards the collusion between the government and the financial criminals that brought down our economy the same belief that our system needs reform now from there on sure there are plenty of differences but if the two were try were to try and cooperate could it give us a better chance of fixing the root of the problem discussed as a means brendan steinhauser of the federal and state campaign director at freedom
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works and thank you so much for joining us tonight philip all right so tell me here with me here that originally the tea party right it formed out of anger at the bank bailouts you look at the occupy wall street movement you could say they're also angry about banks being bailed out a number of other things right the fact that wall street controls so much of our government that there is such a close relationship here so the two started with really really simple or excuse me similar motives right i think so and i would like to know where were these guys when we needed them when groups like freedom works and the tea party movement i guess to the tie the tea party wasn't really organized but we were expressing our outrage to the bank bailouts and so we kind of led that fight against both parties president george w. bush candidate barack obama and candidate john mccain were all in the tank for the bailout so we were there sort of fighting this good fight and we've sort of been doing that for a couple of years calling out when big government and big business got together the small businessman the individual the taxpayers really good screwed in this in this situation so you're saying where were these people you does that mean that you see
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it as a strictly left knee movement that all these people were hoping that change was actually going to come when barack obama came into office well to be fair to them they were probably a lot like the tea party people who hadn't really go. unorganized but the point is that we did lead the fight against tarp and that there are some agreements i think between the two movements but i think the solutions to the problems we have a very different vision of what should happen and i think that while souter also some of the different party movement fears big government and kind of fears big business but it really fears when the two of them get together and sort of forms the more corporatist crony capitalism state i think that's really a fear that we have whereas these guys thought by wall street fears the exact same thing that they're worried that the government is no longer looking out for the interests of the people i mean they believe the government can actually do that you know it doesn't have to be a gigantic government does that it just has to look out for the interests of the people rather than its corporate donors who i think some feel that way but when you look at folks for example some guy who is one of the architects of the original
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tarp it's hard to really see how you could give him any credit or trust that he would take care of these things when he basically engineer these policies or barack obama who supported one who said what is that will occupy wall street is angry about but most of their free movement is what they're trying to say is that they want to stay independent right they don't want to be co-opted by the democratic party and just become a wing of it i guess you could say the way the tea party has become with the republican party so it isn't dependent it's anger at both parties and anger at the fact that people like timothy geithner get to go directly from wall street to washington but i think that they feared and they fail to understand that really to give the government more power is going to continue to do the same things regardless of who's there so their solution is what we need more regulation we need you know to make these changes our solution is let's get people in who will actually clear out the deadwood in the republican party replace the republican party with the tea party and get people in there who aren't owned by wall street so folks like mike lee instead of senator orrin hatch well how do you think that that is working because we did see of course this huge groundswell come out for the
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november twenty seventh elections and you could say if the tea party really played a big role in getting the majority back to the republicans but now how much has changed well i think we're still in a process of. taking over the g.o.p. at the local level we had a huge historic victory in two thousand and ten and we'll see what happens and i said i really love and i meant money to and yes well there's so many elections going on that it's hard to keep track but we are looking ahead to two thousand and twelve and i think we're going to focus a lot on the sun and then if we can continue this process over time to going to see a big difference made again the biggest difference between these two groups is that their solutions tend to be we want government to do more we say we don't really trust really anyone in power who can get corrupted by wall street or any other special interest so we really need people that are not owned by these special interest from the beginning those are going to be people that are new to politics frankly folks like herman cain could be a breath of fresh air and there are certainly folks on the democratic side that could feel that as well why i think that you know i think that's part of the
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problem here is that a lot of people are saying the occupy wall street doesn't necessarily have an exact set of demands they don't have an exact vision as to how they want this to end so i think it's too much to say that they necessarily want to put everything in the hands of government no they're seeing the way a government is handling it and they don't like it either but so ok clearly there are some differences here but wouldn't it be better if that you were to try to team together team up now to go for the root of the problem you know figure out the smaller differences later on well first of all i don't think they're big enough to make a big impact do you think that they're sort of it's combining to say of the tea party began to make it in tax impact started getting big occupy wall street is only expanding that day well i'm not sure we'll see what the how that plays out but if there are ways we can work together we can be on the same page i think that we should i mean i've talked a lot of these folks here in washington and certainly some of those i share some of the opinions with but then again i've seen a lot of kind of more radical folks who who do want a lot of these other things they want a lot bigger government they want all these demands they put out you know free
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education free health care i just don't know that we can pay for all that so we have a lot of disagreements on that but what you say it that's bad because at the same time the tea party was upset if you look at certain radical elements within the tea party that you. call racist or whatever and say that doesn't represent every single one of us well we never had a single arrest they've had over a thousand of us to no tea party or ever not because of the trashing mark well no tea party ever trashed the park they never charge over you know pushed over security guards or cops or fought the cops it was not what we did we left the ground cleaner than we found it so a lot of these folks are happier than my last little one hundred percent absolute and why is that because the tea party is made up of middle aged white men or least that's the majority right that if you look at some of the statistics there they mostly are middle aged white males versus i guess you could say that my last rate is more of a younger crowd i don't know the crowd that i saw in d.c. yesterday was was pretty old but we don't trash the place we don't often cop cars we don't beat up the police or security guards we treat each other with respect to respect private property rights so there is a fundamental difference there but are you going to let that stop you from trying
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to work with somebody who wants to fundamentally change the political system and make it so that it's not corrupt anymore yeah if there are ways we can in terms of just fighting on issues when they come up before congress absolutely if they're candidates that for some reason we can see eye to eye on sure but so let me just ask you then you know one more question here because i think that one of the things the occupy wall street is saying to you and some of the protesters that i've spoken to is that they think that the entire system is broken you can't just do this through legislation anymore you can't do it by moving the democratic party more to the left and going through the regular process do you think that they should do you think that they should try to become the tea party of the left and just be co-opted by the democratic party while i don't want to give them any good advice that they can use to you know they want something to go by they should study their own history they should look at what was successful in the past we've certainly study the history of important social movements and ultimately all of them do come down to taking over one of the major political parties and making it look like something that you wanted to look like and i think the progressive sort of did that in the
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past and now all of the the tea party is trying to do that with the republican party so just sort of a republican party look like what you want to look like or you will and if you're out here and we're getting there all the candidates are probably right. now for the presidential race for example are coming to us they're sitting our endorsement they're seeking our support and we're trying to figure out who's the right person for the job but they all have problems they all the issues they sure do oh yeah if any of those guys look like who you want leading the country i say that we're in trouble but i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you. now coming up next we have our midweek edition as you said i read it and just as predicted the warmongers are already coming out after the department of justice announcer foiled plot by iran to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. sort of a look at who is talking and what the details are emerging just. kind
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of again this is down to the headlines. escalating tensions in washington imposes its latest new sanctions on iran running an airline and pulls on the world community to respond to the u.s. says it's a no brainer and proposed to kill the saudi ambassador to america to run his rubbishing delegation saying they've been made up to divert public attention from america's. big deals truncates prime minister putin and the chinese leadership in beijing as the country is trying to count take on the debate it's becoming something trying to escape way. and almost two hundred eighty palestinians jailed for life are about to leave prison for these three and a government agreed to support them and around eight hundred others for one soldier and that the navy has been held hostage by hamas militants for five seconds.


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