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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 1:01am-1:31am EDT

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ninety on the russian capital you watching our joshua welcome to the program tens of thousands have come out in support of the embattled syrian president the biggest rally in the capital for months but that is still struggling to quell a nationwide uprising despite promises of reforms but his supporters say the government needs more time to push for change or he says are silly as more from the sander of damascus. but voices of support. continuing dissent some and in deadly clashes polar opposites in their demands but in some way united by the newfound zeal to take a stand for here the center of the syrian capital well our lives have gathered show their support for the government that is kind of a far cry from the images we've been seeing in other cities in the country where there have been reported clashes with me security forces that are being government
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protests edition however one think it's more about where in this country they call the forces of time was that that was a very basic you know it was not a. her husband and young children one of many families who braved the heat and joined the crowds in downtown damascus but it's true that we knew nothing about politics before but now we take a stand even if i'm a sunni muslim i'm pro this president. but. ever since most people started revealing their political stance openly some people would mock me and say since when do you know about politics what do you know there are divisions among family members some are pro assad some are anti but that's how it is. it appears that apathy is becoming less of an option for citizens of this nation now. intense international scrutiny i never watched news i never cared you
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know i never i never had any interest in politics but. i think most of us baby books we watched news video god posted on facebook with the no one i don't think and then you have the right background and other issues about your country you can think of them yeah there are those like the new i who sing who are no strangers to picking a side and making it known he's long been voicing his discontent and what he calls a repressive regime and today facebook is one of his main tools in cordoning to dissent coalition activism has evolved in syria for me i feel that my voice goes further now back then it started with stating an opinion that i'm going to jail that hit a good dad and no one would even know about it that his changed down that people are more politically aware hussein has been thrown in jail says he was tortured and finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder i was detained for spreading the
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word on the violent crackdown in daraa but i feel like a coward if i didn't risk my life while those on the streets are doing so asking for the regime to fall a call staunchly opposed by those on the other side yet if it was below fifty. people to give them the chance. to get the right. one political curiosity and activism among syrians are growing whatever side of the divide they're on people here see the future of their country is at stake but all are adamant that future is firmly in their own hands. does our cilia r.t. damascus. to the us now or more people have been arrested following the latest wave of public protest against excessive corporate influence in the country mass demonstrations have spread to several cities a month after the so-called occupy wall street movement first flared up and the big apple artillery apart now looks at how the protests continue to grow despite
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a report of police brutality and hundreds of arrests. a few hours ago i just came back from being down on wall street in the in the park where activists have been camping out and sleeping and demonstrating for weeks now and they seem as committed to this movement as they ever have been before if anything i think the arrests have inspired them to to fight harder and stronger for their for democracy what they say for democracy for fair treatment for for balance and equality for all americans because that's at the core of what their movement is about is among those principles that i just mentioned we did see many police officers every once in a while walk through the park where there were hundreds of demonstrators have been sleeping and they would walk through and anything down on trees that were hanging up any signs of anything there and some of the demonstrators saw that they
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interpreted it as possibly the police trying to provoke but these demonstrators are very committed to not acting violently they want to demonstrate as peacefully as possible members of occupy wall street walked through manhattan particularly down park avenue and they went door to door to the homes of the five wealthiest new york city residents and that includes the c.e.o. of news corp rupert murdoch and also the c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase diamond and these protesters were walking through the streets door men standing outside of the buildings were cheering them on when they got to the hole jamie diamond there was a police barricade out there but they continued to demonstrate and the reason they were demonstrating and and going door to door to get to the wealthiest new yorkers holmes is because at the end of this year two percent millionaire tax expire
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meaning that two percent that was required for millionaires to pay. they won't have to pay any more come two thousand and twelve and a lot of these new yorkers say that this is an indication of how the wealthiest americans reap the largest rewards and if they're paying if they're going to be paying that mandatory tax a lot less revenue is going to be coming to new york city and new york state and the ninety nine percent with the majority of those living here are going to suffer and they say that's just an indication of the richest always reaping the benefits and the rewards and the common american always you know suffering the consequences . of reporting there and public distrust towards the u.s. government is also growing according to the latest polls more than two thirds of americans now say they are unhappy with washington and he's going to reports the white house and congress are have only influenced by equally unpopular a powerful corporations. investing in politics has proved to be good business in
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america just a few million dollars in contributions and some lobbying can bring it company billions in bailout loan guarantees tax refunds and other stimulus all of the expense of the average american taxpayer exposed in the election system and it's in the ongoing lobbying and serve influence industry these are powerful powerful businesses their whole business model is around using influence to break the rules of the game in their favor so far u.s. corporations have been successful in ensuring that the loss introduced to regulate wall street after the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight don't function those measures were effectively scuppered by u.s. lawmakers the corporations were also successful in keeping their tax cuts intact and finding loopholes for getting billions of dollars in refunds the us government over the one percent for the one percent by the one percent perpetuates itself it passes rules that allows the banks to get deregulated it restricts our democracy
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three years after washington gave almost a trillion dollars of taxpayers' money to bail out corporate giants unemployment in the country is over nine percent the national debt is well past the tipping point and the congress is looking to cut essential social programs i am thousands of americans took to the streets to ask where is their bailout how can i live in a country that arrests a hundred nonviolent people and doesn't arrest a single one of these bankers or the people would cause those who are just models not mine in the meantime goldman sachs one of the main architects of the current crisis is richer than ever it is a now seventeen billion dollars in bonuses alone for its stance when asked about the impunity enjoyed by the corporations president obama said a lot of that stuff wasn't necessarily illegal it was just. immoral and many agree it pretty much stays that way but not only do the lawmakers come
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under fire for accepting generous contributions from corporations and then acting to return the favor but the president himself was accused of bias and phone is mona number of occasions one of the most recent scandals involves a solar energy company saloon bridge which went bankrupt and cost taxpayers almost six hundred million dollars that's the amount that the government approved in loan guarantees despite receiving persistent born ings about the company's financial stability the deal was pushed through by a foundation which in turn was a major donor to president obama's election campaign since last year corporations have been allowed to funnel as much money as they want into political campaigns now they don't even have to disclose the amounts they spend their time trying to value elections has been serious the new law effectively gives the corporations even more influence in washington leaving many americans in fear that their voice might no longer count what drew all these people onto the streets of washington and other
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cities in the u.s. is the understanding that their government and their legislators represent the interests of the top one percent as they call them the very wealthy corporations that can afford influence in washington to skew the system in their favor. going to check on our team washington d.c. . coming your way this hour here in r.t. hopes of a green future based stark reality german a switch to renewables phrases fear is there won't be enough anarchy to go around and electricity prices could rocket. and cosmic catering we invite you for a tasting to check out what's being served up in space. america is threatening iran with sanctions after alleging it was behind applied to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. vice president joe biden says no option is off the table charges have been filed against you. reigns over claims they try to hire members of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the attack one of the suspect is still at large
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the u.s. has already imposed sanctions on the iranian airline that flew members of a read force linked to the plot in tehran is ridiculed the allegations saying the charges are fabricated to deflect public attention from problems in the u.s. ivan eland of the independent institute told our team it wouldn't be in iran's interests to plan an assassination like this. but there has to be some doubt i think just because there are so wild and they don't really fit the pattern of because force the the iranians have been fairly cagey about operating various places in the world this sounds like you know something out of bad movie or something i mean it's just crazy there are limited responses that the u.s. can have of course the u.s. can also use covert operations to do sinister things to the iranian regime and of course the u.s. has many are more resources to do that than the iranians do that's why this whole thing doesn't seem to add up that the iranians would actually be foolish enough to
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do something like this i think it gives the hawks in the united states some sort of excuse for ratcheting up the pressure maybe even including military action and certainly you have a weakened president who who might benefit from a foreign crisis and we've seen that happen before in u.s. history so i think i don't think if iran is really did this it was really a bungled. bungled mess and also a bad thing to do because it could invite the u.s. retaliation and gives them an excuse to do so and i think this type of rhetoric is not good even under these circumstances i think we've got to get to the bottom of this and see what really happened and see you know what what who is behind this and what what actually was going on. more news videos and the latest updates are waiting for you online right now and lady turned to joan of arc the jailing of ukraine's former prime minister has sparked outrage on the streets of kiev and a lot of criticism from russia the u.s. and the e.u. and five more on this at r.t.
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dot com. also online you can go to our youtube channel to watch footage of a cargo ship to hit a reef and started leaking oil and toxic materials off the coast of new zealand. the news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule today. european banks should increase their reserves to withstand market turmoil that's the new plan put forward by the head of the european commission to solve the debt crisis the move is designed to force banks set aside more assets to save the system
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from a collapse. also wants no dividends or bonuses paid until they've done it but british . raj told r.t. the real target is to prepare bankers not people for bankruptcy. what it is it's a way of preparing the batteries for the inevitable the faults that have that are going to come from those euro zone countries and that's why they're recapitalizing the banks and i've just been in this parliamentary chamber with mr barroso these people are absolutely intent on creating a united states of europe they don't care how many millions of people are chucked out of the unemployment scrap heap they don't care about the tide of humanism misery that they cause they have got their political goals in the first place i mean the whole thing is mad what these countries need who are trapped inside this economic prison called the euro is they need to do you value without devaluation having austerity packages pushed upon them which is forcing them into
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a downward deflationary spiral which in my opinion in greece and possibly in portugal too could lead to revolution what we're doing is stupid and very very dangerous indeed there is now a split in europe from north to south and in the north we are witnessing a democratic revolution against the whole concept of the euro and the idea that people like mr bro so my old friend herman van ryn poyet should govern five hundred million people it is not acceptable. germany is taking the lead in europe's hands to go green and promises to give up nuclear power by twenty twenty two filling the gap with the renewable sources but it's not all positive and eco friendly future could well be one of blackouts disappearing in history and huge tricity costs are tom barton reports. germany has long had a strong green nuclear movement but it was one accident that finally turned the tide against nuclear power that. by twenty twenty two and the use of nuclear
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energy in germany so what now the green movement and its hopes to renewable energy have been given a huge boost renewables mostly wind turbines and photovoltaics but an honest solar panel. currently supply eighteen percent of germany's electricity indeed germany has big plans for green energy i mean to go from eighteen to eighty percent renewables after the nuclear switch off some say it's crazy to do it this way but others say second option is to say when somebody can make it happen it will be the germans but a closer look at the russia out of nuclear reveals there's more hope riding on its renewable replacements the natural readiness that planned eighty percent would take forty years at least and with nuclear elektra city disappearing in germany in eleven years that will leave a decades long energy gap. that's the view of energy expert claudia canford who
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sees only one way to bridge the energy gap and it's not green we have new. fire power plants here in order not to have such kind of germans have long been a world leaders in their enthusiasm for a new about energy and their disdain for nuclear power now they've taken their leap of faith but it's far from where technologies like this will be able to take over or whether in fact germany will have to resort back to the fossil fuel way ironic seeing as the nuclear switch off was pushed by an anti emissions green lobby and it gets worse as any replacement power green or not will require billions of dollars of construction expense pushing up the cost of electricity that's not good in a country like germany with such a large industrial base energy and electricity prices in germany are pretty high
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compared to our competitors in europe now if they go for the rock then we think we'll lose competitive noise that could lead to major industries relocating production out of germany but perhaps the greatest problem facing renewable efforts comes from the same public the back to nuclear shutdown in the first place it's easy to say you want renewables but already massive opposition is emerging to the massive power grid lines and infrastructure that will have to be built all over the country happen except as i think it's a more concern is the greatest danger not the economics not to policy is support for the public acceptance all of which could leave germany very far from its green dreams of a renewable energy system. r.t. . now take a look at some other stories from around the world there are unconfirmed reports from libya there one of moammar gadhafi. sons has been captured in syria some
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officials from the national transitional council same would have seen gadhafi is being held by fighters laying siege to the city and there is no official proof to confirm the claims yet to see him was a senior army officer as well as national security adviser and his capture will be seen as a major victory for the n t c. a shooting rampage at a hair salon in a small city near los angeles has left eight people dead and nine victims in a critical condition police caught the suspect as he was trying to flee the scene firing several want weapons on him the mode of the shooting remains unclear but there are reports the gunman was targeting his ex-wife. egyptian ruling military council has blamed christian religious leaders for sunday's violence which left twenty six dead general. the minority of protesters were peaceful but an armed crowd joined the group and began attacking soldiers
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officials deny troops opened fire with live ammunition or ran over them with armored vehicles insisting drivers were in a state of panic and trying to skate. now for the van der spending long and lonely months in orbit mealtimes of the international space station are highlight but eating in zero gravity is a challenge both for the diners and the high tech chefs or have to plan that many on earth so peter all over along for tasting. after traveling at phenomenal speed for two days cramped in the small space of a soyuz rocket cosmonauts arriving at the international space station going to be package but how do you eat in zero gravity. you have to be a bit more careful while eating than on earth every different piece of food that gets out of your grip will float away and you won't be able to keep track of it. to make sure cosmonauts enjoy their lunch without worrying that
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a rogue morsel will disappear into the inner workings of some potentially life saving computer equipment the russian space agency designed this special table so it is worth what the deal is you know there are two heating compartments here and so this area in between is a trap for crumbs it works like a regular vacuum cleaner and this is important because choking on a crumb is very risky weightlessness it can have grave consequences. all the food eaten in space has to be specially prepared here on earth that preparation doesn't come cheap cosmonauts need three thousand calories a day the same as an olympic sprinter and providing that cost over six hundred dollars a day with most missions lasting for six months each cosmonauts grocery bill comes in at a hefty one hundred ten thousand dollars per mission and at those prices it's no wonder that the people behind cosmic catering a proud of their product. as the chief designer of space food with twenty three
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years of experience in the space food industry i can proudly say that russia's space food provides healthiest city first the most nutrition rich diet for a cause an. even the most simple food requires special care and attention this factory in moscow produces space spirit and the work which goes into making it ready for all but it is almost as high tech as the i assess itself. there is no mold in this bread no mold spores we've developed the recipe which stops mold growth the bread doesn't go bad for fifteen months thanks to the special recipe and technologies we use when baking it but. even when it comes to something simple like bread there's still plenty of choice for your hungry cosmonaut. all in all we make five types of bread gingerbread white bread that's what i have here on the table now right bread with caraway bread moscow style and dinner bread. those currently
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around one hundred sixty calling every options because i'm not on board the international space station including all of the taste from home from soups to main courses and desserts and even the basics from salt and pepper the bread. that alters pretty good after a hard day's work on board the i assess it's nice to see that some of humanity's finest minds still have time to play with their food bowl ok i've got a yellow one for you good bright you ready ready good yummy here a couple is make it three keep them coming. these are all of the party. raises up to date and business is next with helium. thanks mario that's right time for your business update despite the ripples roller
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coaster last month russian lenders have seen no hike in the conversion of ruble deposits into foreign currency on the other hand top lenders burbank managed to double new deposits to over two billion dollars. given the fact that oil prices are holding up very well above one hundred dollars per barrel given the fact that we're seeing signs. that are stabilization in the global economy i think there was scope for the. gate in the last ground and the remainder of the year. also we see that the policy of the central bank is more active and supporting so this is why i believe that there will bill is more likely to appreciate from the current level than we can. in the remainder of this year. europe's ambition to cut dependence on russian natural gas is forcing it to look for alternative energy
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experts say that europe is sitting on eighteen trillion cubic meters of shale gas if developed it would reduce europe's reliance on imports it's worked in the us well almost a quarter of energy production comes from shale gas but the story isn't likely to be repeated so far. on should not forget that in the united states you have kind of basis of the industry which. hundreds and even thousands of training rakes invest in europe you may have maybe fifteen at my promotion for the time being and to build up an industry was a hundred and more trading recs takes time so for the next ten years whatever as a result basis it will take time to build up the respect of creating industry and all that i think for the next ten years the shale gas revolution will only be a relative slow evolution in europe. let's have a look at the markets now this trading in the red after american petroleum
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institute reported that you as gallon and demand fell the most in more than five years in china exports climbed to the least since they were last month as impulse loads plus which is dropping over half a dollar while branch is trading at one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel. and the asian markets are climbing trekking our performance in the u.s. and europe and wednesday risk appetite is improving and we've hopes that the eurozone is closer to a solution to a silver in debt crisis and just an hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow the russian markets rallied to their strongest level in almost three weeks on wednesday the profile supported by weakening concerns over the eurozone debt crisis resolution as well as strong at well my six finished two and a half percent in the black while the r.t.s. was even higher almost forty percent on the rise b. to weston from the time capital expects yesterday's rally to continue. commodity prices have been firming. so again looks like this relief rally can continue and we
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should probably expect to be led by again by banks and materials as was the case yesterday. i would though say that in this market it doesn't take much to bring it back down again because you know yesterday we saw me in the sellers actually on our floor all that we know that someone was buying. but it doesn't look like we have a strong conviction for for the russian market us and yet. it's all the business news from all small stores check all website archie dot com slash business.
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of. what you know if you live from moscow here's a look at the top stories from the syrian capital hosts a massive show of support for president calls for him to be given more time. to make the promise of reform a reality that's as activists report violent clashes with police outside damascus during opposition rallies. angry anti-corporate activists knock on the doors of some of america's richest as the wave of demonstrations critical of the government's loyalty to big business sweeps nationwide washington's approval ratings taking ahead with the public demanding accountability over the corporate lobbies influence. and some believe that germany's move from.


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