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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 2:31pm-3:01pm EDT

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at the core of the occupy wall street movement which is now well into its fifth week one new york hip hop artist has been with the protesters from the very beginning and he shared with r.t. the disappointment and frustration behind the outcry and that interview is next. occupy wall street has now entered its fourth week of demonstrations and this movement has now blaze of profits may shine in forty five feet two hundred cities and over the past few weeks many well known names have thrown their support behind the movement including my current gas wrapper after this and revolutionary immortal technique thank you for joining me thank you for having me on the program within the first few weeks you came down here to speak to the crowd from what i understand you were very bothered by the fact this movement was being marginalized right now for one week into a mainstream media is down here we see all these satellite trucks around why do you
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think they have gone to report about what is taking place here and throughout the country you know there's an old phrase in the media if it bleeds it leads you know the more shocking the more outrageous it is the more that they want coverage because they know that other stations the smaller media outlets the blogging sites those sites that may not be necessarily mainstream media but have the attention of millions of viewers are starting to actually pay attention to what's going on here which one is which is one of the biggest expressions of democracy in the past few decades here in america and i think that when that is clear and present in front of everyone to see it becomes blatantly obvious to some of the larger. media senses that they're not even giving an ounce of coverage to it it makes them look even more biased than they already are i think the tipping point might have been the arrest the mass arrests of nearly eight hundred people peaceful protesters on the
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brooklyn bridge it took place i know you've been very outspoken about it and of the police brutality i think that very much the police brutality when it hit the when it hit the internet became viral because you saw a bunch of defenseless people that were simply expressing their freedom. to speak their mind in a public place then they were penned off then they were sprayed down they were obviously not in danger of harming any police officers and then all of a sudden you see white shirts coming out warm warthen and seemingly unable to be held responsible for anything that they do almost as if they're above the law and that is very exemplary of exactly what has continued to fuel the fire here at this protest the fact that people that are on wall street people that are in government are refusing washington saying that all of them but a lot of them are refusing to acknowledge their responsibility and what caused all this you know listen come from nowhere people didn't just decide to get up and be angry about nothing people are seriously concerned about the direction that our
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democracy is going i want to ask you about something that new york city mayor michael michael bloomberg said about this demonstration he said that these protesters are trying to destroy the jobs of working people in new york city mayor michael bloomberg said that this demonstration is not productive do you think that this is. an illustration of disconnect what do you think about no i think that's a perfect illustration of a connect his connect to wall street bloomberg is what seventy five percent or about owner of bloomberg l.l.c. has a sixteen billion dollars stake or so down the wall street this is his nest of course he feels threatened and he's going to do whatever he can including making the police more and more confrontational to elicit the type of negative response that he wants from these protesters he wants to goad them into violence he wants to make them argue amongst one another he wants to find issues of race religion sexual orientation whatever he possibly can him and people like him to exploit people that
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are coming here who just simply want to express themselves how is this anything but a democratic expression of freedom of speech and democracy is something very alien to that fraud mr bloom. what should we do should we just we just completely ignore i would god given right to assemble here and to question our government we're not anti-american we love america and we refuse to see it destroyed by the same people that have been corrupting it for the past countless number of years i believe that there are lots of people that are willing to put up mr obama's second term on the altar of the marker see if he's not willing to listen to the same group of people that were honestly trying to believe in the words he was saying when he claimed. that he was going to change things in this country which haven't changed too much on us well this is clearly going to become a part of the twenty twelve election because this is done so big it has spread so
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far and wide us present robotnik did speak about this and said he understands the frustration of those taking part not sure i'm following why these frustrations and you know in two thousand and eight this country was ready to go up in office obama was not the the great unifier he was the great pacifier. he came in here and said no it's going to be ok i'm going to take care of all this it's a clear of all of it this is not hatred towards him this is not a denigration of him as a man but he knows the system he has to stand up for because he's tied to it to what makes the momentum actually that the u.s. to step aside from the occupation and hide from the visual what do people need to do when we start costing them money when we start bleeding them down that's when they get the mess that's when they get it through their heads oh my god no they've discovered the magic way to deal with us all the problem here be is that i see a lot of potential i see potential that needs to be harnessed i see people that i
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understand the reason they have an elected leaders but i think that there should be more spokespeople that go out and have the actual core message of this group that realize that the corruption that has existed in this system would be. i look at this nation they see republicans completely in the hands of corporations democrats pandering to them nonstop we see them also involved now to the president as part of expanding war was expanding occupations not standing up for human rights you know being blind about several global issues that are important to people here because they reflect on our democracy what we do outside of america defines our democracy here i've seen a lot of people online suggest that this move mantei if they were to take some action should go so far as to either pull their money out of banks or stop using credit cards that's not i'm not promoting any ideas here while asking this question but it is something that has been suggested you think that the second idea is
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a lot better than the first job using a credit card i think even though we have to have a cohesive strategy to pull this together i think that there's a lot of real brainstorming that needs to happen because if we make one move we need to be focused on what moves will be made against us you know this is a chess game just like the united states chess game in the middle east where they're willing to give up a few pawns but what they really want to pieces they're willing to trade a few lame duck presidents because what they really want is the main characters of the bill you know they're willing to trade the porn bengalis get out of the support . the other guy used to be a player mubarak became a pawn what do they want. the bishop gadhafi gone. now they want the queen iran out of the secu chess game i don't think that they're not playing that here is that we have to not only be focused on what the next move but what the reaction to what the reaction of our next move is we have to think ahead
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of the game which is why i said there should be more brainstorming sessions here and i'm not so sure they should always be in public because i think honestly that we're not the only ones watching this would be a fool to think that there aren't people involved here. around this area that aren't sleeper cells or agents that's not me being paranoid that's just the truth you know the first person the first black person to ever work for the secret service agency was agent eight hundred his job was to infiltrate the movement of marcus garvey if they were thinking like that back then why wouldn't they be thinking like that and i think what's most important is that we don't get frustrated or angry or upset or lack the patience to be able to deal with this movie there was a there was a sign out here that said you know police offices you're one bounced check away from being out here with the rest of us to look at a lot of people think they're angry they're screaming at cops but you're going to stand there just working class individuals whose their boss the mayor the mayor is
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get money with wall street he's literally. he's closer to wall street than america is this really i don't i mean. that's that's his homie those are his people when they die you pours out a little liquor for them so when he says something to the police commissioner the police commissioner says something to the white shirts and the white shirts kick down to the soldiers it's similar to what we see in the most brutal parts of the occupation of iraq and afghanistan the most brutal parts of that war soldiers held accountable for terrible things that have happened within the confines of the war but no officers no generals nobody that implemented these policies nobody that said hey you know what take him into the back and cut his hands off until he tells me what i want to hear or raipur till she can't stand until she gives us the information that we want but that's only attributed to the contractors to the soldiers not to the upper levels not to the cia memos not to the people that wrote it which is why when i look at cops this is
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a certain amount of cynicism that i have when people say oh they're all evil they're all we can know they're not evil they're all we can the people that are innocently following orders and if they don't follow orders they lose their job like the sign says they're one bounced check for being right here with the rest. us too and i think that's also a big difference between this movement and between the arab spring as the difference is that in the arab spring there was a concentrated force of security forces whether it be military or national guard that decided to join with the move because those are the people they were literally saying well these are the people that i'm being told by my government and i have to go to war with other countries to protect and yet now i'm being told to attack and kill the same people at some point everybody has to question what they're doing and why they're even here what they're doing in their job if they're being expressive their democracy and a greater question what do they ever really do to be considered an american. if you fall out of a pool in new york or new jersey or kansas that's why you're an american if you
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have a stand up for you kumin rights in your civil rights that you have a question of government and trying to infringe on your civil liberties would you ever try to reform a government that's done nothing but this country dry stealing from people constantly. if people come here from the opposition people love consistently been a part of taking advantage of the people that are going to upset it what we're doing because it exposes what they've been doing this whole time which exposes the corruption behind closed doors then we know we're on the right and i'm telling people right now that i'm going to continue to come back down here to this movement i was here when i started i won't be here when it finishes because it's never going to finish because we can never stop reforming our democracy the moment that we stop reforming our democracy it ceases to be a democracy at the moment that the revolution stops that means the revolution has been betrayed we're here to stay and we're not going anywhere.
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future covered. top stories this hour naughty syrian activists over new crackdowns despite lawless crowds in the capital president global pressure on his rule. in the us protesters determined to stamp out corporate greed to take their grievances to the doors of the wealthy big business of trying to buy elections. and ukraine's former prime minister faces new charges two days after she got seven years behind bars for abusing power while signing gas contracts with moscow. join me for more on those stories and less than fifteen minutes from now and indeed other developments in the meantime the sports news is next with dmitri.
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hello there welcome to the sports. have a company again our top story this hour. thirty three point two russia's gymnast rhetorical. the difference between gold and silver. the path to london is open spanish david ferrer has the right to play at the final a.t.p. event of the year was fails to make it into the finals of the shanghai. could present himself with the best possible gift by winning the season's championships on sunday. and in a scandal is a rising in russia with automatic qualification beg for euro twenty eight's while the country's football team are now looking to fill their time with friends but according to dick of the card russian clubs are already failing twitchy about handing over their stars for international duty so. will sometimes.
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because we can play to find images next game in the world. so i don't understand the way they think because i think they have to think about. this very important so we are willing to think about the globes so we only play one game and they are happy for him to be against his office he wanted to play a much tougher opposition from the friends you've been playing recently against the likes of iran caetano disrespect of an opposition with a severe is going to much tougher in prison we know. already but we still get must get the go from asian to more so i can. point. the card had stated last week that if russia didn't make it to pellant in the ukraine he would step down as national team coach but with the team top top in qualifying group until next summer at least and the country's four billion in place of that.
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card is a top level specialist he's a very consistent person matic and go into to person and to make it even better he's a. deal runs out in july next year but it has an option to be extended and i can't see any need to change that. eight twenty two uprising teams have found out their playoffs fate in krakow to world come bronze medalists took an creation had made obviously hoping for a better draw closer between goods hitting cement and. charges for such a bit and trading and danger to the qualifying campaign elsewhere first time player and estonia will play against eleventh in the world have god for their encounter after failing to overcome denmark in group h. another seeded side the czech republic will face montenegro in the first leg pictures. will take place on the eleventh and twelfth while the return leg to the
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plate on the fifteenth of november. to the domestic game now where their final steps have been taken to move their russian premeal a current in line with the rest of europe this season from twenty twelve on words will kick off in the autumn with the final matches taking place in late spring richard porter has more on what this will mean for the clubs. november is normally the month with a new russian premier league champions crowned however this won't be the case this year in fact the winner will be confirmed tell me of next year as the country's footballing calendar is undergoing a radical change to bring them in line with the rest of europe fuel for marked off and put russian clubs competing in europe at a disadvantage as once they reach the latter stages of the champions league eve europa league season was yet to stance. however the remainder of the continents were ready halfway through very can paint and we're in
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a much better position but it will help us immensely moving to the new calendar clubs found it difficult previously to compete with the top clubs around europe in the latter stages of the european competition isn't however things should now be a lot easier for us one has to be put on a level playing field the clubs will carry on playing until the end of the current championship for me and then every team will replace thirty games. however then there will be a split two games taking place in november and remains well from march until may two thousand and twelve after four months winter break confused well if you take a look at the current table and of the clubs remaining the same positions at the end of the season the top eight so about z. need to angie would play each other home and away and fight it out to see who is eventually crowned champion and who qualifies for europe. however at the other end
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that's cross no doubt tome again they would play each other twice with two teams relegated to the first division when the season eventually finished to me in your league but it will be really hard for the clubs at the start as we will have to play a lot of league games as well as trying to fit in european competitions as well but in the end it will be worth it because we'll be on a similar calendar to those playing in the majority of europe that have been concerns about the new calendar putting the clubs at a disadvantage given the unpredictability of russia's weather conditions however the spheres should prove to be unfounded and you championship will cover pretty much the same dates that are currently used because of the winter break and on the contrary by the autumn of two thousand and twelve russia will join the rest of europe and playing in a season that finishes in me which of them you don't see moscow. but to recall more has won all round the artistic gymnastics world championships in talk the
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russian theme a gymnast claimed fifty nine point three four nine points she made no mistakes during her teen but the excellence of the sand. of the united states claimed. athletes one despite making sarah in the states. and a floor exercise with finished only thirty three thousand points ahead of china took the bronze medal. in tennis world number two rafael nadal has been knocked out of the shanghai masters by florida in the last sixteen the top seeds planted last the first set on a tie break in the second he didn't have a lot of chances to fight back as the job when the world number twenty three claimed it was two straight great six three this loss means that makes it second consecutive year has failed to reach the tournament was finals. this is for me.
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was it if. season but at the same. system for me you know these kind of loses affects. some of the days not the. in the meantime scotland advanced to the quarters after a tough encounter with. switzerland after winning the first set six four the brit lost the second six to be decided by the same school i was next opponent shanghai is australia qualifier. there has booked his place in this season ending atypia world finals. so refreshing because finals try and fair a bit to compare tread on college fair in the last sixteen in three sets one six seven five six two the final score their. final end. to progress into the last eight of the americans needed only two sets to
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send the spanish opponent packing six three six four tended. to the world of engines now where case is stone is looking to complete his fifth successive motive. in the australian grand prix on sunday mini who could clinch his second world championships prior to the race stoner let himself take a rest and enjoy sort of trot fishing ahead of the weekend's action as a forty point lead over defending series champs. spain the only man to come from from winning this season title the honda rider needs to score ten points on. this year's championships stoner turns twenty six on the racing day at phillip island so the victory there would be the best present for his birthday. you know it's you know it's a grand prix always look forward to come back to you know i think you know most people enjoy their home grand prix of course it is a little bit more stress
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a little bit more things to do but in general you know we have been looking for this especially on a holiday shino is going to be our first time here with one hundred. we'll see how we do but you know last four years have been pretty successful a lot of fun. some we're going to have to wait and see when the weather is usual formula one giants mcclaren will have to wait another year at least to drive a slow civil way that's off to suggest some thoughts on secured his second straights crown with red bull and five prices while the champ says the man who was his nearest rival there. i never thought he'd win the chance of in two thousand i thought he meant to mistakes. but he did and he has driven superbly you know he has a really really mistakes and he's been super fast ever we've gone. as always he had a great card recently with a bad guy but he's done the best to rip us because we thought. yeah he's going to
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be when you when you don't quite have the performance but. you know i think we're we're a very strong team and if anyone can fight back it's definitely. ok that's all the sports news for the moment thanks for watching us good bye. and discover it. communicate with you want to. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you.
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in the czech republic. central. full stop. i'm a taste. of each.
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syria gripped by dead long activists sound the alarm of a new crackdowns despite lawless crowds in the capital president assad battles global pressure on his rule. in the us protesters determined to stamp out corporate greed to take their grievances to the doors of the wealthy as they accuse big business of trying to play elections. and ukraine's former prime minister faces new charges two days after she got seven years behind bars for abusing power while signing contracts with moscow. internationalising comment live from moscow this is.


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