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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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occupy wall street protesters aren't backing down instead a movement going nationwide with thousands of americans on their side this just five brutal beat downs by police in cities like new york and boston so as the movement rapidly spread what makes some cities stand out from the rest. and the rage against wall street doesn't seem to be going away any time soon artie's been on the ground with the crowds and we bump into rage against the machine guitarist tom morello performing for the protesters he also stopped to do an interview with let us know what he thinks about the movement. and it's
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a case of sibling rivalry the tea party on the occupy wall street movement born out of many of the same ideas and for some reason they just can't get along well as for the similarities and differences of the two with tea party founder karl denninger. the government over one percent for the one percent going for sure perpetuates itself. wait a minute that's not how it's supposed to go and the ninety nine percent aren't going to take this kind of corporate power anymore so as political ties to big business fuels public anger the question many are now asking where is that government of the people by the people and for the people. it's thursday october thirteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm christine you're watching r t a major day today in the movement. occupy wall
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street movement continues to spread around the country and grow and i want you to take a look at that us these are all of the cities where occupations are taking place as we speak and this weekend on saturday they're expected to grow in what's being called the global day of action where protests are scheduled to take place around the world the call is for people to come to people of the world to come to the streets to meet to initiate global change of course one of the cities that's gotten quite a bit of attention in recent days is boston where the boston police and transit officers came into a park tore down tents and made arrests and this happened just a few nights ago but let's take a look at that video once again. was . protesters we spoke to said they were being peaceful and that so many different people were arrested to regardless of that including the national lawyers guild chairman and also us several medical personnel on the scene were arrested as well
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and of among those arrested a young woman named elisa lies a he said she joins us now from boston. allies i just want to start out by asking you about that night and about your experience getting arrested. had been occupying. only green where in homeowner and on monday we moved to our. we've been expanding every day we have hundreds of people coming by to join look. and we've been working with thirty officials and the entire process we've had a very friendly working relationship right. minded and we were told by the boston police that if we did this our area both camps would be removed and people who did not know it would be. can turn to our earth. controls the area where there is kind of a green light. had told us that we were trying to occupy the area we've been very
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respectful of their grounds and their planting and have actually offered to reimburse them if there's any damage sustained. we were told that if we didn't take the time and i think that there would be a rock made and we did up eight hundred people came down before very peaceful very careful singing chanting linking arms and standing our ground and you know were arrested and how long were you in jail i was detained for casino hours most people were detained for about that long some people were actually held for longer because they were leaked to the organizers of the movie and then what happened when you got out. we were arraigned. tuesday and some of us were well we were offered two options we could either take a fifty dollars fine and have the charges dropped was double bagged sort of like a parking ticket. and how to know about chartered or we could see not guilty and
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continue to a trial for the criminal charge of a lot less public got it and which did you choose i took this as the autobiography to my great cause of course of course let me ask you the allies as you know there's a lot of stereotypes about boston police and you know having gone to college there a lot of those stereotypes don't seem to be too far off but i want to get your reaction to how the police are there i mean do you get the impression that a time they see this as sort of you know a nightclub brawl that needs to be broken up. very different reactions from different off so. incredibly finely incredibly supportive we hocked you a lot of people who said oh yeah that makes it hard you know we're really what you want and there were a lot of pop there's you where gary broccoli touchstones i was actually detained with a woman who's a member got cancer keith who was dragged by her throat. even though she hadn't
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been warned that she would be arrested but it took real you know that's where we saw some of those pictures a lot of those veterans for peace members arrested holding their flags let me ask you that i know a lot of questions from a lot of people still sort of trying to get their heads wrapped around this movement they say you know new york protesters are angry at last in washington they're angry at the way government is often swayed by wall street large corporations. what is keeping people motivated in boston what are you guys fighting for we are fighting for the same thing that all of the occupy movements are fighting for right now we perceive the economic system to be on jobs and i'm fair to at least ninety nine percent of america. america one percent of america controls a huge amount of our private thoughts and with that control private wealth and absolutely and from out of a lot of political and as well influence on the economic conditions of the rockets and i need my response so we're calling on everyone whether you're at the very top
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of one percent of the bottom of the ninety nine percent or anywhere i just need to stand up and peacefully protest as an equity and children the revolution you have just was an equality and actuality not just analyze even pretty active you know tweeting about this as well keeping people up to speed with things happening on the ground there in boston and i know that one of the things i read that you tweeted you said i really love the photos of the cops who are arresting us to protect the quote new plantings just standing around on said plantings good job tell us a little bit about sort of the aftermath what's happened since the arrest and then the other things you've been tweeting about that you want to make sure people know . unfortunately octavian routes are a lot of. property everything that was on the market greenway was destroyed including american by and we. just hired. girl way of medical school supplies that could have otherwise been donated even given back to us but the occupy boston for only on its feet had
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a meeting to try it out i believe following that a huge amount of support i've been contacted by people from australia and back to tokyo and ireland all across the world who still quite as it were asked it off you're trying very steady all across the globe and we're really continuing to stand up to those needs and you know getting back on track getting all right we'll keep it up and i we do have you keep us posted occupy boston protestor eliza heath. and we're keeping our eyes on occupy wall street in new york of course as well we have several crews on the ground there and i understand that on the agenda for today a full camp cleanup session protesters are asking for donations of brooms and cleaning supplies they're hoping to clean up zuccotti park where so many have been camped out for about four weeks now since new york michael new york mayor michael bloomberg announced that those campers would actually have to leave tomorrow
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morning so that the park could be cleaned they're concerned however that if they do leave they won't be allowed back in so they say their plan is to clean up today get the park clean now and then tomorrow when those when the crews come in they plan to position themselves with brooms and mops and human chain around the park to nonviolently stand their ground now earlier today as a kind of park also tom morello guitarist from rage against the machine performs at occupy wall street argue producer lucy cavanagh also spoke to him and here's what he had to say. my support for obama was very conditional begin with i never had hopes that would be the sort of centrist democratic president but he clearly a fan. many people some of us feel because he looks like a different president he talks like a different president there will be a democratic president clearly has but i'm not waiting around for him to change people occupy wall for not waiting around for him to change this is a movement from the bottom up it's a movement has to be reckoned with and many people see the problem is to reserve.
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what do you think about. adding to that i think that's. frankly small potatoes to the to the overall problem of the fact that the. country and the planet is owned and run by people who don't deserve they do it and they will profit they do in the name of privilege. they do it at the expense of human rights expense and environmental rights what you're seeing in the currently one thousand three hundred cities towns and hamlets across the world are being occupied his people across the spectrum do not feel represented by their corporate masters they now feel represented by their government sponsored and i feel represented by the tea party the democratic party the republican party having their voices be heard i think it's about time for an economic not having her and me. have potentially have a crime and might have a. lot of crimes and the crimes are the fact that people can no longer afford to keep their homes that's a crime while the bankers who torpedoed the wall street malfeasance that originally
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torpedoed the economy those unaccounted for those are huge economic crimes which caused death and destruction to the to the poor and working class families united states all these people just like i lost a billion by said i think going back and often i see peace peace those are the kind of cracks that you create if you're the president it's if you're the president i say you can't prosecute because you depend on those people. to get in office to stay in office those are quite interesting you sir i work for a united states senator for two years under alan cranston from california. and while he was a very progressive person more progressive than obama i got to see witness firsthand but every day he was on the phone asking for money none of that money comes for free we're not the strength of occupy wall street occupy america is that we're not we're not begging and pleading for help but up baiting and pleading for some savior to wave a magic wand to if we cast our ballot in the void every four years this is known as defining itself and figure out what it's going to do to change the world inspired by the arab spring inspired by greece and spain in the u.k.
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inspired by the feeling that all you need to do to change the world is get out your door in the morning stand up in your place and time people are paying very and they're dissatisfied and they're not service by the mainstream political parties and are not service spider you know that hate mongering of the right wing populist movements and this is a place where in your hometown tomorrow your high school you can start occupy libertyville don't know it's a place where people can gather to express their grievances and express their solidarity with one of like we feel like right now we're going to do something about it not sure exactly what that's going to be but we've got a place to go to stand together and he has made a revolution that made a report until something out pepper spray and the media didn't report on it nationally until some people got arrested it was happening the media was reporting on it and now you know the guy from rage against machines performing so he is reporting and. it's happening whether or not it's those things are occurring and they want to hear it however right in front of them and immediately by corporations
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and you can even have the best guess. would you have. that my dad or a couple like that's the kind of even though i don't know that it's necessary to overcome the media's stude for trail i mean military does it seem to be moribund i follow i follow it seems to be a more. accurate a well rounded representation now that was three weeks and had stopped and i'm a freshman and i can't speculate on the things that are around how. be about it for effect it's. going to have been a little bit. late on yeah word should people be. they should be surprised if it occurs but it also should be going to. the places that people are going to be firing these days and like. if that's the case what is. the quality firing blackwater next. week three zero is because
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gandhi said her speak nor you then they laugh at you and it's like you they will. and i was raised against the machine guitarist tom morello taking questions from a lot of different journalists including our tease lucy half an off who's been on the ground for us day and night bringing us the latest pictures and interviews from occupy wall street lucy is also a master tweeter with so many updates throughout the day about what she's seeing and hearing at occupy wall street if you want to keep an eye on it you should definitely follow her on twitter at wusa cafe. and with this group of people a loud and angry making demands i didn't take long before the comparisons began between the occupiers and the tea party and we've been comparing and contrasting for a few days now on r.t. and bill maher makes an interesting point the other night on rachel maddow show check this out the tea party movement let's remember story sort of started out as protesting some of the same things met with the bailouts of the banks they didn't
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like the big banks it just shows how easily the people in the tea party could be herded to something else they were sort of on the same page as these folks started watch fox news and they know what they were really upset about was things like obamacare and taxing the job creators and somehow they were upon the wrong side of the issue again. all right it was an important point also important to remember that out of the tea party got co-opted by fox news by the koch brothers and various message machines it still grew in power and strength and pretty clearly helped shape the outcome of the two thousand and ten election where republicans swept into the majority of the house of representatives also change the direction of the national debate so the connection we think is fair but we want to take it a little deeper and to help us do that i want to bring on the original founder of the tea party coral that injure karl is also the founder of the marketing her website and is in niceville florida. hey carl i want to start with something posted
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on your web site the market ticker libertarian peeve loam writes that the occupy wall street movement is all the things that were in the original tea party but were steadily ignored as the tea party became a republican booster club i want to know what you think about these comparisons. i think they are to some degree accurate one of the things that we had originally with the tea party back in two thousand and eight were true protests one that was held on wall street the original protest against the bailout of bear stearns and then a second one it was held in washington d.c. that we call the toilet bowl protest because if you true a toilet bowl in which people could deposit their collateral for the federal reserve and those were very small events there were thirty forty fifty people there we held out a lot of you know a lot of signs and in and out some banners and flyers and bumper stickers and d.v.d.'s and things like this and then everybody went home and the problem with protests and the political process is that it's very easy no matter how big the protest has to for the politicians to simply wait until the people go home and then
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they can ignore you well occupy wall street was a little different and back in two thousand and eight i wrote that when we will actually see changes when the people calm they set up camp and they refused to go home that appears to be happening now and there is of course you're going to expect people to try to co-opt what's going on but that is a very dangerous process because as the authorities look at this and try to make up their minds or to do you have two basic outcomes one is that we see some justice here and to some extent that probably doesn't solve prosecutions the statue of limitations has been intentionally run on some of these things but not all and the other thing the other real change that needs to happen is we need to be examining who who promised what and what can actually be to whimper because a big part of what's being groped about here that i've seen within you know if i will street movement are things where the only real solution is for people to go
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bankrupt but that has to happen on all sides the student who takes on seventy thousand dollars in debt studying history probably wasn't all that smart to do that but somebody need him a seventy thousand dollar loan and a solution to that is for him to declare bankruptcy and have that. this church which is curly could not but the person who made the old also needs to eat the seventy thousand dollar loss in what we have built in this country over the last three four years years old or so it we declare bankruptcy they lose their house therefore holds up all across the street with a big goes and have to suffer the loss of it below that was built as such it ripped up troy that's what he just encourages on a stick for a little while longer with kind of the comparison between the tea party and occupy wall street we put together some points of our own some similarities between the two movements. that here we have in the both of them are a joke and an aberration and a bunch of weirdos at first they both are angry at the elites they're both
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concerned about jobs the economy they're both reports by wall street bailouts disenchanted by the death of the american dream both people in both movements feel left out of the system the tea party of course angry at government occupy wall streeters angry at corporate america we've had you on the show before and you know you've told us so many how in so many ways despite gaining power at the tea party was hijacked and what's your advice for the occupiers down there right now. don't let it happen that's i mean it's a very you know it sounds to me it sounds simple it's not one of the things that the occupy movement seems to have going forward use it has not turned around and issued a sort of formal b.s. this is a good thing not a bad thing everybody's looking for a set of demands the problem is as soon as you put up with quote list of four or five things and you've got to keep it simple and short then somebody is going to say well we gave you seventy percent of it don't go. and the fact is that's exactly
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the sort of thing that happened with the tea party we were told that it was you know we were going to get what we wanted especially to the elections well one of the things we wanted was a linda payloads into government deficit spending it as you can see that didn't happen so you know there's this there's this movement within government to say oh well you know we could throw you a bone or two it's kind of like but you could go or whatever it was fight anymore well though as far as a lot of those tea party members that were elected into office kind of swept in in two thousand and ten it seems like they were a lot of the ones voting against this deficit spending just didn't have enough of them i guess you could say important also to talk about the differences between the two groups even members of the original tea party wanted the last government and less government regulation most of those down there on wall street believe big banks should be more heavily regulated and also be held accountable for things like for example the mortgage meltdown. according to another prominent tea party member there are almost no similarities i want to play this very car and get your reaction
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i just think there's a distinction here these people are not like the party years they're not law abiding citizens they're camping in a park work here thing is the loud they're breaking the laws on the brooklyn bridge that's not tea party behavior that's not america loving behavior. so carl what about this charge that the occupy wall street protesters are law breaking on america loving that ascends i seem to remember this thing called the first amendment and the last time i checked the constitution including the first amendment which it is a part of takes priority over people saying you can't wave signs beach. i understand that there are people who think that you know this this whole thing with a prickly bridge blocking a group is wrong but there is plenty of controversy over exactly who go to who would be blocking what richard whether or not it was a spontaneous act or with the police actually shepherded the people out of the bridge looked around and walked them in to rest at the well you know if a police officer says walk this direction and you do it and then he turns around
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slaps handcuffs on you i'm not quite so sure that that's your fault certainly a lot of controversy about that day and brooklyn last week let's talk about how groups are being and have been received by the american people i says a new poll numbers compiled by time magazine's new national poll and show that the occupy wall street movement has a fifty four percent favorable rating by the american island tea party rating by five percent i want to thank you carl doesn't surprise me we have a basic problem here in this country in the he acts that took place over the last thirty years with regards to national and within the system generally whether it be in education housing all the poor and medical care for that matter all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the media in people on wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you don't you don't get what happened but the american people
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know that they've gotten closed it was their jobs they've seen them offshore to china people lost their houses they saw a huge run up in home prices and then a collapse you seemed to stock market crash is now in the space of change years and maybe we're in the middle starting a third one in people are saying you know what i. i know that i've got all this but i don't know how i got screwed i just know what happened and it all came from new york in washington d.c. one of my favorite signs down there is that screw us and we multiply. you know one of the major issues for those taking place in these protests and in occupy wall street is that cozy relationship between some of these big corporations and washington i guess you could say the politics of power in which so much of policy is determined by lobbyist and money and i want our correspondents and it to explore this a little further so i want to play her report and her if you don't mind sticking around we can talk about it on the tail i what. investing in politics has proved to
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be good business in america just a few million dollars in contributions and some lobbying can bring it company billions in bailout loan guarantees tax refunds another stimulus all of the expense of the average american taxpayer both in the election system and it's in the ongoing lobbying and sort of influence industry these are powerful powerful businesses their whole business model is around using influence to break the rules of the game in their favor so far u.s. corporations have been successful in ensuring that the laws introduced to regulate last week after the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight don't function those measures were effectively scuppered by u.s. lawmakers the corporations were also successful in keeping their tax cuts intact and finding loopholes for getting billions of dollars in refunds the us government over one percent for the one percent by the one percent propecia wakes and self passes rules that allows the brains to get the regulator it restricts our democracy
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three years after washington gave almost a trillion dollars of taxpayers' money to bail out corporate giants unemployment in the countries over nine percent the national debt is well past the tipping point and the congress is looking to cut and central social programs her thousands of americans took to the streets to ask where is their bailout how could i remember. there were so hundred nonviolent people there doesn't arrest a single one of these bankers or the people which caused this crisis such models not mine in the meantime goldman sachs one of the main architects of the current crisis is richer than ever it is now seventeen billion dollars in bonuses alone for its stance when asked about the impunity enjoyed by the corporations president obama said a lot of that stuff wasn't necessarily illegal it was just. immoral
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and many agree it pretty much stays that way but not only do the lawmakers come under fire for accepting generous contributions from corporations and then acting to return the favor but the president himself was accused of bias and whom is known a number of occasions one of the most recent scandals involves a solar energy company saloon brick which went bankrupt and cost taxpayers almost six hundred million dollars that's the amount that the government approved in loan guarantees despite receiving persistent warnings about the company's financial stability the deal was pushed through by a foundation which in turn was a major donor to president obama's election campaign since last year hope or asians have been allowed to funnel as much money as they want into political campaigns now they don't even have to disclose the amounts they spend their time trying to value elections is very serious the new law effectively gives the corporations even more influence in washington leaving many americans in fear that their voice might no longer count or drop all these people onto the streets of washington and other
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cities in the u.s. is the understanding that their government and their legislators represent being first of the top one percent as they call them the very involved big corporations that you know or influence in washington to skew the system in their favor. going to check on our team moshing to in d.c. i carly want to get your reaction to doesn't have to talk about what's next to clearly americans are frustrated but how does real change happen you know tea parties would i think would argue with that it already did happen at the ballot box in two thousand and what do you think. i would take exception to a couple of things first is president obama so these things may have been more of what they were against the law that's not true filing one hundred thousand false courage or affidavit in courts across the country use a crime selling things to people that you know are garbage and telling them that they're perfectly good debt instruments is
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a crime or these two things in particular standing alone are things that have been admitted to in a second in particular was admitted to under oath in front of the financial crisis inquiry commission it's a part of the public record these are not the only things that could be investigated and prosecuted should somebody choose to do so but when you have a system that is essential to revolving door you have corruption that is not illegal for say and yet it is a serious problem for example in paulson former treasury secretary twice went to washington to get the leverage limits removed from investment banks the first time he was turned away the second time he got what he asked for in every one of the firms that failed their stearns and lehman brothers being too that were formally under that restriction but more than double the leverage that was formerly equal at the time they blew up so these restrictions that have been taken off of these institutions by the very people who then go to washington are
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a big part of the reason that we're in this mess in the run up in house prices because without the ability to run at leverage you could have never financed this bubble in the first place car on the time in one sense or last and what advice would you give the occupy wall street protesters based on you know the perspective a you have as the original founder of the tea party no longer associated with it your advice very quickly well i wouldn't say i say i'm one of the people that started the tea party which i would say i'm the founder. but i would say stay on message which is that the corruption is not a singular event you. can't focus in one place you have to get the money out of politics which is very difficult to do but at the same time you can't silence the people's voice and so you know going after things for example like the citizens united decision is very problematic you need to stay in it in the larger view rather than focusing on individual things because you can get seriously hurt there are these people are professionals and they know how to game the system.


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