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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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in the brush off by demonstrators after demanding they vacate their camp in a park so it can be cleaned saying go tidy it up themselves but it will not be for them to leave. and ukraine's former prime minister and opposition leader yulia tymoshenko faces new criminal charges just two days after she was sent to jail for seven years for abusing their power while in office over a gas deal with russia the verdict has sparked public outrage and harsh international criticism from moscow and america. some go back to washington d.c. for part two of the only on the show. i
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decided tonight to a time of war and tonight it goes to florida state representative brad drake he brags a member of the g.o.p. who loves to emphasize is tough on crime credentials and of love for guns just take a look at one of his past campaign commercials he's the only true conservative state representative indorsed by the paternal police for his commitment to public service to a life long conservative is a strong supporter of the second amendment. and brad is not kidding about being tough on criminals see this week he introduced a bill that would do away with lethal injection in the state of florida and replace it with the electric chair and the firing squad brad says we still have old sparky and if that doesn't suit the criminal then we'll provide them with a forty five caliber lead cocktail instead he went on to say there should be anything controversial about a forty five caliber bullet if it were up to me if we would just throw them off the
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sunshine skyway bridge and be done with it now when asked about his proposed law seeming cruel brad had this to say he said frankly my dear i don't give a damn i'm so tired of being humane to inhumane people you know i just honestly don't even know what to say this man other than the fact that he clearly is sick and is not fit to be in office and i asked for a reference to old sparky that's florida's electric chair the primary source of killing inmates from one nine hundred twenty four until two thousand more than two hundred inmates died in that chair where old sparky was retired after several inmates caught fire during their executions something i think most sane people can understand is very clearly a form of cruel and unusual punishment but now under brad drake's new bill the electric chair would be the primary source of executions in the state but a prisoner has the option of dying by firing squad as well he just might be thinking as a civilized nation the us would never allow firing squads but you would be wrong
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now we reported to you in the past utah executed the inmate last year by firing squad the state of utah is the only state that still uses the firing squad forty nine year old convicted double murderer ronnie gardner was pronounced dead at twelve twenty am local time that's standard mountain time here in the state of utah just about four minutes ago. stay states are in the five individuals thirty caliber rifles. now we must say that in that case the man who was executed that was his choice to be executed by firing squad but when asked brad drake said the idea to bring back the electric chair and firing squad came from voters that he spoke with at a waffle house that's right ladies and gentlemen brad drake is advice on how to carry out the death penalty from patrons at a greasy restaurant chain mostly found mostly along interstates it's just a sad state of affairs when an elected official actually speaks publicly let alone introduces legislation that takes us back to more barbaric days so for
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a sick comment this archaic idea of bringing back firing squad of the electric chair and its tool time award goes to florida state representative brad drake. now talk about the protect ip act something that we've spoken about at length on the show in the past a bill designed to stop any attempt of copyright in its tracks any website domain or individual who is engaging in any form of copyright infringement even linking to a form of copyright infringement could be fees or shut down and this calls not only on law enforcement but also individual internet service providers to search for anybody who is illegally sharing music movies or any other pirated materials so for months now we've discussed how this broadly expands the government's abilities when it comes to censoring pieces of the wet and it gives the attorney general or even those who have had their copyrighted material pirated the ability to go after the infringers themselves but all of it while we have expressed our concern over the protect ip act yes chamber of commerce has been rallying behind this bill now maybe
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rallying is an understatement it's more like fear mongering and releasing videos like this what other business would it be ok for you to lose fifty percent of your product and not receive income for what worries me is that there's a whole in the system that i think that one of the places where the system is broken is where the artist for getting paid for the work that they're there doing and open it up and the check was for oh about eight dollars and i just stopped for a moment i thought i wonder how much the check would have been had everyone purchase. the d.v.d.'s. so clearly those types of ads appeal to actors musicians writers anyone else in the entire entertainment industry i can't say i'm surprised after all this bill was basically written as a favor to hollywood and the music industry but i digress now it turns out that a lot of tech companies out there teamed up with the chamber of commerce over the years but ever since the protect ip act has become one of the chamber of commerce's focal points they're changing their minds it's just been announced that yahoo is parting ways that with the chamber and while they did it quietly rumor has it the
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final straw was over the extremist videos and statements dealing with the protect act or yahoo joins a growing number of groups have decided to leave the chamber of commerce mostly because of their pay to play model meeting whoever throws them own them the most money will become one of the c o c's major lobbying efforts apple exelon p.g.d. of also quit the chamber over their political positions and we should note that local chapters of chambers like the san francisco c.s.c. have broken ties as well so with a major company after major company leaving the archaic organization one can only hope the departures will encourage the government to stop listening to those glorified lobbying group as a single voice for the business of america and rather knowledge of what it is a pay to play operation with a nice title. now just a few weeks ago that the entire country watched as the last attempts to put off the execution of troy davis failed a man whose guilt was in doubt was put to death by the state of georgia after thousands of people around the country staged protest sign petitions and even
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lawmakers and foreign leaders joined in opposition who wondered if that case might change minds about capital punishment here in america so let's take a look at the latest gallup results of latest results from a gallup poll that was conducted shortly after davis' execution sixty one percent of americans now approve of using the death penalty but that's down from sixty four percent last year over the last seventeen years we've seen a nineteen percentage point drop after approval shot up to an all time high of eighty percent in one thousand nine hundred four and these latest results show the . death penalty support has fallen to a thirty nine year low so they try davis help change attitudes and could support keep dropping when people hear about the case of hank skinner discuss this with me is mike riggs associate editor at reason magazine and reason dot com mike thanks so much for being here tonight your course so i mean what do you say about this gallup poll one hand you think great or i think great support for the death penalty is it a thirty nine year low at the same time fifty one percent of people still support the death penalty it's a lot that's way more than half if this were
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a ballot initiative or a constitutional amendment. the people who are ok with the death penalty i think would win but i also that's not the only trend we're seeing the sort of decrease in support we're also seeing you know you mentioned the year one thousand nine hundred four as being a high watermark it was also high watermark for executions post the reinstatement of the death penalty by the supreme court there were over three hundred people sentenced to death row in one thousand nine hundred four this year or in two thousand and ten it was just over one hundred so i think maybe one reason we're seeing sort of support decrease is because you know we know now there's no quantitative tate of evidence for using it doesn't deter crime it's incredibly expensive and prosecutors don't see the need to use it as much as they did so it doesn't surprise me and of course you point out troy davis i mean that was huge that was huge i mean this is a guy who's executed despite all these questions and discrepancies in this case well that's what i'm wondering too you know because if you look at these gallup results they show that over the last seventy five years i mean it's really been
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a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to support or opposition to the death penalty and i'm just wondering why this is such an issue that is you know so fluid for people you would think of this is something that you make your decision and you stand your ground but at the same you know we really seem to flow and is it because of high profile cases maybe our emotions just up right now because of troy davis i think it's one of those issues that the more you know again i don't know if people are thinking about it more although cases like troy davis make me assume that people are thinking about it more but i think as people thing. about a more they realize that it's like very difficult to have a solid position on capital punishment for instance if your idea of if the reason you support is because this is going to turn people from committing murder well when you start to think about capital punishment learn about it you realize that's actually not the case when you learn for instance as the poll came out in two thousand and nine. the very bottom of their list of things that they thought helped them do their job being able to having capital punishment as an option did nothing
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for them i mean two percent want for some minutes fishel start that that was helpful for their job so we start hearing this it's like this like for instance in florida which is execute fifty one people since reinstating the death penalty in the one hundred seventy s. they spent their money why don't react like you know you're going viral off the bridge right they've spent twenty four million dollars per inmate and they've executed fifty one so when you start hearing all this stuff i think it really comes out for most people a moral argument i mean arguably people who up on death row are if they're guilty they're sort of the worst of our society they're people who couldn't really brutal crimes against other people the most brutal crimes and so when you think i really does come down to this thing will do i believe that it's the state's position to exercise vengeance and there's no clear answer that question so i mean if you look at the statistics to really difference here by by your political affiliation him by region it's mostly republican males in the south that there are in favor if you look at the gallup results but you know you bring up the case that the point that
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some people think that these are the guiltiest of the guilty and that they're horrible people but guilt can be in doubt and said ok a lot about troy davis and tell us more about the case of hank skinner here is a man that's said to be executed on november ninth in texas ok so hank skinner was convicted in the ninety's of acts of murdering his girlfriend and her two grown sons and there was a lot of evidence that i mean this is the senate of sort of being one of the witnesses as in the case of troy davis retracted her testimony she initially. claimed that he came to her house and came to her house soaked in blood immediately after the murder and admitted to doing it. hank says he didn't do that because he was so high on coding is so drunk and i'll call that he could barely move his attorneys have a blood test that they say that he was basically incapacitated this witness retracted her testimony so all the circumstantial evidence is totally in question in addition to that there's all this physical evidence there are hairs that were
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found at the crime scene there are just all the stuff that we tested for d.n.a. that the state of texas is refusing to do so this is definitely one of those cases i mean troy davis all the eyewitness testimony a lot of the witness testimony was retracted or refuted this case it's not you know when it's just me is in question and see actual nuts and bolts of the evidence against it i have it just seems a ludicrous to me right if you have so much d.n.a. evidence to work with the hairs or pieces of clothing carpet what not then how could you possibly not test it on mention there be some kind of a law that forces you to test all day every drink there should i think part of having a right to a fair and speedy trial as technology improves is to is for the state to invest everything it can in proving that you're guilty and i think that also means i mean one way to think about what's happening in texas right now is that a possibly innocent man is not being given every benefit of the doubt all the tests necessary another way to look at is the state of texas is not doing due diligence
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and they're going to execute a man who they have not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is guilty what's their excuse me the saying that it's too expensive or something because you know lost cause he almost got executed before and right. you know justice scalia had to step in and they put a stay on the execution and so a year later why is nothing changed why isn't any evidence still not been tested i think i think cost is a straw man argument i mean i know prosecutors are just trying to use my death row right exactly because the appeals process on death row i mean again it's millions of dollars in some states. tens of millions of dollars per prisoner for the appeal process plus the cost of the execution itself so that argument is bogus it's a bogus argument that i mean the d.n.a. tests will cost two thousand dollars his attorneys are willing to pay for it is legal team is going to pay for it they're still not going ahead with their just yeah and i and i think part of it is that the incentive if your district attorney or a prosecutor in your public is elected for instance or publicly elected judge i mean you you want on your resume that i took this really horrible person and i killed
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them you know i mean that makes people feel safe right i think if there's any chance that this case like i said november ninth right so the clock is ticking down now to this execution date could this be another troy davis like case when troy davis was ignored for a long time but then it became very high profile you had politicians you had leaders from around the world you know people petitioning them protesting all around the country i think it could you know troy davis is basically have a huge vocal group of supporters for a very long time in over twenty years i'm not sure in this case that that support is there that grassroots support is there i'm also a little bit concerned that there may be issue fatigue on this because troy davis wasn't spared i mean he was executed i there may be a sense of emotional and moral exhaustion on the part of people who are opposed to capital punishment that's unfortunate mike i want to thank you so much for joining us and you know if any new details do come out in the next couple weeks that hank skinner will be sure to follow thanks so much. show and tell is coming up next and
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then happy hour banning eating while driving plus a parody shows president obama touching a banker of your. discovery speech. communicate with you want to. become free. see what nature can give you.
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i have time for show and tell on tonight's program now last time we spoke to journalist david sirota and we discussed the washington's disconnect with occupy wall street movement as even the president's senior adviser david plouffe said that obama is on the side of the protesters even though they're very much protesting
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against the system that he is a part of so should i like it officials even get involved or should they let the protesters speak for themselves but a producer for treason essentially to find out what you had to say. remember the old saying if you can't beat em join em well that's exactly they were approach republicans had taken with the tea party and now it seems some democrats are considering a take with occupy wall street you have president obama john but as in another key democrat is touching on things that tie the protestors to the democratic party like demands for tax changed. is any of the protesters really buy it considering the democratic party is part of the system that they're fighting or do they see it as an attempt by washington to manipulate the situation and frame it in light of twenty twelve election well james said stay out they have done enough greg suggested they endorse it but then again they never will because they are the one percent victor said stay out since they don't have a clue about reality only people who have lost their jobs and homes fully
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understand the situation on twitter d.s. virus told us if they become involved it will end up like the tea party a good cause hijacked by politicians to the interesting point i mean the tea party began as a movement outside the two party system but the status quo found a way to erode their independence blur the lines and dissolve the group's momentum by using political clout m.p.r. to pull them into the system and once again it seems like the big political parties could be taking calculated steps to see if they can pull some of the wind out of this independent movement. now as always we thank you for your responses and here's our next question for you at home early in the show we spoke with edward harrison about democrats and republicans coming together to pass three free trade agreements last night what do you think do these types of free trade agreements help or hurt the u.s. economy you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just by making on.
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our you guys time for happy hour and joining me tonight is our chief producer jenny churchill and mike riggs associate editor reason magazine and reason dot com thanks for joining me guys that's a funny over there really are starting to happy hour and if you're not in the monitor the height difference and maybe. i'm sure to anybody and a little proof that i hope against them like in between or something you know you come out of the normal i love i love the purple. combination you guys have going on . ok let's take a look at this clip it comes from the onion but. take a look. ok we've got a breaking news blast now with poll data is showing the president obama's popularity is skyrocketing after punching investment banker ron miller in the mouth a few hours ago witnesses say that while the banker did nothing to provoke the punch which was captured by a photographer during a white house meet and greet slugging a little mr moneybags has given obama instant credibility among voters who have
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previously been critical of his reluctance to shatter some wall street. i love the last line if the best be the funny thing about this as i was thinking about it is that yes as much as i think americans would like to see wall street bankers be prosecuted and you know seen a little justice. i think a punch in the face would probably really get you know like the emotional swell up and be enough for some people over here and then but i don't know if an america where there were real like i can imagine them both being behind stage obama is like a i'm really sorry i do that but you know i get for the sake of appearances are you going to get thirty million in campaign donations from your bank right for the people who work for the dancers and it was a movie and what i loved about this was it reminded me of the movies where you're watching and the bank robbers become the guys you're rooting for so in this like obama who we're not rooting for right now punches someone else and therefore becomes the good guy even though he's not the guy yeah a montage plays right after that would you like that or sex or sizing and like just
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arguing with people and i'm not going to lie down anymore and just but larry summers sort of my face maybe that's what they're going for it with you know with like weird sounding oiled by iran that worked with you know used car salesmen the mexican drug cartels the little. anyway of on ok for those of you who have never been to a rave let me just give you a little taste of what one looks like this is a big one. all right that was electric daisy carnival but anyway so in los angeles there is a are in california democratic assemblywoman fiona ma trying to ban ok fifteen year old girl died at the electric daisy carnival apparently from an ecstasy overdose probably because that sort of really doesn't go to raves do a bunch of ecstasy and so she tried to ban rave music basically she introduced
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legislation that would have made conducting an event that includes prerecorded music and last more than three one and a half hours a misdemeanor offense with a ten thousand dollars penalty then she found out this little bit. most first impulse was to embrace all together but that approach ran into some problems found out later on that constitutionally you cannot be a type of music. we found out later on how long did that take you where you doubt it like three weeks on that legislation. they just forgot to check it was live you are going to do you think were involved in this process of actually writing the legislation you know how i just heard they really got people on board getting involved nobody was like song band music. unconstitutional now i'm no i'm all for i'm with her man that you know the rivers have room i life i went to a concert or lately i just like you and i went to a concert recently and i had a reese's spilled in the bottom of my purse and i had emptied out every single one
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because they were like no because you have to see is making everyone in the reese's pieces tell you it was terrible it was very traumatic really sorry that there can be very very easy and you should not have their freedom of speech and expression obviously what she then tried i think to suggest that state agencies prohibit people from bringing sorry gloves and a pacifier. that's going to stop every one of them knowing. they're going to be are you going to come here and i mean ecstasy just makes me want to put something in their mouth i actually think pacifier is probably a better option than other things you might find a way actually what are you going to put on a rose and i make sure. you know this is the first of five ok speaking of putting things in your mouth look at what one chicago suburb is trying to do. before you hit the road you might want to think twice before you take a bite bruising. trustees are chewing out
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a possible ban and eating while driving. was absurd ok so obviously the silent killer fast i mean clearly you know there is a problem with people being distracted while driving and statistically you're so that like eighty percent of the time that's the reason for a car accident and so we've seen a lot of states now you know make it illegal to be on your phone while driving or texting while driving that i get texting while driving is actually dangerous you know i say do it all the time when i was a teenager and i should not it was not that good wasn't for it was illegal but look at. eating while driving i'm still i think you can probably eat without getting distracted i'm actually all for all these crazy restrictions or i actually prefer the free market solution which if i'm a runner is are you are higher is higher insurance rates for people who want to engage in risky behavior in their vehicles don't we i mean if you're really going to. be running while driving we do retroactively punish people for driving poorly
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but what if you want to drive like faster than the posted speed limit or you want to ride put on makeup and chili cheese dog like i'm to you know my god should i get a pass or maybe i need to drive faster than the speed limit i would totally unregulated because as a foreigner you look as if you don't think you know this but you're not relevant stupid but i'm really upset because heinz just came out this cool new containers that you can dip your fries and while you drive while you try it's better than what they need to make sure it was a good there's an assault on the eating mcdonald's fries just. ok so this latest or next story last tory sorry apparently mind blowing sex can actually be mind blowing scientists have found that it can actually wipe away your memory is fifty four year old woman arrives the hospital here in d.c. in a state panic of. she just had sex with her husband and she immediately was all recollection of the previous twenty four hours turns out it's a rare condition called transit global amnesia and it's temporary but it's it's
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really severe you can lose your whole memory you know what i was just thinking of today is that where i was this excuse you know when other people were in college and they hook up and they were blacked out later and were talking up the person now people have a study to prove that they do it's very you know there's a study in my mind right or a drawing on my wall of the stranger banged me too hard where the nubile to get the assignment look i was be doing something wrong because this isn't happening to me and frankly i'm a little disappointed well you know you were a frat boy go and oh i want to go over the edge and get to the place where i did this obviously it's like literally i don't mean to be crude was what literally banging somebody spreads. around seven for you because we're out of time i think he was offended johnny's sensibilities. are you guys thanks for joining me tonight that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning is make sure to come back tomorrow i'll be live from new york with the latest on occupy wall street and the impending
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showdown between the protesters and whitey you won't want to miss that meantime just to get a family launched on facebook follow us on twitter if you missed anything it's on youtube dot com finally want to show and coming up next is the news. wealthy british style it's just not on. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports. from the days of the manhattan project in one thousand forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of its provision and scientists and their relationship to the university you see since day one has been in charge
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of researching designing and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single nuclear weapon inside a as arsenal was designed by university of california. we don't warm go. to university of california was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists to leave their versity positions. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the school's severed ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program.
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army man turned against the syrian regime was defectors reportedly now spying for the opposition but analysts say the government will never admit that. the occupied together anti-corporate protest movement that began in new york and are continental with demonstrations being planned in cities across the globe. spain's credits takes ahead from international rating agencies while its neighbor portugal prepares for tough stereo the measures to solve what's being called a national emergency. it's eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me wearing a josh welcome to the program our.


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