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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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video. and street. activists claim soldiers in northern syria are turning against the regime but the government says they are just armed gangs posing a threat to the public. the off to gather anti-corporate protest movement that began in your goes intercontinental with demonstrations being planned in cities across the globe. spain's credit takes a hit from international rating agencies while neighbor portugal prepares for tough staring measures with people accusing the government of working for the rich.
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money out of the russian capital you're watching r.t.i. marina josh welcome to the program army defectors have reportedly crossed over to fired alongside opposition forces in northern syria but the government insists they are armed gangs threatening the public not revolutionaries and in reaction to the state's crackdown on protesters that has imposed new sanctions on the country's largest state bank which holds the majority of syria's foreign reserves are just as are syria has more. about one hundred eighty kilometers north of the mass this is a city of unrest on the site of five days of recent deadly clashes between security forces and protesters in which at least thirty died it's close to the cities of homs and hama where most anti assad protests have been taking place evidence of fighting in oliver stone is going to see there was an air of suspicion it turns mood only broken by children now smiling but only two weeks ago these youngsters were witness to violence in their home town like this eleven year old we heard very
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heavy fire we heard airplanes but didn't see them it sounded like they were flying high we were really afraid and we were crying the whole time. the child was one of the few to talk and most of us on locals we met were hesitant to say anything about what happened telling us they didn't want to get into trouble the areas governor gives his explanation of why the military arrived there were groups of people who had their own demands they had these demands for a little while and then it all escalated when they armed themselves we started the situation had become a threat to the people and that's why we decided an intervention should take place in. the inside six pm. here. on the side of the family this is their way of what the work release you see here this was what was it was basically you are see
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here. the opposition activists insist that these were not armed gangs or terrorists but army defectors so far the government has said little on the subject of assertions from the military i think that it's and of course tradition by the government and the weakening the morale of the of the army and the more of a syrian where security forces so i think i was the first and then it became a city. there will be more friction so he. was always going to. remember the circumstances but most affected by the violence in understand is that it's sort of a list in syria. which an r.t. coming to you live from moscow still ahead of the program twenty one years of stagnation the self-proclaimed republic of transmeta remains one of the poorest in
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europe with an asset complex still unsolved and many believe its leader is to blame . an arctic attraction we report of why an inhospitable archipelago in the arctic ocean has become a welcoming home for immigrants from around the world. the latest polls in the u.s. suggest anti-corporate protests sweeping the country have the support of more than fifty percent of the population still there are accusations that politicians and the mainstream media are ignoring the movement it all started any york a month ago and occupy wall street activists have been camped out there ever since are refusing to be moved during a fortnight has the details. on wall street all the demonstrators hundreds of them that have been camping out there and sleeping there for weeks are pulling out their brooms their mom even brushes to mean every square inch of. the park
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but the. reason why the demonstrators are doing this is because new york city mayor michael bloomberg paid a visit or personally on wednesday evening walk through and told all the protesters that they would have to temporarily leave the park on friday so that it could be cleaned up now the protesters believe that this is an effort city officials are making to remove it from the grounds that they have been camping out so they decided to take the initiative and clean the park on their own now of course the occupy wall street movement has been referring to themselves and the majority of americans as the ninety nine percent they believe that one percent of americans the richest that live in the u.s. basically the vast amount of money and that the disparity between rich and poor is growing deeper and deeper some facts were compiled by
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a variety of different organizations and those statistics include the fact that the top one percent. forty percent of america's wealth now this disparity of porting to reports is worse than it's been in the past twenty five years at its worst level while the second point is of the top one percent take home twenty five percent of america's national income and the third point is that the top one percent owns off of the country's stocks bonds and mutual funds this is just a little brief synopsis of what you can work they talk about. corporate greed possibly although they talk about. economic disparities within the united states. for now reporting in from new york now the answer to big business movements now preparing to go international protests are due to take place in
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canada of the u.k. and are even spreading to asia are these british we are explains why people in india are preparing to join the occupy together club. that energy that's happening in new york city and across the united states is definitely spread here to asia and actually you play youth movement here has mobilized on facebook and on twitter and they're planning an actual occupy type a whole hong kong by jakarta then even if lama bods so the movement in asia is growing there is a lot of support for a here in india you know and there are a lot of similarities between the goals and the messages of the people in the united states and here in india we saw a massive anti-corruption movement here in india recently that was fronted by i know hugs are
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a word thousands of young people showed up to support his past against the government so many of those people are said to come out to this new image as well and many people compare that corruption movement here in india to the arab spring and now people are saying it's a very it has very close ties to what's going on on occupy wall street people here are a little bit suspicious of these multinational companies the corporations that they're talking about over in the united states pacifically american companies you see it happen a lot here while and get the economy might be growing the rich in india are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it's the foreign corporations that are really benefiting from india's young workforce. reporting there from new delhi in credit crisis as you are of spain has become the latest victim of a credit downgrade standard and poor's agency has cut madrid's a rating by one notch do we growth high unemployment and massive private sector
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debt the fitch has also downgraded spain's rating as well as the credit worthiness of several u.k. and swiss banks portugal's warning its deficit cutting efforts are well off track the country's prime minister warns of deepening hardship next year with more pay cuts and tax increases are he's one of those who has been asking people in portugal how they are dealing with what's being cold a national emergency. i'm afraid i'm afraid of the future i'm afraid. things going to be like they are in greece right now people here we are not going to be able. to have a good life and peace would be simpler lucia is an active member of the portuguese indignados the liberal movement its participants believe the government is hell bent on pleasing the rich and powerful and ignores the needs of the people there to actually help them realize that we are not. we are not completely bad for any
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longer problem. it's happening and it's happening everywhere inspiring. greece is. the worst period of unemployment in thirty years and over twelve percent rise in taxes and fall in wages are the reality of portugal simply present situation things are so bad people are no making comparisons with cataclysmic periods in their history and looking to them for inspiration leads the century of course ago was a situation similar to its present state because it was lagging the capital was all but destroyed by an earthquake but one market about the lucifer kingdom that's his statue right there that is to pull the country out of the crisis three hundred years on however if you believe everybody will be able to perform a similar monumental task the portuguese indignados say the solution is to create more jobs and cut unnecessary expenditure but the government was forced into seventy eight billion euro i.m.f. bailout earlier this year following in the footsteps of greece and ireland paid
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back to the spirity cuz have been introduced which will see longer working hours or less holidays and even an end to the christmas bonuses which most workers enjoyed at the age when you are meant to start a life to have your own space your own you know. tough kids. if you can't you can't do it you can't do. because you can't afford to do it and how of noxious is that it's the financial system and the political system that is intertwined with the financial system we've got that is so completely twisted that conditions are like. this this to me. personally the biggest thing and as the crisis grows so too do the ranks of the outraged members of the indignados people who will unite forget. the.
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money. and build another europe not because they're not democratic national governments they are not the most. rabid old isn't your problem is the system not the right. or the cool for global direction or looked over the fifteenth from the occupy wall street movement to new york is expected to get a loud response in portugal but for many of those who will fill the streets here it's not so much about revolution as it is about turning it into a simple fight for survival and. well there's much more news and videos waiting for you online had to r.t. dot com adding insult to injury actually. go jailed for seven years on tuesday now faces new charges are attempting to invest millions of dollars fourteen years ago. and the secret life of the russian president's son is revealed asked how voice
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discovered the sixteen year old is in fact a t.v. personality an aspiring screen star. watching r.t. live from moscow the u.s. and. south korean leaders have struck a long saga free trade deal promising closer trade and security links president lee myung box visit comes amid anger at home over plans for a massive new american navy base in south korea from the los angeles based korea policy institute says the stability of the whole region could be at risk. i think it's bad for korea i think it's bad for us china relations it's bad for korea china relations. growing arms race that we're seeing for our east asia where is the
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problem is this is going to stage aegis destroyers and those aegis destroyers are connected to a u.s. missile defense system and so one of the activists that pieces is whole protesters are saying who spaces this really anyway since a u.s. base because it will be tied to the u.s. missile defense system is a part of the u.s. strategy to contain china and is it going to foment a regional arms race which pits korea in between us and china i would say that the chinese are very concerned about. the closeness of the u.s. military to their territory i know that north korea as if it is a u.s. and that the presence of the u.s. military on the korean peninsula is really delaying the process of communication and it's not just the presence of it says that it has been the ongoing u.s.
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policy. whether it's the massive amounts of military exercises that take place on a regular basis which north korea views as a confrontation to their own you know unfortunately these kinds of things really delay the peace and the unification process between the two countries i mean there is growing resentment and and caused by not just korea enslave the people in the now in part to say we've had enough of u.s. military occupation it's time to it's time to close on these bases and trying to think about a different way of achieving security. in a self-proclaimed republic of trans an easter a breakaway territory in the republic of moldova not much has changed since it announced independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety there is still no solution to the asyik and territorial conflict and some believe the current leadership is to blame. reports. one of the
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poorest regions in europe and recognized as a country across the world holds presidential elections in early december but already there is serious dispute before the campaigns even started the current leader of the self-proclaimed breakaway will go in republic of trains an easter egg of small north has held the reins of power who the entire twenty one years of its disputed existence far from tiring of office his running again for a faith term a decision criticized by moscow as a mistake costly smear not as created an atmosphere of personal power but as the public into a state of deep social and economic crisis there's a huge gap between ordinary people who are struggling and smear a lot inner circle who are all getting richer. the republic is certain its independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety four mulled over which is south splits from the soviet union a year later what has been tough there ever since a breakaway region is a tiny strip of land with
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a half million population bordering ukraine it acts as if it's a real state with its own government military currency and constitution the trans lease to has always been viewed by moldova as part of its own territory meaning continued political tension. in one thousand nine hundred two war broke out in which hundreds died as moldova forces fought separatists before an internationally forged cease fire broad and easy peace since then continued after is by russia and the international community to move the mood over in andrew's new strain authorities towards dialogue have not borne fruit leaving tensions dangerously high for ordinary people life is tough. average earnings of just three dollars a day for those lucky enough to work with high unemployment make the area one of
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the poorest in europe and it's also dangerous place to leave without international controls transnistria is a haven for smugglers of all kind and the center for illegal arms trafficking opponents say that in the run up to the election there is a heightened climate of political fear with the current regime in no mood to relinquish power which is image of birds which will live in an atmosphere of fred run many cases of political pressure work wailing and violation of morals in an attempt to discredit other conflicts people and parties openly criticizing the current authorities are being put on the run. is placed in series credit election process. just under two months before the poll it's clear the struggle for power will be far from a kid closer than some even warn it could be a flash point the latest twist in the difficult history of this troubled region
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a group of russian observer is had interest in easter to monitor the elections following the requests from the authorities there what are the ballots his free and fair are not the votes not expected to resolve these areas last stand in problems meaning the need for a lost and political resolution will remain. r.t. moscow. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world or at least sixteen people have been killed and almost fifty wanted in a train blast in the iraqi capital baghdad bombs were detonated at a local market one after another as people gather to help victims of the first explosion a stronger and bigger one took place causing more damage and casualties it comes just a day after the iraqi capital suffered its worst attacks since august which took the lives of twenty two people. to media now were several hundred could argue loyalists have reportedly pushed back interim government forces after a day of years fighting in syria but obvious home town is the last majority major
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city not in full control of revolutionary forces although they do now hold most of it for authorities have backtracked on claims that the son of a seamless capture of in syria and amnesty international has urged the country's newest and human rights abuses common under the ousted leader of. u.s. president obama has promised the toughest sanctions will be placed on iran over allegations it plotted to kill the saudi ambassador to washington obama says he has evidence proving iran's guilt and insists he will continue to mobilize the international community to ensure further isolation and make it pay for its behavior iran has dismissed the allegations saying the charges are fabricated to deflect from problems u.s. . weatherwise it's one of the most inhospitable places in europe with summer is colder than some continental winters located in the arctic ocean for
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centuries the spitzbergen archipelago was considered unfit for a year round habitation but there is a growing and surprising ethnic community making a home there are six on a boy who went to see for herself. surrounded by the arctic ocean breeze bergen has no roads leading out instead these pointers serves as a tribute to the our people of a small t. afaik me and well gaspar muskaan london are frequent here the city that sounds the largest number of immigrants to the archipelago is the one furthers their way. with no really holding sovereignty over spitzbergen the regions are still in the majority if the fastest growing ethnic group here is thais they already make up about a third of the archipelagos foreign population all thanks to the sligo lady of the modern me i think guys in the regions have a lot in common both peoples are very open and warm hearted. it may not have been
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love at first sight but they wanted to political implications of hard math your future in a region has been in the early one nine hundred eighty s. in bangkok he brought here to speak bergen the cattle were a local oddity and says that many more pulled in their footsteps. more tired of brute up to be more and begin more accommodating of a man's needs i guess that's why no region manchu like to marry diary girls many a stump on siblings cousins browns and very quite and says now we were in norway she's become the unofficial president of the burgeoning tight community with newcomers turning to her for all sort of advice. the main prison kind people come she is to make money and you can earn a pretty good living here but what's more is that we are not treated like immigrant we have the same lifestyle as no regions we can travel we are treated as equals
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while the recent bombing and shooting massacre in norway read ninety debate over immigration the region such pittsburgh and say there's absolutely no place for apnic tensions on the archipelago they're all guest here and many. many. people from all kind of nations norway has responsibility for this fall but we have the sober anything but everyone who has signed the treaty could call me leave here according to the one thousand nine hundred twenty agreement residents of any country can come and live here without applying for a visa or a work permit the only condition is to have a job nor was generous social support system doesn't operate here and according to the archipelago sponsored gov that's one of the reasons behind the multi ethnic harmony plots or intentional to discriminate that's one of the principal symbols for the trip and. what we do though is that it's required of love. to
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be able to provide for also love work. for you and your family most times come here for two or three years this young shaft is one of the recent arrivals making around one thousand years dollars a month he hopes to save enough money to buy an apartment in bangkok in the meantime it's all about mixing traditional thai recipes with the region staples like steel and deer you know we just walk basically seem like an oxymoron but it's actually a very good recipe for the cultural fusion that one can point here it's busy work and now we can composure a couple things some thought ha time for some pop prove with a much better recipe for peaceful coexistence ok of those melting pot policies tend to go sour in other countries. are the only or if they're going are now. coming up the true story behind the hunt for pablo escobar the man i was once the
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world's most wired for that i was here with what's happening in the world of business with your. hello and a very warm welcome to your business on day one of the top silicon valley is intravenous plug and play have chosen five russian startups to be part of its innovation heart plug n play which was the birthplace of google and paid paul to set up a technical center in moscow to deal with the global venture alliance the found all the communities syeed m e z says the russian innovative companies now have access to unlimited foreign bank capital. we invest small amount of money and super like a super angel would be important is not the money that being best is the important is who invest in us and because we are a partner with most major cities in california he have unlimited
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money but it's for us by the best projects and introduce that to them and then if the project is worth the money is the least problem. let's have a look at the markets now or list watch and wait for a slew of us economy data indicators later in the day investors will be closely watching the latest days are about u.s. retail sales consumer sentiment and business inventories brands plunge is trading at one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel while the double e.t.i. is at a chief for telescope out. market so low on friday following the week session on wall street europe exposed exports as i'm on the bourse before most as it has just all concerned by us and b. to christen spain's sovereign credit rating is down more than two percent in cho-cho in hong kong resource companies remain in the negative territory just spite of chinese inflation cooled slightly in september china coal energy is losing among
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about one and a half percent energy shares are also trading in the red so far. just an hour ahead of the opening bell here in moscow the russian markets finished low on thursday way down by energy stocks that's as oil dropped after the international energy agency reduced its global demand forecast from twenty twelve michael steiner much christiane is what investors would have a close look at on friday. to be the domestic given schedule is very light we aren't expecting much in the way of news flow to mystically about so we'll be watching commodity prices and western markets and also looking for. u.s. retail sales data to gauge the health of u.s. consumer also be looking at the euro zone c.p.i. figure to gauge the inflationary pressure in the euro zone and of course the most important event to go to be will be meeting among g twenty finance ministers which
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will be attended also by russia treasury secretary timothy geithner. and the russian market has seen mergers and acquisitions grow close to their highest levels in a decade research company as the total volume reach sixty hp. and all this in the facts nine months for him only two thousand and seven so more details and let's say the majority were signed in their resource industries among them was a gold but seven ship essential polish goals for six billion dollars and francisco chelton a twelve per cent stake in the russian company not a check. that's all we have time for now your up to date for more stories and analysis local troll website archie dot com slash business or join me for another business update and last a long.
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