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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 2:31am-3:01am EDT

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rich and powerful. well russia's relationship with the silver screen goes back decades and next week for there we now and must film studios and chat with some a class celebrities in moscow out. she's telling. me. dynamic. for a. month. hello
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and welcome to moscow outside on this week's episode of exploring the subject of cinema from the soviet classics to today's modern russian and international that are played in the capital and we start off here at the home of the country's filmmaking industry. this impressive. peter destroyed street to its county being used for a new person feature film. the magic of movie making styrene would cost and paint. is now one of the largest and most of the fonts movie studios in
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europe and indeed cinema has come a long way in the past one hundred years. much of the city athenian still content was a subject to censorship and bureaucratic siege control many outstanding films were . made several gained international attention and praised for example the creators of fly literally pound sand in one nine hundred fifty eight or two cars skis one hundred seventy two filled saleratus such films have a cult following today and still watch and loved by millions around the world. back to modern day most film and movie making in russia is now free from any restrictions technology has greatly improved the cinematic experience too and here you can see a film in post-production. moving to the film studios museum now and he can see famous cars costumes carriages and a whole assortment of fascinating movie memorabilia. all exhibits that are displayed in our museum can be used for shooting movies and filming crew can come
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to a museum choose daddums they need and take them for the period of filmmaking. the museum is a great showcase for those with a nostalgic love of the soviet silver screen. note or the museum is open to the public you must come here as part of an organized tour as. a trip here is not just a cinematic blast in the past but it's also for many a detailed look into the kids' passionate and often epic world of soviet cinema. travelling three hours south of the russian capital and we've arrived at our next destination. a simple field in the moscow region has been turned into a backdrop featuring several tanks army vehicles dummies and muddy trenches. were at the outside location of a new film called white tiger headed up by the famous soviet and russian director.
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of it's an adaptation of a story but. today over one hundred people are involved in a twenty second battle sequence the movie recreates the events of nine hundred forty three and this is the. largest collection of such working tanks in the entire world russian and german actors are used in the film in the project as being given just a three month timeframe a bit of a problem this weekend as the crew needed it to be rainy and cloudy and lights camera action after several rehearsals it's time for recording black box smoke has been ordered to make the background gloomy and post-production will alter the blue sky line later on. to many of the actors it's the first foray into the world of russian cinema others are seasoned veterans and take all the waiting around long hours in a comfortable. stride. safety is crucial when dealing with large explosions fire
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a moving machinery the whole scene has been choreographed and timed piece by piece nothing can go wrong. everyone in the place is cameras ready cop aboard marked and action. the director second is out of his one very special and international film awards during his career as a successful filmmaker producer and screenwriter second as an elf has also been the director general of the muslim studios since nine hundred ninety eight his dedication to cinema is profound let's meet the man in question great to meet you. thanks for your time now your first film was in one nine hundred seventy nine how has filmmaking changed over the past few decades. it was a lot of. those. pools and seeds. during this period. and the. film industry it was.
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filming the stores were all full. view and there were. think about the money ok the minus of the system was censorship and it was enough tough censorship still especially for young filmmakers that pulls the program to find the theme. when he can say something what you want to see. for instance i began from beginning from shooting the musical themes it is called gone with this it was much easier. if you made such freedom censorship didn't mind a lot to mobilise through because i believe the film you're currently working on is the first one about war is that correct this one this one is since water from the first of all food and the used one for food but now we should look at the record
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it's its adventure does take not make the film better for him to. come view with those sold the scenes very good but if you have failed banks it's bad because they feel they have them driving the. billowy and so it's made it can help to get knowledge it can help if you have something really. in the shelter about good luck or bad and thank you very much that's all i'm here and the best of luck with the project go to your marketing. moving on and what other cinematic experiences or activities with mentioning in moscow are one of the most impressive experiences to film go as is distinct and imax cinema which offers some of the most up to date technologies films integration resolution is shown on the huge screen several stories high quality special movies on science and
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nature whole show in a dynamic cinemas many hollywood blockbusters are now also adapted to be imax films . and the usual experience is watching. films in the so-called secular cinema. exhibition center. built in one nine hundred fifty nine it still functions as a three hundred and sixty degree cinema with eleven screens and stereo sound not as popular as it was in the city's times cinema is still an interesting place to visit and watch one of its special twenty minute movies. and finally the russian state university of cinematography. also known as the gate is the country's oldest and largest cinema school for higher education founded in the n one nine hundred ninety it was the first state cinema education establishment in the world now graduates of its various faculties include directing script
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writing acting and producing work in a cinema and television industry all around the world. cinema would be the same without special effects spectacular heights or dramatic sequences. that in mind of travel to an area just outside the center of moscow the houses start school and training academy. here experts work in sequences that are rigged so they look hazardous bussell having a full range of safety precautions and mechanisms the sword fighting here is in some ways nothing more than a current draft dance sequence i could ask but i like to try out two stops today first involving fire. now on with the five protection suits like other use instead of tape instead of
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velcro buttons all seems well i'm told worryingly enough that it's faster to cut open in an emergency now i'm beginning to be concerned. i'm told to walk in a certain way and now. to make any sudden movements all floppy. will fuel the flames with everything ready petrol is slowly put on to the back of my suits and the flame this next. clip. was. an experience and all controlled by fully trained experts i could even feel the flames heat. and the movies like night and day watch and how i ended the summer make an impact on the international scene many film projects continue to storm move one. when various political needs. paps
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money freedom and technology will bring a new golden age to russian cinema i think a russian you know russian film industry has enormous future because you know. russian content will always be russian language content will always appeal to the audience to the local audience is just the way it is it's not not going to change no matter what anybody says. plus i think the government's really helping out in terms of you know making bigger budget patriotic films as. the quality of these films in terms of what the west on the audience would like to see. the russian russian film is more or less. it's something which appeals to the box office
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opinions just how well at least i know the stuff here first class as well unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this program on the subject . see you again at the same time next week and sell them for me and the rest the current. finale. that's. scary. new up a new career as a star may be. great
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activists claim soldiers in and northern syria are turning against the regime but the government says they are just armed gangs posing a threat to the public the e.u. is putting more sanctions in place after a day of clashes left at least nineteen dead. occupy together anti-corporate protest movement that began in new york goes intercontinental demonstrations are being planned in canada and the u.k. asia and other cities across the globe. spain's credit takes a hit from international raining agencies with warnings of a further sly that's as its neighbor portugal an ounce of tough austerity measures and the people accusing the government of working for the rich have powerful. headlines and units here with us for an hour to you know well probably a lot of his boxer of his generation has called it quits tell us more he certainly
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does mr david said he was true to his word marry me he said before he was going to call it quits as you said almost thirty first birthday he's just but there is a book more not coming up right. good to have your company for today here in twenty four hour r t plenty ahead in. stump in shanghai upfield the dollar is. the latest a.t.p. masters event in china before the quarter final stage. calling it a day former heavyweight boxing champion david haye hangs up his gloves but does leave the door open for a possible return with one of the klitschko. on thirty three. point the difference between gold and silver out there to six gymnastics world
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championships in russian victoria cummock disappointingly finds. let's get going courtside to rafael nadal's trip to china has been cut short the world number two i class by far in meyer in the last sixteen stage of the shanghai masters top seeded doll not really doing anything wrong on the night it was just his german opponent did everything right meyer taking the first set in the tie break before wrapping up the top six seconds but also failed to make the tournaments quarterfinals last season. the season is being for me. as if it was the system of at the same time. system from a you know these kind of moses effects. some of today's not the best. andy murray has prolonged his stay in shanghai the world number four advancing into
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the quarter a shot for itself in country with stones. of switzerland after winning the first set six four the scot went on in the second six three but then took the decider by the seams were nine meets history in the qualifier months and. another top ten player david for a house booked his place in the season ending a.t.p. world tour finals in london that's because he has reached the quarter finals in china sponsored for beating compact with one carlos ferraro in the quarter finals in three states won six seven five six two the final stop. on finally on the road to beef nicklaus on my crew to make the last eight the american needing the minimum three sets the set the sponsorship and packing six three six four that is. two football where the draw has been made for the euro twenty twelve qualifying play off some tasty ties with the creation turkey clash looking the pick of them the turks headed by former russian monitored heading for
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somewhat surprisingly in the second part of the drawing struck off not too many smiles in the camp when they were paired together after that the republic of ireland two one hundred possibly the most favorable of times up with a stone with the second leg in dublin portugal will enter their fixture with both her to convene a heavy favorites while the czech republic montenegro the home and away fixtures take place from the eleventh to the fifteenth of november. to the domestic game now with a final steps being taking to move the russian premier league calendar in red line with the rest of europe the season from twenty twelve only words will kick off in the autumn with the final match is taking place in late spring richard from port fleet takes up the story. that november is normally the month when the new russian premier league champion is crowned however this won't be the case this year and in fact the winner won't be confirmed till may of next year as the country's footballing calendar is undergoing a radical change to bring them in line with the rest of europe. feel four months
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off and put russian clubs competing in europe at a disadvantage as once they reach the latter stages of the champions league all the europa league this season was yet to start. however the remainder of the continents were ready halfway through very campaigns and we're in a much better position but it will help us immensely moving to the new calendar our clubs found it difficult previously to compete with the top clubs around europe in the latter stages of the european competition is however things should now be a lot easier for us and has to be put on a level playing field the clubs will carry on playing until the end of the current championship in mid november and every team will replace thirty games however then there will be a splits with two games taking place in november and the remaining twelve for march until me two thousand and twelve after a four month winter break confused well if you take a look at the current table and of the clubs remaining the same positions of the
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end of a season the top eight is about the need to angie would play each other home and away he pointed out to see who is eventually crowned champion and who qualifies for europe however of the other end of the crust of the home again they would play each other twice the two teams relegated to the first division when the season eventually finished the main giving it will be really hard for the clubs at the start as we will have to play a lot of league games as well as trying to fit in european competitions as well but in the end it will be worth it as we will be on a similar calendar to those clubs playing in the majority of europe there have been concerns about. new calendar putting the clubs at a disadvantage can be unpredictability of russia's weather conditions however these fears should prove to be unfounded and you championship will cover pretty much the same date for the currently used because of the winter break and on the contrary by
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the all time of two thousand and twelve russia will join the rest of europe and playing in a season that finishes in me which a bump if you don't see moscow. they say the margin between winning and losing is a fine line victoria come of us certainly learned at the artistic gymnastics world championships in tokyo the russians going to fifty nine point three four nine points in the finals come of a judged almost perfect during her routine but then. things are out there in shanksville because the podium and honor instead of going to american jordan lever all the united states who came by jesse thirty. eight point. one to problems. baseball where the detroit tigers have avoided elimination against the texas rangers in game five of their best of seven m.o.p. american league championship series the teams now head back to the lone star state's with the rangers three games to two up the rangers seeking to points on the
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tigers early in the nights knowing they could close the series on this started sprightly josh hamilton with the sacrifice fly to center you're allowing tkinter to make a one off in the first inning not seem to work off the sleeping beast though with a delmon young homer making it to one right after alex and beulah tied the game getting another huge to run homer in the six making it six to the rangers would rally in vain but the seven five for nine was to belong to detroit. while in the m.l. b.'s other semifinal the milwaukee brewers were not at their series against the sin the louis cardinals had two games and pace the cardinals first benefiting from the first post season homer from us holiday and craig following that up with the sole homerun of his own in the third inning to zero the score that's a chance to the brewers for right back though to make it a tie game rookie week scoring after taking advantage of the opposition feeling era
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for to the score one tough to be behind a girl and team stands to lose for game five all right where we scores the run golf now and webb simpson has been all up by cashing p.g.a. checks this year the american on the verge of overtaking world number one luke donald to take the money list title he's currently time for the lead with compacted zach miller after the opening round of the make classic simpson very much with his eyes on the prize. is best score of the year at the seaside course in georgia a birdie on the sixteenth hole one of the twenty six who would card on the day. five birdies including this in the fifth on the out of the supreme leader on the fifteen per this tied for the lead at seven under sixty three with my. scot mccloughan i believe bush will just i'm screwed but we're. going to really david haye has announced his retirement from professional boxing britain saying goodbye to the ring on thursday the dates of his thirty first birthday as he said he would
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do the london are will be most widely remembered for his loss to the team or klitschko last summer a two year build up of insults and blood ending in essentially a twelve run beating for hate but the englishman will also leave behind a career where he was trying to unify cruiserweight world champ dominating the division for years it might not be the last we see of him hey hinting at a possible rematch with klitschko or a first fight with elder brother vitali by saying if an offer was made he may return to the. turning your attention finally to the volleyball world club world championships where is the need to have the chance to reach the podium in do a later today that is on i face losing to trentino dietetic in the semifinals yesterday meaning they meet sao paulo in the third place fight off later on friday trentino progressing to the gold medal game by a loss in the russians in four sets in the last two or the telly and setting the pace taking the first two sets before sneak not the third trentino though closing
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in on the scoreline of twenty five fourteen they are not one win away from their third straight world club time they took on polish outfit yes tramp's. in a few hours this. not rubs off the sport for this hour i'll see you again in just under two hours time. culture is that so much of me is going to make a lot of people a very an applicant fierro crisis is a high noon moment for a euro zone looking for to stave off another recession all juggling indebted sovereigns flew. the longest big game hunting history. he was trying to stall and dated. but sprung the traps they laid for him came up on the radio we'd have the surge blocks around the area.
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always from the always missing. one shot trying to take. out the global drug industry's godfather became the most want to trophy of the world's county hunters. the escobar the great hunt and parties.
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wealthy british soil. expert on. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our.
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activists claim soldiers in northern syria are turning against the regime but the government says they are just armed gangs posing a threat to the public. not. to gather and take or protest movement that began in new york those intercontinental with demonstrations being planted in cities across the globe. spain's credit takes a head from international rating agencies while neighbor portugal prepares for tough a stare any measure of people accusing the government of working for the rich. russian market has seen mergers and acquisitions gross close to their highest levels in a decade or more in business in twenty minutes.


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