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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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politicians to take the lead the bank president was speaking ahead of major meeting of the world's finance ministers who are in paris to find a solution to the crisis. and the next we go back to our washington studio for the second part of the only on the show. all right so i did not come down here alone believe me there's a really hard working crew that made all this possible today and that includes their favorite alona show producer jenny churchill. we have below the shelf have been covered on people at wall street from day one but this is the first day that we've actually been down here however the mainstream media has been kind enough to acknowledge all about the kinds of people that are here we want to give you a flavor of some of the people who are down at this particular location at least here on wall street so let's take a look at some of the pictures that we have the pictures of we have all dave this guy right here he's apparently a fugitive he's wanted for burglary and words are out for his arrest but he says
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that he found out that hiding out at this protest would be a great place to not be found garbage is everywhere new york post describes a scene where drugs are being sold people urinating in deficit ng in public it's a mixed bag but they were happy to take some time from their books span job bongos sports drinks they're passing out free condoms is but open sex going on there are drugs easy to score i don't know it seems like they might actually have a good feel for you here but i want to completely disagree is obvious place so i'm here to figure out once and for all who's right and who's occupying wall street basically we've been hearing from the mainstream media that only people down your adventure could be interrogated so we're trying to figure out who it's here who are you i am so and who cares it's work countries go with ours i am currently a second you're a psychology student in the u.s.
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army veteran i'm not one of those dirty hippies that they see down here i'm not one of them trust fund babies you don't my foes are retired cop my mother is a retired church secretary they both voted republican i could for bush i'm a doctor and i'm here in my uniform because i wanted to show that while we're not just a bunch of dirty hippies were average americans you know it doesn't get more american than the boy scouts i'm a student i'm sixteen am here with you i was part of the original people that were kind of consulted about like what to do during the operations here or in general. one of the originals well i'm an old hippie but for different reasons do you know where we can score since you. know there's no drugs no alcohol i. haven't found any myself so. yeah there's no drug use in the park i mean we have cops around twenty four seventh's coffee i know i know that you have a criminal record but you can talk you can trust me you can talk to me please. look
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up the cost and what you see just people running around having that. make it. not at all how come i'm here and i mean no you're here working where all the business my first question is what percentage of the food that they're serving hot . sun what is the fifteen dollar heroin how do you see the fifteen dollar heroin time i have not. the closest thing is probably the guys that roll cigarettes is it possible that the people here are shielding you from all of the free sex drugs and hippies because you are a boy scout. i hope not i hope not last question are you a dirty. i don't believe him dirty or a hippie it feels to me like he might be that even if there are good people here
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not just the friends well why does it matter whether they're hippies punk rockers you know metal heads hip hop heads or whether they're into jazz or classical music it's the idea that as a citizen people are finally realizing that being an american citizen means more than just trying to have a big bank account. all right so for a while the mainstream media completely ignored the occupy wall street movement now they just mock them but there are a lot of reporters out there that are spent sleepless nights to bring us every single detail one of those is salon dot coms justin elliott who we spoke to. i'm hearing are a couple hours now please get here clean up the park and people like me this is our lot for more than one person said they claim that the sad that because i don't live here are clear out of place and now i think i am right well i mean really salvatore
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me here are the people i was shocked i've been here for two weeks and covering covering the protests covering the city's response to it and has recently been told hours ago that they think the mayor and his wife the commissioner saying that they were going to basically forcibly clear the park they were starting for several of the kids sleeping bags against tarps and so on which if that's reason enough and of course attachment to the criticism here and the something happened overnight somebody blames either the mayor or the company to start with just call for the field properties international relief or. so the story of what happened and why why they decided not to bring the police in here and i'm sure will come out at some point in the coming days do you think something might happen to the fact that they're getting why they don't want more bad p.r. you know that i'm seven hundred people arrested you know i think that's a big part of it if you like he had come in to do some sort of addiction or to let the company think the part the way to get international media story in here is
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imagine me here from around the world just staggering there's never a lot of talent here about a week and. we've been hearing every. day like now it's like a plague i think we keep making the people in the party now the cameras can see by . saying he stands radically in the first couple of weeks one of the things you heard from the protests an interview the i would say you know that the stream media blackout on the story. right. if anything now in the office it probably means places that free market saturation mean. any one time to buy only be several hundred protesters here sometimes a luxury good few thousand but i mean there's usually goes to camera crews from around the country and around the world a lot of orders here to secure press coverage at this time just covering it all the
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local press covering it. kind of press coverage i think actually warranted because this is really the center of. around the country. so yeah i mean getting huge p.r. success i think if you came out of the study of that last week the percentage of press coverage the first occupy wall street thing was seven percent covered up for the week or so i mean clearly been successful as a president. of my party i. think the process is. a. lot of work. a little more training because. i think the relationship in front of the media is still pretty positive i mean when fox news shows up here you should take it head cold. i believe r.c. had video for all those from fox showing up here and sort of i don't stand for developing these sort of had to leave the park but generally speaking i found that people are very willing to be interviewed i mean they're here to get their message
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out about economic justice and about you know reform on wall street the political system. there's a little bit of a break from our last night here in the organizing about people who are people who are getting briefed on what to do if they got arrested if there's a little bit jumpy to get a photograph of that group i'm not really sure why but generally speaking i think they want to tell their story i think i'm sorry say. why. i think they are i. think. yeah i think i think the movement really broad and i mean you didn't hear anything you didn't really have to leave or you didn't hear. now every day you're seeing different unions local unions standing in the polls that really brings more diversity for me sometime place. so well. yes. because there's been cooperation between occupy wall street those who are here today and the labor unions i believe the local sci you service workers union in
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providing food i think there are plans for the local let's say you to i have a medical truck here to preclude shots that are going to be staying over the winter here that seems like a good relationship really if you see people coming in from all over the country who've been attracted by the message i've seen abroad. and then just the fact is growing in scope. other than in others magazine they say the same thing and again and still no clear goal or demand. here if there is a demand for this discussing this day obviously the broad theme is still hanger wall street here an economic inequality you know demand for jobs and economic justice in this country i think it's just. sitting. there. they're not. there. they are not
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a private part right exercise. we have so many things. but right i mean am i came away from the beginning of this thing is to turn wall street proper respect to block south park into a sort of militarized zone they really have their heavy equipment out there they have their mounted police they have a lot of metal barricades are really not like the protesters go there at all. there's a there's a fair amount of anger at mayor bloomberg here i mean i don't think it's often anyone that he i believe is either the richest or the second richest man the city basically bought the mayor office for three terms a perfect example of what they're protesting exactly and he's also course he's been very publicly critical. the protests in the end and their message so there was a lot of anger at him last night when it looked like they're going to get elected. that's broken this morning after the city and the company of which mayor bloomberg longtime girlfriend actually sits on the board of directors of her field the company that owns this park after the mayor in the company stepped back i'm really going to complain about them this morning but we still don't know it's going to
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happen going forward so. at this point doesn't he think that these guys are going to say yeah i mean i don't they're they're not going to go willingly i mean the company has said that they think that they can come to a negotiated agreement i don't i'm not aware of those negotiations having started these protests are still breaking what the company has said are the rules of the park including not having sleeping bags and tarps and so on so i think it's hard to say at this point where it's going i just think i might get next. right star last break but coming up we have a panel discussion if an interesting twist on happy hour. sponsored by slowing poverty and unemployment. angers by the country's waging falling as well cutting jobs and social spending people across the globe lined up against their government's economic policies followed a worldwide action against austerity night on cartoon. just
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all right so we tried to get a couple of occupiers together so we could hold a panel discussion and i guess do it in something much like their general assembly democratic style take a look. hi guys thank you so much for joining us we've been covering occupy wall street since day one and our studio in washington we finally got a chance to come down here to speak to the people themselves and we've also spoken to a lot of journalists are a lot of people have been reporting on it but i want actual occupiers i want your stories so if you could first to start off by introducing yourself telling me who you are and why you're here and how long you've been here my name is paul are from you know ironworker from los angeles california i came to new york to do a job and got postponed i happened across here and i'm just not content with the way the direction the country is headed right now my name's mark bray i'm appears
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the student i'm a member of the occupy wall street press team here for my friends and family who have mounds of student and medical debt and just simply can't get by. my name is josh lewsey i'm from miami florida and these one through nine in a moment second trip they are centered coming back from miami right even take a little time off for it so now we were here last night about one thirty two o'clock in the morning everybody was cleaning up getting ready for police to come bust this down basically seven o'clock and start cleaning and suddenly i ended up not happening for you elated were you excited what was the reaction when you realize that that eviction notice maybe wasn't happening quite yet well i was really excited i mean first of all i'm happy that we can hopefully cop with some sort of a resolution or we can stay here because it's important that we have a right to protest the suspected and also really shows the strength of our movements really important victory now there were of course the marches that were going on on the side today and there were some arrests josh i know that you witnessed something you tell us about it you know the risk for civil disobedience i
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saw. so police beat down a protester pretty badly. what triggered it i don't know i didn't quite see it but that's what the relationship been like with the police that's virally do you feel like it's been an adversary are you guys. are you enemies here or the policeman trying to be respectful of you i've found it seems to be that most of the generally the officers are very pleasant and every once in a while you run across an officer that just looks at you like you're a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of the shoe bomb but generally i personally i try to walk up to them and tell me you guys have a thankless job i'm sure you catch a lot of scott from people here but thank you for being arab sure your families base you ok so each one of you tell me that you're not happy with the system in the way it works and you have friends you have family members that have been affected by what is occupying the body part really going to do to fix that i think we're
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bringing the message to the symbol of power really which is wall street you know that's were at least to my view the government corruption and self starts it's where campaign finance and the revolving government corporate door store do you think of this is that this is the center of corruption well i think wall street's an important symbol of the economic corruption in our society are basically the systematic denial of working class people of the basic things they need to get by and you know obama talked about change you can believe in but he didn't really change anything and so this is something that say what you will is the change ok so if somebody flaming me sadly how it's been going down i know you've been here since day one and i know you've been here for a while what are the general assembly's you know what's the routine general assemblies or the horizontal democratic process through which the camp is run and decisions are made basically. you know everything from when do we stop drumming or
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you know we need to sanitation department medical you know all these things kind of organically come out of the g. and i find the fact the route of drumming kind of interesting because i know that at the local residents that asked to perhaps if you could keep the drowning out for just two hours a day. and from i wasn't here yes i was reading reports of people they're saying that maybe this is where we saw little bit of division amongst the occupiers was whether they want to drama all their lawn or those that like a little silence of that hero while we welcome people who want to express themselves artistically we decide the car with a way that we could all sort of work together and get along and i think you can see the value of our democratic procedure that we managed to accomplish that that's a good so what gets accomplished after every general assembly that you take part in off why it seems to me that because the democratic process of the general assembly . there is no hierarchy that says this is how we're going to do things it's a vote amongst the populace share of how things are going to happen if the
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residents of the neighborhoods around here are upset we need to accommodate them because we're not trying to cause turmoil here we're trying to get a message out personally i would like to see campaign finance reform happen out of this of course i have a whole laundry list of things that i would like to see change throughout our government but. it's happening all over the world and i just i think social media for being the biggest part of getting the message out globally now a lot of people have critique this movement for a lack of a coherent message and i'm wondering aside from you know the fact that there isn't just one piece of paper out there there isn't one motto one slogan does it worry you that there is no one single leader was not the you said there's nobody decreeing summarising right but you need one leader to at least be the face of the voice for everyone else absolutely. right as is absolutely not and so. it's
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a wonderful thing really because. everyone takes part in it everyone's a leader just by showing up just by talking despite the dissipating. leading this entire movement. it's also a lot of value because it's more difficult to call up something you or. assassinate the character of an organization true leader two which one thing we've managed to accomplish by having it be leaderless and distributed much like anonymous and for too long we've been waiting for a while leader who is going to do things for us but we've seen now that the control that these financial institutions have over of leaders just simply means we need to look at our political involvement fundamentally differently and that's what we're trying to do now is co-opting something these guys really worry about i'm not concerned about for example unions or community groups trying to do that there are those are our allies working together i am concerned about some politicians and political parties but i do consider some of the biggest donors right in the democratic party you also have a lot of people that appreciate some of the big union bosses that might have too
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much power that unions have brought us so much good in this country. they probably also done some bad things but. the message that we're trying to get out is that we're all want to work trying to sustain a middle class in america. it's it seems to me whether they're democrat or republican they're in someone's pocket i would like to see someone of my stature able to represent me in congress all right i also want to ask you you say we are all one about the tea party i mean at the beginning the tea party started out also be angry about wall street bailouts right about government and was very polluting we too close to each other corruption now they're a wing of the republican party but at the root you guys have the exact same goal and yet the tea party i think if the tea partiers interviewed them on myself they don't have very nice things to say about what you have to say that well wide say that you know we welcome the tea party members and join us you know i think that
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you're right that there are a lot of fundamental overlapping goals that we have and we want to bring in all sorts of different voices and we welcome them to come here and participate but we're speaking about one of the fundamental differences though is that we're not a political party we're trying to change things differently we're not just trying to sort of replicate the same process that's failed previously so i'm sorry. they have negative things to say but we're trying to bring them in so what is changing things differently actually going to look like do you mean a revolution i mean you have any idea where this is really heading what i would really like i can only speak for myself you know of course you know as everyone here but i'd like to see through the rule of law restored my country i'd like to see our elected officials honestly serving the needs of the people which they are hired to do that's why they get elected and they're really not doing that how many people really go to make sure that they do that. or we have to go i think you know i mean to me fundamentally we need to treat the situation as the crisis that it is
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and say when people have no houses and jobs and they are trouble putting food on the table that has to be the top priority for what we do and so that's that's been put off to the side for too long in the interest of the financial institutions and so we need to push things that immediately push things strong and fundamentally reorder the priorities of our society and that's not going to be easy and it's not going to happen quickly but why we're out here bob how far are you willing to go short of violence i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get changes made in america all right so as you know by wall street movement has now grown really around the world but first starting across the country and so we had some people go out to occupy l.a. i thought if i do you see how we ask that there are any messages that they want us to bring here for you so let's take a listen right. happenings i think you need for bringing this about thank you citizens of america for having a voice keep doing what you're doing we're doing we're doing down here and we're all in this together solidarity gratitude an incredible amount of gratitude for
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your courage and an appreciation. of all you've done thank you for starting this the so exciting thank you mystery how proud you by wall street is that were installed there with you and working out down here and we hope you come visit a glorious notion would be to see people march from new york city down to one. in d.c. and make their demands on congress we're with you one hundred percent and you've been an inspiration to everyone not just in america but across the whole world don't stop don't ever stop stay there get arrested yell scream plead big do what you have to do to get everybody that you know and everybody that they know to see nobody wants to see this is it this is our revolution this is our time every era has its movement and this is ours and this is our future and we're getting it back . right so you heard what they have to say if you have any response is there any message you want to send back absolutely. thank you guys so much we're here in
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solidarity with units. in other cities and around the world are coming together to support our cause and make the world a much better place. it's really the support is overwhelming and the fact that we spread so far is really almost a little hard to believe but a very exciting and it shows that we face the same kind of circumstances and problems all throughout the country and even beyond in europe and asia latin america and so i'm very excited to see that and. i want to keep going. i guess say join us get involved to raise awareness. this this movement isn't going to call way people twenty two percent of the children in america living in poverty that's not right in this country and people a twelve percent approval rating of congress people across the country are angry and it's time for their voices to be heard turn off your t.v. get outside get involved ok so that was then i think that we had to say right from
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the other occupy movement really quickly any responses that you have toward fox news john hannity bill o'reilly that's a crack head and dirty hippies well it's just it's astounding the lengths the wish that the some conservative media outlets will go to paint us as the referer bait and drug dealers if you can. here you can see exactly what we're up to read the sizing our right to participate democratically and even if you disagree you should be able to respect that i'm also going to see just come and actually talk to some of us until i get sick sean hannity bill o'reilly i just look this way i'm actually a nice honest hardworking caring compassionate individual. we love you guys like really thank you we want to thank you for joining us today thank you you thank. i guess that's it for tonight's show we're really happy that we could bring it down to new york even if just for one day not there's something that i observed is that these aren't just angry and frustrated americans they are that but they're also hopeful that things can change by the occupy wall street movement continues or
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takes another shape they feel like something is happening in this country and they're part of it and all the a lot of show fans we met out there today thank you so much for watching this is why we do it we do we back in washington d.c. on monday coming up next is the new. line russia would be soon much brighter if you newly bought song from phones to christians. whose friends don't totty don't come.
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seemed. to pick seems. more news today. flared up the fees are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked operations are over they seemed. to.
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dozens of neurons to cross america failed to stop the occupy together movement from swelling where the activists saying it's now simply too big to fail. syrians are split over the seven month long uprising while the capital once the president given more time to reform cities outside damascus are tired of the regime. and ukraine's preparations for the euro two thousand and twelve football championships are under pressure from animal rights activists accusing the authorities of burning stray dogs alive. a.t.m. of the russian gap.


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