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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 6:31am-7:01am EDT

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new tension because of those northern border as nato threatened to remove barricades on monday if they don't do it themselves. to clear the way to the checkpoint seems to last month. some of the headlines on this monday are next though we talk to chief negotiator on how to end what's being called a no. we're joined now by the fan of that great chief. with prishtina thank you very much for joining us thank you and despite heavy warnings from belgrade because they government went ahead with the maze to take these two just border crossings how is that relations between the. world this is a serious. incidents and a serious step back in the long. road to formalisation off
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our relationship with christina and of course that normalization. doesn't mean by any way our recognition of the dependence of course so we believe that the only way through a dialogue or actually to an agreement how these two crossings to gates would look like right now with christine at the it was a one sided attempt to change the reality on the ground which is against will be removed before and it's against security council resolution for all forty four it's against the mandate a few months ago six point plan by ban ki-moon which was supported by security council and that six point plan by the bank you most are picking the general you want. states to do to those two gates should be different the others indeed they should have only international custom presence and the revenues collected should be used only for a municipality it's going to so what they did is actually they try to wait make a one sided step so later they can say it's
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a fact accompli and now we should negotiate it's not acceptable for us it's not acceptable for disserves who live here in the north because the north has its own reality it's really specific it's exclusive in many ways so people here are ethnically moderate and they are united in their leaning toward serbia. and you know we did there are differences we do our other parts of course we should have a new fresh. attempt to resolve the situation in those gates and to find agreement how those gates will look like who will actually have a chance to manage those gates and by what rules they did this you know absolutely unacceptable for us you're the chief negotiator that they've got us a bit about what was said but based sites and why because they got in and went ahead with the navy as they did because they wanted to first of all they had support from some parts of the international community is ulick's assisted them in this attempt and they breached their own mandate they reached resolution for forty
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four they breached their status neutral position toward kosovo and serbia and we are really dissatisfied with the small so far we have achieved several agreements with prishtina freedom of movement at the astor civil registry and custom stamps. with these are all important issues for the everyday life for people who live here we manage to find solutions that are status neutral that are not pushing any of our sides to recognize each other or to recognize position on the status of the other side our agreement on the second of september in brussels had only one result we agreed on the design of the customs stamp and the company custom documentation they are both now status neutral it will enable serbia to export to course woods freely and of course will. serbia because of course always part of serbia and we will have
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a normalized trade between two entities but it's not the north the north is different and there was never any talks about implementation in the north or regulating two gates in the north can you describe that more about the importance of these. things for the ethnic population and the north because there is attempt to create border between the serbian cause there cannot be. be a boarder especially in areas in which we can majority of service living so there cannot be a border because it's minister to. the second thing is that once you put custom officers then you will put a flag then you will put a coat of arms then you will put. the laws and then people who live here will be circled by something that looks like state they simply cannot accept so there has to be a different solution for the specific situation what. we call for an outcome that
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will have a regulation of flow of goods in the north but that regulation is a status neutral it is without question the customs and then we can move on finding and managing revenue share and what laws will be employed it goes as well for the whole problem of the north we need to find a solution for the north that will be a compromise. that would enable us. to keep our positions on the status of kosovo and basically that serbia is not pushed to a position to be blackmailed to recognize a so-called independence of course will because we will not do it and it said that they were actually acting within the times of the agreement that had already been reached with belgrade. of course there are i think it's it was expected from them to say something like that they had an agreement but they had agreement with. they had agreement with k. four and united states probably to try to do what they did so there was no
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agreement in brussels concerning the gauge there was no agreement on implementation on the custom stamps agreed because implementation in the north cannot go one sidedly we simply have to have agreement this is exactly what they did apply some pressure. because some people said that that essentially strips belgrade and much of its ability to take decisive action when it comes to. would you say that that's the case i think it's obvious that we also want to normalize relationship we want to resolve problem of course or as a whole but we certainly cannot accept the independence of kosovo or to support or to help the independence to be represented what they did those crossings is one of those attempts so we cannot participate and we cannot accept it so we have to find a way and by the way it was agreement with european union that we do find a way that respects both sides position on the state this and the the other part of
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the agreement before we started our dialogue with prishtina was that neither of the sides will make a unilateral steps to change reality on the ground so you see that breached these things already twice so this is what they are doing now is the game in which is somebody is trying to put serbs in the north in a position that they give up they simply. follow and follow the flow of the events like they did in the south i think it's not realistic as i said even if we as belgrade his government said that this is good people here are against it so we have two options one option is to leave things as they are reached in the lead to a really bad outcome and possible exult of the serbs from the north or we can try to help in keeping the situation calm and actually paving the road toward a solution to the dialogue this is exactly what we are trying he said it again it
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say which side. you know i think that the. i'm optimistic and i think that soon we will have the opportunity to to use the format of a dialogue and to find some sort of a negotiated solution for those gates that's the only way out of the crisis because i don't think that anyone in the world can come to these people here in the north and tell them give up simply go home and. to live in independent costs or they will not do it so there has to be a way out in which preserves view toward the status and we also preserve our view toward a status if that's not a good definition of a compromise then you tell me which one is ever recognized space independence no but the point is that we will also not accept to participate. by our approval in the building of the so-called independence so it's not a question of whether we will recognize we will not recognize you know actually the
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clarity independence of kosovo but we don't want to be part. helping them to be so-called independent country but we are ready to take important and really active part in actually regulating our relationship because we need to have a record c.v.a. should be to serbs and albanians and we need to have a solution that is a lasting solution because that's the only way to keep the peace in these parts of the balkans thanks very much. for sure is that so much you're going to make a lot of people here is going up look at the era of great discontent all across the globe people are protesting against the political economic and financial status quo is this because of. from the days of the manhattan project in one thousand
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forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of its provision and scientists and their relationship to the university you see since day one has been in charge of researching designing and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single on nuclear weapon in cities arsenal was designed by university of california. we don't warm go. to the versity of california who was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists to leave their diversity position. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the school's severed
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ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall space center they have. ladies and gentlemen your chance a chance to set a good book for example the status of the human experiments because it's sitting well with the weakest programs in this rap music which it snows diplomacy good to be trying to make sense of global economy and it's all changed planes as financial templates the research clambering to maintain our confidence in long kids and taking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances rhesus cheapie nations close to collapsing in some plane load foreclosed homes people. to fail so we play
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jerusalem. the headlights on odyssey and the n.t. corporate protests across the us so past the one month. show no sign of abating despite myself arrests over the weekend and meantime the occupy wall street movement wants an end to the big banks bottom of dominance and has inspired similar rallies all around the world. the syrian president's promise of a constitution gets a mixed response at home aspiring politicians welcoming the planned reform is the only way to end the ongoing bloodshed but kill operation figures still insists assad's quitting is the only option. braces for a new tension a cause of those in the northern border as nato threatens. to remove the barricades on monday if they don't do it themselves previous attempts to clear the way to the checkpoint seized by cause of our last month let's
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a class ships that saw several people. right there of monday's headlines here and there the sports headlines. hello there thank you for watching sport nice to have you company and these are the headlines. shocking crash claims the life of dean the champion dan weldon after a fifteen car pileup in las vegas. close rubin rocks barred like three million cars and we've all the latest goals from the russian primarily. on the forty nine er's proper shot in the n.f.l. in detroit some be the start of the season. we start though with the tragic death of two time indy car champion down weldon he died in a horrifying crash during the last race of the season in las vegas fifteen cars room volved in the pileup after drivers had expressed fears about the speed of the
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track weldon from england was at the back of the pack and was working its way through the thirty four car field but just minutes into the race two cars touched and weldon could not avoid the pileup it was devastating two cars were airborne including weldon's which flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence at the top of the screen during practice drivers had raised concerns about the pace of the last vegas track with speeds topping two hundred twenty five miles per hour and this crash took out nearly half the car's weldon was airlifted to hospital but died from his injuries two hours later the race was cancelled although drivers returned to the track to give a five lap tribute to the to the thirty three year old weldon had moved from england to the states to follow his racing dream and had won the indy five hundred for a second time in may he was also in line for a five million dollars payout if he had won this race drivers paid their respects. this is
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a very disparate oh. bridge was every day normal life as well but. before you don't think about. you have think about it. was for me or my best friends or my greatest dream regime. were to say. now let's turn to football where rubin have got a confidence boosting three now when i was sparta moscow the victory in the russian prime elite coming just a few days before the their europa league cash with tottenham the winning design kain also despite their own injury list and has moved them up to six in the table bombardier's men taking a three christian about eight minutes into the second half. that alexander rand said found himself a modern about to make a single. handed rest nothing finished demolition of muscovites seconds before the final whistle three nothing very big just a point behind spacek in table. three mile off
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a mighty sick charge of the title continues they bottom sides on three nil to go eleven games league games unbeaten since the arrival of manager to say that the first goal was scored by seniority breakage from the spot off the overdue then an eight percent off for a second yellow card and ten minutes after the break dennis who she called made it saying no. sweet strike twelve to me to see each of wrap things up a mighty fine and i fourth in. elsewhere in furman cardiff if the ban by three goals to one nicholai. open for the hosts three minutes into this game . i will see denisovich and peter minister of extended belief to bring out by a seventy five a visit to get a consolation go a last minute effort from the jews because three point. vital for them to to stay
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clear of the relegation zone. there is one of the game on sunday to talk about spot on our. spending and she. fell in england last summer up to ten thirty in the premier league after two one win over sunland at the emirates a double from robin van persie touring with awesome bangas men elsewhere newcastle a fourth after getting a point against. from substitute. giving alan pardew. while west brom beat wolves at home in the west midlands darby to move out of the relegation zone. we have won this season so that it was in the. open that it killed it was also noise to get a clean sheet of. clean sheets which. we had last year that also is another positive for. last year when you know which
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is a much better statistic if we can get three clean change games that we have too much to and i were in the n.f.l. san francisco ended detroit some beaten start of the season the delay more could touch than in the dying minutes giving the forty nine is a twenty five nineteen victory the lines are off the bat best start since nine hundred fifty six in the early signs of it would be when number six they played high for the forty nine ers brandon pedigree making tenure at the end of the first quarter here off the connecting with matthew stafford but he was then sacked by linebacker elton smith on the deficit which trim to ten nine midway through the second quarter. stafford did make amends by hooking up the burleson to prepare his side fast from here. but with just under two minutes on the clock the forty nine is still victory alex minutes short past the line rule to giving them the go ahead. down on the forty nine is run at twenty five nineteen win is the choice of
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the season. the philadelphia eagles not the four game losing streak beating the washington redskins twenty points to michael vick giving needles a seven new lead with a pass to brant celek negro's double that advantage in the second fools who should always be one yard touchdown. washington did get themselves within seven points just three minutes from touchdown i feel. that he's as tight as they go be getting a second win in six. games taking place there were new england time to. made it to six one out of six base and simply twenty four there was. also wins for detroit for the delphinus pittsburgh cincinnati new york giants day and an impressive victory for chicago thirty nine ten i've been in
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a safe so. there was some finish and. ben crane won the mcleod three classic but any after coming back from seven shows done with eleven how to play to force a playoff webb simpson crying but using a run of seven purdy's to tie the simpson on fifteen and the end of the final round . to the playoffs simpson looked to be in trouble in the first extra produce this great shot at the sound. on the pad went to another hall and there crying putted for part of put some pressure on simpson and. while shooting this part to give crane victory. just was right not part or you know making parts at ten eleven and. making barry's at fourteen or fifteen there also you know i looked up on the sixteenth green and i'm like wow to back it up or to make birdie there ran one in and then the adrenalin
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went through me here on seventeen green when i made made it in regulation for birdie and anyway glory to god just fun. making headlines on the european tour was britain's twenty two year old tom lewis reports the masters was only stood tall and since turning professional but he won it finishing two shots clay rafael could but added bellow lewis had grabbed the attention of the goal for the world really to feel the open and then he had a sixty five for the lowest ever by an amateur at the event and i was surprised to have a rasie career ahead of him. i'm finally hit so i saw where we continue our in-depth look at milan blew the first italian side preparing to join the kontinental hockey league and this robert daniel reports the milan plan is coming together nicely. i. think. for me to lease lower leagues to europe strongest one this will these young and hungry players i know looking forward to meet me learn the rule subdue the team
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which will enter the continental full queue league next season and rebrand the club and in taking it will find time to tell a champions in milan the viper race in two thousand and eight the level of investment when a little bit down so we decided to. restart again three years ago in the second division and that was good because we made of the seven players than the six players and then last year we made the semifinal we end up in the first place however this year we can have some visions go much higher for a subdued ending to then stick to the mystique and really speak bearing with a dead heat and the kid chill in twenty first thing like any stars plays in culture and then you have a second team which plays an italian league top level awfully top league and then we can maybe you know move the italian players back and forth so they can you know . learn better they can improve their quality and they can play with better players
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in terms of the level of current completions in the least scored bridges poorly it includes the joint could include a ball full can it in defenseman ryan constant along with italian stars the moslem and new console it's a bit they're all here for something more than just domestic affairs next year we have to opportunity to enjoy the challenge and to rational team saw i think is is a great opportunity for not just for myanmar all italian hockey they told us that for next year they will have affiliations with. k h l and i was maybe part of the reason for me coming to milan it's hard to predict the mooneys will be completely in europe stuff
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a sleek oval kitchell arenas clinton wait to see how good it is supporting their idols i we will bring our italian lifestyle and then you could be sure. you would see people from even in moore watching games because they're really they're really sick for these games they will take holidays so maybe it's three or four games in may so you know but they will do it you can be sure we could be five could be ten but there would be there and there would be noisy here at the you know a lot of people was depleted i would be flogged i feel nervous lou and this is their family's connection i i hope you can see heidi and all the russian friends i would hope i said. ok i think you look at the basis but i. never really knew and i t.
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milan italy i am not is always full financial. well. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered.
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support for the protesters across the us. going nowhere. and the government gives them. a chance of the syrian president's constitution. politicians. to remove the sort of barricades on monday.


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