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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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done they live in the wrong place. live from the heart of moscow this is artsy rule research a welcome to the program a defiant occupy wall street has evolved to fight on and against the grip of big business following a weekend of arrest sounds scuffles with police all across the u.s. at the movement that's now a month old is building widespread support on all four continents and has raised three hundred thousand dollars in funds. and off reports from us both places in new york. well i'm here and see cody park which was the scene of a massive massive turnout of occupy wall street protesters over the weekend it was just one of the locations where protesters gather the stop and i'm precedented a number of people rallied together to march to times square where they had
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converged to. sort of in some memory shine and call it area with some of the other events that were taking place across the hall part of the occupy wall street movements now we've seen a lot of tense us than dogs but then why even the new york city police department were out this weekend protesters have peacefully marched to times square where the intentions of people that i was a part of was actually trapped by these barricades hands there and held for several hours or i mean able to move left or right or to get out we saw these officers on horseback nearly each round ball a number of protesters lease officers on scooters had to ran over some protesters there was a total of ninety two are arrests as part of the occupy wall street gatherings over this weekend here in new york i witnessed several of them in one instance when we were in times square a number of protesters were sitting peacefully they were taken by the police clamp
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violently onto the ground and again and driven away we saw a number of protesters arrested violently while they were watching some times square we're trying to film what was going on and despite us saying that we are press we're simply here to cover the events they have pushed us back with on some hands they usually is a high tech strobe lights to blinds the cameras that we're able to film any any serious visuals of what was actually going on which was unprecedented in my experience here to date meanwhile while these events were happening here i mean for the protests continue to grow across the country here in the united states which are pago there are several thousand protests that have turned out about one hundred forty. were arrested by police there's also arrests in denver and other parts of this country all indicative of the back to new circuit wrote how it's alex remains to be seen but it will be a great year for you here. in data. reporting protesters across the u.s.
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are also voicing their anger at the government for putting corporate concerns above those of citizens there say this point is being missed in much of the country's mainstream media so activists are getting creative to have their messages heard he's gone each count explains. their discontent loud. and graphic thousands of americans have resorted to banners and t. shirts to get their message across that a frustration with what they see is the government acting on behalf of big corporations rather than the people message which the protesters say their media failed to deliver the media feels like these kinds of events don't deserve coverage sometimes all you get when you do something this is a photograph and so it's very important for the message to be seen those simple oftentimes handwritten messages that people carry on their chests have often been subject to mockery what is the sign of our crime wall street brother that most of
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the five of our the people that i would talk of what does that mean it seems the only fault of these people is presented in the american media is that they don't all have a degree in economics and finances and are not able to explain their grievances in professional economists terms various groups embolden the cheer the end of the greatest system known to man and replace it with what who cares let's nap the protests on wall street or mindless and when you ask people who wall street what they want they don't know acts that took place over the last thirty years with regards to national debt and. within the system generally all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the media and people on wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you know you don't get what happened but the american people know that they've got
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a host they've lost their jobs they've seen them offshore to china they've lost their houses they saw a huge run up in all prices that are collapsed and people are saying you know what i know that i've got screwed by all of this but i don't know how i got screwed but americans who took to the streets are looking to express themselves by means other than motivational p. shirts and banners which as graphic as they are hardly convey the full message of the movement the demonstrators are spreading their own paper now called occupy wall street journal which details what they're unhappy with and makes it clear that they're not rooting for one particular party it also warns against quote political machines and their p.r. slick's taking control of the protest message one word to describe these ongoing protests from the beginning is frustration on their team shirts on cardboard on the backs of pizza boxes as we've seen people express that frustration but as the movement grows the ways of getting their message across also much more and as
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people here say this paper is just the beginning i'm going to check our reporting from washington are to. kind of please don't forget that you can always attract the developments in the and the wall street protests on our website www dot com here we are looking at the man pages here and you can also find out more first hand reports from lower manhattan expert opinion and a timeline of events all of that there for you twenty four seven is here don't go. through life knowing poverty and the. anger is by the country's waging phony as well cutting jobs and social spending and people across the globe rise up against their government's economic policies follow the worldwide action against austerity knives on our t.v. . we are coming to you live from the heart of moscow nato forces have extended the deadline for ethnic serbs in northern cause
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a vote to remove their barricades near the border with serbia they had earlier given them until monday to clear the roads or the peacekeepers warned they would do it themselves parties where if an option is at the border following developments for us. the clock is ticking for the serbs living in cos of a on tuesday the ultimatum passes for them to remove the barricades they erected on the main roads of this serve dominated north protesting against christian as attempt to set up customs in this area and to prevent cost of and police officers and custom officers and officials from reaching the checkpoints at the northern border with serbia but we haven't seen any sign of the removal walk so far the roadblocks are still there where they've been for the last two months and tensions are boiling as people are getting more and more exhausted and aggressive we are now in the city of maturity in kosovo it's divided into serbian north and the old ben and south the tories bridge over the eva river that you can see behind me where the
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separation line lies is currently blocked on the serbian side i hope you can see piles of rubble behind me. vehicles coming from the o'bannon side cannot pass here the deadline to take away these barricades as well as others there are around ten of them erected throughout kosovo was announced by the kosovo peacekeeping force known as a k for all saturday it's come under general druce met with the mayors of four northern kosovo towns claiming k four need these roads as it needs access for its troops in the north it's currently transporting its soldiers and delivering food fuel and water for those of them stationed in the northern part of kosovo by helicopters which is a very expensive means of travel last month some of the barricades. resulted in violence peacekeepers used rubber bullets and tear gas against the serbs since
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kosovo unilaterally proclaimed its independence from serbia in two thousand and eight relations between serbs and albanians live in this region have been tough but following this recent. the northern part of course of a mostly populated by serbs relations between the two ethnic groups have only deteriorated and deteriorated dramatically the circumstances are right now very complicated and what may look peaceful for now could explode at any time. i was reporting right there well on our website you can get evolve with us right now or you can give us your thoughts on who's to blame for the conflict on cause of those northern border check out the stats right now at r.t. dot com we have a look now over half of you are putting the blame on washington for boosting cause of those independents about twenty nine percent accuse belgrade of not protecting cause of our service eleven percent say the e.u. can't keep things in order and eight percent think allows the prosecution of so
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your voice now the balance on our home page and our two dollars. and still ahead for you here we talk to serbia's chief negotiator because of you can hear is our interview in about twenty minutes time he believes it's impossible to resolve the situation the way the pristina wants to. right now what christina did was a one sided attempt to change the reality on the ground which is against all the agreements before and it's against security council resolution for forty four it's against the mandate of hewlett's it's again six points point by the bank you move which was supported by the security council so what they did is actually they try to wait make a one sided step so later they can say it's a factor completely and now we should be able should it's not acceptable for us it's not acceptable for the serbs who live here in the north because the north has its own reality it's really specific it's exclusive in many ways so people here are
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ethnically moderate and they're united in their leaning towards the inner serbian and no we did there are differences media other parts of also look we should have a new fresh attempt to resolve the situation in those gates and to find agreement how those gates will look like who will actually have a chance to manage those gates and by what rules. our twelve minutes past the hour here in moscow you with artsy arab league countries have called on the syrian government to start negotiations with the countries opposition the group also decided not to suspend syria as a member and follows a promise from president assad to draft a new constitution within four months and allow a multi-party parliament key demands of protesters but authorities it's silly are found out in damascus for some this just isn't enough.
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cause for a change in the forms seven months ago. one of those calls is to create a real pluralistic political system since nine hundred seventy two politics was only open to parties that acknowledged the supreme rule of the ruling baath party and joined his coalition analogous for bashar al assad issued a decree passing the multi-party law. for designers. dean this is the moment he has been waiting for the chance to add a new voice to syrian politics. we're applying to become a political party so we can be more effective we can influence parliament access and help create laws defend them and this is the new law allows parties that are open to all syrians regardless of ethnicity and religion and are not affiliated with organizations outside of syria but the newly formed internal opposition the national coordination council or n.c.c. will not participate it's not about us not wanting to participate it's about them not being serious about these reforms there's no environment for dialogue the
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violence must stop political prisoners must be released even though they passed the multi-party law and will draw up a new constitution they do all that under their conditions and in recent deadly clashes in cities like understand and live the president appointed a committee to draft a new constitution within four months one sticking point is article eight which states that we bath party is the leader of the state and society the opposition argues this undermines the essence of multiple parties you know some some people in the in the party leadership have come to the conclusion that article eight and more dangerous articles in the constitution that article eight are going to be under review we shall have almost a new constitution where a new multi-party system will be achieved without any difficulties perhaps change is coming to syria but the street protests and violence clashes have been dragging on for months some that they will not stop until bashar al assad steps down so is
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it simply too little too late. meetings like this happen on a daily basis from the national development party out there in the fire stage of the application process of becoming an official party here in syria well after a decade of listening to promises of reform they now feel that the sky. be real let me set for us are still you are to damascus syria. all right now we're turning our attention to that of libya where revolutionary forces have reportedly taken over bani walid fighting still continuing in the area it's one of the last areas still loyal to the ousted leader moammar gadhafi and a syrian it t.v. station which supports libya's old regime has confirmed the khadafi youngest son khamis was killed during fighting in august meanwhile fighting continues in the colonel's hometown of sirte seen as the last obstacle for the new authorities to declare the country liberated and push on with elections in the. red cross
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spokesperson based in tripoli told us there are serious concerns about the civilian cost of taking side. our we do apologize here on r t some technical difficulties there will get that iraq to fight in the immediate future now we do have up to date stories and comment and videos on our website dot com here are some of the items are waiting for you there right now twenty four seven this is kind of gives new meaning to hot chicks by the place become one. after being literally swamped with boiling water almost five hundred people were inside. and a deadly game follow the story of a russian double agent who played ball with british intelligence new details of alexander litvinenko death.
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seventeen minutes past the hour here in moscow israel's foreign minister says there's no need to mediate his country's conflict with the palestinians in an interview the daughter lieberman said that relations between the two don't need help from the middle east quartet made out made up of russia and the u.s. the e.u. and the un but the jerusalem post columnist jeff barak says it has been proven that international help is essential. parsing in this world if it is ever going to be solved will be solved under an international umbrella of course mr lieberman is right in the ideal situation would be nothing better than fisheries and the policy means to sit down together and reach a peace agreement between the two of them without the need for international mediation unfortunately however history has shown that this isn't going to be the case and in fact whenever israel has made
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a peace agreement with another arab country the international community in particular of course the united states has been very much behind that if negotiations if you look for example a peace really gyptian peace accord although the initial contacts were made between israeli and egyptians it needed the camp david summit and the work of president carter to finalize the deal and in the case of the palestinians or initial contacts between is on the palestinians back at the beginning of the also calls were conducted through secret israeli palestinian charles to get them to any stage towards an agreement needs an international commitment particular as far as israel's concerned with the united states backing israel wants american backing for its security needs the palestinians on the other hand want to know that they have the backing of the arab world to make the compromises that they'll have to make if there ever is to be a peace agreement between the two sides. meanwhile the historical prisoner swap between israel and hamas faces scrutiny the israeli high court is
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a hero for petitions against the swap of a thousand palestinians in exchange for israeli soldier gilad shalit they've been filed by an organization representing the families of israelis killed or wounded in palestinian militia attacks they want the list of prisoners scrutinized if the deal does go ahead half of the palestinians will be released on tuesday while the rest will be freed in december and gilad schalit is expected to be returned home during the first phase of the swap. salvage crews have resumed pumping oil that has been leaking from a ship stuck on a reef just off the northern new zealand coast the operation is complicated by the ship's deteriorating condition and fears it could just fall apart an estimated three hundred fifty tons of oil have already spilled into the open sea causing the country's worst ever maritime environmental disaster the vessel will run aground two weeks ago bad weather halted attempts to pump out.
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thailand continues battling its worst flooding in half a century with waters putting the capital bank called at risk heavy downpours and overflowing rivers have led to the evacuation of the country's key industrial area it's now raising fears over up to two hundred thousand people may be losing their jobs the tragedy has already claimed over three hundred lives the government says the damage and losses could total three billion u.s. dollars. parents of children in russia who have a debilitating genetic disorder have another battle to fight access to the treatment that could prolong their young ones lives as a boy reports the medicine is available in russia but just not for everyone. for most parents there is hardly anything more sickening than seeing their child in a hospital bad but not for exxon or average drop the trance through these i.v. line outs to her hold her son will have a chance in life very few people believed would find the money yet somewhere deep
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down i think i knew that everything will be fine. one bottle of this drug costs more than exxon is husband makes in the year and their seven year old boy needs full bottles each month diagnosed with hunter syndrome a crucial amazon that house channel toxins out of his body there's no cure but with the treatment that's available the sions can leave well into their thirties and beyond the eight years without this therapy have already damaged his organs but now we have hope of not only stemming the negative symptoms but also reversing some of them they're all region a very perilous family leaves isn't in poverty subsidized area in central russia the only other patient here with conscious syndrome died earlier this year after his mother's frantic search for funds someone who was at the funeral says he drove their decision to move to a treatment providing when it's the policy rather than count on the generosity of
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the local administration but now that they're real region is on board she's terrified that her relocation idea will strike other unfortunate families the local authorities have rather over one million years dollars to buy drugs for peta richard last till the end of next year this is a huge lifesaving news for the boys' parents and friends doctors but they get very reluctant to talk about that they're not superstitious this simply afraid the parents of children with the same condition from the last generous regions of russia tried to move their kids here and in russia the hunter syndrome is still is it called low. what is cancer on the continuing treatment the pair the gravy on the number of children for completing. since the city of moscow started providing treatment for this rare condition a few years ago the number of patients has tripled mainly through migration and it
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will continue to rise cessna's on the meat you know unless russia introduces countrywide coverage for hunter syndrome his son was the first in russia to get the drug she believes all six children should be entitled to it regardless of where they happen to be born. i was lucky to live in a city that agreed to take care of my child but cringe every time i have to talk to mother whose baby is denied the treatment i do realize that i love my child costs a lot but who didn't choose the syllabus if we could we would definitely have something cheaper. an hour after the procedure paid he is beaming with energy a fan of action figures shows me his favorite hero. i love him because he is strong he can take down all the monsters he goes on to model it in clay at one point he's plus the sun hero falls flat on his back but it is quick to prop it up the kind of
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reaction many parents dealing with hunter syndrome still waiting to get from their country it's not going to aren't see a real region in central russia. twenty four minutes past the hour here in the russian capital do stick around it's now here with the press. has owned a very warm welcome to the business update. for tax amendments on deals with its subsidiaries russia's divided us to reports that gazprom has asked prime minister putin not to apply the new transfer pricing law to its subsidiaries the head of gas from alexa minnesota's the new rules which will come into force next year increase price for a few risks it would also jeopardize gas pumps investment program and reduce its market capitalization prime minister putin has ordered the financial fortunes to decline to decide on the proposal by the end of the week. and russia's web search major yandex to stimming up with korean electronics make us some soon the companies
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have announced a strategic partnership throughout the c.i.s. countries some soon t.v. sets will feature and built yandex widget which gives internet access through the company's online services including web search gather futures will also be available on some smartphones in the near future in those countries that's not a quick look in the markets one has slipped from its highest point in a month as germany criticized hopes for a swift resolution to europe's debt crisis as unrealistic branch's losing twenty three cents to trade at just under one hundred twelve dollars per barrel lights would as little changed at eighty seven dollars per barrel. and european stocks have raised gains with germany's debt slipping marginally into the red that's also a german spokesman from the government says european leaders will not provide a quick and to the debt crisis at their meeting next weekend london's sea is home to percent higher. and in russia stops are heading for the biggest drop in four
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days bearing last week's gains investors are reaching for the sell button as their confidence in a european solution to the debt crisis to. client in turn that threatening world to mine demand let's not have a chapel some other individual show moves in the my six parabolic is among a few gainers on the my six with shares up over half a percent in the mining sector for the metal is on the rise as the company has started a row show for an additional share issue after it got a listing in london. is in the negative territory after a trip ordered a twenty two percent decline in fast off net profit. russian car dealer independence is weighing up plans for a stock exchange listing next year commerce and daily reports the sale will be run by alpha group which took a stake in the company four years ago fifteen investment banks are reportedly looking over proposals but analysts warned the timing might not be right with market volatility and sluggish industry part of the company's valued at around
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seven hundred million dollars. unilever is stepping up investment program in russia while the company is going to spend fifteen minutes dollars on a new food plant near moscow last week you deliver and also the purchase of russia's leading cosmetics make a clean up with a forty five percent share price premium while the company's president in russia says new acquisitions could follow the desired intention to continue to invest wrongly over here to grow both sides of our business our business as well as groups and we intend to do that through of course gaining share in our existing categories and ensuring that we have very strong levers of all that it dropped. that's all for the solid state you're in for the headlines next with.
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from the days of the manhattan project in one thousand forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of its provision and scientists and their relationship to the versity you see since day one has been in charge of
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researching designing and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single on nuclear weapon inside a as arsenal was designed by university of california. we don't warm go. to university of california who was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists to leave their versity positions. if. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the schools sever ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program.
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you with your headlines now still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum amid criticism the us media has failed to explain what's really driving americans to the streets. nato forces in northern kosovo extend the deadline by one day to remove their barricades near border checkpoints threatening to do it themselves. the arab league decides not to suspend syria instead calling for negotiations in the country after president assad promised and you constitution and.


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