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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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elections. all right now and next hour we talk to serbia's chief negotiator on how to end what's being called a test of nerves in the northern coast of. we're joined now by the fan of that great chief negotiator with prishtina thank you very much for joining us thank you and despite heavy warnings from belgrade because they government went ahead with the mace to take these teachers the border crossings. between belgrade and pristina well this is a serious. incident in a serious step back in a long. road to formalisation off our relationship with christina and of course that normalization. doesn't mean by any way our recognition of the dependence of course so we believe that the only way through
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a dialogue or actually to an agreement how these two crossings to beats will look like right now what christina did was a one sided attempt to change the reality on the ground which is against will be removed before and it's against security council resolution for all forty four it's against the mandate a few months ago six point plan by ban ki-moon which was supported by security council and that six point plan by bank you most certainly general you want. states to do to those two gates should be different the others indeed they should have only international customs presence and the revenues collected should be used only for a municipality it's going to so what they did is actually they try to weigh it make a one sided step they can see it's effect accompli and now we should be able should it's not acceptable for us it's not acceptable for the serbs who live here in the north because the north has its own reality it's really specific it's exclusive in
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many ways so people here are ethnically manali it and they are united in their leaning toward serbia. and no we did there are differences we do our other parts of course we should have a new fresh. attempt to resolve the situation in those gates and to find agreement how those gates will look like who will actually have a chance to manage those gates and by what's rules what they did is you know absolutely unacceptable for us if the chief negotiator said he'd tell us a bit about what was said but based sites and why because they got in and went ahead with the mate as they did because they wanted to first of all they had support from some parts of the international community is ulick's assisted them in this attempt and they breached their own mandate they breached resolution from forty four they breached their status neutral position toward kosovo and serbia and we are really dissatisfied with the small so far we have achieved several
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agreements with prishtina freedom of movement baster civil registry and customs terms. these are all important issues for the everyday life for people who live here we manage to find solutions that are status neutral that are not pushing any of our sides to recognize each other or to recognize position on the status of the other side our agreement on the second of september in brussels had only one result we agreed on to the sign of the customs stamp and the company custom documentation they are both now status neutral it will enable serbia to export to course freely and of course so will. serbia because of course always part of serbia and normalize trade between two entities but it's not about the north the north is different and there was never any talks about implementation in the north or regulating two
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gates in the north can you describe that bit more about the importance of the status quo things for the ethnic that population and the north because there is attempt to create border between the serbian cause there cannot be. be a boarder especially in areas in which we care majority of serbs leaving so there cannot be a border because it's. the second thing is that once you put across them officers then you will put a flag then you will put a coat of arms then you will put a so-called kosovo laws and then people who live here will be circled by something that looks like state they simply cannot accept so there has to be a different solution for the specific situation what. we call for an outcome that we will have a regulation of goods in the north but that's regulation is a status neutral it is without question the customs and then we can move on finding and managing revenue share and what laws will be employed it goes as well
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for the whole problem of the north we need to find a solution for the north that will be comparable and that would enable us. to keep our positions on the status of kosovo and basically that serbia is not pushed to a position to be blackmailed to recognize a so-called independence of course will because we will not do it and i have said that they were actually acting within the terms of the agreement that had already been reached with belgrade and they lying of course there are i think it's it was expected for them to say something like that they had an agreement but they had agreement with. they had agreement with k. four and united states probably to try to do what they did so there was no agreement in brussels concerning the gauge there was no agreement on implementation on the custom stamps agreed because implementation in the north cannot go one sidedly we simply have to have agreement this is exactly what they did apply some
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pressure. because some people said that that essentially strips belgrade and much of its ability to take decisive action when it comes to. would you say that that's the case i think it's obvious that we also want to normalize relationship we want to resolve problem of course or as a whole but we certainly cannot accept independence of kosovo or to support or to help the independence to be represented what they did those crossings is one of those attempts so we cannot participate and we cannot accept it so we have to find a way and by the way to it was agreement with european union that we do find a way that respects both sides position on the state this and the the other part of the agreement before we started our dialogue with prishtina was that neither of the sides will make a unilateral steps to change the reality on the ground so you see that breached
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these things already twice so this is what they are doing now is the game in which is somebody is trying to put serbs in the north in a position that they give up they simply. follow and follow the flow of the events like they did in the south i think it's not realistic as i said even if we as belgrade his government said that this is good people here are against it so we have two options one option is to leave things as they are reached in the lead to a really bad outcome and possible exult of the serbs from the north or we can try to help in keeping situation calm and actually paving the road toward a solution through the dialogue this is exactly what we are trying he said it again it say which side. no i think that the. optimistic and i think that soon we will have the opportunity to to use the format of a dialogue and to find some sort of
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a negotiated solution for those gates that's the only way out of the crisis because i don't think that anyone in the world can come to these people here in the north and tell them give up simply go home and. to leave an independent cause they will not do it so there has to be a way out in which preserves the view toward the status and we also preserve our view toward the status if that's not a good definition of a compromise then you tell me which one is ever recognize a space independence no but the point is that we will also not accept to participate by our approval in the building of this so-called independence so it's not the question of whether we will recognize we will not recognize the clarity independence of kosovo but we don't want to be part of. them to be so-called independent country but we are ready to take important really active part
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in actually regulating our relationship because we need to have a record c.v.a. between serbs and albanians and we need to have a solution that is a lasting solution because that's the only way to keep the peace in this part of the balkans thanks very much.
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if these are the images. can you.
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put. soon which brightened. the balance from phones to christians. muslims don't totty don't come. off. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls streets they have. leads in canceling
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your chance of a chance to set a good mood for example the status of the human experiment it's sitting well with let's see if we put this in this rap music would it goes to movies allegedly trying to make sense of global economy and it's all came towards us financial temples the research scrambling to maintain our confidence in markets and taking on the primitive wants to be seen trade imbalances rhesus cheap emissions close to collapsing of supply malone foreclosed homes people. to fail so we play banks again feel a little like think it's us crash and seven and smash the ceiling to inflame just like all the judges in athens three for the i.m.f. import strikes me i'm just program to increase the total economy. ok. wealthy british style. guys. car.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline used to. in two cars a report on r g.
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headlines on r t still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum amid criticism the us media has failed to explain what's really driving americans onto the streets. nato forces in northern cause a vote extended the deadline by one day for ethnic serbs to remove their barricades near the border checkpoints and threatening to do it themselves. the arab league decides not to suspend syria instead calling for negotiations in the country after president assad promised a new constitution and multi-party elections. are those are some of the headlines on this monday do stay with us kate is here with the sports.
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thank you for joining me for the latest for some day it is monday afternoon and these are the top stories. tragic crash british driver dan wheldon dies at thirty three already involving fifteen cars the last biggest indeed three hundred. now must win game injury playtex come also prepared to hit turkish side clubs and sport champions league match. three is the number on the murray on seats what you federer is the world number three top deceiving the trick of titles bangkok tokyo and shanghai. start there with the news of the tragic deaths of two time indy car champion dan weldon the surtees three year old englishman died after a riff it crashed during the last race of the season in las vegas fifteen cars were involved in the pileup off the drivers had expressed fears about the speed of the
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track. at the back of the pack out it was working its way through the thirty four on field but just minutes into the race to cause touched wheldon couldn't avoid the pileup which was devastating two cars were airborne including weldon's which flew over another vehicle and landed in the catchments as you can see at the top of your screen during practice drivers had raised concerns about the pace of the last vegas track called speeds topping three hundred sixty kilometers per hour and this crash took nearly coughs the calls well one was airlifted to hospital but died from his injuries two hours later the race was counseled by drive this returned to the track to give a five tribute to the driver. from england to america to follow his racing dream and won the indy five hundred for a second time in may he was also in line for a five million dollars payout if we'd won this race and fellow drivers have paid their respects. but this is
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a very just war at all. which was that every day in the normal life as well but. you know you don't think about it today or you have think about it. the last two. were my best friends or my great distinguish them. who were to say. football and stars go moscow will have to make do with a short bench in their vital champions league match on tuesday as north of the capital club's injured players will be fit in time for the home game against turkish side thrives on small well the likes of to college so that a sickly honda and things that are vast and going to shake off are still sidelined despite receiving training however the long injury list also takes its toll on those who are fit as many of them are also regulars dickau because russia scored tesco are rock bottom in group b. the single point in that game is so weak against clubs and sport is paramount and could give the army men a much sought after more all based on
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a disappointing to rest of tour draw at home to tackle on saturday. which is just as there was a lot of you don't forget matches like this one easily but next we face a very important task which is a must win game in the champions league so we have to raise our spirits and win on tuesday is the perfect way of doing that. now there was always football in the russian premier league rubin won three nil a time to spotlight moscow to gain a confidence boosting victory ahead of thursday's europa league clash that saw them well the winning design came despite a long injury list and has moved the home side up to six in the table go bang but the as men took the lead through christian about eight minutes the second half. was just four minutes later somebody was done said found himself on not in the box to make it to know and deep into stoppage time it was not joe finished off the resulting victory by adding a third streamlet finish to rybin for now just a point behind spot.
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charge at the table continues the moscow side and i for some reason ten man bottom side tome three millett to go eleven league games unbeaten since the arrival of manager jessica sara in july said he had every church open from the sports twenty minutes in the van allowing were sent off for second yellow cannot handle of minutes after the break wolf till. you need to secure it to wrap things up come to be held on three male and i just five points off the top spot. running ten to banish three one. open for the hosts just three minutes away. from the six measure which made it to know just before the hour. turn for making the boaster off the home side strain
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a la the quarter of an hour left wrist and that's the consolation of the injury time effort from gayle give the court what it was three useful points from comedy rise to eleventh but could that slip to seventh. and finally on sunday second bottom spot now to snatch a dramatic last minute equaliser to draw one one attention big spending country though the point does move the visitors back into the top eight. over england all smaller up to tense in the premier league after two on win at home to sunderland a double from robin van persie securing the win for vegas man elsewhere you can also offer full stop can you point against tottenham late equaliser that from substitute shows on the o.b. but you cited seem to drop while west from day to now let's hope in the black country darby three five to the relegation zone after twelve. will. show that it was a. choice to open medicare if it will show noise to. clean. if you vote
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for but still pretty. clean change which. is possible to have last year that also is another positive. last year when you actually promote which is a much better statistic if we. were to add to it. now there's been a target fulfilled for tennis player andy murray as the red hot scot has asked of roger federer as well number three mari achieving his goal for the season after clinching his third straight asian title in shanghai on sunday while it is for the first time in eight years that swiss master federer has been ranked outside the top three ruled something that can be deemed as an everyday were perhaps for federer is widely regarded as the best of all time super serve novak djokovic is the runaway leader with rafael nadal second. of the gulf and there were some finish on the p.g.a. tour where ben crane won the plastic but only after coming back from seven shots
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down with eleven holes to play to force a play off where he thinks webb simpson well crane producing a run of seven birdies to tie with simpson on fifteen under at the end of the final round so he went to a playoff simson well he looked to be in trouble on the first hole but produced a great effort after the sound like a shot and the pair went to a second extra hole there crane party for part to put some pressure on simpson. and he. he bottled it rushing for spots to get a prayin victory. and making headlines on the european soil was britain's twenty year old tom lewis the portugal masters was only his third toward it since turning professional but someone it took finishing two shots of rafael cup at a bellow norris had to grab the attention of the golfing world earlier this year at the open then he gets a sixty five the lowest round. over by an amateur at an event and is
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a pro athletes having very secure a full head of fans. and finally ice hockey where we continue our in-depth look at milan also assessed italian side preparing to join the continental hockey league and says roberts father now reports the milan plan is coming together nicely. for me to lease lower leagues to europe strongest one this will these young and hendrick players are now looking forward to meet milan are also blew the team which will enter the continental hockey league next season and rebrand the club having taken over five tourney telling champions the milan the viper in two thousand and eight the level of investment when a little bit down so we decided to re restart again three years ago in the second division and that was good because we made of the seven players than the six
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players and then last year we made the semifinal we end up in the first place however this year the club some big deal much higher gross a blue aiming to dance to the top domestic league as well as preparing for their deb you in the kid chill in twenty twelve first thing like life in the stars plays in culture and then you have a second team which plays in italian league prop level awfully top league and then we can maybe you know move the italian players back and forth so they can you know . learn better they can improve their quality and they can play with better players in terms of the level of current competition the middle east scored bridges closely it includes joint pillar kloden powerful canadian defenseman ryan constant along with italian stars the moslem a little ray and luke unsolder it's a safe bet they're all here for something more than just domestic affairs. next
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year we have to part two to enjoy to a charity and to rush into teams for i think is is a great opportunity for not just for milan by all the talent hockey and he told us that for next year they will have affiliations with k h l and there was maybe part of the reason for me coming to milan it's hard to predict the the mill knees will be competitive in europe stuff just league old arenas condon wait to see how good it is and supporting their idols. we will bring our italian lifestyle and then you could be sure. you would see people from even were watching games because they're really they're really sick for these games they will take holidays so maybe it's three or four games in the eastern europe they will do it you can be sure we could be five
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could be ten while there would be there and there would be noisy we are the you know a lot of people who are supposed to behave i would be flogged i feel nervous and blue and this is their family's connection i. i hope you can see heidi and all the russian friends i would hope i said i think you look at the face of i i. r t v learn easily i and as i was forced by fire.
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and. the moment of the coup the latest in science and technology from the ground force and. we've got the huge earth covered.
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still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum amid criticism of the u.s. media has failed to explain what's really driving americans onto the streets. and nato forces in northern cause of zero extended the deadline by one day for ethnics to remove their barricades and their border checkpoints under threatening to do it themselves. the arab league decides not to suspend syria instead calling for negotiations in the country after president assad promised a new constitution and out of a multi-party elections. their young lives hanging by a thread reports on the postcode lottery which means kids suffering a rare genetic disorder are left to die they live in the wrong.


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