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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the future coverage. still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum amid criticism of the u.s. media has failed to explain what's really driving americans onto the streets. of nato forces in northern cause of o. extending the deadline by one day for ethnic serbs to remove their barricades near border checkpoints under threatening to do it themselves. the arab league decides not to suspend syria instead calling for negotiations in the country after president assad promised a new constitution and out of a multi-party elections. their young lives by a thread the reports on the postcode lottery which means kids suffering
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a rare genetic disorder are left to die they live in the wrong place. and directs for investment in russia group like twenty percent in the first nine months of the when business in twenty minutes. is now at just after five pm on monday here in moscow this is with me will receive shock a defiant occupy wall street ami as valid so fight on against the grip of big business that's following a weekend of arrests and scuffles with police all across the us the movement that's now a month old is building widespread support on four continents and it's raised three hundred thousand dollars in funds. reports from its birthplace in new york. i'm here in zuccotti park which was the scene of a massive massive turnout of blocking my last three protesters over the weekend it
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was just one of the locations where protesters gather he stopped and residents and a number of people rallied together to march to times square where they have the courage to. sort of in some ration and call it carry with some of the other events that were taking place across all part of the occupy wall street movements now we've seen a lot of tense standoff but then why even york city police departments were out this weekend protesters have easily marched to times square where the changes that meet all that i was a part of was actually trapped by these barricades hands there and held for several hours crimea will black turn right or to get out we saw these officers on horseback nearly drowned all of a number of protesters we saw the third time streeters had ran over some protesters there was a total of ninety two large breasts as part of the occupy wall street gatherings
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over this weekend here in new york i witnessed several of them in one instance when we were in times square a number of protesters were sitting peacefully they were taken by these my arms while i'm going onto the ground and i am concentrated in a way we saw a number of protesters arrested quietly while they were watching sometimes where we were trying to film what was going on and despite us saying that we are press we're sitting here to cover the events being pushed back on superman stating that he is a high tech strobe lights that blinds the cameras that are i'm able to film any. serious visuals the bulls actually going on which was unprecedented in flying experience here to date meanwhile while these events were happening here i mean for the protests continue to grow across the country here in the united states and chicago there were several thousand protesters that have turned out that are on trend that were. apart pressed by their cost her breasts art and arts times
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three zero. zero zero zero it's. what i get here and are. not a solution reported right that protesters across the u.s. are also voicing their anger the government for putting corporate concerns above those of citizens and say this point is being missed in much of the country's main stream media so activists are getting creative to have forces so he's got a nature can explain. their discontent. for us. and graphic thousands of americans have resorted to banners and t. shirts to get their message across that a frustration with what they see is the government acting on behalf of big corporations rather than the people message which the protesters say their media failed to deliver the media feels like these kinds of events don't deserve coverage sometimes all you get when you do something this is
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a photograph and so it's very important for the message to be seen those symbols oftentimes henryk messages that people carry on their chests and often being subject to mockery what is the sign occupy wall street protests most of the five people that. i would talk about is that i mean. it seems the only fault of these people is presented in the american media is that they don't all have a degree in economics and finances and are not able to explain their grievances in professional economies terms various groups in poland to cheer the end of the greatest system known to man and replace it with what who cares let's nap the protests there was to your mind was that when you ask people who were on street what they want they don't know actually took place over the last thirty years with regards to national debt. and the system generally all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the
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media and people on wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you know you don't get what happened but the american people know that they've got a close watch their jobs they've seen them offshore to china they watch their houses a source brought up at all prices that are collapsed and people are saying you know what i know that i've got screwed by all of this but i don't know how i got screwed but americans who took to the streets are looking to express themselves by needs other than motivational piece written banners which as graphic as they are hardly convey the full message of the movement the demonstrators are spreading their own paper now called occupied wall street journal which details with their unhappy with and makes it clear that they are not rooting for one particular party it also works against political machines and their p.r. slick's taking control of the protest message one word to describe these ongoing
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protests from the beginning is frustrated on their t. shirts on cardboard on the backs of pizza boxes as we've seen people express their frustration because the movement grows the ways of getting their message across also mature and as people here say this paper is just the beginning i'm going to check our reporting for martial arts. and i forget that you can always track the developments in the anti wall street protests on our web site alex or you dot com you can also find more first hand reports from lower manhattan where expert opinion as you can see here a lot bigger timeline of events right here of course of the main page artsy talk column available for you twenty four seventh's. structures like growing poverty and some of. the anger is why there are countries waiting for you as well cutting jobs and social spending people across the globe rise up against their governments make konami policies follow the worldwide action
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against austerity live on our t.v. . we are coming to you live from the heart of moscow now nato forces have extended the deadline for ethnic serbs in northern cause a vote to remove their barricades near the border with serbia and they had earlier given them until monday to clear the roads or the peacekeepers warned they would do it themselves. or is at the border following developments for us. the clock is ticking for the serbs living in kosovo on tuesday the ultimatum passes for them to remove the barricades they erected on the main roads of this serve dominated north protesting against christian is attempt to set a customs in this area and to prevent cost of and police officers and custom officers and officials from reaching the checkpoints at the northern border with which we haven't seen any sign of the removal work so far the roadblocks are still there where they've been for the last two months and tensions are boiling as people
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are getting more and more exhausted and aggressive we're now in the city of maturity in kosovo it's divided into serbian north and the old ben and south in the tourist bridge over the eagle river that you can see behind me where this suppuration line lies is currently blocked on the serbian site i hope you can see house of stones and rubble behind me. because coming from the ovarian side cannot pass here that line to take away these very case as well as others there are around ten of them erected throughout kosovo was announced by the course of a peacekeeping force known as k. for all saturday its commander general druce met with the mayors of four northern course of a towns claiming k. four need these roads as it needs axes for its troops in the north it's currently transporting its soldiers and delivering food few i'm water photos of them
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stationed in the northern part of kosovo by helicopters which is a very expensive means of travel last month the barricades. resulted in violence peacekeepers used rubber bullets and tear gas against the serbs since the course of unilaterally proclaimed its independence from serbia in two thousand and eight relations between serbs and albanians leaving in this region have been tough but following this this recent. huge in the northern part of kosovo mostly populated by serbs relations between the two ethnic groups have only deteriorated and deteriorated dramatically the circumstances are right now very complicated and what may look peaceful for now could explode at any time. it's not it's more of an option right there where you can get involved with this story on our website we are looking for your thoughts on who's to blame for the conflict on cause of those northern border bring up the numbers right now here your votes are stacking up but
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also you dot com over half of you put the blame on washington for boosting cause of those independents twenty two percent accuse belgrade of not protecting cause a vast serbs ten percent say the e.u. can't keep things in order and five percent think christina allows the prosecution of sobs at your voice enough of the ballots on the home page of artsy dot. i don't next hour we talk to serbia's chief negotiator with cause of what he believes the ethnic specifics of the north of cause of i mean a special scenario must be implemented to resolve the tension. right now with krishna did was a one sided attempt to change the reality on the ground which is against all the agreements before and it's against security council resolution for all forty four it's against mainly to fuel loads it's again six points point by the bank you move which was supported by the security council so what they did is actually they try to weight me on one side it's there some way to they can see it's
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a matter of now we should. accept this he said for the serbs who live here in the north because the north has its own reality it's really specific it's exclusive in many ways so people here are ethnically moderate and they're united in their leaving serbia. and you know we did there are differences there are other parts of the same issue kind of a new fresh attempt to resolve the situation in those gates and to find agreement how those gates will look like who will actually have a chance to manage those gates and by what rules. in about ten minutes time it's the business here in artsy but for now arab league countries of. called on the syrian government to start negotiations with the country's opposition group also decided not to suspend syria as a member follows a promise from president assad to draft
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a new constitution within four months and allow a multi-party parliament key demands of the protesters but it's not easy as our silly i found out for us in damascus for some this just isn't enough. cause to change in the forms seven months in. one of those calls is to create a real pluralistic political system since nine hundred seventy two politics is only open to parties that acknowledged the supreme rule of the ruling baath party enjoyed a schoolish and analysis for bashar al assad issued a decree passing the multi-party law. for zahra sighed al-din this is a moment he has been waiting for the chance of a new voice to syrian politics. we're applying to become a political party so we can be more effective we can influence parliament access and help create laws defend our stand ministers as the new law allows parties that are open to all syrians regardless of ethnicity and religion and are not affiliated
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with organizations outside of syria that the newly formed internal opposition the national coordination council or m.c.c. will not participate it's not about us not wanting to participate it's about them not being serious about these reforms there's no environment for dialogue the violence must stop political prisoners must be released even though they passed a multi-party law and will draw up a new constitution they do all that under their conditions and in recent deadly clashes in cities like oliver stone and it led the president appointed a committee to draft a new constitution within four months one sticking point is article eight which states that the bath party is the leader of the state and society the opposition argues this undermines the essence of multiple parties you know some some people in the in the party leadership have come to the conclusion that article eight and more been generous articles in the constitution that article are born to be under review
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we should have almost a new constitution we're in a new multi-party system will be achieved without any difficulties perhaps change is coming to syria but the street protests and violent clashes have been dragging on for months some vowing they will not stop until bashar al assad steps down so is it simply too little too late. meetings like this happening on a daily basis for years the national development party is now there in the final stages of the application process of becoming an official little party here in syria well after a decade of listening to promises of reform they. now feel that this could be feels like me such a thing for us our silly hour to damascus syria though as we come to you live from moscow we have our up to date stories comment on videos on our web site just a few of the items for you there right now of course twenty four seventh's have a look here at this club was full of hot young things and the place became one huge sauna after being swamped with boiling water and almost five hundred people were
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inside. and deadly game follow the story of a russian a double agent who played ball with british intelligence and new details of alexander litvinenko that are emerging. israel's foreign minister has lashed out of international policy towards the middle east peace process this in an interview to a russian news agency i think dora lieberman said israel's relations with the palestinians are a matter for the two sides and the middle east quartet made up made up of russia the u.s. the e.u. and the un are just not needed to discuss that and more i'm joined now by larry derfner a journalist and blogger joining us live from tel aviv and i thank you for coming
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on the program today so is lieberman of rights i mean can be israeli palestinian conflict be resolved with no international mediation. no is the wrong it cannot be resolved without international mediation the problem is that it can't be resolved right now it can't be resolved with international mediation either because international mediation is finally taking its lead from the united states and the united states is taking its lead from pre-election public opinion which is very palestinian and at the muslim very pro israel because israel is against stands against the same enemy that america has and so america is beholden to this exaggeratedly pro israel and the palestinian attitude and we're america goes the quartet goes so international mediation at least until the election in america is pointless and it can't help. but to think that
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israel can solve the problem with out international mediation is also impossible but it's too lieberman's liking because lieberman does not want to solve the problem he doesn't want any interference when he went for you and when you talk about leaving as it is not wanting not wanting to come to be solved i mean that there's been no major breakthrough in the mideast peace process in years israel continues to build settlements on the west bank and how much is israel even bought about finding a solution. not very much that's very much lieberman those stands with the with the general consensus i think i think most israelis would like to obviously would like to solve the problem but very few israelis are ready to pay the price that's necessary as far as i'm concerned as far as most of the world is concerned and certainly lieberman is certainly lieberman is to the right of the israeli consensus of all israelis the lieberman is one of the least willing to make a deal so let's let's turn our attention now from the mideast conflict and we say
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that's about of some of the comments from lieberman lieberman saying that israel would not rule out military strikes against iran do you think this could happen in the near future. i think i think it's possible. you know i'm not ready to say i think it's going to happen i think it's not going to happen i think unfortunately again because of the weakness of the obama administration against the nets and you know in israel and because of obama being constricted running into an election i think that israel has a somewhat freer hand to do what it wants to do. whether you know with the moment of truth if and when the moment of truth comes and israel has decided to either strike iran's nuclear facilities or let iran gold nuclear at that point it's very difficult to say i hope i certainly hope that israel will not strike iran i think
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lieberman obviously would like israel to strike iran the good thing if there is a saving grace or i don't think it lieberman really has that much influence in the the councils of power in the high level decision making is what he may know it is not about who following the counsel of decision making but he certainly is a high leading member here of the government i believe in his calling for iran to be fully isolated and he wants more sanctions imposed on the country just days ago actually we saw this happening with the obama administration saying that iran must pay for this alleged assassination plot to go off with the saudi ambassador in the u.s. bearing in mind what we saw with the hour of swearing over much of this year do you think is is israel trying to stir things up in iraq to force an uprising. i think it's a force of our pride i think that's that's that's a bridge too far i don't know that anybody can force an uprising i think a lot i think i think most of the world myself included would love to see an
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uprising in iraq against oxygen didn't jive with rulers certainly always really is all or all americans all westerners most the people on earth would like to see that can be done i don't think anybody thinks it can be done when israel tried to do it that's a huge project i think that i don't know i wouldn't i don't see that israel is is as some here have you tried to to lead the uprising performance of the uprising you do it's too big a job. service or that's all the time we have for today but thank you very much for coming on the program. parents of children in russia who have a debilitating genetic disorder another battle to fight out of access to the treatment that can prolong their young ones lives as i see it oksana boyko reports that medicine is available in russia but just not for everyone. and most parents there is hardly anything more sickening and seeing their child in a hospital that but not for exxon or every drop the transfer of these i.v.
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line outs to her hold get her son peter will have a chance in life very few people believed he would find the money somewhere deep down i think i knew that everything will be fine. one bottle of this drug costs more than exxon is husband makes in a year and their seven year old boy needs four bottles each month diagnosed with hunter syndrome pedia lax and crucial and zandi at how to channel toxins out of his body there is no cure but with the treatment that have billable patients can leave well until death thirty six and beyond the eight years without his therapy have already damaged his organs but now we have hope of not only stemming the negative symptoms but also reversing some of them. they're all region of repeaters families is an impoverished subsidized area in central russia the only other patient here with hunches syndrome died earlier this year after his mother's frantic search for funds son who was at the funeral says he drove their decision to move to
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a treatment providing when is the pallet rather than count on the generosity of the local administration but now did their real region is a war she's terrified that her relocation idea will strike other unfortunate families the local authorities have rather over one million dollars to buy drugs for peter it should last till the end of that year this is a huge loss for the boy's parents and friends doctors but that very reluctant to talk about that they're not superstitious think we're fraid the parents of children same condition from generous regions of russia tried to move their kids here and in russia the hunter thing is still is difficult lottery support is chances and continue treatment by the green deal on the number of children from completing grants since the city of moscow started providing treatment for this rare condition
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a few years ago the number of patients has tripled mainly through migration and it will continue to rise. unless russia introduces countrywide coverage for huntress and her son was the first in russia to get the drug she believes all six children should be entitled to it regardless of where they happen to be born. i was lucky to live in the city that agreed to take care of my child which cringe every time i have to talk to mother whose baby is denied the treatment i do realize that the life of my child costs a lot but you didn't choose the soon as if we could we would definitely have something cheaper. so an hour after the procedure here he is gleaming with energy a plan of action figures he shows me his favorite hero you think you are not him because he is strong he can take down all the monsters he goes on to model it in cali at one point he's plasticine and hero falls flat on his that i'm very pleased
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week to prop it up because of reaction many parents dealing with hunter syndrome still waiting to get from their country and some of my car and see a real region in central russia or a just a few minutes or here or why you should think twice before living your life meanwhile first the business with. folks story very well welcome to the business update foreign direct investments into russia have grown twenty percent so far this year the results have been outlined by russia's prime minister vladimir putin it's a meeting of the forgotten vestment advisory council archies my view of course or has the details. this is an opportunity to review the success of foreign investment in russia as well as brains so how to improve the climate and in order to do that
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it's importance of consider where russia stands internationally how it's perceived versus now it really is and what reforms and that's what sanctions what that the country russia has a double its a track in the sport in the last six years getting thirty seven billion dollars of foreign direct investments in two thousand and seven which made it one of nerves top ten destinations financially and that's just you say there and courage but russia's rather domestic market but are still concerned with the lack of transparency in the political legislative and misfits of and firemen's now they want the governments make it easier for their suit impasse here they mention the migration policy the customs union and taxes all areas that still need some more work to be done dozens of recommendations were handed over to foreign minister vladimir putin and he answers promised not to speed up the process of modernization and that was the case of the economy that's also simplify bureaucratic procedures
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and lower end minutes or so to bury here such track more investment you know what you can we are getting ready to start the common economic zone of russia belarus and kazakstan next year this deeper integration will allow us coordinate currency policy unified customs rules and he's gear up for saying we will continue to support both domestic and foreign investors improve the business climate and seek a substantial increase in investment activity we will not only have to get inside that this year the russian economy won't make up for the loss during the financial crisis he pointed out that happens off my remains an issue but there's only one way out and massive develop the domestic market book investors here said that there remains optimistic about russia's future and the majority of them believe that russia will become more attractive for the company in the next three years and. more than happy are already considering expanding their operations. on stocks have a raised gains with the debt slipping into the red point three percent that's as
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a german government spokesman said european leaders will not provide a quick ending to the debt crisis at their meeting next week and london since it is the temple of the sentai amp. and in russia stocks are heading for their first drop in four days bearing last week's gains but it's just reaching for the sell button as their confidence in the european solution to the debt crisis declines in turn that's threatening world amount now have a check on some of the individual share moves on the might so it's going it is among the few gainers on the miser it's worth shares of point seven percent in the mining sector full imaginal is on the rise as the company has started the rock show for an additional share issue after it got a listing in london and go is in the negative territory after a trip ordered a twenty two percent decline in the buttstock net profit. so we have time for know your to date for more stories check our website archie dot com slash business .
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in two thousand and ten a special economic zone for industrial production was established in russia's smaller region with a total area of six hundred sixty effect as. its investors are granted exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property lands and transport taxes as well as an income .


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