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yes libyan skies. historical. culture in the city. schools malls. as a good. strength for this to tropicana hutto. if you're just joining us a very well this is our blog for your headlines now still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum all amid criticism that the u.s. media has failed to explain what's really driving americans on the streets. of nato forces in northern cause of the deadline by one day. to remove their barricades and the border checkpoints are going to do it themselves. the arab league decides not to suspend syria. in the country after president assad promised
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a new constitution and multi party. stay with us here in our. chief negotiator on how to end what's being called a test of nerves cause of you watching. we're joined now by the founder of it though great chief negotiator with prishtina thank you very much for joining us thank you and despite heavy warnings from belgrade because they government went ahead with the means to take control of these t. just east of border crossings how far is that back relations between the great and christina well this is a serious. incident in a serious step back in a long. road to formalisation off our relationship with prishtina and of course
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the normalization. doesn't mean by any way our recognition of the dependence of course so we believe that the only way alters through a dialogue or actually to an agreement how these two crossing still beats will look like closer right now with krishna do was the one side of the temple change the reality on the ground which is against all the agreements before and it's against security council resolution for forty four it's against mainly to a few months ago six point plan by donkey move which was supported by security policy and that six point plan by bunking new secretary general of the one. state to those two gates should be different from the others and they should have only international custom presents and the revenues collected should be used only for a municipality it's going to so what they did is actually they try to wait make a one sided step so later they can see it's effect a complete and now we should negotiate it's not acceptable for us it's not acceptable for the serbs who live here in the north because the north has its own
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reality it's really specific it's exclusive in many ways so people here are ethnically monoliths and they are united in their leaning toward you know serbia. and knowing that there are differences we do our other parts of course or we should have a new fresh. i temped to resolve the situation in those gates and to find agreement how those gates will look like who will actually have a chance to manage those gates and buy more troops what they did is absolutely unacceptable for us in the teeth make a shape that you can disagree about i pay sites and why because they government went ahead and made as they did because they wanted to first of all they had support from some parts of the international community ulick's assisted her base attempt and they breached their own mandate they reached resolution for forty four they breached their status neutral position toward kosovo and serbia and we are
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really dissatisfied we do small so far we have achieved several agreements with prishtina freedom of movement baster civil registry and customs stamps. these are all important issues for the everyday life for people who live here we manage to find solutions that are status neutral that are not pushing any of our sides to recognize each other or to recognize position on the status of the other side our agreement on the second of september in brussels had only one result we agreed on the design of the customs stamp and the company custom documentation they are both now status neutral if you will enable serbia to export to cost of goods freely and of course a war to serbia because course was part of serbia and we will have a normalized trade between two entities but it's not the north the north is
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different and there was never any talks about implementation in the north or regulating two gates in the north and you described a bit more about the importance of east it's a political thing for the ethnic that population and they know it because there is a term to create the border between the serbian cause there cannot. border especially in areas in which we can majority of serbs leaving so there cannot be a border because it's. the second thing is that once you put across them officers then you will put a flag then you will put a coat of arms then you will put a so-called possible laws and then people who live here will be circled by something that looks like. they simply cannot accept so there has to be a different solution for the specific situation what. we call for an outcome that will have a regulation or flow of goods in the north but that regulation is
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a status neutral it is made of course in the customs and then we can move on finding and managing revenue share and what laws will be employed it goes as well for the whole problem of the north we need to find a solution for them or that will. be a compromise. that would enable us. to keep our positions on the status of kosovo and basically that serbia is not a position to be blackmailed to recognize a so-called independence of course because we were not doing fifteen it said that they were actually acting within the times of the agreement that had already been reached with belgrade. of course there are i think it was expected from them to say something like that they cared an agreement but they had agreement with you lace they had agreement with k. four in the united states probably to try to do what they did so there was no agreement in brussels concerning the gauge there was no agreement on implementation
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on the custom step surgery because implementation in the north cannot go one sidedly we simply have to have agreement this is exactly what they did. and some people say that essentially street style great and much of its ability to take decisive action when it comes to. how would you say that that's the case i think it's obvious that we also want to normalize relationship we want to resolve problem of course or as a whole but we certainly cannot accept independence of kosovo or to support or to help the city independence to be represented what they did those crossings this one of those attempts so we cannot participate and we cannot accept it so we have to find a way and by the way it was agreement with european union that we do find a way that respects both sides position on the state this and the the other part of the agreement before we started our dialogue with pristina was that neither of the
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sides will make unilateral steps to change reality on the ground so you see that prishtina breached these things already twice so this is what they are doing now is the game in which is somebody is trying to put serbs in the north you know position the big give up be simply. follow and follow the flow of the events like they did in the south i think it's not realistic as i said even if we as belgrade is governments said that this is good people here are against it so we have two options one option is to leave things as they are reaching the elite who are really bad and possible exulted of the serbs from the north or we can try to help in keeping situation calm and actually paving the road toward a solution to the dialogue this is exactly what we are trying he said it again it which side cracks but no i think that the. optimistic and i think
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that soon we will have an opportunity to to use the format of a dialogue and to find some sort of a negotiated solution for those gates that's the only way out of the crisis because i don't think that anyone in the world can come to these people here in the north and tell them he have up simply go home and. that you live in independent cause he will not do it so there has to be a way out in which preserves it's a view toward the status and we also preserve our view toward the status if that's not a good definition of a compromise then you tell me which one it will serve you ever recognize a space independence unknown but the point is that we will also not accept to participate. by our approval in the building of the so-called independence so it's not a question of whether we will recognize we will not recognize unilaterally declared independence of course or what but we don't want to be part of helping them to be
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independent country but we are ready to take a. really active part in actually regulating our relationship because we need to come a recall c.v.a. should be to serbs and albanians in. my solution there is a lasting solution because that's the only way to keep the peace in this part of the balkans thanks very much. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the. street they are. ladies and gentlemen your
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chance to choose is to get the status of the huge experiment. with. this you will see this rap music which it. was allegedly trying to censor political economy and it's all changed things are fine it's a template for the release of the meeting you don't think that it's in markets and . wants to be seems way to balance its risk. close to collapsing it's like moving close. to fail circulates again feeling like that is the u.s. crash in seven and smashed. teams just like ultimate construction and streets behind me and just programs increase the total economy. ok. culture is that so much of a muslim is really a lot of people a very bloody era of great content all across the globe people are protesting against the political economic and financial status quo is this because of global.
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bringing you the latest in science technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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the lists . lists. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on wall street they have. these intensely good chance the chance is to get a glimpse of the status of the huge experiment sitting with. problems in this rock
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music awards it goes to the military twice the sense of global economy and it's on changelings us financial template the recently i'm willing to meet a no confidence in markets and. wants to be easing trade imbalances recession cheap emissions close to collapsing the subprime loans close. to fail switchblade sick and sealevel cycling as the us crash seven smashed ceiling seems seriously close to the finish line is an inspiring sports name just programs increase the total economy. if the.
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the headlines on the arts he'd still going strong the occupy wall street movement gains momentum amid criticism the us media has failed to explain what's really in trying americans onto the streets of nato forces in northern kosovo extending the deadline by one day the ethnic serbs to remove their barricades and their border checkpoints are also threatening to do it themselves and the arab league decides not to suspend syria instead calling for negotiations in the country after president assad has promised a new constitution and a multi party connections. are just a sampling of your monday headlines here are now they do stick around kate is here
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with the sporting. hello thanks for joining me for the latest cause update is none. of the top stories . tragic crash british drive it down the world and dies at thirty three involving fifteen cars at the las vegas indies three hundred. eight members are enjoying it takes going moscow will miss it the most all the first year as they could be traveling sport in a crunch champions league match. three is the number one team already under seats roger federer is the all number three on the internet the trick of titles. tokyo and china high. start though with the news of the tragic death of tucson indy car champions and world a thirty three year old englishman died after horrific crash during the last race
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of the season in las vegas fifteen cars were involved in the pileup after drivers had expressed fears about the speed of the track oh well done was at the back of the pack and was working his way through the thirty four car field but just minutes into the race two cars touch and go and couldn't avoid the pileup which was devastating two calls were airborne including weldon's which flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence as you can see at the top of the screen during practice drivers had raised concerns about the pace of the last eight years track with speeds topping three hundred sixty kilometers per hour and this crash took nearly hot because it wasn't was airlifted to hospital but died from his injuries two hours later the race was counseled although drivers returns to the trunk to give a five lap tribute to the driver walton from england to america to follow his racing dream and have won the indy five hundred for a second time in may he was also in line for a five million dollar payout if he'd won this race and fellow drivers have been
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paying their respects. this is a very just war at all. which was that every day in the normal life as well but. you know you don't think about it. we have think about it. more for the oh my best friend or my greatest the regime of the. world to say. this football and says i will have to make do with a depleted bench for their vital champions league match in moscow on cheers day as norm of the capital club's injured players will be fit in time for the home game against turkish side clubs on several own japan midfielder keisuke honda and speak the russian and english in a call for among those still sidelined despite receiving training however the long injury list is also taking its toll on those who were fit as many of the first team
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are also regulars and dick advocaat russia squad has got our rock bottom in group b. with just one point from letting opening games so a win against surprise leaders trads and score who have four points is paramount ours could give the olli rehn a much sought after morale boost following saturday's disappointing to all domestic draw as home to terror. in which he has just all that was a no no you don't forget matches like easily matched with a very important task which is a must win game in the champions league so we have to raise our spirits and we can't use the is the perfect way of doing that. for the well elsewhere english table toppers manchester city are in a similar position to scott ahead of their home game against villareal in korea but a monkey and sides have taken just one point from two games and have selection problems up front with mario balotelli suspended and make some assignees ideal aggros struggling with a groin injury but our elders are bringing up the rear with zero points in that
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group but a city manager work i'm cheney is expecting a stern test. to be out of because they play for very well but for us it is very important and they did. that is not what the from the playing away was not whether we had one we know that again and i think that if we win this game maybe a year after that i know there is some of that come from. munich and a pause but after i think that we care if we can also be a group sponsor we have a chance i think. meanwhile in the russian premier league rubin won three nil at home to spotlight moscow on sunday to gain a confidence boosting victory had thursday's you rate the league clash and saw them well the winning design came despite a lonely injury list and as new thanks six in the table the bank gives men took the lead through christina and it's the second half and just four minutes later xander has answered hundreds of unmarked in the box to make it to no. into stoppage time
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bluff nacho finished off the resigning victory by adding a third so three nil it finished or even now just a point behind our site. well meanwhile the committee's charged up a stable also continues the moscow side and out of force after beating ten man bottom side top three nil at home to go eleven league games unbeaten since the arrival of managers it set it in july. even a church open from the spots twenty minutes in after of the van and i was sent off the second yellow card and eleven minutes after the break ins which of course made it to no meaty quickly things out nako come to be held on three nil the lad just five points off top spots. meanwhile our surprise cabana after wrapping up a comprehensive three one victory in cohen we cannot near know which opened for the
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hosts. this was a bitch i needed to know just before the hour. and the very start of hindsight i think a quarter of an hour left well the visitors netted a consolation with an injury time effort of course but it was three useful points from pass rise to eleventh but the balance blair of the two seventh and final sunday said. the spotlight now to snatch a dramatic last minute equalizer i don't want want to compete and she received or have given the visitors the lead after that and see her approaching my mother made it clear that struck into the roof with the ending met in a dying seconds and crashed into us. and is now russia's biggest tournament the kremlin copies under way here in the last go with local girl shopping providing the first upset in the women's draw so the five year old
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muscovites don't talk about the vinci in this scene it's seventy's and fellow italian sarek and i also made an early exit at times because they kind of based well it is one of over the top seeded player in moscow she's defended her throne this year. is so average two grand slam finals last year but this year it was a very consistent year for me in those that i lost in the grand slams they you know played really well for all the season i didn't really have bad matches throughout the whole season i didn't lose the first rounds of second row and you know i've been playing deep into the tournament so i had a very consistent year no matter what and i think i'm pretty satisfied about it. well over in the men's game i saw it is being felt around the murray as the red hot scot has asked in russia for a while the most rain mari achieving his goal for the season after changing his straight asian title in shanghai on sunday while it's the first time in eighteen
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years that sixteen time grand slam winner federer has the right outside the world's top three sexual trespasser nani regarded as the best of all time. said that job which is the runaway need out with rafael nadal second spain's average farah kates the top five. i'm finally icehockey where italian side milan low or so blue are preparing to make on the first known eastern european team to join the kontinental hockey link and as robert young reports the milan plan is coming together nicely for. the middle east leagues to europe strongest one this will these young and hungry players and they're looking forward to meet you learn the rossouw blue team which will enter the kontinental hockey league next season regretted could have been taken over by climate champions in milan
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a void worse in two thousand and eight the level of investment. so we decided to really restart again with three of the growth in the second division and another with a good recovery rate of the seven players the six players and i last three we made the semifinal we are welcoming her place however this year there are some divisions though much higher gross abuse aiming to advance to the top domestic league and will be preparing for their debut in the kid chill in twenty two will first thing like life in the stars plays even when you have a cycle in which plays in italian league top level awfully top league and now we can maybe you know move the dolly and play. back and forth so they can you know. learn better they can improve the quality they can play with better players in terms of the level of current completion in eliscu or bridges poorly it includes
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slow giant killer khuda powerful canadian defenseman ryan constant along with italian stars demands a million already in luton soldi it's a safe bet they're all here for something more than just the nasty fares next year we have the opportunity to enjoy the challenge draw shops team saw i think is is a great opportunity. for not just for all the talent hockey told us that for next year they will have affiliations with k h l and there was any part of the reason for me coming to milan it's hard to predict either milly's will be competitive in europe's duffus league over arenas condon wait to see new how good it ill and supporting their idols. we will bring our italian lifestyle and then you could be sure. you would
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see people from even in you are watching games because they're real they're realistic for these games they would take holiday so maybe it's three or four games in these or europe they will do it you can be sure will be could be five could be ten other would be there and there would be noisy here at the you know i know he was supposed to create i would be proud i feel nervous lou if this is their family's connection i. i hope you can see my older russian friends a little i said. ok i think you look at the basis of what i regard as well in your own party milan italy i and that's all sports news. well. bringing you the latest in science technology from the realms.
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