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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2011 2:01pm-2:30pm EDT

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nice spying allegations in the british school but admit she did have an affair with a married and believe. fellow is term pm here in moscow were you watching r t with me kevin zero in this hour in our top story for you in athens bugbee the biggest protest in years descended into violence today greeks be venting their anger against a new package of austerity measures likely to be adopted to suit this thursday furthur of course with the riot police still leaving to clear the remaining protesters that hair on syntagma square nowhere near the amount of people we saw earlier when hundreds of thousands turned out is the biggest protest we sustained since the beginning of the financial crisis and we saw more of these violent clashes that we've seen before but i really i can't quite describe to you i mean i'm sure you've seen the pitches by now the scenes that we saw head of devastation
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really as the violent clashes broke out but you can still see is very dark at the moment that there are a lot of riot police still on the streets we do you have the sort of more out of his movements that remain on the streets here they're still having these run ins with the riot police for certainly they've managed to calm the situation a lot but as we said scenes of devastation just devastation on the streets of athens the street has just been destroyed they had a lot of the buildings on fire earlier all the windy fronts have been smashed there was a very large meat east me from there and they were saying you know they're trying to live under these conditions that watching their parents struggle there have been achieved job losses in the country with these continued attacks like this incredibly hard to saying today this is the country in the future that they're going to inherit you know it's very concerning earlier when we saw the chaotic situation breaking up very very quickly these things always escalate quite fast just the sheer number of children. that we've seen
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a stick being seventeen years old at the down there telling i think they felt that obligation to fight this battle as well and it really is a battle here though that's the scenes that we saw earlier today as the violence broke out and very disturbing indeed and koos really now the eurozone leaders to find a different approach the criticism right from the start has been there a year to adapt to the situation to the eurozone quite easily third analyst saying that they believe their own rhetoric they didn't think that a crisis would ever happen in the eurozone and it did and the institutions and the mechanisms to deal with it has simply not been in place and say tonight we're still seeing a small outbreaks of the tensions bubbling over people say mystically had enough they they can't work under these conditions anymore and they want things to. respond to sort of talk to be there to get up to the minute the vellum is to write from greece on sarah's twitter page of course if she follows the protests sweeping athens now to talk more about the financial woes of the country let's talk about a robber who receives a head of
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a bruised group an independent think tank specced in london thanks so much rob of being on the line with us tonight this new austerity plan seems to be a done deal no doesn't have a given today's public display of anger big display of anger what can we expect tomorrow when this bills officially passed by parliament what do you think lies ahead with the e.u. austerity plan which is forcing upon greece as well as the money which will allow the greek economy isn't enough there will be more to come that greece requires more by allowance and will require more austerity need of which will be the answer to their problems so what is to be done and what's going to happen with these violent aggressive seems to say we're going to get worse you're. well what needs to be recognized is the grease is of course passed as we know and we need they need to have a default they need to. stop paying all the money that they're paying to various financial institutions and start trying to invest in never khana me to try and get the economy moving again and of course leave the euro that is the other wants are
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to their problems that needs to be done that it's inevitable that they will default in it's better to be done sooner than later sooner than later and of course they should leave the euro to devalue their new currency and get their economy moving again and become competitive you see certain they're going to fall if you're going to put a time and date on it when you think it's going to happen while they need some massive economic growth to avoid a default that's not happening there in a very deep recession something that makes our britain's economic problems more than mild. to should happen very soon whether it will or not is another matter because the politicians are so wedded to the idea of trying to protect the euro but that is a big mistake it's becoming a ticking time bomb so if there was economic reality an economic sense prevailing amongst the european political class they will take action and dismantle the euro
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that is the answer and that should happen soon course even if it does leave the eurozone it still is an awful lot of mess behind in the eurozone for the rest of the members of the spread so much money barely get out so far is there a danger that the rest of the eurozone will be dragged back into recession. wall that will happen as long as they stick with the euro it's a come and see union that is not an optimal comments here that doesn't work for most of its members that belong within the eurozone within the single currency area so the longer they keep the euro going as it is the longer the economic problems will last so really it's a matter of. take fencing off the problem by moving countries like greece italy spain portugal perhaps even ireland as well form the euro and that would be the answer to help their economy start moving again god you but of course you know you talk about the politicians digging their heels in saying they don't want this to happen and what one of the foremost the german chancellor angela merkel has told
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about this upcoming summit on euro debt this coming weekend she says is going to be an important step because i heard that before but warned one summit would not be enough to resolve the crisis again we've heard that before how much time will bailout same austerity cuts you think will be needed until the real sense is seen here while really the longer they leave it the more problems will be more violence on the streets of athens or be more pain felt by the greek people the dragging down the whole of the european union as long as they stick with the euro the euro is it is a step too far in terms of political integration it's a political measure that doesn't make economic sense we can see that they need to wake up and recognize it as well of course a bit of a spat as well between france or between germany germany's pushing for banks to wipe out sixty percent of their current greek bonds but you know that could undermine france's credit rating as well because they hold a lot of those debts as well though they are they going to sort out their differences do you think. well that's the answer is that the euro is causing
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a great deal of tensions between many different european states and different peoples as well that want different things from their governments really that's what happens when you take away people's democracy and you centralize power to relatively small clique of people in the european union and the answer would be for the for greece to de force and if there's a need to bail out french banks and that would should be met by the by the french or tax payer ok and the longer things go on the more problems will be created the more money that's thrown at greece the deeper the debts will become good to really the answer is it's good to give your answer is to recognize a failure i'm afraid we're out of time but thank you for your thoughts robert oulds who's head of the bridge group an italian think tank based in london on r.t. tonight. and with europe's economic and political minds failing to get the greek economy back on track we'll know what you think about this story so if you will to
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r.t. dot com our home page this is what we're telling you so far almost half of you advise athens to follow america's footsteps tongue in cheek this an occupied all rich region thank you for your vote just over a third say it's up to the greeks to work harder and spend less nine percent of you this say the greeks need to go cap in hand to even play for help the minority if they're just about the idea of the country selling a mortgage and part of its territory to escape economic collapse r.t. dot com is the place to be to cast your vote. and later the program we continue our coverage from the united states which has been overwhelmed by anti wall street protests. the. rest of police tactics against peaceful demonstrators drives even more discontented protesters out of the streets again of america report. ethnic serbs in northern kosovo say under no condition will they dismantle the barricades at the border with serbia. indian customs officials and police have gone
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from the checkpoints that says nato extends the deadline for their earlier ultimatum in system protest is clear the roadblocks will face action from the alliance parties written all over the region for as evening to you doesn't look like they'll be a compromise any time soon does it. well kavin deadlines blockades and war crowds all part of the lively exchange today as course of on serves leaders and kate for the nato led peacekeeping force here in kosovo paid to unfortunately reach as solution to then go in border dispute here in possibly the main message from the course of in-service on wednesday is that ban in customs and police officers currently working at the checkpoints with serbia should leave and only after that will the barricades be lifted and will blocked roads throughout northern courser be reopened kosovan serbs ethnic serbs live in impossible say they
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reject course of his two thousand and eight self-proclaimed hands from serbia and say that they don't recognize it is in its institutions and its laws and its a forces as well as its borders and of course they are not accepting customs posts and checkpoints for three months now they've been blocking the main roads throughout northern porcelain trying to prevent this region's or banning ethnical beilin leadership from its extending its control with nato constantly threatening to move its own forces in and remove the barricades themselves the nato led k. four has been complaining that they can't reach its own troops in this area due to the barricades but serbs have been accusing them of. assisting in pristina in. tamms to install establish its situations in this part of course over in this area moreover blaming them for exiting its mandate the un security council
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resolution number twelve forty four the only actually legal reason for them to be here. kosovan serbs the losers did however say on wednesday that they are ready to allow the peacekeepers to travel across the northern coast of both. to allow them to reach their own soldiers in this area looters they'll just need to get permission from the local marius and inform them in advance about comment treats but k. force says it's not enough asking for freedom of movement for unix says well. the european police function in kosovo the serbs rejected that and left the meeting and that was the moment when the talks themselves he had a road roadblocks we have been able to speak to the course of and so it is and we've asked them whether that is what is going to happen next whether the fact that
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k. four would try to use force to remove themselves a very case and one of the expected of violence any time soon that the barricades because last month saw rubber bullets and tear gas used against protesters injuring at least seven civilians but the serbs told us that for the time being they're not able to comment on that they're not able to predict or guarantee and if they insisted though that they've called for the people at the barricades to say calm and there's a lot of negotiations going on as you say maria financial and real from russia reporting there for the course for serbia border thanks for the course there is online as well. twittering. the page posting the latest developments from kosovo as they have you will follow her on r.t. underscore com for the very latest she's on the ground all the information as she gets it can also log on to cost of to get to our website for background analysis and a lot more comment on ongoing situation in kosovo and plenty of other stories there as one of our team dot com tonight including these russia sent the globe assett
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rival to america's g.p.s. into pole position as it plans to pump the project with billions of dollars seems to go well we're offering if you want to bit of a chocolate animated angle to world headlines discover of cutting the cartoons in our online. as well without the door com. the fighting across syria is claiming lives on both sides amid growing global concerns the country is no edging closer to a full blown civil war over a dozen troops have been killed recently by alleged army defectors following a u.n. warning of more opposition activists taking up arms but as artie's test for a similar reports blame still being placed firmly on assad's regime. this is the office of the traitor reads one of the messages on the wall israel and the u.s.
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were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work like abdel aziz al fired he had been a vocal critic and had spent fourteen years in jail a very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really very little room for reconciliation under the current environment. army because troops must be withdrawn to their backs voices in a regime that i know of. think people. he insists peaceful protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces but he acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white responsibility for the violence goes both ways. killing civilians but some civilians killing. soldiers son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country he was killed in on march
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twenty three. foreign media acknowledged that too many of the army and national guards have lost their lives so how can some people see that on groups didn't exist . these civilians and members like my son the members killed other members this is impossible the media that says it is plain lying. and variant lies the problem the moment. there is confusion of. information is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you hear only arguments from one side you'll likely believe them amid this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation the push for reform school to news what's enduring better forms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see an escalation of the security situation in syria and the killing by the guns but we come up absolutely put the blame on the
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government as i mean some circles trying to provide says from both sides are calling for dialogue to sit down and talk to the syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved that foundation of trust should be first laid down but with each direct order syria will spawn a rising already widening political gap. does or so you r.t. damascus. british m.p. mike how is being connected with a russian woman acuteness. spying in the u.k. is quit his role of defense committee you know this mccain was catches a to divert his deportation hearing began this week in a london court she's admitted to having an affair with a politician her former employee but denies that his actions have been a russian intelligence honeytrap for the better it's been following the case. it's been dubbed by the british tabloid press as the spy who loved him and it was really only a matter of time until mike the m.p. catches the vehicle was working for as
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a researcher in parliament was swallowed up by this after the details emerged of their affair that was going on for four years and we now know today we've heard from hancock he's stepped down from his position on the defense committee and the reason why is because he feels his position is really untenable and that at least until the trial is over now why the defense committee well that's where the questions are really being asked he denies passing any classified information that wasn't already in the public domain to mr libby yet and nevertheless the government lawyers in this in this trial they accuse her of acting as a honeytrap. front for the russian intelligence services targeting mr hancock specifically a because of his vulnerability of a term in extramarital affairs and b. because of his position on that defense committee and because of his access to what would have been very highly classified information now catches the she denies
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acting in this way she says she was not a spy she was never in contact with any intelligence officials never has been and maintains her innocence that's why she's fighting her deportation her lawyers actually said that there was quote a genuine feeling between her and mr hancock and also there actually questioned a witness today who is an m i five agent well the agent merely said that because of secrecy laws they could neither confirm nor deny whether any evidence exists at all . sean who is a former m i five agent herself suggests that there might be an all teary motive to this case i think any decision made on her will be probably down to some sort of political backroom deal thinking because of course there has been friction between russia and the u.k. i suppose full whatever political. reasons if they deem it to be something they could use to embarrass russia they might well be porter whatever the facts of the case but if they want to sort of trying to fix her approach more. secure some sort
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of deal then they might well say no she can stay but i would've thought it's probably more likely given the recent meeting between cameron and medvedev. and the lack of willingness of our prime minister to open up communications between our spy agencies and the russian spy agencies again i think it's probably likely that the continuing coolness will continue for server across one of a better before the up a new wave of protests rubs new yorkers on the wall street activists accuse the city's police of using excessive force hundreds of people have been arrested during the five week long nationwide protests as police were condemned for using pepper spray marty's lucy craft and offspring following the demonstrations in new york for us. a lot of excessive tactics by the n.y.p.d. the police department here well resulting in i think a total of nine hundred ninety two iraqis now since the occupy wall street demonstration that had begun most of the people here are demonstrating peacefully there are they call this. nonviolent civil disobedience tactics for example simply
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standing on the street trying to call attention to the cause and still they've been met with a very heavy handed response by the police department here which has riled many activists as well as regular older citizens here in new york a recent poll that came out actually found that seven in ten new yorkers some ports of the cause of this movement they stand with the occupy wall street demonstrators not a very good development if you're the mayor of new york city and continued to deploy police officers on horseback on scooters that seem to sort of fascinate and get out of hand whenever any sort of protest develops now yesterday evening we had a sort of mini march by some of the protesters to protest against what they perceive us police brutality here in new york several other protesters had also gathered around one of the restaurants here where the governor of new york was meeting with clients and situated himself several protesters ended up getting
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arrested simply for being in the street there and refusing to leave as you can see behind me perhaps hopefully you can see behind me the weather is not really cooperated with us today by that a lot of the spirits or main high a lot of folks are here under tarps sort of where we're huddled around right now at the moment trying to ride out the negative weather but we do expect things to improve in terms of the weather throughout the week and the numbers to return right now i would say there's probably a couple hundred protesters in the park a little bit less than a thousand or so that we've been seeing throughout the week but again whether it does seem to have some small impact on this movement but the movement does continue to grow across the country and across the globe richard reid has been reporting with them for a good long time now it is lucy cough and all for you get more now assists the latest pictures of cohen's from the u.s. protests and the latest we've seen the social network pages.
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rebellious governments approved the placement of u.s. anti missile defense elements on its soil the country's now just one parliamentary group of the way from becoming the next link in america's missile shield chain in europe moscow those go concerns that this system may be directed against russia washington's offered written assurances of the contrie but not legally binding guarantees a senior lawmaker in moscow told r.t. that the offer is welcome but it's not enough. the written declarations are to be issued and are to be withdrawn in case something changes in the leadership of the united states so the legal binding document like agreements
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conventions calls is the only instrument which will satisfy the russian concerns the recent reaction of on this program was rather harsh and court because this system is definitely meant not just against iran or north korea it is meant to compensate the russian nuclear strategic potential so i thing that the american politicians the people who work with the president of the united states now seek. they want to propose something to russia in order to satisfy the russian concerns about the written declarations are a good step forward but this is not enough. constantly talk to us there it's now coming up to twenty five minutes past ten at night here in moscow kate super sport soon and the build up to the second night of champions league football russian
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champions the need shakhtar are in ukraine barcelona chelsea arsenal ac milan also actions go all the details for you as catch up with the business before that they were newly is it now. thanks kevin and a very warm welcome to the business update rush and most of its c.i.s. paf must have agreed to create a free trade zone the simplified terms were achieved at a meeting of commonwealth prime ministers on tuesday the move could significantly increase trade between the countries it's already risen fifty percent in the class tough of a year to more than one hundred thirty billion dollars argues more in acosta has the details and this comes after two decades of debate and even though it's not a done deal it's definitely headed there and causing some stir in the process most of the c.i.s. countries have signed on and those include armenia valorous kazakhstan kyrgyzstan
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moldova rochelle forces ballast object to stand and ukraine the country still thinking about it and could i said why john who spent the sun and turkmenistan and they're expected to make a decision by the end of the year now a closer in union with the former states and has come out of her putin's priority since announcing this kind of the see in the upcoming presidential elections the prime minister says that will cancel export and import duties on certain groups of goods but at this time as a raise concerns especially with the government considering creating a eurasian union or some say is intended to compete with the european union and the fact that the e.u. started with free trade now has some isomers on alert internally it's seen as a precursor to russia's and tree into the w t o it's especially as some of the participants are already members and the word here is it's not about competing over placing anything it's all about providing a better conditions for establishing new joints and surprises and increasing the
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competitiveness of the economies involved. let's have a look at the markets now european stocks were higher to meet conflicting. paper reports germany and france to be great to the boost to your area's bailout fund. the russian markets were moving between games and losses on wednesday house where prices fell investors here were also betting durable stalled would step crisis after the guardian newspaper report on the recipe from. let's take a look at some of the individual share moves on the my sub school called was down one percent financial stocks were leading the index higher spare bank shares were rallying more than three percent the company says the privatisation of its seven point six percent stake is unlikely to happen this year too to market uncertainty. and telecom shares are forming with forced telecom losing about one and a half percent. oh nestle to view i phone four ask
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track their location using the russian quantised navigation system the smartphones now support not only g.p.s. but also its russian rival by using both together you could produce time under improve the quality of positioning it's not the fast phone which has this feature of russian mobile provider m.t.s. have also released devices supported both systems russia have invested five billion dollars in to put into operation and make it even more precise than rival g.p.s. . ok that's it for now stay tuned for the headlines next with coven.
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wealthy british scientists scientists time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. ten thirty pm wednesday the nineteenth of october thanks to be without international these are our top stories tonight enough is enough hundreds of thousands of desperately in debt greek spill on to the streets venting their anger over a new raft a couple started measures such as a broken out between police and protesters who say they're fed. with attempts to stop the country's financial freefall. strain stands still serves in northern kosovo say that only clear the roadblocks. and the border checkpoints despite nature's ultimatum urging them to leave all before. syria's two way violence with soldiers reportedly telling on each other now.


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