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well back to the big picture on thom hartmann coming up in this half hour the occupy wall street protesters have proven they don't need the financial backbone of the one percent to function as a legitimate organization details of the next big move in just a moment and what exactly is fox so-called news up to when it comes to coverage of the occupy wall street movement and ideally take alaska a very important question but one person is reacting to the ninety nine percent who are taking to the streets.
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you need to know this is big news coming from the occupy wall street movement last weekend as tens of thousands of people marched on times square the occupy wall street general assembly created a working list of demands specific policy changes that they are fighting for some of these demands include banning private court contributions to politicians overturning citizens united with a constitutional amendment passing international single payer health care system and ending the wars it's working close to has yet to be adopted by the full general assembly in new york city the plans are underway to hold a national assembly meeting next year on july fourth in the city of philadelphia according to group's website one male and one female delegate from each congressional district will be elected by. local occupy movements and will converge
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on philadelphia to join others in creating a petition of grievances those grievances will then be submitted to all members of congress the supreme court and the president ahead of the two thousand and twelve elections well still unclear if other cities besides new york have agreed on this plan of action yet or even if new york is fully agree this is yet another sign that the occupy movement is growing and becoming more and more organized and specific and it's doing all this ordinary rallies around the world with hundreds of thousands of people all with out the help of secret millionaire public masters like the corps brothers and dick armey so isn't this what a real grassroots movement and real grassroots change looks like as opposed to manufactured outrage funded by billionaires like we saw with the tea party bill kerpen joins me now he's vice president for policy americans for prosperity one of the major organizations behind the tea party and the author of a new book democracy denial power obama is ignoring you and bypassing congress to
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radically transform america and how to stop it phil welcome back thanks for having me thomas reed of the title there yeah it's a dramatic title that deserves a dramatic read. i'm curious as you know you're going to say she's been very involved in the tea party movement their armies you know. organizing processes that's a different group but it's freedom works the old freedom works ok so america but americans for prosperity has been bought off of the tea party third zation is what we've been very enlightened people so what's your take on the difference between these two groups. it seems to me that if i may in fact it's seems to me that if you were to ask the leaders of the tea party movement that's what the people in congress when you're going to get one answer i think the leaders are more the local organizers in the different cities who threw those original big tea parties on april fifteenth two thousand and nine that caught a lot of people off guard where we had even relatively mid-sized cities to have thousands of people turn out and that was really. done with thousands of volunteers
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around the country with coordination through conference calls and stuff like tax day tea party dot com but that really wasn't proven by any of the national organization and when you poll those people and you've seen these polls over the last year or so when you poll those people the vast majority of them on strong social security the vast majority of would like a national single payer health care system i don't agree with that and it depends how you ask the question i don't agree with that and there are strongly opposed to a public option during the health care debate and they they they largely organized around that through the whole summer of two thousand yeah and they were afraid of death panels i mean they were they were a lot of those folks were operating or some rather substantial misinformation but there were some that i think a lot of them are also very very well informed many of them had read the actual legislation had specific criticisms of it so there was a bit of a myth that some people were misled a lot of people were very very well informed here's where we're i'm going with this and it seems to me that we are apt as revolutionary moment or this is change moment as in the reagan revolution as in the f.d.r.
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revolution as in the civil rights revolution i don't mean like you know guns civil war people are and. and there's this populist rage boy we know both sides of the right and left and it really should all be directed arguably at the banks there's a crash the system or a phil gramm who deregulate you know push so hard to regulate the banks grant graham least by liam come out looking just not as i think there's considerable overlap between the concerns of these two of these two groups the tea parties are principally concerned about abuse of power in washington and the occupy wall street and principally concerned about abuse of power in the banking sector but really the reason that there was so much damage done is that there was collusion between those two groups there was a tremendous an overlap there banks they were able to influence policies to get special favors bailouts and so on they were able to read this is them in the system you were talking about goldman sachs earlier seventy two percent of their contributions in two thousand and eight went to democrats they gave president obama
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over a million dollars so this is a problem although not sure if well now they sort of see which way the wind is blowing and they want to get on board the next guy they hope they'll get as favorable treatment but the real impulse that launched the tea party the rick santorum the rant was about specifically mortgage bailouts and what he was saying is it's wrong for someone who's paid his mortgage bought a house he could afford to be forced as a taxpayer to bail out the guy who did a cash out refight a big screen t.v. in a new boat and the rest of it now can't make its payments so fairness concern i think there's similarly a fairness concern motivating what we're seeing on occupy wall street but it's very different sort of fairness concerns that are being based on sort of and aristotelian notion of justice that's based on the idea someone else has more and i want it sort of base ok phil i'm sorry i think is a is a very important is that someone else has more i watered it's it is that we have seen the top one percent the last thirty years as a consequence of reaganomics exploded wealth while average working people's paychecks have gone and it's probably just one of the tank and the ability of
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average people whether it be cheap r.t. average people or whether it be you know occupy wall street average people the ability of average people have the. as for in the halls of congress has become almost zero and i don't believe for a man agree with that to a certain extent i mean i think that reagan's economic policies were very successful we could debate that at length i don't want to do that right now i mean twenty five million jobs are created i'll think clinton was very successful in a certain respect but you're right that the portion of productivity gains that goes to labor has decreased you're right that there are some basic structural problems i think they've largely been caused by misguided government policies particularly regulatory policies and this is where we're going to go to her age policies are taxation policies well i think our tax code has been a total disaster and it's with she's the sort of special interests and lobbyists and i think we need to have a low flat rate i don't think that you can fix the problem see what i did raise taxes a rate for people i want everyone to pay at a low flat rate i think that if you do that the system can't be gamed it's much more simple you know so you were taken on a say you're saying somebody is making five five or ten thousand dollars
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a year hanging on by their fingernails working part time as a greeter at walmart you want them paying federal income tax even though right now they are well i don't have a problem having a generous standard deduction but we're never we decide we don't flood well i mean if you look at the whole robust a flat tax which is sort of the original model flat tax that's been used in eastern europe very very successfully the whole inside behind is you take a that and then you're allowed to deduct ability of rages on the business side and then you can tax the wages at the same rate and you can build in an exemption to have that progressive and that's how they thought types of words and so they that that problem's addressed in the lot of thought and what that's about the flat taxes being talked about so it's like herman cain's five tax would radically crash the tax paid by well hurt a permanent permanent would radical only god is that i haven't got an exemption for folks who love the poverty level built into this plan or through efforts the length of the most reality but if you look at people in the forty thousand income bracket you know you're going to see a substantial fifty thousand sixty thousand seventy thousand we have a chart about if we have available to us
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a graphic of this it shows you know right up to about two hundred fifty thousand dollars in fact we can pop it up on the screen here i think here. is this is you know this is nobbs or is the wrong graphic the the you know the up up to about two of two about quarter million dollars everybody has a tax increase above a quarter million dollars everybody gets a tax cut under him. but i am principle reason i think the tea party well i'm really concerned about the public choice consequences of having so many people who aren't on the income tax rolls and of course reagan deliberately remove all lot of people are on the rolls bush removed a lot of people from that's right and of course under herman's plan the payroll tax is eliminated so that fifteen point three percent tax goes away so that also needs to be part of your distributional analysis but i'm much less dangerous this plan for much less interested in distributional analysis than i am and how we can get the economy moving and we can stop double and triple tax and savings and that's ok let's agree that we need to get the economy thank you pleasure.
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and. it's time for a daily pull your chance to tell us what you think here is that is question or more than a thousand people have been arrested and jailed well any banks ever go to jail for financial or economic frauds your choices are yes eventually there will be major prosecutions in the banks toure's or no banks will never see inside a jail so they'll go on tom hartman dot com let us know what you think it will be open until to par. crazy alert looks like occupy wall street agers are getting desperate the right wing blogosphere caught fire yesterday over claims that occupy demonstrators are an asymmetric nazis. because protesters in denver are wearing twitter hash tags on their clothes to designate them as community organizers or leaders who can answer
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questions or address problems that arise in a crowd already in one blogger from the far right web site pajamas media he's made as symbols constitute insignia that resemble swastikas as the blogger wrote down these people see the acro of the swastika power symbol well they realize that the early nazi party was also overtly and were capitalist don't they know the early nazis try to garner sympathy with street rallies and margins if you are talking about the hash tag symbol the pound symbol the same symbol it's in every trending topic on twitter it's on the bottom right hand corner your telephone dial made you know your phone may be a nazi communication device and you know the tip certo is a secret nazi game is the game board who is hash tag was the real question here is a republican satan worshippers after all the stars in the party logo are upside down a clear sign of the. coming up with things we could learn from listening to the one
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percent chat with each other is their reaction to occupy wall street born out of ignorance or mouth it's more of the since i was deleting. that drives the world of fear mongering used by politicians who made decisions computed great care with. who can you trust no one who will easily deal with global nation that would see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to read you r t question more.
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your take my take is a segment of our show where we give you the opportunity to have your questions comments criticisms opinions heard here on the big picture yesterday afternoon i was invited to be the expert on the mega panel segment of dylan ratigan show on imus and we see the segment focused on getting special interest and corporate money out of national politics and the role of the occupy wall street movement is plain in bringing attention to the issue here's a look at some highlights from last night's panel i'm going to show. you have a law that you say would make the amendment that we're working on. unnecessary that
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dates back to the eighteen twenty six well you know i remember the you're talking about is the consequence of this idea that corporations are people and speech is money and that there was a time in this country when we didn't believe that and this is a law that was passed in wisconsin and and it virtually every state had it i mean this just as news hour was and they were all pretty much identical no good and by corporation about corporations and unions no corporation doing business in the states will pay or contributor offered consent or agree to pay or contribute directly or indirectly any money property free service of its officers or employees or thing of value to any political party organization committee or individual for any political purpose whatsoever or for the purpose of interest which influencing legislation of any cry and or to promote or defeat the candidacy of any person for a nomination appointment or election to any political office and that will leave as
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a team to our little eighty injuries penalty was five years in prison but they all rich white men at that point where when you people think anything of any favors i mean so what do you think some money for. me she's good for a d.m. to try to me and what might you get out of it if you just get out as we were property and there were slaves and i mean all that all of these sort of babies there is nuisances to this isn't situation that where we had a very strict principles about money and politics and we were like and you can buy slaves and women as you see fit and then well i think i made the slaves were better people but maybe you should be able to buy the government there's always like we traded one sense of fair world we're going to be fair to. say we're going to have to pay the government for say a president obama in two thousand and eight ran on the phrase fundamentally transforming america fundamentally changed america and and you know a lot of change happened i mean he did a lot of reasonable things a lot of good things i think in my. i'm paying but the fundamental change hasn't
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happened the stuff like your constitutional amendment over all other constitutional is six hundred billion dollars it was kind of our financial regulations under obama and the stuff we know this is a billion that was spent to auction off the drug deals and all the hundreds one opposite of iraq obama just a small ear and and and not just under him exactly what is important here is in congress and it's because this law couldn't be passed right now because the supreme court justice who heard about tom it's a real pleasure. we i would you go eat about that below wisconsin zone i'm going to do a real life comedy. has gotten into the any of these i've. already . said it whatsoever. i did get kind of fired up and by the way it's interesting dylan introduced that is saying that i was going to share a law that would render his constitutional amendment his suggestion that we amend
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the constitution so that to say that basically corporations are people unnecessary and actually he was misinformed i don't know where he got that from but i was there to that that law we need to bring that back and it would require. his kind of constitutional amendment here's one of the messages we received on the viewer rant line last night from our man you are my hero i just write fear and terror in reading to him and you blew everybody away there waving you stroke phil clearly confetti three first thing three and passing it really was amazing to me keep going we love you so much. thanks for your support one of the reasons dylan decided to focus on the issue of corporate money and politics on the show yesterday is that he's launched a campaign to get money out of politics by advocating for a constitutional amendment that would ban corporations from either directly or
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indirectly contributing funds to any candidates to any candidates campaign for elected office you get full details on dylan's campaign and sign the petition supporting the amendment at get money out dot com as you just saw last night i said that a constitutional amendment is absolutely necessary because the supreme court has so perverted our nation we did doctrine that corporations are people and money is speech that laws like the one i read i don't want to be passed they need to quote unconstitutional another great site on the issue is by lawyer and former green party candidate for president david cobb it's move to amend or apropos of that tony tweeted with this question your thoughts on a constitutional amendment of separation of corporation and state yes tony please offer them that's in fact that's why i wrote the book that i was reading from until a show yesterday on equal protection of corporations became people and how you can fight back in it you'll discover that no congress and no president has ever in the
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history of the united states suggested that corporations should be considered people or that money should be considered speech that is entirely a creation the supreme court it began back in eighty eight eighty six when several the justices were literally being bribed by the railroads the robber barons to kick off this whole idea of corporate personhood the citizens united decision was birth you know why and we need a constitutional amendment to fix it and we need it soon so please check out those sites you can find links to both of them also where thom hartmann dot com that's it for your take my take the night if you like your comments and questions heard on this segment the big picture listen up. we want to know your sons your comments by visiting the timer and facebook page budget with that under scrutiny or in the chat room of the message board you could blog and you can also leave a message on when line if by police h.t.t.p. three hundred sixty degree he said resounding it's all along the remember that your
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comments may be used on the air. i overheard a little chat about occupy wall street between two one percenters on fox so-called news last night apparently roger ailes sent his moustachioed talking head john stossel or what is a comedy park yesterday to get the scoop on what demonstrators are like and what they want and as you'd expect from fox so-called news this is what went out of their. stuff box is corruption to zero. how micro your whole stations are of a. course that only reflects what a few dozen out of
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a few thousand demonstrators think or maybe more actress when their defense stossel does have a history of life as columnist david sirota pointed out stossel has repeatedly lied about the effects of raising the minimum wage about pay disparity between men and women and about scientific consensus in regard to global warming among other things . and as far as occupy wall street demonstrators not being too pleased about seeing a fox so-called news camera crew and you really blame them when you consider how fox has covered them over the movement over the last month. i think if you put every single leftwing cause into a blender and hit power this is the sludge you get they are some of the most uninformed people if you listen to those who don't believe you like the one guy says worse things i think the only things affecting is traffic all of those quotes could have been said in seventeen eighty nine france or the french revolution or the russian revolution or with only slight modification when the nazis were coming
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to power in cuba wonderful castro hugo chavez in venezuela this is always the beginning of totalitarianism fresh from getting reamed out stossel then went on the o'reilly factor to talk to bill who has a net worth of about fifty million bucks about what occupy wall street really means and watching these two guys you have to wonder who these two multi-millionaires just not get it or are they working really hard on behalf of their one percent i'd be half of their corporate media overlords and republican lap dogs to marginalize the movement you decide. the guy with the various i'm a puppet who is given the right to he said the guy with the beard that's your uncle isn't it because they don't call alf there are some people who are really inflamed i don't what are they angry about. they just are. i don't know you know how can
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they you went down there i was here to have a to do it discussion about capitalism or you keep people want you don't know you don't know what is right and why they're angry about everything this is just a visceral hatred of fox news and of me i mean actually occupy wall street is very specific about why they're angry and about what they want and occupy wall street working group has proposed electing and convening a national general assembly beginning on july fourth two thousand and twelve in philadelphia and they put out a declaration the clearly outlines or at least begins to shape their demands and just hating john stossel and fox so-called news then you make the list i hope that doesn't hurt some egos over there among the things that did nicholas the banning private contributions to politicians overturning citizens united with a constitutional amendment reforming the tax code so that wealthier americans pay
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their fair share medicare for everybody reduction of the national debt reenactment of glass steagall student debt relief and ending the wars it's all pretty specific stuff and all things that a lot of other americans who aren't camped out on wall street would agree with but let's go back to the millionaires rally and their take on all this. ok look you don't know if you've. got one hundred p. and s. or they all have their own little deeds not shown took a poll you know he's a former call you know i call the wall street journal and you guys all should read that article doug's article today he says well luckily i think bill's advice i have to hold right here take a look at but first let's listen to bill's take on. he says that most in more radical leftists they hate capitalism want to burn it but this is him down that's the commonality here they want forced redistribution of growth i'm not arguing with
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that i think that's what it is right for her to worry about his fifty million bucks there most of them are radical leftists who want to burn the system down and run forced redistribution of wealth ok well let's take a look at the poll and see if those conclusions and out according to doug schoen poll results the same poll results a rally was just talking about when demonstrators were asked what they hope the occupy wall street movement will achieve these are the demonstrators thirty five percent of them said influence the democratic party the way the tea party has influenced the g.o.p. eleven percent said they hoped it would great the two party do. but what about o'reilly's assertion that they want to radically redistribute wealth an end to capitalism well only four percent responded that they want radical redistribution and dissolution of our representative democracy last time i looked four percent is not exactly
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a majority and another question were demonstrators were asked what frustrates them about the political system thirty percent said influence of corporate special interests twenty one percent said partisanship fifteen percent said joblessness only three percent said the capital system itself again not a majority. moving on let's hear what else stossel riley had to say about this. you're a little younger than me or a little over what older you know i look younger right where you got out of surgery anyway remember the woodstock vietnam thing all right yes there was a commonality there there was a we don't like the war and we wanted you to add there and they actually won the protesters actually won because public opinion turned against johnson in vietnam war subsequently was wound down but here these people heeded winning and they're not going to win here looms last word look how he you all of them there are that's
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right i mean six thousand according to the new york times the boyscout jam really had three hundred thousand of them actually there were more than six thousand people in the streets as part of the occupy wall street movement this weekend hundreds of thousands of people across the planet took to the streets and nearly every single major city on earth and just like the poles were behind the anti vietnam war protesters the poles are behind the occupy wall street protesters too as even a so-called news poll showed last week seventy percent of respondents support the movement so what's going on here distaso o'reilly just not get it are they so far detached from the economic pain most americans are suffering if they can't fathom why anyone would be in the streets or is this something else are they trying to cover up the movement downplay it would live pray that it just goes
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away so that they don't end up paying more taxes or losing their power to say jump and have tea party republicans ask how. as the slogan goes they report you decide. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we've covered visit our web sites thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org and. also check out our two you tube channels the length of time our barbara starr show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free tom hartman i phone and i pad apps in the app store and since feedback at twitter it's all members who are going to facebook and tom underscore our been watching the school told on some of the talk and no forget the mock receive begins with you get out there get a tag your it says. we'll
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. bring you the latest unsigned stream signals from the realms where. we go to the future coverage. of. the. shutdown i'm shocked.


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