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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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on our t.v. a fall on a dictator footage that appears to show the body of colonel gaddafi the libyan government says has died from his injuries after being shot by government troops during his capture earlier today with the news comes from the city of sirte reportedly been freed from gadhafi loyalists after two months of fighting. one dead and dozens injured as violence breaks out in the streets of athens while the greek parliament debates tough and sturdy nationals. and peace breakers nato forces clashed with serbs in northern cos of over control over a disputed border area which the serbs consider their territory. a russian company makes a major breakthrough she would have the will be building a huge oil terminal in rotterdam film all the business later on in the program.
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was just after nine pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. let's begin with breaking news story from libya where government officials say could all get off he has been killed the news comes from the city of sirte which has reportedly been overrun by government forces officials for seven get off he had been taken alive with serious injuries to both his legs the latest we're hearing from the national transitional council is that the colonel has died from his wounds to a bit off and sons have also reportedly been killed in sirte including the influential saif al islam who was poised to succeed the colonel of the m.d.c. had served at the fall of search would spell the liberation of libya after nine months of civil war all more market off he ruled libya for nearly forty two years before he was ousted in august and ortiz bitter all over takes a look back at the role of one of the world's most controversial leaders. hunted
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through the streets of his own smoldering campus or a far cry from when he assumed power in a bloodless coup in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine shunning the west duffy equipped his army with soviet military technology all paid for with money from libya's huge oil reserves during the cold war he opened up libya as a safe haven for the west and terror groups in one nine hundred eighty six bombing of la belle nightclub in west berlin targeted u.s. servicemen and resulted in president reagan ordering pair strikes on tripoli where strikes which provoked defiance from kids are free the worst atrocity committed during this period was the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight bombing of pan am flight one hundred three over lockerbie scotland which killed two hundred seventy people cut off from trade in fearing the rise of militant islam isn't in the region its afi initiated the thawing of relations in the ninety's the libyan leader content al qaeda and declared himself an ally in the war on terror has promoted
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billions of dollars of business being conducted between libya and the global community world leaders going out of their way to make sure that they were seen to be working with kids after showing five star hotels and presidential palaces he stayed in a traditional bedouin tent flanked by a security detail of glamorous female agents his face bearing the marks of repeated cosmetic surgery partially hidden behind sunglasses at all times the beginning of the end came in february political unrest swept along on the wave of popular revolt in egypt reached libya the response from the libyan leader was brutal the u.n. passed a resolution to allow bear strikes on libya as rebels packed up with military aid from foreign governments closed in on his last safe haven eight months after the first protests and despite claims from gadhafi that he would fight on and when one of the most colorful and controversial figures in modern history was removed from power. peter all of it. well let's get some more analysis from jordan based analyst
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professor abraham of mr luzhin if that alfie is indeed dead doesn't this by the question why didn't he try to flee to another country or at least escape be a decisive battle for sirte. let's admit the fact that the buffy has stood up and fought to the last breath just like he said that he would the guy could have escaped like you said and he could of. ran away but he didn't he fought and he gave away his sons as fighters in this fight just like he promised so i think what we have here is a heroic lust pond and their defense of libya against and and they go back and razor ok what will happen bow to the remaining pockets of resistance do you think a new boy its leader will emerge or do you think the fight is well it will be over right now. i think what we'll have is
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a rerun of the scenario in iraq and out of the history of real time we had a leader fall he has set an example for thousands of followers this has happened and palestine and the iraq and some other places the flock chose to fight to the death will give an example to all those who are jerks and they are russian and libya. ok you know it now that there are reports that he has sided with you before the rebels have been saying that they would have liked to see get off the stand trial what do you think we would have learned about the events we witnessed and maybe if we had stood trial. i think we have to take heed of the fact that he was caught. and this was shown on t.v. many channels have shown t.v. . clips t.v. clips of cop duffy one that branch them blood and he was assassinated after he was
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caught one that this is a very heavy us crime against and one that none and the public will see it as such but i have met tonight someone has missed several people who dislike him though that i mean he had been did accuse gadhafi himself had been accused also of killing a lot of people so how do you put that into the context of what you're saying ok a man has been injured and killed i think we have to put things in perspective this is a political fight against and they led invasion and nobody today the weather and russia or the rest of the world especially of the world has any of knowledge and the more that what we have in libya now is not driven. by nato stooges ok i let's talk about now about the it reports the media are very very quick to jump on reports that gadhafi is dead and that a lot of them calling it a spectacular victory do you think that's justified. i think it's a very sad day for all people around the world who oppose foreign heads of
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money if you are untie imperialist if you are for independence and if you are for the liberation of the third world from imperialism then this is a very sad day for you in the head the only people rejoicing in our monthly day out of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters so that other people are asking questions i was saying earlier that i've talked to people who dislike free who dislike the way he was killed they think this tells you something about the moral of the so-called revolutionaries he should have been at least given proper medical treatment and should have should have been given a proper trial at least if you claim to be democratic and supporter of human rights then you are setting a bad example for the kind of rule that is to follow in the future and mind you that duffy was not the only one killed that way many of his lieutenants were killed
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the same way and we have many people coming out on the arab media saying that many were caught including the defense minister of the cutouts regime and killed just the same way. again much indeed for your thoughts there in jordan based on his professor thank you. you know our will that we would like to know what do you think about the reported death of colonel gadhafi and today we're asking you when gadhafi is dead what happens now in libya and so far the most popular response is west florida oil fields surrounded by chaos and will emerge and years of being full and slow recovery. now some of you say that the colonel's death will lead to a green zone in tripoli and total control everywhere and only four percent of you say election reforms atmosphere will head to our home to cast your vote. to greece now were clashes broke out in central athens between rival groups of
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protesters during the second day of mass demonstrations against a new round of austerity measures being debated in parliament authorities say one person died while dozens were injured as more than fifty thousand demonstrators gathered in the city's main square outside parliament r.t. sarfraz reports now from athens. that it can be very quickly oftentimes the slats we cook. in the crowds we're not sure exactly what that thing off but everyone just trying to. not let. alone. would you let go of the. love that you wanted to take to be. in the crowd. really very shocking we seem to visions of the protests today everyone completely
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and their opposition to the government let it. roll over the political system of greece and for europe. people hit the fill it's truly angry we see no anger reaching a boiling point line again here on the streets of athens. it's an extremely volatile situation that the rest and yes in the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because this is a problem that affects great the situation. all right well let's go to northern kosovo now where nato peacekeepers have unleashed tear gas on ethnic serbs pushing them away from a disputed border crossing the serbs had barricaded the area claiming it belongs to them as they still don't consider kossovo an independent country artist many of the national is there with the latest for us. we are now at the scene of the tensions of this tent of between the soldiers of k. for the nature that peacekeeping force here in kosovo and the cost of insert civilians the soldiers have come here early in the morning as you can see on army
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to be called the riot police three of them behind this very case all as you can see frightening in full riot gear to try to remove the barricades that ethnic serbs erupted here three months ago but the ethnic serbs they were here in kosovo have gathered here to prevent the peacekeepers from doing that from taking the barricades away as they say nato as well as k. four here in the region known as peacekeepers they are exceeding their mandate the u.n. security council resolution number twelve forty four the only legal reason for that to be here but there right now rather is system pristina in. its institutions over the course of a over. the territory that the ethnic serbs to see as their heartland as an independent state they don't recognize also as two thousand and eight self-proclaimed independence and don't recognize the authorities and laws and
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institutions from time to time the peacekeepers and using loudspeakers address into the crowds and calling on that to disperse and threatening otherwise use and from time to time to use in these schools which is captive cast pepper spray this is something like tear gas it has the same pattern human being as the tear gas has but serbs are not ready to surrender spacey themselves with masks using special liquid to wash their eyes and they say they will be here till they bury and as well as it is needed to protect their rise well from time to time the leaders of the serbs here are dressed in crowds calling on. to remain calm and peaceful as much as possible but as you can see the situation may look staple but this is very dramatic this is an absolutely no we situation and
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tensions very high and it's boiling. all the time last month when the case for try to remove the barricades by force they used tear gas against protesters and rubber bullets even and at least seven civilians have been injured and this time as well fears are growing that it could be fall and they could be blood and victims from both sides. that was artie's beef and often on the ground in kossovo there she is updating us with all the latest on air and online as well you can head to our twitter page for all the latest tweets from her and can also get all our new video spy are here to chat. about there's a cost war brewing in the united states that's a stark warning from the occupy wall street movement which is into its fifth week on showing no sign of giving up well for them the yawning gap between rich and poor is getting far to wife and that could cost the government dearly as good if you took young explains. a class war seemed impossible in
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a country where being wealthy is part of the national dream good as thousands marched on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against the system that they claim works only for the benefit of the super rich individuals and corporations many ask whether america is facing a class war that it's hollywood the rich are getting richer while the middle class is class a class war is being waged in a burka today unfortunately the wrong side is winning the super called one percent of winners are the nation's top corporations which this year made the economies very slow growth and non the less made record profits thanks to various loopholes plenty of these corporations pay little or nothing in taxes the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more in to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government tax them more and to my question how many americans has chevron hired since the tax breaks
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were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said speech there were up slightly a few thousand in our upstream business over the years but not significantly not significantly on our chevron payroll a few thousand jobs for the billions of dollars in tax stimulus the government gave them economists say married his largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars. and not investing in the economy unemployment in the us remains over nine percent when we live in a nation where corporations can profit off a child dying at the same time with their parents in a bankruptcy they're trying to pay for these kids medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall street answer to people's rage and if you kill will be nobody held three jobs but as one of the protesters try to put a word of objection we call it all done all done it's not your show monkey i'm
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talking to these people hold on i'm not talking to you you can. talk you through your personal success and money have always been part of the american dream reaction when you read the aspiration to become rich is deeply ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream it could be the end of it and the beginning of a class war i'm going to check our reporting from washington our king. let's have a quick look at some other world news in brief this hour violence broke out in the streets of the korean capital as police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse a student led protests at least forty people were arrested what a peaceful march for educational reforms and that in clashes over a two day strike was calling for free and quality education students also claim the president yet was failing to distribute the wealth from
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a recent copper price boom she was education rallies have been ongoing for several months now. and in thailand where people in bangkok are heading for higher ground as the country's worst flooding in decades threatens to swamp parts of the capital the government says it will be impossible to protect the city from the disaster as a prime minister declared a national crisis over three hundred people have died in flood since july but at least a third of the nation's provinces still water logged homes factories and thousands of acres of farmland have suffered billions of dollars of damage although that figure is expected to rise. by the first ever launch of a russian rocket from a western a platform has been temporarily because bone due to some technical difficulties are carrying a european satellite navigation system called galileo the rocket is now scheduled to set off for space from french guy on on friday which will reports now on a promising project. the director of the european space agency reacted calmly to
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the delay he called a proven vehicle and says he doesn't want any more issues to affect the launch the organizing committee area and it says liftoff may be put back to friday seven thirty am local time or saturday its head also insists the problem is not serious issues with refueling valves on launch vehicles are fairly common but on officially there's talk about the space center that the launch may be postponed for longer to make sure everything goes smoothly soyuz has by far the world's best launch success rate with over ninety percent of it seventeen hundred plus takeoffs going as planned people have seen the place in baikonur will recognize the set up here the russian team behind says has built the same joint crater or flame ball around the launch pad to take exhaust gases and noise away from the rocket and much of the equipment is built in russia before being shipped to french guyana the e.u. says it wants this to be as successful as the base in russia with the aim of
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sending an improved version of america's g.p.s. into space more on the project in this report drivers find g.p.s. navigators can often be inaccurate and actually cut health in built up zones but the new e.u. competitor called galileo promises meets a point precision even in urban areas where buildings currently my g.p.s. coverage to send the satellites into orbit europe chosen the soyuz launcher with its own rival track record by far the most valuable laundry in the world and. we we are glad to have so you would be. a huge space chief say shows you don't need to be complicated to succeed rational system very simple and effective it's a very good way of designing the politicians think it will launch a new partnership between europe and russia have been used to recount reactively contributes to industrial scientific and technical. corporation for example. is
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important stop on the way to reasonable level of quality of our business ties diversification of the structures the man in charge of the lot says it's full superior to the us system is geared to treat the job to go but it should. first satellites and lifting off from french guiana the earth rotates falsely here by the point so giving an ideal catapult effect on takeoff i think you around the clear skies and you have the perfect conditions for launching its base america's g.p.s. has enjoyed a monopoly on the world market we so used also behind bushes also to g.p.s. no just glued us competition in the school is about to get just a little more crowded than your bullshit french guiana a little way of declared this year as one of remembrance for the country's holocaust victims but that doesn't include focusing on the brutality of the people interred the nazis start his policy or reports it's trying to soothe the survivors
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and step. who wants to be known as a nation of of killers lithuanian is the only language in which is that even a special word core that mel called the shooters of jewels and in world war two those shelters wiped out ninety six percent of lithuanian jewelry among the highest rates in europe but despite heavy pressure the country's gotten away without punishing a single person responsible they didn't for him because he didn't want to fund and they would have one preferred. reason for joseph melamed found a lost eleven years ago he published the names of thousands of little wayne ians implicated in the killing of jews at the time he sent the list to the lithuanian authorities asking them to investigate as many witnesses were still alive the prosecutors have only now answered him and they want him to come to lithuania to green and as we do not consider mr melamed a suspect their only son him to give testimony to either confirm or deny the
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statements he made statements among others a detail in lithuanian court victories of the car course who allegedly to capitated a rabbi and put his head on a window so everyone could see a man called who reportedly imprisoned some sixty jews in a gallery beaten with quo bars and forced fire hoses down their throats water was then turned on so they stomachs exploded all of this captured by german photographers the source of the claims i would have says to survive the wall very competent and in their help and wrecker. i'm very. proud. this is not the first time lithuanian prosecutors have summoned holocaust survivors also to part of the resistance to give testimony critics campaign it's a way for us to avoid dealing with its holocaust history this is a campaign of defamation against how a car survivors who are alive because they escaped they get to join the soviet
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partisans the only people fighting in this part of the world it's part of their campaign to lead vines history in the direction of double genocide the very far right model that posits that communism or not since them are equal lithuania officially recognizes their crimes committed by the soviet union and nazi regimes are equal and other european states to do the same the nazi crimes should not be excused because if you want there were some crimes wrong for. there are only worse they were genocide. they were trying to wipe out a whole people and so instead of focusing on an eighty six year old holocaust survivor many say lithuanian authorities should rather at least be opening an investigation and those amalgamates is willing to participate in a basic a search for the reasons he believes the lithuanians are trying to run someone if
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they really are going through we. will bring it out. and in the long run that seems the last thing the country would want policia r.t. television. well now quick reminder of our breaking news from libya where government officials have confirmed the death of colonel gadhafi the news comes from the city of sirte which has been overrun by government forces and just looking at the images that we have been seeing all day and it appears to be the thoughts which of the colonel's body officials the first said that often had been taken alive with serious injuries to both his legs but the latest report from the national transitional council is that a colonel has died from his wounds and one of the off the sounds has also reportedly been killed in sirte but the influential saif al islam his eldest son has reportedly been captured alive again details still trickling in from libya will be m.t.c. had said that the fall of sirte would spell the liberation of libya after nine
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months of civil war. all right well it's time again to for the business update with you yeah but let's take a quick break for that. in some petersburg oh she's available in hotels a story of a little ambassador in a small school to kowtow patroclus hotel a tricycle toto gold to gold you know tilson for. bill seeks to destroy ski lift you can see it on this column if you visit.
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hello and welcome to the business update russia investment group summa cum hotel and a branch of oil trading giant feature will have won a tender to build an oil terminal in rotterdam in the netherlands the jailhouse and signs cheering the visit of the dutch prime minister to moscow archies eager to go with your husband he tells. the bulk of the conversation between president medvedev and the dutch prime minister about a clue to concern increasing energy cooperation between the two countries now this isn't just the protocol in this particular case the dutch companies are already big players in the russian market they contribute a large amount of investment in the russian energy sector from all the foreign partners so they're already heavily involved here and the full cooperation isn't just some sort of their ethical exchange what russia wants is the ability to
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control its oil downstream as it moves from russia into europe the western companies the dutch companies the opportunity to help russia to discover and to drill its all that which is located in the arctic in your mouth another area in which they searched is renewables companies are going to be lending their expertise in producing more new was in russia at the moment roughly like in behind other countries perhaps not reconsidering its regional resources in terms of its renewables production. of a specific result of course is going to be the construction of this huge oil field of this huge thermal and rob now the cost of this project is expected to be anything up to world billion dollars already thirty percent of all the all the go through rotterdam is russian oil is sure to increase and so this is going to be to the profits of the specific russian company so we're capital which is going to be involved in this but it's also going to be improving the image of russia as energy provider and as run the doesn't just provide distributed as well. that's how i look
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at the markets now the oil is still trading its lowest in four days giving up recent gains is losing under two dollars to trade at eighty four dollars a barrel branches one hundred six dollars for help. on the russian markets continue their march into red on thursday investors were moving into cash anticipating a possible worsening of greece's economic situation. that wraps up the business bulletin stay tuned for the headlines next.
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the latest in science and technology from a russian. we dump the future of coverage.


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