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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 1:31pm-2:01pm EDT

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for the second day now one person is reported dead and dozens injured in clashes between rival groups of protesters while the greek parliament debates a steady. and breakers nato forces clash with serbs in northern cos about for control over the disputed border area which the serbs consider their territory. and that some are to lectures in lethal weapons from the us university where america's nuclear arsenal was born that special report is up next and then when people started digging in deeper and deeper they discovered that. a lot of things had been lax on the security front i can go through the guard station here to access to a three in my ford ranger truck and i will not be stopped i will well you briefly stop you get waved through there's no search of those vehicles i could have
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hundreds of pounds of plastic in my vehicle and once in a three i can park pretty much anywhere i want. out of security for laboratory. they were first and prostitutes the practice was to sweep it under the rug right now never more putting together a new eternium foundry in the eternium building that very building where the mock terrorists were able to get out. and they're going to be experimenting with pouring that one tony. and we're. trying to develop robotics worried production line for a full scale manufacturing capability out los alamos to make the plutonium pits. the n.s.a. is requiring the los alamos laboratory to ramp up the
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production plutonium hits for a compound in and functional bombs they were very proud of having produced or was it ten or eleven last year or something like that and they want to produce something like eighty per year and you could ask why it's about pork real nuclear weapons or just them they swear to get pork they're nice because nobody can question what you're doing me unless they don't have a security clearance mean you can't go up and say show me how you make your stupid bits because they won't let you see the people that run you know the defense industries in this country that are there connected to people in washington that are you know that just do you know have a power of command over agency policy that cannot really be altered even by the president why we need more nucular weapons or even to maintain the current
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stock well that we have and spend the resources of the money on that is beyond me i think those are political decisions and i don't think they are well thought out. the problem so address to the nation from his office in the white house january seventh nineteen sixty one. good evening my fellow americans. three and a half million men and women are directly engage in the defense stocks. we really spend on military security alone more than the net income of all the united states
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corporation. we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry especially bush in the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwanted influence whether sought all runs off by the military industrial complex. the more classic version of the military industrial complex which is still very much a part. of the united states military and economy is it refers more to the meshing of industrial conglomerates corporations with the us military and this serves as some people said the serves as a kind of de facto centralized planning of the us economy whereby industrial policy is determined by the defense department in the allocation of their you know several hundred billion dollar budget every year so long term decisions about where whole
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industries go in the united states is determined by the defense department there's an illusion that the united states and other western societies are markets is. based on free enterprise and so on that's on a very marginal crew if you take a look at the core of the economy it's based on the states. the pentagon controls about five hundred billion dollars of funding a year and it uses that to control all of high technology industry the costs of the initial stages of technological development are all subsidized by the taxpayers through this system because the pentagon is a publicly funded institution obviously you know half of the federal budget now is devoted to things that are either military or intelligence or homeland security and all those bureaucracies feed
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a lot of contractors and people making large amounts of money and why would they want to stop why would they not want to feed at that trough anymore the british historian e.p. thompson once said that it was misleading to say that the soviet union in the united states had military industrial complexes he said it was more accurate to say that they were military industrial complexes. in the us casey could just as well have said military industrial i condemn it given the role of the university of california where you see as a very important role with and the military industrial complex some goes fire is calling that the military industrial complex you see became involved in a general context of universities becoming more tightly involved in motor industrial complex during world war two the people who ran harvard the people who
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ran and. the people who ramberg really. all of these people were basically. realizing it was in their interest. to the touch themselves and more permanent ways to the military the u.c. has received billions of dollars over the years so the federal government put it into the nuclear weapons development that's happened at these laboratories and has basically served as the ultimate flight route that legitimates for the weapons in the united states now this is interesting the scientists at the laboratories. benefit from the university of california management in the sense that the university of california provides a fig leaf of academic respectability for their design of weapons of mass destruction the. clouds don't like to say of your nuclear bomb site
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labs we create that knowledge of armageddon and that's not how they sell themselves where they sell themselves as they serve it we are multipurpose national science lab which was he worked on everything from the human genome project to helping to offset global warming to all kinds of other benign popular on the science and we also did. there are options. you know. so. universally is basically doing science it so happens that eighty percent of their research and funding. that the department of energy provides them with is for their weapons programs to.
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the weapons laboratories are incredibly powerful lobbying interests on behalf of nuclear weapons development and i look at that phenomenon it's been part of something that the generalist philosopher lewis mumford called the new pentagon of power that emerged around the time of world war two and that he recognized there is a new priesthood. within the ruling elite of the united states that new priesthood was scientists elite scientists like nuclear weapons scientists especially the labs come up with ideas and sell them to the military there's a kind of idea that the customer you know wants this of the customer wants that in the customer being in the military but historically it's the labs that have by large come up with the ideas and then they get the customer to be interested in here you are you're in position where you're the only people what have the nuclear
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weapons design expertise you can tell would do do you. about what you consider the nuclear you can speculate about the russians and their nuclear weapons establishment so you're in your the driver's seat you're in you're controlling your own money supply is pretty nice you don't have absolute control over but you're going to hell want more control over it than you ought to have it would be really hard to overestimate the historical influence that the us nuclear scientists have had on the global proliferation of nuclear weapons you see scientists have been some of the most outspoken advocates of the nuclear weapons program. a very key moment arrived during president reagan's administration when president reagan was on his way to a summit with the soviet premier corba chaps to discuss a comprehensive elimination of nuclear weapons by those two states and by them. and
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hey do you see nuclear weapon scientists and would successfully lobby president reagan and convince president reagan not to do this edward teller u.c. scientist said we need to continue and in fact expand the nuclear weapons program. or edward teller actually say if later from one to needing to that there was no possibility of killing more than if he put it a quarter of the earth's population a year later he had a cell phone to consider the possibility which remains of destroying all advanced life on earth if you think crazy nuclear weapons policies it isn't that they're doing that they are the loyal service did the deal with the d o d and they're simply making nuclear weapons which is what they claim we're the oil service they are making chris. because it keeps nuclear weapons for
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as being right these are precious you mustn't stop using these things because if you do. budget may come down eat lines jr from us i was like you see it really worked and senator domenici is office for many years at a function as his laboratory legislative aide. but actually he was interested california lawyer he was. working as a staff in a powerful senator's office so pete lyons could draw on. the entire resources of the lab and the other labs and then feed it to domenici from within his office. it's a lot of power. right now you've got some people whose purpose whose whose sole centered interest is to maintain. nuclear weapons as a viable option. that is their own selfish interest even though you and i would say
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that if there's if there's any weapon on earth right now that puts her our society or risk its nuclear weapons because they can bring our six sided crashing down one morning at the end of the cold war there was a hope that at least a core part of the nuclear threat could be reduced maybe eliminated namely the soviet american confrontation with the very dissolution of the soviet union u.s. leaders saw an opportunity not to change the world in the direction of nuclear abolition which they could and which you know many americans saw that as a possibility instead of doing that they saw the possibility of being a hedge a monic world empire such as the world had never seen. the issue of nuclear weapons is kind of dropped off public radar and a lot of ways because the u.s.
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population doesn't feel as threatened by nuclear weapons anymore people thought the nuclear problem danger had. disappeared that was wrong the problem the nuclear war was never a deliberate attack by either side against the other and it was never entirely the problem of all of three wars. the problem of an accidental war launched by a false alarm alert forces still does exist. if you look over the history there have been very close schools just by accident we don't have the russian records but we have the us recall lot of the us records and it's appalling i mean there's been case after case probably dozens if not hundreds of cases where the automated response systems were on the verge of launching a missile strike when human intervention for added and human intervention means
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like a minute or two. these things are right at the edges destroying the world and it could happen to not by accident or by computer error or by heck as all by an ordinary fallible human psych mag has five now how thousand nights from five hundred maybe. and russia got two and a half thousand and when you think about the fact that i need to have forty major cities in the northern hemisphere to such or a dynasty there are forty eight spots targeted on new york as we speak any date if you look at the situation there was that very great maybe the danger is. more so now you know emanuel others in this sociologists to. learn a lot of globalization and he said that he thinks that you know in the next twenty years there will be twenty new nuclear states. he sees the end of the cold war is
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actually an opening up for mass deliberations nuclear weapons nuclear material and expertise has become dispersed in the world so widely by. this point the we are i think on the verge of widespread proliferation the belief that the threat of nuclear war to extremely serious is standard among the leading strategic analyst takes a robert mcnamara former secretary of defense with. energy and. he thinks his estimate is that it's not only the threat that is imminent he calls with pocalypse any international rate tense situation and. face up a situation wave of weapons could be donors. was going to be more nations going for nuclear weapons especially because the united states and russia still have them and still use them. to try to. to try to intimidate smaller nations.
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like what we're doing in the world right now running around the world. and we're threatening people with weapons that we have and the door. flew off the fire of helicopters and troops precision missiles of people it's. the only balance that comes into that is when they all sort of helicopters are you also are reduced to only having a rifle once you're reduced to equal weaponry then you really do talk. perl is just great fun killing people. here we are in the position of trying to urge the most of the countries of the world except for nine. not to have a single nuclear weapon. while we're only telling them to leave intend to keep thousands indefinitely then we will not assure them we will not use them against them going to effect making a threat. the way the united states particularly is behaving
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it is providing incentives to other countries to develop nukes. look at the case of iraq united states have accused iraq of having nuclear arms an attack dog to didn't have nuclear arms and i n's surely the united states knew that you wouldn't have attacked it if it did have nuclear arms but on the other hand north korea actually developed nuclear arms and the united states negotiated so the demonstration to the world is that having the nuclear weapons makes you a lot thing for from us threats from the kids of the world actual attack. what is the united states really number one. on challenge. where nobody can come close to our level of dominance on a level. korean. food growing oil production. in the capital with only one thing and that is the. problems are left
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to the insiders and the insiders on the whole are committed to the us empire. and to run the world. they want nuclear threats. and so long as the leaders in the us are ard to committed to the use of nuclear weapons the rest of the world is going to keep theirs or get their. and the prospects for human survival are not great. and almost out of engaging in the surging of this university of forty three years. that i believe is over the shape of the employer the u.c. system and into ireland is the modern weapons for little activity. i think it's absolutely wrong for any university to be involved in
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making weapons of mass destruction weapons that are illegal under international law weapons that by any definition of morality are immoral weapons that kill indiscriminately weapons that could destroy civilization ok seriously stop think about our cards as a nation in their liberation and doesn't lend lease and how it exercises chance of survival university should be pressing forward at the. edge of that understanding and doing it to a because the topics are worth pursuing. they should not be doing it because of external institutional pressures which citizens and these are the results we want. so we should not be at the bidding of the state or of corporations or any other
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group and so they should be investigating the frontiers of understanding and trying groups friend and with careful attention to be trying to conceal their work. i know people up there who whines like counselors. at the wall trying to booking and what part of the surge of the nation sick of the. if you move. to the city slum my role to address that but if it's not their will to address it. or we don't put. in them or write back to all the things we really choose the germans of nuremberg. they're all saying it's not my rosewood rest. time and money in humans and destruction seems to me that if you keep your heat and you need a new nest we're human activity and improving the human condition. today you're
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going to hear you testimony to survivors from the hiroshima atomic bomb us thought this is me on the young and single but if you get. that up though you don't want a lot easier to know who i am happy to have so that will suit you so you could use it so it does not think you are. just another mini star so you do have. the one last piece did he knew it was very soon at them and don't think you understood the almost a must. a university is meant to cultivate. it all to find humanity every syrian i have here and out it came over. to. visit. the cubans about
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life but it is so beautiful what. so many chances to create a good thing not making up at the bottom not to go after it. happens more in our city martin does love foreigners ryanair prices cruise and guns the truth to yourself the fact that the. you doing these things. with no concern and so with you says a lot of really. serious ethical and moral issues. and i think it's one of the most in moral and ethical institutions in the country. they want more investment they want more money thrown down the block coal nuclear weapons development they want to expand the nuclear weapon labs they want to continue the program and they have been advocates of this since the very
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beginning of this program and so it's up to us it's up to us those of us who have a conscience and who are watchdogs to stand up and say no because if we don't do it no one will. the syrians are meeting next thursday and san francisco. we're going there on my to. go with we really care and we're going to put our necks. and to tell people that we need to be to be democratize and we need to stop building their weapons. the students have a right to demand that they receive that. we don't warm down. will be needed in this field are
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more people with fresh. because there's so much to be out. there already. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the schools sever ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program. my principal for rob it's very embarrassed to see only the first letter being blamed but that is a lie is easier because you sure. are. why. i've.
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been any person to call or a. weapon which you. breaking
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news on our t.v. a fall when a dictator this footage is released as colonel gadhafi dies from his injuries after being shot by government troops during his capture earlier on thursday that he was comes from the city of sirte which has been free from gadhafi loyalists for two months of fighting. one dead and dozens injured as violence breaks out on the streets of athens while the greek parliament debates started that shirt's. peace and breakers nato forces clashed with serbs in northern casa vote for control over a disputed border area which the serbs consider their territory. business russia and the netherlands have signed a building and will.


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