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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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ok martin washing our t. now here's a quick look at the main stories we're covering today starting with the breaking news of the call in a dictator now this footage is released as colonel gadhafi dies from his injuries after being shot by government figures during his capture earlier on thursday the news comes from the city of sirte which has been freed from gadhafi loyalists after two months of fighting ruled libya for nearly forty two years before being ousted by revolutionary forces assisted by major writes this audience. of the greek parliament has just passed new tough austerity measures as protests on the streets of greece continue to paralyze the country for the second day one person has reported dead and dozens injured in clashes between rival groups of protesters . and piece of breakers nato forces clash with serbs in northern costs a vote for control over a disputed border area which the serbs consider their territory and now with the
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occupy wall street movement showing no signs of abating r.t. toss author and blogger james councilor who says president obama is hostage to big business now is interviews coming up next. i. archie sitting down with author blogger and public speaker james howard kunstler so i think so much for joining us it's nice to be here let's get started with the occupy wall street movement we've seen many media outlets try to ridicule them marginalize this movement as something that's temporary and really out of just teenage behavior and you've essentially called this bogus in your blog let's talk about that what is your take on occupy wall street well first of all it's hilarious that all of these scolds in the media are shaking their fingers at these young people and say oh you don't you can articulate your position you have any agenda we're living in a time in the united states when the consensus about reality is so fractured even
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among people who are supposed to know what's going on that we cannot construct a coherent story about what's happening to us and what we're going to do about it so to expect the young people to be able to construct a coherent narrative when nobody else in the culture is capable of doing that i think it's a little unfair. what's more you can tell just from the placards that they're carrying around we know where their heads are at the the most significant or telling one that i saw said. i have seventy thousand dollars college debt twelve thousand dollars in medical bills i'm twenty two where's my bailout so that's a good enough reason to be out there i think so and i think what it represents is very clear it's the idea that this younger generation feels like their future
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has been sold out from under them but with major unions joining we've seen a much more kind of mature knowledgeable group of people come out onto the streets thousands of people do you think that's reason enough for the media and politicians to really start. seriously i don't know if we're capable of really interpretating what's going on politically in our country right now you know i have a pet theory that the more social and economic distress a culture goes through the the greater the delusional thinking gets so that you know that as the social stress rises the crazy ideas and delusional ideas tend to increase it's not a very. good it's not a very good set of conditions for you know arriving at a picture of reality and if we compare occupy wall street to the arab spring we saw american politicians and the mainstream media plotting the arab spring yet this is
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somewhat of a similar beginning of some uprising along those lines is until double standard a little bit too obvious yeah it's amazing and it's amazing that we were cheerleading for all those people in the street in tahrir square you know anderson cooper was down there and you know all the other. usual media suspects were there cheering for the protesters in spite of the fact that there was a very good chance that the outcome of the revolution might not be so good let's put it this way you know the outstanding feature of the politics in the last three years has been that nobody on wall street has had to sit in a court room to answer for the tremendous amount of misbehavior in banking and you know this includes pact that can only be described as swindles and
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frauds well people have been talking about the lack of accountability ever since the financial meltdown took place three years ago but we haven't seen anybody come out onto the streets why now and do you think that this movement could end up taking america to a. better place at least in terms of pushing palate politicians to hold someone accountable it's just that i do think there's a reason why we haven't seen a lot of protests the kind of things that have been happening to americans are very shameful they lose or draw they lose their income they can't support their families they can't feed their families their house gets taken away from them you know these are things that tend to be humiliating and shameful and i think that because of the way our system works where you know this is the land of freedom and liberty people blame themselves and they internalize a lot of the bad feelings and then you know they suppress it because it's shameful the combination of the shame and the anger that's all kind of mixed up with that
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has not really expressed itself and it may take a bit more to shove it over the edge and may take you know a bit more hardship now in one of your articles you say the hope invested in obama will end up in a museum of lost hopes along with the integrity of t.v. news i want to ask you if this were to be obama's only charm as president what would he be remembered like in history well i voted for obama i think that he's probably when all is said and done he's probably a decent chap but it also appears that he's either a hostage to history or a hostage to certain faction and was in our culture and economy like the wall street bankers. remember over a thousand people were successfully prosecuted for the misdeeds in the savings and loan scandals of the late one nine hundred eighty s.
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and early one nine hundred ninety s. no significant figure from the banking community has really been even sat in a court room and had to answer for any of their their deeds you know there have been a couple of fluky cases including bernie made off. you know these are outliers these are the marginal cases but really the heart of the system hasn't been touched i think that. mr obama will be remembered as a kind of a spectacular failure and i also think that this is a period of history that is comparable to the eight hundred fifty s. in the usa that was the period that preceded the civil war and it was a period in which political institutions were failing you know an interesting thing happens in situations like this institutions lose what's called legitimacy legitimacy a reason to exist and the faith among people who have subscribed to their beliefs
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that they are worth believing in and you know we're seeing a grand failure of legitimacy now in the political system in the usa and it's rather frightening you really sort of forecast every year for the year ahead what the united states should await i mean your forecast for twenty eleven you said that the number one question really is kind of political economy the floating like when he the costs of sheer fakery how's that balloon popped well i think that the air has been going out of it steadily but surprisingly slowly for three years and you know we're the whatever pin prick in this balloon you know where where it seems to be located at the moment is over europe with tremendous questions about the legitimacy of the european union and the banking sector more more generally but you know all of the banks in europe and north america are.
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interrelated and there's no chance that what happens on one continent is not going to affect another i think. there sooner or later we're going to see similar problems. in the usa the air is going out of the balloon. it's been remarkable that the fabric of this bubble was so strong but when all is said and it's a fabric of faith and confidence that the system is meaningful and sustainable and people are beginning to doubt that that it is if we could return to the role of the media you return to this issue in your blog quite often you've written that they shout down invited guest commentators pander to their demographic and just their rivals for ratings what role do they play these games well you know culture goes through cycles where institutions. take various forms acquire
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a certain would see and then blow it throw it away and i've seen it happen in my lifetime where you know the the authority of the evening news on the networks was unquestioned but what's happened is that you know i think that the media has lost its confidence it's certainly in a great state of. convulsive transition we do know that younger people tend not to really get the news from t.v. at all you know they mostly get it from the internet. there are very few kind of vested legitimate authorities on the internet who are trusted news bringers they all appear to have an agenda of some kind or another whether it's left wing rightwing capitalist socialists you know we never won it is and you know i think we have a long way to go before any of these things are sorted out and it's one of the
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reasons that we can't construct a coherent narrative about what's happening to us do you think the united states could face its own person i prefer to call it a reset because i don't think it's the end of the world or the end of culture. or the end of america i think it's a reset of culture but it but it can be very very painful and you know there will be a lot of losses involved of of property and status and you know things that were important to people that they're going to lose and so we have to somehow be prepared for this period of history that's very difficult but i think we're seeing is something that i did expect that we would mount a campaign to sustain the unsustainable because of our tremendous psychological investments in the stuff that we've got running you know we put all of our national treasure into building freeways and building these massive suburbs and building all
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of the accessories and furnishings for them you know the strip malls and the malls and all the you know all the stuff that comes with them. that's where our national wealth has gone you know we're not going to just kick it into the garbage can without a struggle. but i don't think that it's going to work very well for us anyway so the final in the final analysis what i think is going to happen is america is going to be dragged kicking and screaming into a reset of daily life here's how a concert thank you so much time. it's a lifelong dream for many. months bring a real loom is not enough to steer the ship. knowledge endures.
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genuine love to the motherland history or require. people who revive the craft are sailing through the centuries on our. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the polls. they are. leasing him something to choose instead to get the status of the human experiments it's something we'll see if we pursue this rap music we would expose the military trying to censor global economy and it's all changed things as financial temples. to maintain our confidence in markets and if you don't want to be seen trade imbalances recession
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look to the nations close to sing a song like close. to fail so we played the game feel like the us crashed and i wanted to smash the ceiling is this close to the clubs and the i.m.f. sports me i'm just programs increased the total economy. today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today. very new news on our t.v. following the dictator this footage is released as colonel gadhafi dies from his
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injuries after being shot by government troops during his capture earlier on thursday the news comes from the city of sirte which has been freed from get off the border this saturday with lots of fighting and often ruled libya for nearly forty two years before being ousted by revolutionary forces assisted by nato air strikes this on. the greek parliament passes a new tough austerity mushers us protests on the streets of greece to you to paralyze the country for the second day one person is reported dead and dozens injured in clashes between rival groups of protesters. and a peace breakers made so forces clash and serves the northern cross of oak to control over a disputed border area which the serbs consider their territory. i'll be back with more of those stories in fifteen minutes but first kate is here with all the latest sports.
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hello and thank you for joining me for the sports roundup this thursday night and here are the headlines. with this century dimitri secured schools twice is not a mighty feat i captained three one in their one hundred european fixture we have all the latest on the europa league. while from sweet home world number one yankee saying this type of a lead after the opening round of the northern old ladies golf tournament and then native taiwan. raring to go favorites new zealand are taking nothing for granted while france folded into training sessions head of sunday's rugby world cup final showdown. and in the europa league dimitri secure baghdad brace to help a lot of last eight greek side i'd athens three one and celebrate their one hundredth european much in style so just struck first just off the restart the thirteenth on the spot midway through the second half reaches it shall not good for
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long back for the visitors in the dying minutes and substitute the fake us late eighteenth at last post their deep into injury time so much there's eighty seven returns to winning ways after losing a cheer at home johns a late last time a night that's been his only defeat so far in all competitions since joining the railway men until one of the knobs in all belgian group leaders and legs are leading in austria on into the last ten minutes there. not in the meantime russians go to the world make a rest start for second. group is rubin was on average young girl has spent just seventeen top flight minutes on the pitch this season and has been a regular starter in the europa league with an equaliser in last night's three one i went over shamrock rovers truck trial for being only on goal difference and spurs manager harry redknapp is worried the russian side. what you read over all the videos remember they were. up to speed. and usually
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a good story will organize character check and it seems very good to. elsewhere creekside crowd welcomes up in club shamrock rovers who have yet to have top best points of the campaign doesn't take all twenty four matches are taking place across europe this thursday night on the mind all the time is this the i'm tired i'm our top i'll tell you believe the leaders stoke host another israeli side not only here to entertain turkish it pushes tashan also include the french johnsbury side to match our in slovakia and english championship side diving into god's approved group by there's a battle of the joint leaders between athletico dress and in a.z. the scottish giants celtic are in france taking on the red bull and have travelled to to polish some of these well. made against tennis now a third seed marion bartoli has beaten russian descent back to the quarterfinals of the crown and here in moscow the french woman cruised to victory as she aims to
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please her ranking points to reach the season ending w t h championships however she needs to take the title to qualify elsewhere you know there's no doubt one hundred russian battle eighth seed that many thanks to both of us trying to get straight sets mexico's top seeded is almost over and finally succeed spotlight i couldn't say that he's taking on slow time ahead on for about the area. over in the men's draw at local monday reads it's also not converted the first of his colleagues much points in the second set times break to outmuscle friend from battle to succeed will next play serbian top seed young coach at sara which entails for the second down to transfer people from earlier on french qualifier jeremy shockey asked if you playing alexander those will fall off the next day and if polls show a bit of germany up the best luxembourg's humanly luck in. golf now and despite her pre-tournament. nervous world number one yani tseng reduced a strong finish to the opening round to tie free one shot lead at the first ever
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event on the overland of taiwan and twenty two year old five time major winner did bogey the first hole but change that back in style setting up this birdie in the past five nights and saying held on the back nine card this burden on the final followed the four in the car round of sixty eight gave saying a share of the lead with me is also japanese while the seven rallied from a birdie q six the second but the only safe going to the song i ne and all the press saw it all one stroke behind. now in the meantime france and new zealand's have been going through their final preparations for the rugby world cup the side that you know off and the sunday the all blacks trained away from the cameras but held an open session by the kitchen trafficking defense they conceded a stinging five tries to the home nation in their thirty seven seventeen defeat in poor play however historically the french have no right to defeat the reste in the
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knockout stages i mean doctor now twice before in new zealand lifted the webb ellis trophy by beating france at the inaugural two and twenty four years ago but st i phone is france are expected to put up a proper fight. so if you go good. we've gone the wrong. we're going to rock and try on john north lot. you know the tools are out. and. dr james will be doing a march to one. showing feelings that we hear. and i sit here at my river. citing our team gets to share have added yet another spaniards to the palace and after three time world champion has signed for the russian next season it's not a five year old was reportedly considering retirement after iraq lost the two thousand and eleven instead has swapped his previous dutch to break the bank to show he joins the likes of hockey rodriguez and panama they know and i'll bet on
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a saw though if fellow spaniards where up is a sprint specialist and sustained three road race world titles the last of them in two thousand and four also won the points classification at the two thousand and eight sort of france and now he aims to do well what could become his spinal work trying to ensure it's the london olympics in twenty two hours. that is sports now in case the stone i can finally take it easy as the australian rider prepares for his first race and it's reclaiming his world motor g.p. crown last week my g.p. said what's next but she's up in malaysia for the season's not so much grief but before getting down to business the riders indulge in a different type of speeding a car race around the supreme circuit providing means to lighten their base ahead of some serious racing weekend however champion stoner seems to be and i needed that extra practice of trying to secure all sealed the soccer world title and he's back on sunday and he's fully relaxed. you know the big weight of pressure off.
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you know when you're in those last races if we made any mistakes at all he was going to take a bunch of points off you know the game it was wide open so you know for us to consider chairmanship you know a couple rounds so you know it's always nice and you know we can go and just enjoy these races. and finally russia's artistic gymnasts have been on its own merits in law school sports teams and raising concerns about the judging at the recent world championships in tokyo russia. china and the united states one possible cost. only thirty three thousands of a point separated russia's viktoria kaamelott from the narrowing world champion jordan weaver the two years were flowing out of despair after the judges awarded her just enough to win a silver medal in the women's all around final the three times junior olympic champion karma already had a senior world championship medal at this event in an even bores and she achieved
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that phase despite not being in flop shape after an injury is expected to be one hundred percent at the olympics in two thousand and twelve weeks or a comma will present a real threat for the rest of the competition but they still have a lot of work to do on our basic skills and flawless execution but we did really well overall and all of us are ready for london men's team captain anton gold suits golf was quite happy with his partner's performance after all four out of seven gymnasts were experiencing a major senior event for the first time he won an individual silver medal in the vault while russia only managed a fourth place in the same event however on donkey was that the guys were robbed of a bronze world championship medal. we did great and i think our performance deserved a bronze medal but the judge's decision was unfair however it will be different at the olympics where the judges will not be able to take away points from our so blatantly russia's national team coach on that he or do you want to call believes
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the issue is not with any one particular judge it's rather as a systemic problem a solution to which is way overdue as well. as the opinion this is what it is that your opinion is just took playing different bits and then so have two. and visible different. of course it will be better but i'm sure. the games. will probably feel like. and of course will be the subject of refereeing is nothing new with artistic gymnastics floor from the only sport where certain decisions seem controversial the issue is now under a close watch by russia's fourth authorities as the country's sportsmen assert it's not a must call promise to discuss it with the head of the international gymnastics federation . i'm certain that the i.o.c. should pay close attention to such things and we have to speak with all the nations that sponsor major sports and make sure that objective refereeing is in place for
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everyone involved this is a global problem and not just in gymnastics well it looks like once again we will be looking forward to not just the political achievement of the upcoming olympics in london but unfortunately old so all the drama that will surround the judging in the less objective events at the games room on call artsy in moscow. i think. well. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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if. russia would be soo much brighter. moon about
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sun from feinstein christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. from is just a lifelong dream for many many. months brave real loon is not enough to steer the ship malec. endures. and genuine love to the mother lands history are required. people who revive the intern craft are sailing through the centuries on archie. moves on artsy affair.


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