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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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easily you would have noble mission is putting state controlled capitalism in school that shows when nobody dares to read to you r t question more.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm starvin coming up in this half hour republicans are out in again telling sick americans go suck it up g.o.p. is working to eliminate workers' rights paid sick leave this time around and for get a lump of coal cover your ears for years of your children sad as. at least the two santa clause there are more on that and light speed. so what is the shady corporate lobbyist group the american legislative exchange council or alec up to now how about making sure that you have to go to work even when you're. flat out sick as more and more cities across the nation pass legislation requiring local businesses to give their employees paid sick leave alex corporate c.e.o. . as are writing legislation for republican lawmakers to introduce it will override
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or end such paid sick leave for more on how they're doing this joined by reporter and blogger for think progress that welcome back thanks for having me great to have you here with us first of all let's just recap alec it's always worth doing we talk about it a lot on the show but still i think there's people you know discovering it the american legislative exchange council what is it were to come for sure so the american legislative exchange council is basically sort of a wide organization connecting american legislators mostly conservative legislators with sort of corporate benefactors and other people who want to push legislation nationwide so basically you have this group they have about a third of state legislators so they have literally hundreds of legislators that within their network and what they do is they get some of their corporate sponsors of corporate board members to write legislation the template with that template bill they might chop it to a guy in the state of florida and then someone in state of wisconsin want to do the
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same bill also want to introduce the same bill in state of new york in a look slightly different some of the words will be different is basically the same template written by a lot of the same corporate funders of the group so you know i think most people think that they vote for a state representative and a state senator or a state assemblyman or woman or what are you whatever it's called their state and that person goes in and rights legislation and votes on it and the governor signs it. yourself you're telling me that there's a bunch of corporations who get together and they write the legislation and then they handed off to legislate whores who introduce it. pretty much as if it was their own that's how it works yeah exactly i mean that's a big part of the reason you see these attacks on public employees is because you see the exact same legislation going after wages benefits salaries and rights and pensions throughout the entire country whether it's in ohio wisconsin florida or other states of pennsylvania how did this you know this is this is bizarre how did
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alec come about i mean al it came about basically because the right wing figured out they need to do something that so far their problems haven't which is coordinated throughout the country there's really no sort of progressive pushback to this and basically they you know they've been around for decades now a lot of the major same major right wing funders that would have put together things like the heritage foundation case or is able funding isn't the koch brothers fine heavily and they've been very very successful like i said they now have about a third of state legislators within their network. of all the state legislators in the entire country all the state representatives and some of the people but not about a third of them are part of alec what proportion of those are republicans versus democrats almost all of them are republicans they have a few of token democrats and actually there are supposed to be some people within alec who join more sort of out here honestly i mean this is a very powerful group and they want to know what's going on so that all of them would necessarily be committed or committed people to the agenda but certainly it's a very very strong so alec now is writing legislation. that will be
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passed at the state level that says that if the local town if any town any minister maliki passes laws saying companies operating in this town after offer paid sick leave because we don't want sick people come into the workplace because then it gets spread around and that's actually counterproductive i mean first of all this sounds like a public health issue but you know nonetheless alec is passing this pushing this why why would they do this right why would why would business why would corporations want their workers coming to work sick if they're going to infect other workers or customers it seems to put. well it's really interesting that the center for media and democracy actually obtained some documents from alex annual meeting in new orleans as this past year and they actually found the task force that was pushing the this legislation that would basically allow states overrule city ordinances on sick leave the task force was the same one that was chaired by a bunch of fast food companies so you're having you know like you can't see this and you're saying that they're sort of they're they're part time workers they're
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kids people who typically don't get paid sick leave they don't want to go because those people are you know they're working minimum wage jobs their benefits are already really low in these these are the same sort of companies i don't want to see sick leave and that's the reason why even in states with relatively strong democratic mayors like denver and philadelphia been resisting. it really what they're saying is that not that they want to force these kids to come to work sick or increasingly adults and even a little bit people not that they want to force member were sick but they pay just want to make sure that if they're sick and they don't show up they don't get any money right i mean i mean that's the major particularly people at these jobs they work by the hour and they need as many hours as they can get and if they're sick and it's completely not their fault they still need to get the compensation or the thought behind their bill won't be able to get ahead and really that's what they're fighting here in and that's what unfortunately a lot of the legislators nationwide who are resisting these ordinances and laws are saying that is just too partisan for business which is really honestly really
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ridiculous in the united states is sort of a stand alone in in the world as far as which nations of the don't think for the only nation of the thirty four. developed nations that doesn't have a national supply. we have no national policy i mean somebody this is walk very very particularly sort of business is that you know white collar business is but still you know particularly among sort of part time employee that it's actually becoming more rare and there are long for people who would have access the sort of benefits from oracle so it's it's it's not so much a public health issue. it's it's a ringing an extra few pennies other people issue and that's how fast food places operate right drop one pickle out and suddenly over a million burgers you made an extra that's your merkel thanks for the recruit research you're doing it for the programming the slow. but for letting us know all about it it's
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a sad reality that the united states is the only fully developed nation a world that doesn't require businesses to provide paid sick leave for their employees and alec is trying to make sure that it stays that way so next time you get the flu suck it up and guess. it's the good the bad and the very very well rapper jod lee ugly good advisers ever played an integral role in sparking the occupy wall street movement in new york city adbusters is now calling for more activism at the upcoming g. twenty summit in thoughts encouraging millions to rise up and demand a financial transaction tax as they're calling it the robin hood tax all stocks and currency tricks as the adbusters website reads one son of
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a clear message we want you to slow down some of that one point three trillion dollars in easy money that sloshed around the globe so you know you have every day each day enough cash to fund every social and environmental initiative will. the g twenty summit design running on a soap and the people get the message that act. but that herman cain after weeks of getting pummeled on his nine nine nine plan since it represents the biggest x.i. on poor people in the history of the nation cain has a new line of defense he's not going to tell anyone what it is but you know being very proud of what is going to be the president told. those. we had to pay back on track. but i didn't tell him how over. all the way through i feel the tax bill that while we are playing. so herman cain
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has a secret plan to protect the poor i guess that makes sense after all you can't be explicit about helping the poor if you're running for the republican nomination then again cain like you would like your fences to get just the job. and the very very ugly congressman allen west despite not knowing reverend dr martin luther king jr was in the west as most famous for his hateful rhetoric decided to speak on king's behalf in regard to the occupy wall street. old almost says martin luther king would have but. what do you say to god. i was born and raised in the same neighborhood along with the king jr grew up with the changing would not of these type of protesters first of all more luther king jr had a focus and had a message he was a divide we inspire i don't know what he has for some of us with these individuals actually the river dr martin luther king did a message on of equality and social justice which is the exact same message that
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has drawn people to the streets around the world to protest income inequality as part of the occupy wall street. came guy fighting for the rights workers unions not for the rights of banks to steal our democracy it's clear what's going on here congressman allen west is trying to twist the legacy of one of america's greatest icon just to defend his fat cat corporate donors and that's very clear. if you were watching the show last week you know that i'm not exactly a fan of christopher columbus and all of the devastation left in its wake now that
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something else i can blame on columbus climate change and i have the science to prove that stanford university geo chemist richard never has discovered that christopher columbus and other explorers who followed him to the new world set off a chain of events that cooled europe's climate and led to what scientists and historians refer to as europe's little ice age. when europeans conquered the new world they brought with them diseases like smallpox influenza diptheria the indigenous population have absolutely no immunity against and these diseases ultimately wiped out as many as ninety percent of the indigenous population has left large swaths of land that had been cleared by the natives to make room for crops or for firewood unintended sparking a massive reforestation event the trees that filled in that territory pulled billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thereby cut the heat
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trapping capacity of the atmosphere and as a result the climate cooled measurable level and his colleagues had estimated how much carbon all those new trees would have consumed somewhere between two and seventeen billion metric tons and they concluded it was enough to account for the sudden drop in atmospheric carbon dioxide recorded in the antarctic ices the ice cores have been drilled out look at the date back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries air bubbles trapped in those ice cores in antarctica also contain evidence that really solidly confirms levels there is but will show that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere got heavier at the same time and that reforestation was taking place across what is now latin america back would be because tree leaves prefer to take in gas made of carbon twelve isotope of carbon leaving the heavier carbon isotopes in the air these findings prove that humans have been influencing
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the climate for centuries way before the industrial revolution course that won't convince climate skeptical republicans it's not well they're padding their campaign bank accounts with fat checks and big oil. and sides daily take the occupy wall street movement has achieved a critical first step to tell you what it is. that drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions that's completed grid. who can you trust no one will easily deal with the global mission lives and we're fighting state controlled capitalism and score sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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three. i'm learning this for.
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your take my take is the center of the show when we give you the opportunity to have your questions comments criticisms and opinions heard here on the big picture our first comments and i is via twitter diana tweeted you are a saint how do you introduce some of these people without losing your cool i'm guessing diane is referring to the segments both here on the big picture and on my radio show when i interviewed debate conservatives who are all very different worldviews than me now it gets easier the more you do it tell you that we did all my life my dad was a republican dillard a guide especially when you learn to spot the conservative talking points away but i think diana's questions point to a more fundamental issue and that is the importance of engaging in debate my goal with the debates on this show is to model for progressives how to push back and servitude talking points without any up in
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a fist fight we all have people from our families or friends or coworkers listen a right wing talk radio or fox news and believe that nonsense so hopefully the arguments i use during the debates on this show will help you hold your own around the table at thanksgiving dinner around the water cooler at work. and by the way never going to a debate with a closed mind you might disagree with a person three ways to sunday but that doesn't mean you can't learn something from them i don't often do our next comment is from the viewer rant line. morning drought i had a little california listen to you a lot and you're right on a part a lot of think there's one thing you need to keep clear or pass immigration the mexicans are taken over by brothers job and a lot of other people have tried tractors that worked themselves up from the front and made their way over to between contractors and god knows what else you need to
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resort to have pointed out i'm sure you're right on about a lot of things but there's one room you need to study. it's ok i can understand why cat is worked up about this issue but i have actually included chapters in two of my books about it with the harsh reality of today's economy it's easy to want to blame someone anyone for our skyrocketing unemployment rate and the lack of sustainable jobs for thousands of hard working americans blaming immigrants whether they're from mexico or anywhere else in the world is not the answer we have an illegal and lawyer problem in this country not an illegal immigration problem encouraging a rapid increase in the workforce by encouraging companies to hire non-citizens is one of the three most potent tools the conservatives since ronald reagan have used to convert the american middle class into the american working poor the other two tools by the way were destroying the governmental protections that keep labor
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unions viable because unions generally kept non-citizens out of the workplace and promoting free trade deals that export manufacturing jobs the fact is that we've had an open border with mexico for centuries since we were founded and illegal immigration was never a serious problem. before reagan's presidency it was estimated that about a million people a year came into the u.s. mexico and pretty much a million people a year left the u.s. for mexico at the end of the agricultural harvest season very few stayed because there weren't jobs for non-citizens did not have access to the non agricultural u.s. job market in large part because the power of u.s. labor unions and because companies were unwilling to risk having non-tax induct of a labor expenses on their books by hiring undocumented workers without real valid social security numbers reagan put in and that is nine hundred eighty six amnesty program combined with his aggressive war on organized labor in effect told both
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employers and non-citizens that there would be few penalties and many rewards to increase in the u.s. labor pool with undocumented immigrants that's driving drunk wages in the process so after reagan stopped and forcing employers penalties a million people a year continue to come across our southern border but they stopped returning to latin america every fall because instead of seasonal work they were able to find permanent jobs and what has been the magnet drawing them illegal employers so yes we need immigration reform and it needs to start with taking a stance against these corporate criminals we need to mandate huge fines for first offenses jail time for c.e.o.'s for second offenses and a corporate death penalty dissolving their charters to operate for repeat offenders get rid of the illegal employers and not only will the jobs of americans like tad's brother be protected but there will be far less incentive for people to risk their
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lives to get into the united states illegally that's it for your take ninety tonight like your comments and questions heard on the segment the big picture listen up. we want to know your son the same comment by b.c. in the time of a facebook page played with come under scrutiny for each room of the most heated blog and. also leave him as young when applying it to cheat by three sixty three zero sixty degree b.c. greece and bob gates all look at the remember you promise me the news on the. republican strategist june one is ski guide back in two thousand and five but his famous to santa claus theory died just this month six years later and it died banks to occupy wall street our nations of session with the so-called debt crisis is
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really all thanks to jud whiskey when he had this brilliant idea it was picked up by reagan the republicans could play santa claus just like democrats always did by giving people something in this case tax cuts he knew the democrats historically did well at the polls because like santa claus they give people stuff like social security medicare medicaid unemployment insurance food stamps all i kind of stuff you know and so he said republicans could play santa clause too by giving people big yes of tax cuts and as an added bonus for republicans more tax cuts they gave people particularly rich people and the bigger our national debt would get eventually getting so bad that it would force democrats to shoot santa clause to kill off social programs because we just can't afford any. so when is he
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strategy since one nine hundred eighty one republicans ran a huge massive deficits thanks to massive tax cuts all the while not saying one word about fiscal responsibility reagan tripled the national debt dearth of bush yet or another six trillion dollars to it and republicans in congress adds just five is ok with everything it was the plan after all they were the tax cuts santas and then as soon as a democrat gets in office suddenly the world is ending good argued that debt run up mostly by republicans following jude wineskins plan and drastic measures need to be taken saturday's three shot yet those very same republicans who rubber stamp bush's six trillion dollar deficit spending agenda now they want to use the death of they created as an excuse to force a democratic president because president obama to shoot santa by cutting social security medicare or whatever else they take their access to all in the name of
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a debt crisis that scenario pretty much defines president obama's first three years at least in the media as he tried to stimulate the economy and create jobs and more spending and was blocked by republican filibusters each and every time the single possible exception of the stimulus bill that got much much smaller because the republicans republicans knew if they could bring enough pressure on the democrats by florida he out of the debt they themselves have caused with their tax cuts that they could then force the democrats to shoot the santa clause of social security santa clause of medicare and maybe even the santa clauses of unemployment benefits the minimum wage and take us back to an economy truly safe for the very rich like the one dickens wrote about in his story about scrooge marley bob cratchit and tiny tim. and for a while it worked the so-called debt crisis defined the narrative in the media
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virtually from the day obama was sworn into office and the rich scrooges of the country got hundreds of billions of dollars richer by the tiny tim zz had more and more of their benefits cut and their parents threatened with unemployment the bob cratchit working people of america are reduced the same as mr scrooge cohen to keep please i'm just. here for twenty two. and the scrooge is for of course same now now art has a think progress report pointed out back in july but our nation was facing an actual unemployment crisis and republicans were spinning a manufactured debt crisis the big three cable news networks m s n b c fox and c.n.n. took when his skis beat in one week there were more than seven thousand five hundred references to debt on the cable news networks but only five hundred references to
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unemployment. the mainstream media was fifteen times more likely to talk about a phony baloney debt crisis and about the very real problem of unemployment no wonder why the debt limit deal in august did nothing for americans who can't find work but then something happened occupy wall street happened tired of waiting on congress to adjust adjust dress the jobs crisis and waiting on the media to inform the country about the jobs crisis people took to the streets hundreds of thousands of people around the world trip to the streets because unemployment isn't just a problem america it's a problem pretty much everywhere as much as the media would like to ignore it occupy wall street as much as jude what is keyes debt crisis is far more appealing to the republican leaning corporate media outlets eventually had no choice according to the pew research center occupy wall street made up ten percent of the media's mainstream media's news coverage last week that's up from seven percent the
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week before and up from two percent the week before that and with more focus on occupy wall street there's less focus on jude witnessed these debt zombies in the tea party wing of the republican party as another thing progress survey of the big three news networks discovered last week debt and deficits are no longer on the lips of the talking heads now it's jobs it's great job is referenced over twenty seven hundred times and wall street referenced over twenty three hundred times and what about debt it was mentioned fewer than four hundred times jobs and not debt are now priority number one much to the chagrin of republican strategists and it happened in just three months not because our debt problem is solved it's not and not because our unemployment problem got worse it hasn't but because people took to the streets and changed the narrative they silenced juden ski's ghost and that's the first step to changing the system to bring about
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a bone liminal transformation yeah after to change the narrative. that's what martin luther king did what f.d.r. did what lincoln did what jefferson did they change what people are talking about and occupy wall street has done that too god bless them everyone and that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our web sites. free speech dot org dot com also check out our two you tube channels or links a child. star shows also be able to free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free market i phone i pad app at the app store and so this feedback of twitter it's all going to score of them on facebook it's on underscore our blogs message boards a telephone comment lines of tom how about. don't forget democracy begins when you get out there show up participate if it is ok your it will see the.
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wealthy british style. market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report.


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