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into consideration and its energy dealings with russia one that in business of the ins with the motives. nine am in moscow i met treasurer good to have you with us here on r t our top story at libya turning a new page in its history following the killing of ousted dictator colonel moammar gadhafi he was shot dead in a crossfire during an assault on his hometown of sirte as it was overrun by forces with a new government but footage of khadafi is dead and broken body was so graphic some are wondering why it was broadcast for all the world to see artie's i bet it takes a look. at. this frenzied moby's about as far as it gets from a trial at the hague. with the death of gadhafi is now being cheated around the world . even by those who champion
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democratic justice. and britain salute your courage and why we are proud of the role that we've played down we know this was your revolution from your bravery you showed the world you would get rid of any tell you john you would choose freedom a long way from cameron's insistence that deathy be put on trial and sisi find his way even dissuaded from the shoot to kill policy agreeing in august they'll take him along i think he did go to trial. in any case but i mean nevertheless the what is by sickly i guess the kind of summary execution of what may well have been a summary execution is a kind of fairly barbaric and two i believe was a very barbaric operation from the start and as a site you know this was not this was never supposed to be about regime change this knights of operation but that's that's really why. it's been the outcome of it the
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backslapping has been fuelled by this gruesome footage of gadhafi is body splashed across headlines pleaded for the world and the people power is not going to be put back here in libya thanks to the u.s. and its nato allies this video shows gadhafi was still alive when captured but clearly that didn't last long some suggest an execution and question why this is now being applauded he was assassinated thought after he was caught one that this is a very handy else crime against one that man and the other public will see it such i've talked to people who dislike or dislike the way he was killed they think this tells us something about the moral of the so-called revolutionaries this news also shared by many on twitter there are several posts here already concerned about the coverage questioning the need for such graphic images and why gadhafi is there big tater or not has been reported with such jubilation the images have been label
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terrific this tweet says the b.b.c. wouldn't have used the images for anyone else another suggestion to having a competition sally bercow a prominent activist in the u.k. says she sees where the same wasn't done for bin large and back then a bomber refused to release the images saying it could incite more violence or be used as propaganda but for gadhafi the vultures are too quick to bennett's r.t. . nato is now expected to declare an end to its bombing campaign in libya it was aimed at protecting civilians but critics say the alliance orchestrated the operation to capture gadhafi and wanted him dead rather than in court many libyans are celebrating the death of a dictator and western leaders hailing a transition to democracy but as r.t. has guided chickie on reports from washington that may not be inevitable. hillary clinton on a surprise visit. a day before the killing of the ousted libyan leader where she was quoted as saying the u.s.
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hopes to see khadafi killed or captured soon the captured scenario might have put could off in the toppled egyptian leaders troops or those of iraq's saddam hussein but a trial over colonel gadhafi would have no doubt steered even more controversy that their stuff got that he was very convenient for dubuque european powers for the us if you went to the hague you would spill the beans about all the dirty deals there are to stuff a real politic between the west in a developing country like libya nobody wanted that levy and transitional government officials say colonel could die if he was cornered in a drain underneath the road in open countryside near the city of sirte please don't shoot was allegedly heard at the site many point out similarities to the capture of saddam hussein he was discovered in a small underground pulled concealed next to farm buildings near his own hometown but unlike sadam who was captured alive by u.s.
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forces colonel qadhafi was reportedly shot dead by lead in transitional authorities not without the help of the u.s. and american defense official claimed a u.s. predator drone along with a french fighter jet hit could alpheus convoy thursday morning as they were trying to escape effectively handing them over to the lead in forces on the ground that there are still unanswered questions about what happened to the colonel qaddafi how was he killed all did he die but clearly i think what it. for external intervention and that all of nato. rubbles in benghazi may not pump and able to achieve their objective nato's u.n. mandate was to protect libyan civilians but it quickly became to get rid of gadhafi and prop up a government which is now in power only thanks to the support of. light forces and i think we'll see. not a new democracy in libya but a new reorganization of the libyan political and economic institutions to the
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benefit of those who brought the national transition council to power it will be for the benefit of the united states oil companies for the benefit of the british and the french of perhaps the italian oil companies they're the big winners here in the meantime western leaders are celebrating leave us transition to democracy without putting a single u.s. service member on the ground we achieve our objectives what the u.s. president did not mention in his celebre torrie speech was scores of lead ins killed the needle strikes widespread violations of human rights are reported in today's league there is no water in served there is no. medication even oxygen in the hospital they don't tell you the situation in syria. because i've seen it i can assure you. if you send. troops to the city you know it's it's disaster it's
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a catastrophe. libya is now brimming with weapons experts sakes premiss of most likely gotten their hands on the vast former east left on tainted eggs for libya's transition to democracy the people who are now in power there have not been chosen by the libyan people and many libyans fear that when the time comes to vote the choice will have already been made for them i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . international consulting a lot of i know says the killing of khadafi will only see a change from one dictatorship to another. now the gadhafi that i'm very worried first of all about the fate of the libyan people they are now discovering that they changed their dictatorship for another one a neo liberal nato led to the dictatorship. that libya will now become a bridge for the for the conquest of africa actually the first steps have already been taken obama recently sent some of the advisors so-called advisors to uganda
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another reason where there's a lot of conflict and also a lot of economic interests i think the plan the plan is that i can understand from an emotion point of view that people celebrating the demise of the dictator today will soon find out that they've changed for another one the rebels led by people will form a. will former ministers from khadafi they have interests at stake they already promised so much of the economic assets to other countries to from us to the u.s. to germany and other countries and then we're going to get some democracy getting in the way to change those agreements. stay with us here at r.t. still ahead this hour a historic launch only hours remain before europe's first ever sat nav system is launched into space aboard a russian soyuz rocket. the occupy wall street movement fast becoming
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a profitable brand new fires out who's using the financial instability to make a fast buck. but first greece wakes up this morning to a new age of austerity parliament passed a fresh package of pay to pay cuts and tax hikes and temp to stave off bankruptcy a decision met with a violent under arrest in athens for its fourth joining the protesters in the greek capital. processor become a regular occurrence theory behind the five senses thing it's growing public angry because of their say what that means to the people here in the country has been cut to their wages by around thirty percent in most cases on top of that catfight the pensions cost the public spending unemployment here in the country is cripplingly high and we seen the emergence of a new generation of homeless these measures really these things have affected
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everyone here in grey. i can. almost see that good. and stare are you. all sort of five one of the nation of the people who will fight peacefully because we want our lives calm by. the young and the people from all walks of quique life joins the today protest largest police is seen since the crisis began one of the nice violent referred police very far it's but it wasn't to be the anger once again boiling over with fights breaking out not just with the police but amongst the protesters themselves greek society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package in the name of the debt crisis people are beyond the breaking
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point they cannot stand it anymore. using leaders had announced an agreement an arrestee policy will be decided as soon as summit this week and that's now been pushed back in its internal disagreements yes now the play to the credibility they continue to search instead they can provide a solution. so what we people are going to are becoming poorer and poorer they're seeing public sector services collapsing hospitals schools universities they're phasing out i'm extremely at the ration of their living their living conditions and it's not just the protesters with an appetite for change they the vague was eventually passed some top government officials did it pays when a position then to think he'd think that the nation is not struggling with functions he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protest at the start of the month told me at the pressure teach that the riot in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feelings of the policeman because there are
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two a social and professional group who are suffering by the economic measures to the government has to take me sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protests as working people one small they had to take to the streets to protest is even though he wanted to make that point the rest of europe in the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because this isn't just a problem that affects great it is a situation that affects the entire eurozone you can see what the people in the country right now are willing to go to have their voices for the people here are going to have to wait a while longer to see if anyone's now be ready to listen. and you can always find more on the stories we're covering a click away at our t. dot com here's what's online for you right now a year of remembrance for holocaust victims in lithuania but the nation is accused of hunting down the survivors of nazi atrocities. and how the russian man who said
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he spent seventeen days on a remote island in icy waters was hailed as russia's own robinson crusoe now seems to be a fraud we'll tell you how it happened. on the disputed. be a kosovo border ethnic serb protesters clashed with nato led peacekeepers who are trying to dismantle their barricades k. four troops resorted to tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the crowd while armed transport vehicles moved in to remove the roadblocks dozens required treatment for gas inhalation some had other injuries serbs set up the roadblocks in july when cause of our customs and police began to install their own border controls talks failed to reach an agreement on the removal of the barricades despite a deadline being extended twice serbian political analyst alexander pavitra claims the serbs in northern kosovo made concessions to broker a peaceful solution to the crisis but were still attacked by peacekeepers. they're
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not going to stop now that's for sure it's just a matter of who will be more stubborn the serbs who are defending their own land or the nato forces sent here from who knows where the serbs have tried to negotiate they've even they've even tried to give concessions in the sense that they're willing to let supply convoys pass and supply the nato troops what they're not willing to do is allow albanian so-called customs officials from taking to the border between call civil and the rest of serbia and this is something that they're not going to back away from so this is why we can expect more conflict because obviously nato is acting as the infantry of the the government in pristina there isn't going to be any membership that's the biggest issue of all i mean it's does anyone think it's realistic for a place like to be part of the e.u. i mean two thirds of the heroin coming from ghana stem into europe those two possible it's the place with the highest crime rate probably in the world you know
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the capital of arms human smuggling or human organ smuggling and trafficking this place would never get into the e.u. and the e.u. obviously has no plans of including serbia there either so you know this is just a game it's just the membership is just being. used as as a means of extra extracting concessions from belgrade and of giving the albanians normal average albanians the illusion that they're actually going to get something down the road when it when it would be much easier for them to just come to peace with their serbian neighbors. remember you can follow our correspondent in kosovo maria finishing his twitter stream online with the very latest developments and updates from the troubled region. on just a few hours a russian soyuz rocket will blast off from french guiana carrying europe's first ever sat nav system into space the launch was first set for thursday but had to be pushed back a day because of fueling problems archy's daniel bushell reports on how the high
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hopes of the new will lay in russia's hands. engineering change russia's soyuz rockets has taken a monumental step in the country's space program as it comes down to its first launch outside the former soviet territory it marks a new high for russia's space ambitions as well as providing additional funds for the country to invest in the next generation of space travel by far the most valuable long play for the new world and i must say that. we we are glad to have so used to hear from treasury so use uses a lower cost than the extremely efficient model of construction which is successfully puts over seventeen hundred rockets into orbit for more than any of the launch of european space chiefs say they've been impressed with the way it's built russian system very simple and effective it's a very good way of design
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a full croix from it says the sites in russia's north and the steps of kazakstan this space and the soyuz have had to be specially adapted to handle the challenges brought up by the tropical climate but the benefits are clear the earth rotates fulls day here by the equator giving an ideal catapult effect on takeoff and almost doubling the payload that the rocket can lift being a superstitious industry packed with quirky traditions some things remain exactly the same a piece of rock has even been taken from the launch pad employed can or will russia's pioneering cosmonaut yuri could go really. to become the first man in space and built into this site the first mission for soyuz is to launch two satellites of galileo a new e.u. satellite navigation project designed to rival the american g.p.s. system politicians also think it can launch a new partnership between europe and russia they may use their country actively contributes to industrial scientific and technical corporation for example in the
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aerospace field is an important step on the way to raising the level of quality of our business ties and diversification of the structures russia's being trusted with the world space programs because of its own roi oval track record dating back over half a century america's g.p.s. has enjoyed a monopoly on the world sat nav market till now with soyuz also behind russia's also to g.p.s. known as blue ness competition in the sky is about to get just a little more crowded than your bush or french guiana. r.t. is covering that launch live don't miss it ten thirty g.m.t. . when you hear a russian european space partnership. the future of the european satellite navigation system. on board the world's most reliable space vehicle. soyuz rocket is gearing up for the first ever blast off from a forward base. the landmark launch. live.
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turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe the basque terrorist group says it's definitely ceased its campaign of bombings and shootings spain's even called the move of victory for democracy law and the reason since the group now wants direct open talks with spain and france about independence the separatist group killed eight hundred twenty nine people in spain over the last four decades. that is wailin president hugo chavez claims he's in excellent health and free of the cancer he's battled for months but chavez addressed supporters in the venezuelan town of la stressing his victory over cancer means there's nothing to keep him from running for reelection next year the fifty seven year old is still largely popular at home after twelve years in power but faces constant criticism from abroad. bangkok is braced for surging floodwaters with people heading for higher ground on the news the thai capital is about to be swamped the prime
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minister is calling it a national crisis saying measures will be taken for a controlled release of the water which is built up in the north of the city since the start of heavy rains in august more than three hundred have died and thousands left homeless across the country. dozens of protesting students who occupied a senate meeting in the chilean capital santiago have left after getting promises of change the students demanded a referendum on ways to revamp chile's education system and opposition lawmakers promised to present a proposal dentistry. it's continued for several months to demand free public education. at a time of financial instability making some extra money could be a lifesaver that's why the occupy movement in the us is seizing the opportunity by becoming a brand artie's on a stasi churkin it takes a look. could the occupy wall street trademark be on its way to becoming a successful business trick companies big and small have been swarming to the
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encampment like bees to honey there are over three thousand items of occupy wall street merchandise pins t. shirts and even an occupier's hygiene kit starting at twelve bucks a pack of vailable for purchase on e bay. fresh supply some nato sauce lots around and pepperoni and occupied meat pizza. and neighborhood specials sold a few steps away from where the camp is set up i made with the money by either direction just with their friends and all to thank you when the regular pies are twenty two dollars the occupy pizzas are on sale at fifteen bucks this pizza looks good but let's find out if they have the truth state of revolution that we have it for pete's sake here and it's calm and occupied people. i just don't think i just read on t.v. like he. appears
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a little greasy but i can tell you the potential of change and its poll revolutions are told. there's a guy out at the masters it's a slight victory to get here in my pregnancy as my protesters don't seem to mind that businesses are using the occupy wall street name to stir up sales part of the reason why this movement is so successful is because people in business you know people who theoretically profit off this exploitation are also one happy with the way things are working they see everyone is just trying to keep afloat in a terrible economy this and i. yeah i guess we're going to be trying to make their audience i mean. i don't know. i don't know keep your doctor turned on a mom and pop shops are using the name of the movement to make sales while yeah people make it a couple of bucks here and they're not into compared to the goldman sachs far too few have much too much and so many have so little is exactly why the protesters are
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out here with a little help from businesses spreading the word if they see a party he will. business is up next with dmitri stay with us here on r.t. . good morning and welcome to business president made a very advanced calls on the e.u. not to paint energy cooperation between russia and europe with internal directives the push came following his talks with dutch prime minister mark in moscow and medvedev said the third energy package hinders gas link ups the package demands a separation of production transportation and sales of energy and it could affect russia's gas giant gazprom which is producing and selling gas to meet him inventive says it's business considerations that should be guiding decision making in brussels to mitigate coolness your commercial in the energy field everything is good it will be good you certainly you directives do not interfere with the
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development of corporation we hope that when taking such a decision that business will be a priority to brussels you should. russians appear more willing to spend cash despite the economic uncertainty the federal statistics says retail trade rose around nine percent in september year on year that's the fastest pace since the crisis of two thousand and eight it's also much quicker than the growth of salaries in the country consumption was prompted by a slowdown in food inflation higher consumer lending and low unemployment and other factors the weakening. and the say internal demand may continue to rise but only till the end of the year as inflation is expected to pick up again. french retailer or shaw is dishing out millions of dollars on new stores in russia and companies looking to significantly expand its retail network but it's not the only one of the international chains like wal-mart are also in the market or shown believes the
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only competition are local supermarkets. we want to do you oppose tours in all cities more than five hundred thousand people leaving and we want to develop three four months of store osho i.p.o. market city and national i didn't go past development of the six to ten stalls you store it where your two to three seats. was in the one hundred fifty million dollar into a good medium for the main completely touring rochelle russian retailer x five magni you look being very fast they are improving every year with the business. we feel that the russian computer we are facing in the rush of very proficient and we saw very interesting you know strategy and maybe that's why also international computer or reluctant or not so fast to enter as a russian market. or let's move to other markets. is struggling for direction out
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of a crucial euro zone meeting crude prices fell a little impact from the death of libyan leader moammar gadhafi although it could lead to an early and expected restoration of libya's oil exports brant blend is down twenty one cents this is still over and above one hundred nine and a half dollars per barrel light sweet is putting on twenty one cents per pound. in asia stocks are trading in the now ranges as investors are anxiously awaiting this weekend's summit which is expected to finalize a rescue plan for europe meanwhile financials are on the rise in hong kong after china said it would allow provinces to issue debt industrial and commercial bank of china is adding one point seven percent this out. the trading session will kick off in around thirty minutes time here in moscow russian markets went south on thursday as preferred to cash out and the worries over worsening debt crisis in europe.
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well one thing growing very rapidly in russia top managers sell. consulting firm hay group says last year they rose by an average six percent that's the highest level in europe plus all the top managers working in russia according to hate group got bonuses compared to only sixty percent in europe a number of large russian companies have promised to increase salaries this year is by bank is considering adding twenty percent to top managers wages as for europe but us is there are limited by the success of the company and by. business objects back in fifty five minutes time would not i don't see that joining if you can.
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bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got a few jerks covered.
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nine thirty am in moscow these are your r.t. headlines the death of libya's ousted leader colonel gadhafi has been cheered both by libyans and western leaders but questions being raised about his execution at the hands of an angry mob and the broadcasting of the gruesome images of his body. greece entering a new age of austerity after lawmakers approved more taxes and cuts to stave off a debt default measures were greeted by violent clashes between angry protesters and riot police. nato peacekeepers resort to tear gas and pepper spray against ethnic serbs at a disputed border in northern kosovo they were removing roadblocks.


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