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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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the u.s. and its allies and they could be in the for many years major customer for western weapon exports. labor unions call for more protests in greece as the parliament approves harsh cutbacks amid mass chaos and violence across the country and the measures of the government's latest attempt to stave off a debt default. the russian soyuz rocket successfully makes its very first foreign launch carrying europe's new satellite navigation system on its way to rivalling america's g.p.s. . i'll be back with another update for you in about fifteen minutes from now the meantime we'll look at the evolution of technology and try out a multimillion dollar flight simulator is all about speaking to the skies in this week's.
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maundering. historic. friendly. dynamic. display. code. hello i welcome to the moscow out so on this week's episode of exploring the subject of flight taking
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a look at the history of aviation in russia to the latest simulator is across designs and at port terminals so joe we lost a downer is as we journey from the soviet skies to modern day developments starting off here at the political museum in moscow. the museum has several exhibits showcasing the simpson flight models of the palace and you mechanics you can see how the aviation industry developed in the largest country in the world. the history of civil and the line is in the soviet union can be traced all the way back to the russian revolution in one nine hundred seventeen when the new bullshit governments saw rick as one of the main ways to modernize the country. then you communist leaders believed and travel would be the most efficient way to transport both people and supplies across the vast country in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the first soviet ally talking a lot was created several other smaller companies were formed and nine years later
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the name at a flight was officially adopted for the entire service civil air freight air flows went on to become the largest airline in the world with to pull off and illusion and craft making up the majority of its massive fleet as the aviation industry flourished around the world the u.s.s.r. was no exception. back to the museum along with the space race and technology as a whole day you can see how the soviet era through secrecy success and failure was a melting pot for ideas innovation and development. moving to our next location and it's time to look at modern day akaash training simulators here are used for a variety of reasons the design and development of aircraft and for research into and craft movement and stability people also come here to share entertainment if you have a dream to flying a plane well this is as close to the real thing as you will ever get. with the
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level of your interest here we have a cockpit all the seven thirty seven energy legion aeration which is open for everyone eager to experience being a player that is a full scale cockpit and provides the same conditions as a real pilot deals with you can choose any just a nation around the world and try to control the plane in any weather conditions we welcome children as our guests do they just love this why experience of your home. on the walls you can see various photographs taken from cockpits cloud formations difficult landing strips and breathtaking skylines images of chic cabin crew and well groomed pilots adds to the atmosphere but for many actual is the opposite a terrifying horrific ordeal. so with that in mind the center runs training programs people wanting to overcome the fear of flying not something that i need and i'm not late it's my time to try my hand being a copilot gate eighty two ready for boarding after several preflight checks the
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engines are advanced to ninety percent the hydraulic movements mimic the plane racing down the runway and we take to the hat just like a real flight and density turbulence clouds disposition every bump a movement can be found. in today is take a short flight from moscow has dominated the airport fly around and then return to the same landing strip. easier said than done fortunately i have expert help at hand. just make sure you don't make any dramatic maneuvers you'll soon hear the produce disapproval in your headset. travelling three hours south of the capital by car and we will ride our next destination here a small flight club specializes in aerobatics the practice of making out of the reef line maneuvers the training the creation and in the aerobatics all towards military fighter pilots to develop flying skills and for tactical keeps in combat
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today i've been invited to take to the skies will be a roller coaster at ten thousand feet good job i haven't eaten. now the first flying club as it's known in this has been here for two years previously the f.a.a. has used back in the u.s.s.r. for aircraft but spray pesticides other planes the guys use here are the yak eighteen to the fifty two and the fifty four which you see here i want to experience will refrain last between twenty and thirty minutes and will cost between four thousand and seven thousand rubles that's roughly around one hundred thirty and two hundred dollars not bad and my nervous. yes. with. the use of less planes were originally introduced to train arafat pilots they've recently gained popularity as well as planes both inside and outside the former u.s.s.r.
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anyone can come here to experience what zero g. feels like to barrel turns and the loops aeronautical experience isn't necessary you just need a little courage and trust the pilots know what had touring and once in a lifetime experience that has been enjoyed by many russians and foreigners. a lot of people like laws on these airplanes you know they're a fighter you're going to hear the powerful engine so it's very good a bright yellow propeller plane he won't miss this in the sky and after meeting my pilot it into the aircraft i go and on my honest to goodness knows what i have got myself into i have a feeling this is not the faint pulse is. one thing that is apparent straight away is the noise from the monster of an engine if i take the headset off i can hardly be myself speak. moring down the runway because we feel every
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single bump and crack in the surface of a stomach churning roller coaster in the sky as we banked to an incredible sixty degrees the views from above are impressive it feels very different to a typical commercial flight though that's for sure all aerobatic maneuvers demand training and practice to avoid accidents luckily today my pilot mike seems is the main instructor and trainer at the center. g. forces are being seriously pushed here with a high pitch and a sub nose dive it's time to experience brief weightlessness zero g. . they said drill in field experience in. everything i'm used to the human body can cope with everything but it's a positive nine g. i've not even reached of that yet. good to know how was the experience.
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time for landing and the easy easy a little wind to the left and we have contact with the ground again and over shaking i live to tell the tale. thrill seekers eat your heart out that's what experience i will never forget. moving on and we've arrived at our final location should a metaphor and ports almost thirty kilometers to the northwest of moscow let's look at modern commercial flight and the airports need terminals the world's largest airline arafat today is at the forefront of development training and technical support in the aviation industry in russia. in the maintenance hangar here you can see examples of first class engineering and here it's certainly out with the old and in with the new the rest of the airline industry has undergone a major revolution over the past twenty years some of the major players such as era
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flight s seven or trans there are about graded their fleets to the likes of airbus or boeing and major international routes taken from me i know from personal experience the majority of the aircraft use are top notch runs spanking new and often a great safe flying experience in two thousand and ten share much of the airport and the almost twenty million passengers the new terminal d. has one hundred number of awards for planning and design they can get one of the best passenger experiences in europe by the year twenty fifteen share a mess of a expects to increase traffic to thirty five million people and become the best hub in europe and terms of customer service with glittering arrival and trickles this is a. wonderful example of change in russia a massive reconstruction of the terminals is still in the way resulting in state of the officer or even plans for a third runway. of course as opposed to highly guarded locations and security
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is the priority but sometimes there is a chance to see what's behind the usually closed doors occasionally moscow sheremetyevo organizes the so-called plane spotting event. journalists and bloggers get access to their response perfect for taking pictures of aircraft in action. just a cross-posting ampoules is popular in many of the world's biggest airports open their doors and access to runways both amateur and professional photographers face bosses very much enjoy the opportunity and share their pictures with the whole world so everyone can have a closer look at the world of flying. expanding wishes aviation industry is paramount to the country's future. radical changes to aircraft fleet you terminals budget and lines infrastructure new technology and next time you pass through one of those cars and cause you to see those dramatic changes and regarding entertainment whether you want to learn to fly
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a simulator that will be to the skies and your couple of stone plane there are dozens of places that will satisfy plane and adrenalin love as before ages in moscow one thing's for sure the sky is the limit. i just love them but of course the that's all the time we have on this week's program on the subject of flight i'll see you again the same time next week and so that for me and the rest of the crew from the second runway here i'd fare better bear but by now. great. journey.
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so to. moscow. wealthy british scientists on. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. in indonesia available in the grow. shirts and. the ritz carlton hotel photo new millennium hotel in china you can see a censored. account of
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a mission marco resort hotels to some. would result. riviera hotel mcconnell cintra hotel mccown. the missing link the u.n. calls for an investigation into the death of. gruesome footage in the media fails to pinpoint exactly when all hell libyan leader lost his life becomes interim government claims he died from wounds sustained during his capture in the city of sirte on thursday. and his western leaders to the claims of much of secretly relieved to be spilling the beans about his previous dealings with the us and its allies and they have been. for many years a major customer will stand with the next. labor unions call for more protests in greece as the parliament approves harsh comebacks amid mass chaos and violence across the country new measures of the government's latest attempt to stave off
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a debt default. russian soyuz rocket successfully makes his very first foreign launch satellite navigation system on its way to america's g.p.s. . for those stories for you in about fifty minutes from now i mean talk to me is next with the latest sport. sports. and in the schools. take sprong speeds in the rugby world cup semifinals defeat wales twenty one eighteen to finish in the sport's biggest international tournament. in moto g.p. . and stone i don't need touring factors for the malaysian grand prix in the absence of the new arrival. just
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for the visit with cans of the russian primal a guy has traditionally goals galore just. so let's start with. the crumbling cup to their russian last start in three sets just about to make a symbol of what richard was on that the cold has this report. well it's great for the credit card here in moscow has been a big sean kamel winning side of the draw as top seed that was one of the overs crashed out in the titanic struggle against her opponent dominique. or the russian she still looking for her first of a victory at the kremlin kept her home told them and so she's from moscow and she was cruising a saint and a break in a second before she lost her way. eventually came back to win in the shade under three hours. i think i lost a little bit of concentration i started you know feeling my shoulder
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a little bit and i started thinking about it she really. started playing a little bit more aggressive if you know when i was a little bit slower. than going from my shirt. just to the concentration dropped and then the third so it was ok you know it was a fight but. you know i just didn't go my way. very strongly in the second set to take the match into the decider and it was a slovak who showed the greatest strength of will in that final say it's to move through to the semifinals even though she was hampered by a leg injury for much of a match through the whole made to. play well and by the you know it was the first their last because you know it was not not not enough aggressive on a second serve in you and i just was just trying to put it in them then play and she is still a good player you know to play just like this against her so in the second surgery said you know lay ok c'mon you have to play a hundred percent everything in just also to go for a second serve in and you have nothing to lose and you know it just paid off and i
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was playing really well today a lot of the games will not be over did reveal that she was hampered by an old shoulder injury from watching her game which really hampered her. on important elements such as next week's players championship finals coming up in istanbul she did reveal that she did consider quitting the state on court or she said she owed it to have plans to see the match for who i have a lot of friends here. and i really want to make them happy and you know that probably the reason why i pushed myself to the limit and i think i pushed myself over the limit which i shouldn't do but you know i have a lot of respect for my fans as one of you all will be disbelieved as a point of the course of one person at our credit cards here in moscow but it won't be long before i was back in the russian capital to leave the russian cup team here in their final against the czech republic which takes place at the start of november which bumpily don't see moscow. the only female russian who successfully
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through to the last for the kremlin cup. as a third seed french will fire at the time so. i had no answers for a stone and an epi was very the show and this is the fire i saw on court in the final encounter. in the men's game for. the qualifier in straight sets american jeremy charge also needed only to sound john. mccain another american a let's put them all of last. night's straight so finally. will be examined by top seed. so the biggest drop the match for four years gets underway on sunday new zealand versus france in the time to eleven the world cup final australia and wales have already finished their battle for the bronze medal taurus at eden park tied first then doing so thanks to an early form
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barry bonds richard williams was brilliant and up front down right after the break to give the boss a slight lead with their last chance a point to make a difference despite electronic family planning time to entertain outearned. trailing. new zealand and france will meanwhile decide the best side of the world. in sunday's final hosts the all blacks keep the same line up from the semifinal win over australia against clare underdog opponent still the pressures of the coase and coach graham henry to avoid a shocker and sell only their second walkup since one thousand eight hundred seven the strange game we're not sure who's going to turn up quite frankly and so we've got appear that they're going to be the best in the world. and certainly got the individuals to do their just whether they can produce that is the side and goal of where we're is that they're played well in the very focused and they're enjoying
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the underdog tag. it's a business that still has the red bulls headquarters in milton keynes at the english as english team celebrates double success in this year's championships the german claim to second consecutive driver start at the japanese grand prix two weeks ago after hitting the poor do for the fourteenth time out of fifteen races fat cells mark where best team work also brought red bull the constructors' career last sunday both drivers managed to finish inside the top three all together eight times this season proving their overall success was a fully deserved one but all more passion for the sport comes first for the. wheel of phrasing in the end and. it's very special to us that we follow but so many people. really enjoy that before you jump in the car you look around this so many people in the grandstands we can't imagine how many people there are behind the
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screens but many more than the grandstands and it's a great feeling to be part of that to be the formula one driver. now where spanish . has dominated during practice for the malaysian grand prix the cell phone the rider was the fastest at this apparent international circuit conditions but also got the better of his teammate and newly crowned world champion casey stoner honda team monopolized leading positions their absence of yamaha's for the answer was sidelined due to and injury suffered last. day we will win pretty quick even know that i was in munich being. here hopefully to do work on the bike tomorrow a little more due to their idea for the race. and here.
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we are doing a good step but we have to be born working in the same in the same style in due to before my eyes where. tomorrow is. now football game week twenty eight so the russian premier league gets underway on saturday with only three games taking place across russia none of the leaders are extant and having a rest after survey games in the european cups so good chance for the chasing pack to net point early game of the day will save all the take it to secrecy then terrorist will come on car in the chechen capital. place entertained from the pool some creative. and just to war we offer the we can to had all the eighteen goals scored during the previous game week so enjoy traditional goals go dish. the. mother lives
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the lucky lists list the luck lists lists
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lists . lists . the to slum. live.
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