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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the missing link the u.n. calls for an investigation into the death of colonel gadhafi after gruesome footage in the media fails to pinpoint exactly when all else did libyan leader lost his night. became. the but as western leaders cheer the colonel's demise claims emerged that they're secretly relieved to get out he won't be spilling the beans about his previous dealings with the u.s. and its allies. maybe unions call for more protests in greece as the parliament approved harsh cut backs amid nasty also violence across the country. but also reporting that sound russian soyuz rocket successfully makes its very first foreign launch carrying europe's new satellite navigation system on its way to rivalling america's g.p.s. and.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is. libyans are celebrating the end of the colonel as they turn a new page in their country's history the interim government says gadhafi was taken alive in the city of sirte only to die later from wounds inflicted cheering his capture but some are now questioning that claim with the u.n. human rights office even calling for an investigation into. what is of a bennett has more and his report contains graphic bloody images of the. this frenzied mob is about as far as it gets from a trial at the hague. for the death of get down fees now being cheered around the world as we came restart he died. even by those who champion democratic justice. people in libya today have an even greater
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chance of to this news of building themselves a strong and democratic future i'm proud of the role that britain has played in helping them to bring that about and i pay tribute to the bravery of the libyans who've helped to liberate their country we will help them we will work with them a long way from cameron's insistence that good deputy be put on trial and to see fighters were even dissuaded from a shoot to kill policy agreeing in august will take my life i don't think you've got to take me for trial. in any case but i mean nevertheless the what is basically i guess a kind of summary execution of what may well have been a summary execution is a kind of fairly barbaric into what i believe was a very proper operation from the start and as a site you know this was not this was never supposed to be about regime change this nato operation but that's that's really what's been the outcome of it backslapping is being fuelled by this gruesome footage of kidnappings body splashed across
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headlines pleaded for the world and the people power is not going to be put back here in libya thanks to the u.s. and its nato allies this video shows gadaffi was still alive when captured clearly didn't last long some suggest an execution and question why this is now being applauded he was assassinated after he was caught one that this is a very handy else crime against a one man and the other public will see it as such i've talked to people who dislike the referee who disliked. the way he was killed they think this tells you something of the moral of the of the so-called revolutionaries this is also shared by many on twitter there are several posts here already concern about the coverage questioning the need for such graphic images and why did m.p.'s death they teacher or not is the reporter with such jubilation the images have been labelled her ific this tweet says the b.b.c.
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wouldn't have used the images for anyone else another suggestion or having a competition sally bercow a prominent activist in the u.k. says she sees where the same wasn't done for bin laden back then obama refused to release the images saying it could incite more violence or be used as propaganda but for good daffy the vultures are too quick other than its arty. was raised questions surrounding the circumstances of colonel gadhafi his death russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says nato's role in the incident should face scrutiny along with the alliance his entire mission in libya or to europe is kind of has more. poor minister wild birds mordecai buffy's regime has long lost its legitimacy but moscow will be pushing for an international investigation to be held looking into the circumstances of. his death since. the videos published and spread across the world from libya show that the international war
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may have been violated since there are various international human rights conventions including the geneva convention which clearly state that all prisoners of war have to be dealt with special attention have to be provided with medical aid if they are in need of it and these videos don't really show if one want to get as he was given this necessary assistance russia also says that it will be pushing for is russia just to be sure looking into nato has a role in this entire operation as well the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and after that he was killed later there were reports that a convoy carrying mcconnell was attacked by nato planes and after that the rebels captured members of that convoy it has been repeated numerous times that nature claims are only have a u.n. mandate to ensure a no fly zone over libya and the convoy wasn't posing any threat to civilians on the ground and could be a legitimate target so nato actions pose
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a number of questions as well alliance members also stressed that when they began the campaign in libya the goal was to protect civilians and not to get rid of gadhafi but now they're saying different things saying maybe achieve their goal in libya although the u.n. security council never set out with such goals it's not only russia but the united nations also wants to see the geishas to be held to looking into the circumstances offguard he's death definitely. questions at the moment which need answering but russia also says that it will be closely monitoring watching tell the. situation unfolds in libya now hoping the new of gordie's will be able to build a proper effective political system in the country and finally bring peace to the libyan people. one of colonel gadhafi sons would pass him was also captured alive in sirte only to be declared dead shortly after libya's interim government claims
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he also died of his wounds but the video you're seeing right now clearly shows the late without some good i think casually smoking a cigarette as he leaned against a wall and shortly afterwards he was betrayed sprawled on the floor completely lifeless well let's get some more reaction now from war correspondent eric margolis joining us live on his webcam in toronto so the colonel and his son were taken alive but quickly ended up dead at a convenient ending or did they deserve a fair trial. i think they deserve a fair trial i can't think how they would have gotten one in libya but should have it's a terrible way to end a regime that's very common in the middle east but. it's wrong and one is immediately reminded of the old pirate same from the caribbean dead men tell no tales because. he and his family have a lot of tales to tell of their foreign involvements and the fact that though he
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was always portrayed as a great devil he also played a lot of footsie and hanky panky with the western powers you question whether you would or would have had a fair trial in libya a trial perhaps in the hague would have been possible but there again for the very reasons you just said that's probably a very good reason why the international criminal court wouldn't have put khadafi on trial well that too when it would have raised the question well wait a minute what wages could that even though everybody love hate him lots of other dictators around. also had crimes on their records why shouldn't they be taken across so certainly this was the convenience and for khadafy and his family is the revolution over now. it's over for the time being however i believe that based on my understanding the time i spend in libya and even with. the tribal nature of libya the fact that cameroon unified country in one nine
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hundred fifty one. and in the regional disparities in libya are certainly going to be grounds for sutra tensions starting right now because you're fighting or we're to bury him and and who's really retrieve arjan el where all these of these different groups in the room are held together but something else. now let's got underway can redirect their anger at each other. with your experience of libya obviously the west and indeed be seeing hillary clinton applauding this as a great victory for the future of the country and indeed we see many libyans themselves of course celebrating this next chapter is it really what the people want we're getting many analysts saying no this isn't what people want it's what letter wants what the west want but surely this was exactly what those people of libya wanted to have a regime change a lot of libyans are celebrating delighted to see the end of the he was in power
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sorry to whine he caused great damage on the country's economy you know if he hadn't up to the more western oriented development course capitalist market instead of his is crazy arab socialist schemes. to libya today would probably play by the united arab emirates still well the reality is still africa's grew up in was developed and well off country. so solutions will be missing him his tribal groups who truly large about twenty percent of the country will miss him and i think after it's things chaos ensues and political instability there's a lot of people looking back on living. here are. changing we're back so you're actually predicting political instability yes we have an interim government a moment m.t.c. and they are promising democratic elections in the near future so why wouldn't that pave the way for stability never in the history of libya has there anything been
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anything beginning with there were the for democratic right back to roman days. this is going to take a long time to develop anything in any way nobody really cares about democracy libya what they care about is the oil business contracts an arms contracts from the libyan government and so we're seeing the traditional nato powers france britain and italy who had a story colonial interests in northern africa are reasserting their influence gadhafi was reportedly killed way of french fighter plane where his convoy was wrecked and wounded by a french aircraft and we might expect to see french or british troops being called in on training missions in libya. and perhaps some nato bases to the west has great interest in libya and it's it's very high grade so there is nato
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though today implying certainly in the words of nicholas of causey that actually that campaign is over so your assuming actually nato will continue with a presence there well it's no theory campaign is over it doesn't have any more targets but certainly nato i think will retain some kind of military influence you'll see the new libyan government requesting nato to keep some troops on for training that's the new main sewer garrison troops in afghanistan or iraq or kuwait to stay on and protect local governments also there will be a tussling for power between the european powers particularly the french and the italians and the british to see who's going to become the dominant voice and lou. and they did this you know in the ninety twenties as well so would be very interesting to see there's this revival of old world rivalry but what the people of libya benefit a little earlier saying actually libya could have been like dubai where all the oil
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revenues would be invested back into the country we see a lot of western interests of course in the pipe would we not see the standard of living and life improving for libyans who matter who is investing in a country if they managed to put together a stable government they yes but really no the limousine to get khadafi spending a great deal libya's oil income buildings and it wasn't clear and then in the one nine hundred seventy s. there was nothing there libya was a gas station stuck on the way between alexandria tunis so khadafi really created modern libya he built up all the modern buildings of the sea and on the road sleek irrigation systems the oil industry all that is the rapidity so it was a totally wasted just saying that he could've done a lot better if he had had all these strange. schemes eric thanks very much and if your thoughts on this live from canada will correspond eric margolis joining us
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live thank you. well the news of the moment after his death shook the world raising many questions we tackle the unanswered issues on our website it's our team dot com about the steps to put an end to the eight month standoff but as the new libyan government celebrates the untold numbers killed in the conflict cost of dark shadow over the victory can no more a matter of r.t. dot com. also live for the moment the suspect responsible for the murder of a football fan last year which sparked violent protests across the russian capital now faces life imprisonment those stories and plenty of others for it all to call. labor unions are threatening more strikes next week a day after the parliament passed a new round of austerity measures amid violent protests on the streets of athens
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and one hundred fifty thousand people came out in a two day national strike to voice their anger firth is in the greek capital. press has to become a regular occurrence very very behind the price of things that spring probably because of all stars see what that means to the people here in the country has been cut to the wages fire out three percent in most cases on top of that have high tensions but the public spending unemployment here in the country is cripplingly high within the americans of a new generation of homeless businesses really the scenes have affected everyone hearing great. i've been. here all. that good. and i was just the arm like. old son five one of the nice one of the people who will fight peacefully because we want our lives.
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the young and the people from all walks of quick life to institute a protest the largest police is seen since the crisis began one of the nice violent true footprints revivals but it wasn't just the thank you once again pulling a fire with fights breaking out not just with the police but in the us the protesters themselves british society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package people are beyond third breaking point we cannot stand it anymore . using leaders had announced an agreement an arrestee policy would be decided as nice summit this week and that's now been pushed back its internal disagreements it's not a play to the credibility they continue to search instead they can provide
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a solution. so what when people are going to becoming poorer and poorer they're seeing public sector services call out thing hospitals schools universities they're facing i mixed drink the ration of the living stuff of their living conditions and it's not just the face as it is with an appetite to change the debate was eventually passed and top government officials did a pays when a position then the thing he thinks that the nation is now struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protest at the start of the month tell me if the pressure teeth of the riot police involved in these events. it is very hard to describe the feelings of the policeman because there are two a social and professional group who are suffering british comics when i was arrested the government has to take sometimes it is really hard for them to take part in these protestors of working people but once more they had to take to the streets to hispanic playtest is even days he wanted to make their point peacefully
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they're arrested yet in the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because it's a problem that affects great situation the fact time you're right that you can't think what the people in the country right now are willing to take a train that half. the people here are going to have to wait a while longer if anyone can now be ready to listen there are. still ahead for you this hour here on our team making a buck on a revolution. it's a little crazy but i could use a potential of change in. the occupy wall street movement becomes a solid base for businesses entrepreneurs rush to make a buck on the popular trend. europe has successfully launched its first satellite navigation system into space using a russian soyuz rocket as a carrier that you made satellites will later become part of galileo and that's
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a system promising to rival america's g.p.s. technology has done a bushel witnessed the launch from the space space in the tropics. a historic moment for russia's space program with the first takeoff of the legendary soyuz launch in the west despite torrential rain which began just five minutes before liftoff everything went perfectly as planned there were cheers from the crowd as they watched the rocket roys into the sky it was second time lucky with the launch postponed for twenty four hours the european side reported a minor valve problem in its ground operation just a few hours before liftoff europeans here have been full of praise for the hundreds of russian engineers who've worked through the night to make sure everything goes well a couple of you go she ations to get so used to it spaceport here in french guiana in the middle of the south american rain forest they've cleared one hundred twenty hake there's a jungle so the soyuz can recreate as exactly as possible the conditions that it's
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like an old base home to so many successful soyuz launch is it comes as the united states retires much of its space launch program. increasingly relies on russia and its work at launches for travel it's been an exciting time for many foreigners to get to see the celebrated launch a close up for the first time. and that was our correspondent daniel bushell reporting from french guyana let's update you on some of the international headlines this hour in our world update or just as part of the streets across syria after friday prayers calling for the end of president assad's regime and cheering the death of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi reports said these twenty four people killed are the security forces opened fire trying to disperse demonstrations in the city of homs and hama the ongoing uprising in syria started in march and has claimed the lives of an estimated three thousand people. washington has one pakistani leaders that they will act unilaterally if necessary to end the militant
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threat and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said the country will face serious consequences if it continues to tolerate safe havens for extremist groups relations between the two nations deteriorated after the u.s. killed osama bin laden on pakistani soil something is known about slammed as a breach of its sovereignty and it is limited to tackle insurgents years especially the haqqani network responsible for a series of recent attacks in neighboring afghanistan. spain's prime minister is welcomed the decision by the separatist group to end its own campaign as a victory for democracy the country's politicians are previously rejected similar announcements by the zation on thursday at a halted its armed struggle for an independent state a key demand from the spanish government groups for decade long campaign of violence left over eight hundred dead. the occupy wall street phenomenon has become so big in the u.s. it's now a brand in its own right with many entrepreneurs quick to cash in thousands of
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items of merchandise are available for those who want to show their support for the anti corporate movement analyses on a study of chicken or as more of this. could the occupy wall street trademark on its way to becoming a successful business trick companies big and small have been swarming to the encampment like bees to honey there are over three thousand items of occupy wall street merchandise pins t. shirts and even an occupier's hygiene kit starting at twelve bucks a pack of venable for purchase on e bay. fresh ledo sauce floats around and pepperoni and occupied meat pizza. a neighborhood special save a few steps away from where the camp is set up i meet with the for money ok now she's just been very first of all to make it with regular pies are twenty two dollars be occupied pizzas are on sale at fifteen bucks. it's
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a looks good but let's find out if they have a true taste of revolution so we have it for pete's sake and it comes in occupy people that are putting up a. good idea is freedom of speech but he. appears that little greasy but i could use a potential of change and it's cold revolutions or cold. as you go to masters it's a slight victory. here progress because my protesters don't seem to mind that businesses are using the occupy wall street name to stir up sales part of the reason why this movement is so successful is because people in business people who theoretically profit off the sexploitation are also one happy with the way things are working they see everyone is just trying to keep afloat in a terrible ican. this percent yeah i guess we're going to be trying to make their own answer. i don't know keep their record turned our mom and pop
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shops are using many of the movement to make sales while yeah people make it a couple of bucks here and there not to compared to the goldman sachs fraud too few have much too much and so many have so little is exactly why the protesters are out here a little help from businesses spreading the word he says r t he was. attempting to take the moment on t. very nearly twenty five minutes past the hour in the russian capital you will be with us very shortly for the latest in the world finance stay with us for that. how loans are very well welcome to the business day the e.u. leaders save the euro zone bailout fund discussion on sunday would be followed by a second meeting no later than state global investors on dissipating the currency union to increase the funds five polit find the crisis and it's not
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a creepy feel from our nation's capital is sure the decision will be asked as many expect. i think. the slaughter with europe. will be long and people are priced in a waterfall as you can see. before these me but i don't think that there will be break from. seventeen nations are trying to have the one voice there will always be a sample the police want. a quick look at the markets european stocks rallied on friday is poised to make has just passed unleashing one point three trillion dollars in funds to help contain the euro area's debt crisis as these things to break a deadlock between germany and france the russian markets are high as you can see as the country still makers rebounded and commodity demand won't be heard by europe's debt crisis let's take a look at some of the individual show who's on the my sets and also to make a last one percent on speculation the governmental commission is going to check whether it's four and a half billion dollar buyback is in line with the russian legislation will emerge
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or gains point two percent it was the company's last day in the russian market it's moving to listing to launch is starting from next week telecom and among the best performers that's the company's considering a buyback on its shares from the markets. today was quote of all time very mean voyaging the market remains the same record along the main questions or almost every market is spent whether the european officials will agree on measures to break the big prizes in parts else or they're questioning whether the european central bank will coordination or liquidity to banks. respectful for different types of for support security which until this question on visual markets remains unpredictable. the russian government aims to invest opposite two hundred twenty billion dollars to develop energy in the country's continental shelf commerce tom
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de lay says the investment just blanched to come by. in the next twenty years with one seventh to be provided by the federal budget the government is struggling to improve the efficiency of fast but hard to reach to close its it hopes and milk production from the shelves will make up one sixth of the country's current yearly well are pulled and a third of the gas out of the major russian shelf because of some good settling fills in the pacific hunched up on in the arctic. that's all the business from all your up to date more stories log onto our website archie dot com slash business.
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a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the walls street they are. leading chance of a good chance the chance is to get a glimpse at the status of the human experiment to give the signal with. your problems in this rap music we want to expose the beazley trying to make sense of the economy and its arcane things as financial tips these are the recent clambering to maintain our confidence in markets and. wants to be easing trade imbalances
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recession look to keep the nation's close to collapsing the subprime loan foreclosed homes. to fail so we played the game feel a little like think is us crash and imminent smashed. is like putting the classes in athens greece the ice box mail just programs increase the total economy. the admission. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three per.


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