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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2011 1:01am-1:31am EDT

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nine am in moscow transit good to have you with us here on r t our top story there is growing international pressure for an investigation into exactly how libya's ousted dictator moammar gadhafi died the u.n. expressed concern over a video footage taken following his capture which shows khadafi taken alive before he was apparently killed meanwhile nato said it's winding down its bombing campaign in the country artie's an isa now a has the latest. but there's so many conflicting reports as to how moammar gadhafi was actually killed very different variations of video brutal video which went viral certainly on the internet a lot of the mainstream media selling those images the world watching some people of course and all others just horrified to see this man despite the fact that many people knew that he was completely lost you were just he's very much hated by most
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of the people here a lot of people horrified by some of those images western officials certainly praising the situation very happy about gadhafi being gone but we're hearing concerns from the u.n. certainly that an investigation needs to be a long suit to that and also that backed by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov who had this to say about the fact that there needs to be some kind of investigation into the way gadhafi was killed and also about when this nato no fly zone is going to end. the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and wounded and after that he was killed later there were reports that a convoy carrying the convoy was attacked by nato planes and also that the rebels captured members of that convoy it has been repeated numerous times at night so planes are and you have a u.n. mandate to ensure a no fly zone over libya and the convoy wasn't posing any threat to civilians on the ground and could be a legitimate target. actions pose
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a number of questions as well as we're hearing that the u.n. security council is looking into it will be reviewing trying to cope another resolution as to when to officially end that no fly and so the mood here is quite celebrates hoary are lots of people honking their horns hazard lights on it's very different from what we saw when mubarak was ousted in terms of singing songs down the street a lot of people walking around plainclothes people with semiautomatic an automatic weapon shooting into the air so the situation is very tense very few people here thinking about a question that global analysts are out. which of course is what's next for libya a lot of fears that the country could break out in some kind of tribal war that there is going to be a real push and a power struggle here for people to get into power it's no secret that the country enjoys vast vast oil wealth and this is something that's all going to begin to unfold in the next couple of days but right now the people of tripoli and most of the country are not thinking about that they're thinking and celebrate the fact
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that gadhafi is finally gone. one of gadhafi sons was also captured alive in sirte only to be declared dead shortly after libya's interim government claims he also died of his wounds in the video you're seeing now clearly shows the lady who does seem khadafi casually smoking a cigarette and sitting against a wall and shortly afterwards he seemed sprawled across the floor been severely wounded and then completely lifeless war correspondent eric margolis says he thinks it's unlikely the world will see an investigation into the deaths of gadhafi or his son. i think they deserve a fair trial i can't think how they would have gotten one in libya but should have it's a terrible way to end a regime that's very common in the middle east but it's wrong and little one is immediately reminded of the old pirate same from the caribbean dead men tell no tales because. he and his family had a lot of tales to tell about a foreign involvements and the fact that though he was always portrayed as
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a great devil he also played a lot of footsie and hanky panky with the western powers based on my understanding of the time i spent in libya and even with. the tribal nature of libya the fact that one can really unified country in one nine hundred fifty one and in the region to speratus and that we are certainly going to be grounds for future tensions starting right now because the fighting over where to bury him and and who's really in charge. of the all is that these different groups of the we were held together but something that was a trick of khadafi and now that's gone the way they can really direct their anger at each other and i think after it's things chaos ensues and political instability there's a lot of people looking back on libya. fear and which and you were back. international can solve that author adrian so bushy thinks western powers should also be held
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accountable for the killing of gadhafi because of their desire for regime change. this is a message for the whole world i don't think this is just about libya we are seeing how i think hillary clinton secretary of state of the united states expressed it very clearly on c.b.s. news when she said we came up. and then started laughing if this isn't a message to the world of how this new world order model actually works i will they decide to take only redeem they do so with the utmost violence and it's a whole model based on orwellian newspeak so to speak first they target a role of a country by calling it a rogue state that they support local terrorist and call them freedom fighters then they brain death and destruction upon civilians and they call the u.n. sanctions and then they spread lies and call it the international community's opinion expressed by the western media then be invade and control a country and call it liberation and finally they steal appetising oil and call it
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foreign investments and reconstruction. on our website you can finally latest on the scariest deaths of khadafi and his son analysis what's next for libya that's all click away at r.t. dot com. stay with us here on r.t. still to come in a few minutes. there is no victory there's nothing to look back to a look at the legacy of the u.s. eight year campaign in iraq as barack obama confirms the remaining troops will leave this year plus. i saw him coming out of the old cafeteria the number two gunshots and my dad pulled down he died immediately i didn't even say goodbye to him kosovo serbs say they're living in fear with attacks and killings part of every day life despite the presence of international peacekeepers . but first there's been another round of protest arrests in new york and demonstrators complained police are taking too heavy an approach to containing
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their people can to their continuing peaceful rallies artie's lucy cavanagh is at the heart of protests that inspired a global movement. as the numbers of the protests continue to increase so does it seems that heavy handed tactics by the new york city police departments we witnessed several arrests about thirty two activists were arrested for demonstrating peacefully outside a police precinct to bring attention to the so-called stop and frisk policy that is widely used here in new york where many innocent civilians can be stopped on the street with very little actual suspicious was searched and eventually taken to jail if something is found on their physical body. we shall find that level high profile activists taken away in handcuffs that colonel west world gets them on the others several members of the ministry and several religious leaders were also taken away again just for performing what they
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say are simply acts of civil disobedience nonviolent disobedience standing peacefully silently in front of the police precincts now we saw the police actually targeting a reporter a journalist who had been trying to film the events just like we were the police officers and went after him physically at which point several activists and below ten of them with their bodies to try to protect him and keep him from getting arrested those two activists were then handcuffed rather violently and taken in the back of the police truck and taken away now what this signifies is that the numbers of these protests continue to grow perhaps putting some sort of fear into the system here where officials don't feel like they can control movement that seems to have spread wide across the world not just here in the united states. israel's another country has recently witnessed weeks of protests and calls for social justice but while the tent camps are gone the change demanded by activists is nowhere to be seen pushing israelis toward
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a growing that toward the growing worldwide occupy movement is argues falsely reports from television. anger outreach and. on the streets of new york a throwback to the same scenes different streets around ten thousand kilometers away the politicians in the united states exaggerated in the same way as the politicians. they went too far in taking for granted the citizens occupy wall street it wasn't that long ago israelis were calling to occupy what's told boulevard. joined the protests from the beginning she was inspired by what happened in cairo and caught her taint tapio corner car but here people were there there were praying every evening and people are coming in talking to our as you know watches events unfold in far away new york she misses the six weeks she lived here and wishes she could be part of the wall street rallies are
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the first hour that we were tired i remember right andrea those two days and i'm going to hold the protests in new york have strong parallels with those in israel in how they came about and why the similarity between the protest was just uncanny . the way they started on facebook the way they chose a location very close to where. the center of power is where the center of greed is for in this case wall street but many are wondering what exactly that struggle in israel achieved recommendations made by government committee still need to be implemented and that could take a long let's look like any other street in tel aviv but listen a month ago the focus focal point of social change to the revolutionizing its role of the taint the team made with bikers and the social demands are still waiting to be made. like many american is rabies coffman is watching the u.s. readies closely and says they're an inspiration to many in israel he's proud people
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are taking a stand against corruption and to protest the struggle and the anger is in the people still and the struggle for going to go. i viewed more and more people live on the glued. pool you see on t.v. ten of the. eurozone finance ministers have agreed to give greece the next installment of its belo money the debt stricken country will get eight billion euros in november once the international monetary fund signs that all the austerity measures introduced by athens to secure the loan have been met with violent protests and strikes mounting pressure on people in greece and other countries may cost the government very dearly according to financial pundits max keiser and stacy herbert. euro zone pushing for tougher policing of greece according to this reuters article some eurozone countries want to european commission task force to be given extra powers to oversee the sale of greek state assets the source said there was
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a need to take over some of the sovereign functions of the state to get the machine running there is no alternative oh hello margaret thatcher remember during the beginning of the reagan era which incidentally in the us was the beginning of the bailouts for banks reagan and this year this whole bank bailout initiative at the time he said oh will never happen again but of course that became the precedent for how america does business going forward but margaret thatcher said this there is no authority to tina as it became known and this was a false word then it was merely a pretext to bring in the financial ization to replace manufacturing the economy put millions of people out of work and if they complained star wars and sent him off to foreign countries getting blown apart now they're repeating tina there is no alternative there was an alternative then and there is an alternative now it's called insurrection.
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kaiser report coming your way in about fifteen minutes here on r t. the widow a former russian agent alexander litvinenko has admitted her husband was working for british intelligence new details were revealed at a full inquest launched five years after litvinenko died of radiation poisoning in london as are better reports it might see some uncomfortable truth is revealed about britain spiralling ization. according to britain this is a man on the run and the day lugovoy hasn't left russia since two thousand and six because of an international arrest warrant he's accused of murdering alexander litvinenko in london almost five years ago both former k.g.b. agents but lugovoy says he's got nothing to hide. from nobody really expected me at the free inquest hearing even though british officials claim that i'm hiding from justice and his lawyers annoy found out about it by sheer chance
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had we not found out about it i think the british press would have accused us once again of hiding from justice we're going to go and look at boys lawyers last week echoed calls from libya because window for a full inquest which is now finally been ordered but that's prompted yet another twist in a case already steeped in intrigue in order. my lawyers and i put ourselves food as an interested party so live in new york as we drove off and was forced to admit her husband was a paid agent of m i five and m i six o'clock when he worked for britain's intelligence and not just as a consultant you had no other choice she realized you might get involved in the inquest this will be reviewed anyway because i know a few facts that will force of british courts to ask m i five an m i six a few questions. until now marina late been yankers always denied any such link she says he was out of loyalty to her husband she refused to speak to us this is mission leaves m i five facing awkward questions in an inquest they were
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the only party trying to limit and they did take it for granted that they can just brush in paris with a carpet and as i said if it had been consulting for them or working with them and he died in highly. the tourist circumstances on their patch then you have if course they would be questioned about not offering protection to people and also not offering protection to the london public you know if the trail of plenty into ten across the city living in could died a slow and painful death. caused by the lethal radioactive substance polonium two ten the unsolved case has been the thorn in the side of british russian relations with moscow refusing to extradite abundance chief suspect but some claim britain's pursuit has blurred the line between fact and fiction there's a whole host of unofficial allegations. how we go from a death which however horrible to an accusation that mr lugovoy was responsible
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is ludicrous i mean it's all looks very fishy joy an unbiased observer but the diet that we are being fed in britain through the media. short circuits a lot of that this is where it all began the millennium hotel in central london and it's what happened in here remains the biggest question mark live in yankee met lugovoy for breakfast here the day he fell ill and that's when he's alleged to have been poisoned forensics did find the contaminated teapot but the link from that to little boy is still unproven it's hoped the coroner's inquest will determine once and for all what exactly went on behind these walls something c.c.-t.v. me the police say they have new evidence they won't disclose it until they conclude their own investigation as for lugovoy he says he'll answer any questions they've got not in person of course but via video link on two minutes see them to.
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us president barack obama's announced an end to the u.s. military involvement in iraq ordering all u.s. troops home by the end of the year around thirty nine thousand americans will leave the country after more than eight years of service there almost forty five hundred u.s. soldiers have died during that time and the war has cost taxpayers more than seven hundred billion dollars in military spending a lone ranger our blogger an iraqi american political activist thinks the withdrawal from iraq is a step forward for both sides but says it doesn't guarantee the end of u.s. influence. this is a very important milestone i think you. have been waiting for this is the last eighty years we want to hear this military occupation is over it's all for all and it is a major step in but i that action unfortunately it does not necessarily mean the end of the u.s. involvement and intervention in iraq because the u.s. is planning to keep sixteen thousand person under the state department over all
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the iraqi political leaders of not keeping some u.s. . to train the new iraqi army on using the new you just u.s. weapons but they are against granting them immunity because that have been a long list of crimes that were committed killing iraqi civilians with no accountability the u.s. intervention and occupation of iraq has been a disaster there is no victory to take there's nothing to look back at it has been a disaster that should not have happened it's a disaster of death and destruction and the us has been a part of iraq's problem in the door two decades since the intervention started and i'm very happy that the u.s. is ending that mention because i think this will help iraqis move forward and put the country in that i talk. so there's plenty more stories of videos and analysis
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a click away at our team that is what's hot line for you right now. apple's late founder steve jobs planning an all out war with google to find out why. a story blastoff a russian soyuz rocket launches from a french space base in the tropics carrying the news first sat nav system aiming to break the dominance of america's g.p.s. . former commander of u.s. forces in iraq and afghanistan and now current cia chief has directed his intelligence analysts to give additional weight to the opinions of troops in the field but david petraeus request has been met with a flurry of criticism our key military contributor getting khrushchev takes a look. how come they have the media saying the general betray us in his new capacity as the langley director has come under their friendly fire from all
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sides possible i'm talking about his latest initiative to reverse this standard operating procedure regarding the sharing all of this preliminary intel and now a series of interviews and by the cia and their us army officers in the field he's not even in charge of the defense intelligence agency which at least has their full lead to toot to conduct or to solicit its military officers and rank and file men opinion regarding the situation in afghanistan and beyond however these small scale as much more significance than meets the eye it reflects their ongoing an unfolding turf battle between their supporters over that patrols counterinsurgency doctrine that has totally failed. and this latest initiative is nothing else but just another attempt though
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a very subtle one to justify and exonerate already defunct counterinsurgency doctrine fathered by trails and failed in afghanistan. i saw thousand serbs and nato soldiers in a riot gear remain in a faceoff along the kosovo border serbs have been ordered again to remove the barricades and roadblocks they've put up at the repair crossing arches where if an ocean has more. as months of tension between serbs and ethnic albanian course the worse continue roads in northern cos they remain closed for some serbs of four to find their barricades and see themselves again as victims of history these cartoon reads we defeated your grandad we defeated your father's will win again local serbs compare the nature led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for the fascist occupiers of the past they will then why do they think that they can come and take our land
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serbia is our home we don't want to live in albania. look how their own and. we have nothing but flag and faith in god some two hundred meters away they took a four soldiers keep watching i would prefer a peaceful solution by talks by an agreement which i did all in the last week but if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own i have to do fall back on my own needs. some of them are. going to be no surprise the generals only means a military ones the status quo in northern kosovo remains the standoff between k. four soldiers and local serbs civilians is no closer to resolution but people from both sides of the barricades glad to avoid any further violence but away from media glare hostility is commonplace. this twenty three year old syrian man was with his
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father when he was shot just a few weeks ago visiting an old ben village in courses south where serbs a minority live in time and place i was waiting for him in a car i saw him coming out of the albini and cafeteria when i heard two gunshots and my dad fall down i wanted to him but i was worried he died immediately i didn't even say goodbye to him. shows us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killers try to eliminate the only witness i will never return to the place they'll teach me i'm worrying about my family and myself in a separate incident just last week another unarmed serb was killed in a confrontation with a local these two men together with their friend mir drug they follow the big family went to see what used to be served land now owned by ethnic albanians since serbs fled after nature's nine hundred ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia they were
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stopped by the new york pio we talked for five minutes then he said he needed to come back to his car to take in some form but came back instead with a kalashnikov do you want your mum back you shouted and started farming out on drug was killed at the scene the men who just lost their friends say there is only one reason he was killed but just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence of international peacekeepers violence seems to be still part of everyday life for some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that's like change refn optionality course of. turnout of some other stories making headlines across the globe the u.n. security council's unanimously adopted a resolution calling for yemen's president saleh to immediately step down the first resolution since a massive protest started eight months ago dictates the leader must transfer power
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to his deputy and escalating violence sally is accused by many yemenis of pushing the nation into civil war and cling to power despite mounting pressure to quit. also at the un pakistan has been granted a seat on the security council alongside regional leader india guatemala togo and morocco also won seats with two year terms starting in two thousand and twelve security council seats are highly targeted because they give countries and draw a stronger voice in matters of dealing with international peace and stability. the u.s. has reached an agreement with north korea alone allowing it to search for the remains of american soldiers killed there during the korean war searches will resume next year after a six year hiatus following tension over pyongyang's nuclear program the remains of more than two hundred u.s. servicemen were found between one thousand nine hundred six and two thousand and five before the end of recovery operations. in peru two
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fireworks related accidents left at least sixteen people dead thirty one injured ignited rockets caused a public bus to catch fire on a central highway killing twelve in the second incident a vehicle packed with confiscated fireworks blew up in front of a provincial police station killing four officers and wounding seventeen police say there is no indication that the two events all related. and a few moments the scandal behind this week's financial headlines and the kaiser report i'll be back first though with a recap of our top stories stay with us. we'll
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video. feeds with the palm of your. comb. nine thirty am in moscow these iraqi headlines the u.n. wants an answer to how libya's ousted dictator moammar gadhafi and his son died images released following their capture suggest they were taken alive and later killed violently while in captivity. another round of anti-corporate protests in new york see dozens of activists are arrested despite this the occupy wall street movement still going strong inspiring copycat demonstrations first social and economic change all over the world. the widow of former russia.


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